Clipping a thumbnail causing it to bleed I trimmed my thumbnail and it bleeds. Dream visions about clipping your nails, and especially one nail until it bleeds, means that you are about to go through unpleasant situations within your household or outside your family and you would be the center or the cause of such disagreement or feud. You could become a target of verbal abuse or even physical attack and hostility for things you have or about to say to or share with other people involved. Clipping your thumbnail could also portend losing money or the person you are currently have as your life partner.
Fish rubbing against the body Fish being rubbed all over me. Dreaming about fish being rubbed over your body means that you interact with other people in your life, such as with your friends, family members or coworkers, in such a way that you constantly enrich yourself with positive experiences and favorable outcomes. At the same time, you provide similar kind of treatment to others by helping them get the best out of these mutually beneficial relationships.
Eyes red and swollen and black worms covering them I dreamt that my right eye was red and swollen and almost blind. I could feel something was covering it... There were two black worms which no one could pull out for me... Finally I pulled them out myself and killed both worms... My swelling stopped and my eyes healed instantly. What can be the meaning of this? Red, swollen eyes indicate being in the middle of a situation which may result in negative consequences for you if you do not carefully assess the problem and take measures to prevent things from getting out of hand. Given the distressing experience of partial blindness and no one being able to help, this could represent feelings of frustration or distress, particularly related to relationships. This might mean unwelcome advances from a member of the opposite gender or a friend or family member who is butting in to some personal issues in your life. In either case, because the dream shows that you are able to remove the problem by yourself, it might be wise to simply thank them for their attention, but politely ask them to let you handle it. Being direct about your wishes is likely the easiest way to make your wants and needs clear to the other party. Suddenly being healed at the end of the dream may symbolize your negative feelings abating once you have taken control of the situation.
Pulling hair out of mouth I had a dream of pulling strands of hair out of my mouth... It is on my tongue, not down my throat... It feels endless... I don't have long hair... I have had this dream countless times... I am curious to know its meaning... This dream vision could be interpreted from a physical and emotional point of view. Sometimes, having dream about pulling hair out of your mouth could be related to metabolism issues which cause accumulation of toxins in your body and having a condition called "hairy tongue". These subconscious visions could also be indicative of some emerging or existing respiratory problems and inhibition of breathing during sleep. Emotionally, you could be going through a period of time filled with stress and constant worrying about some ongoing issues. You need to restore your inner strength and balance in order to stop experiencing these dream visions.
Having long hair I dreamed i have long hair Dreaming about having long hair if you usually have short hairstyle in waking life, is an indication that you tend to commit reckless and thoughtless acts, either in relation to your own life, when you deem this trait as a personal flaw or weakness, or toward other people, in which case you automatically expect similar kind of treatment from others or they slowly distance themselves from you as much as possible. This side of your personality could stem from paying little attention to the consequences of such behavior or plain disregard for possible negative outcomes in the future.
Plant roots growing from the nose Pulling deep plant roots through my nostrils, they were huge and it was slightly painful. Dreaming about pulling plant roots through your nostrils could indicate emerging respiratory infection or poor environmental quality inside the place where you sleep. On emotional level, this vision could reflect that you have been overwhelmed with several issues you have to deal with at the same time. Traditional dream interpretation sources suggest that when your airways are blocked or envisioned to be, you are either living through or sensing upcoming difficult times and hardships.
Holes in patterns on the palm of the hand I dreamed that i was looking at the palm of my right hand and there were holes cut out in it in a curving line starting at the base of my hand ending at my thumb. And a single hole on the right ring finger, so I put a band-aid on that finger. Seeing a pattern on the palm of your hand could mean that you are concerned about a series of complications of difficult situations which have recently taken place in your life one after another. You could be at the stage in your life where these adverse situations are at their peak (as indicated by the symbolic vision of the pattern ending at the thumb). However, the notion that this was your right hand which you were examining could mean that you are quite capable of overcoming these existing or potential adversities. Dreams about the right hand usually show triumph over difficult, negative or chaotic situations which are casting a shadow on certain aspects of your life.
Tadpoles on the body Tadpoles were latching onto me. Dreams containing scenes of tadpoles attaching themselves to you mean that you might have some people inside your social circle who tend to exert a lot of pressure on you or leave you bewildered and confused by their actions. If you are presently dating or seeing someone with the purpose of establishing a romantic relationship, this vision serves as a warning to get to know the person better because chances are you would be greatly disappointed and hurt if you try to establish a serious relationship with the person without careful examination of their true intentions.
Being pregnant and feeling pain I dreamt I was pregnant with a baby cow and it was hurting. The doctor gave me meds for an abortion without me asking, and I was crying because I want a baby. The size of the fetus in this dream only serves as a subconscious reflection of your desire to have children, but the presence of pain perhaps can be explained as being frightened to go through the process of giving birth. This could be because you either do not have a life partner or boyfriend yet or, if he is present in your life, he disapproves this decision or is indifferent to your feelings. Refusing to undergo abortion in a dream means that you should avoid making hasty decisions and take into consideration all the possibilities before pushing through your plans of marriage, engagement or starting a serious relationship with someone.
Thick hair growing on one leg I dream that my two year old grand son has one leg that has really thick black colored hair on it. In the dream I look at his leg and notice it that's all. Thank you. Seeing somebody else's, in this case your grandson's hair, black in color and growing in an unusual place, could be symbolic of his excellent physical health and well-being. The healthy lifestyle and wise choices you and his parents provide for his well-being are probably the most likely explanation. However, the vision of the hair showing only on one of his legs could indicate that he has to endure or is subjected to opposing views on what is best for him, this could be the difference in opinions between you and his parents, or just between them. Therefore, you can expect soon going through emerging arguments or disagreements in regards to the ways to raise him the best way possible, if not already experiencing them.
Peeing with silver fish In my dream, I use the restroom to pee and 2 or 3 silver-looking fish came out of my vagina. What does this mean??? If you have happened to have adult children, since we do not know your age, silver-colored fish in this dream predicts very lucky engagement or marriage one of them is about to have and you are about to witness soon. