Blood instead of tears My niece was crying, screaming, and her eyes were filled with blood instead of tears. Dreaming about a crying girl is often a sign of experiencing events which negatively affect you in the near future. Specifically, it suggests issues with close relationships, usually significant others or best friends. These issues are normally tied to betrayal, often pointing towards unfaithful behavior or back-stabbing. The bloody tears seem to contribute two meanings to this vision. Bleeding from the eyes means that this negative situation is somewhat unexpected, either because it is truly out of the blue or because you have been denying the signs along the way. Then, continuing, the tears alone suggest feelings of regret or disappointment from the knowledge that things can never be the same between you again. You may need to completely cut yourself off from this person to begin the healing process.
Rotten teeth and a man in a house I dreamt of a rotten tooth in my mouth and an old man was burying himself in a new vacant house. Having a rotten, decaying tooth inside your mouth often represents some untreated health condition. You do not mention the placement of this tooth, but the closer it is to the front of your mouth in the dream, the more serious the illness is regarded to be. You have probably not noticed any changes yet, but it might be wise to get a check-up in case the symptoms have not become obvious. The image of a strange old man inside an empty house suggests there is an imbalance of elements in your life or that you have not been taking very good care of yourself, which may be the source of the health problem mentioned above. You may want to consider a lifestyle change or taking time to eliminate toxins from your life.
Eating scabs Eating scabs. Dreaming about eating your own scabs means that you are not happy with a certain aspect of your physical appearance or a flaw obvious to others. Even though no one actually points it you, you could be uncomfortable with some physical feature you think is embarrassing. If the dream was about eating other people's scabs, it points to your submissive nature, constant desire to please others and succumbing to their ridicule and verbal abuse.
Unable to open eyes A dream about my eyes being closed shut and unable to open eyes in my dream. Still sense of hearing, but no matter how much I rub them I can't see. Being unable to see despite rubbing your eyes represents feelings of frustration or distress, particularly related to relationships. It is possible that you have recently received some unwelcome advances from a member of the opposite gender or that a friend or family member is trying to involve themselves in your personal matters without your consent. In either case, the fact that your eyes did not clear up before the end of the vision could suggest this behavior continuing unless you stand up for yourself and state your feelings plainly.
A black dot on scalp My mother had a big black dot in between her hair strands. She turned to me and said "It is alright, I'll be fine". Assuming that what you are describing had happened to the skin of her scalp, discovering blemishes or skin coloration on other person's skin means that this person needs your help and support in something they have just started doing or going through. Even though your mother could be showing to you (and other people) that she is quite capable and independent without any additional help, your input, advice and assistance would greatly benefit her.
Having abortions from several boyfriends I am having multiple abortions and laughing, they are from several different boyfriends! Babies often embody hope and the fulfillment of dreams when seen in a dream. This indicates that you are currently working toward some goal, most likely related to school or work. However, having multiple abortions suggests you are sabotaging your own success in some way. You are probably not acting in a professional manner or have been slacking with your responsibilities. This is further supported by the multiple boyfriends, which represents spending more time on personal matters rather than focusing on your job and duties. If you do not focus your energy and work harder, you may find that your future dreams are beyond your reach forever.
Defecating with avocado pieces and not disturbed I dreamed the strangest dream last night! Help! :) In my dream I was in a port-a-potty and needed to go poop. But for some reason I didn't want to sit on the toilet. I noticed some paper cups and so instead pooped into the paper cups. When I looked down I noticed slices of avocado in the poop (cups) and that my poop was the same color also. I was not disturbed and had no negative feelings regarding pooping or seeing the avocado slices. Can you help? I've looked up everywhere and cannot make sense of this one! Thank you! Fixation on your own feces in this dream could be revealing an established trait in the way you communicate with someone on a personal level. The dream imagery of feces, when you are not disturbed by it, points to some important aspects of such communication which you either try to conceal from the person, intentionally leave them out or distort them in the way that benefits you. Seeing undigested food pieces present in your excrement and not being concerned by the fact, means you are happy with and determined to keep this communication the way that is convenient for you. Figuratively speaking, you expect to have these things to be unaltered and intact by the end of each instance of interacting with another person or other people.
Maggots inside a hole in the skin Maggots crawling around in a hole about 2cm in diameter in the skin on the back of my right thumb. None come out of the hole, but there is a white larvae still at the bottom of the hole that all the maggots are crawling around and over. The maggots are orange with brown rings around them. Dreaming about insects crawling inside your body suggests that the way you look at life in general is very dim and unexciting. You may be naturally pessimistic or have lately gone through some difficult times that have dampened your once high expectations. The extent of the psychological damage and potential outcomes of this negativity are most likely becoming alarming to you, as the orange color of the insects seen in this dream suggests. Another interpretation for envisioning large aggregation of insects involves possible presence of germs or other foreign invaders in your body which could be affecting your overall health and trigger subconscious images you have experienced in this dream.
Morphing which involved a frog and real person It was an important vision flashing of only a frog's and a person whom I know and love very much's face and it kept flashing back and forth from the person to the frog as if they were to transform into one, and they did for a second, but the person was more distinguishable and then the frog faded away and all I saw was the person's face. Dreaming about visual transformations which involve a person and a frog usually means that you could be witnessing some real-life changes occurring to this person, both internally and as far as the looks and overall appearance are concerned. Focusing more on the person's face in your dream could also be indicative of some major transformations or changes in the way this person communicates with you or treats you. You could be subconsciously expressing your concerns, if these changes are negative, or happiness and contentment, if this is something you consider to be favorable within this relationship or interaction between the two of you.
Feet replaced with metal parts Feet were removed, not gory. Feet were replaced with a hinge and primitive metal fitting shaped like a triangle. I noticed I could be just as good or even better, but it didn't look very good. While the imagery is rather quirky, the interpretation is no laughing matter. Having a dream where your feet are amputated predicts experiencing some major setbacks at work. It is likely that whatever task you are working on is going to have a problem, such a machinery failure, lack of funding, or wavering support from the higher-ups. However, replacing your feet with a prosthetic suggests utilizing either skills or experience to overcome this challenge. The impression that the new limb is functional but not good looking indicates your fix is likely to not be the most efficient or profitable solution, but it can get the job done successfully which is all that matters.
Pulling out a long black hair I dreamt I had a course black hair on the cheek of my bottom... I kept pulling it and beneath the surface it was white... It was 17 meters when it finally all came out. The image of a coarse and black hair growing out of your body could indicate that you have been receiving praise or being admired by others for something you have not actually accomplished. You could have made it look as if you had put a lot of time and effort into achieving a goal, task or assignment, but it was only because the circumstances at the time were in your favor. If you do have feelings of regret or shame, this dream vision could be telling you that it is high time now to come clean or put these things behind you.
Caterpillars coming out of the face I was with my husband and daughter and we were on a trip to my homeland Puerto Rico, we were in my mother's house and I had apparently gotten bitten by something under my left nostril. My husband saw it and said it was disgusting and to pop it out and when I did these huge caterpillar-looking white worms with black eyes started coming out. I pulled them out 1 at a time then 2 then finally I was pulling them out 4 and 5 at a time. It didn't hurt me and they weren't attacking, they just didn't want to get out of my skin, but I just pulled them out and threw them in a trash can in front of me. Dreaming about traveling with your family is often a negative symbol associated with loss of material possessions or capital. The caterpillars, however, give a clue as to the origin of these troubles. The first sign is the color of the caterpillars, white and black. This is almost always an indication that someone is trying to give you a message or point you in the right direction, possibly giving you a clearer idea as to the source or cause of your upcoming misfortunes. This is especially true of any written or typed correspondence, so if you have received any messages, it would be wise to check them again for something you may have missed. Additionally, the image of the caterpillars themselves suggests a single person who is trying to lead you astray or do something that would benefit them but hurt or inconvenience you. If you continue to follow their lead, your situation is likely to deteriorate further.
Salamanders coming through a cut on the body I had a dream about a mom and babies salamanders coming out of a cut on my body! Please tell me what that means! Seeing salamanders coming out of your body is a negative sign which points toward the rise of enemies in your life. These rivals would stop at nothing to bring you down and take what is rightfully yours. However, because they came out from a cut on your body, it could signal some darker aspects of your personality manifesting themselves. This means that you may, in the course of defending yourself, resort to less than legal or savory ways of dealing with these people standing in your way.
Buttocks of a Chinese lady Seeing buttocks of a Chinese woman. The erotic dream you had, which involves two exotic aspects - the images purveying sex imagery and a Chinese woman, hints that there is some kind of general insecurity about yourself, that may be not limited to your sexual life and thoughts. It most likely points to a state when your reputation is in jeopardy, low self-esteem or failures in social interactions due to hesitations and stalling. The brief description that you provided also points that in your near future pitfalls may drag you back. It signifies that you probably have preoccupations of trivial type which take a lot of your time and energy, only to be proven as useless and with little to no significance. Gossips that affect you and your social status are also possible. You could be focused on the wrong goals and tend to react to other people's comments or opinions in a defensive way.
Ears perceived to be made of bacon My ears were made of cooked bacon and I was pulling bits off like the fatty bits. Sounds silly, but it was one of the worst nightmares I've ever had! Really curious to know what it meant, thank you! Dreams focused around the ears tend to indicate too much stimulation in your life. You may be trying to do too many things at once and, as a result, feel a lot of stress and a lack of focus. For example, your job may be to write a report, but you may also be listening to music, checking and answering emails, making phone calls, and helping someone else with their work. The bacon in this vision represents upcoming health problems should you make no effort to reduce the amount of work input you are receiving or do not take time to rest and relax.
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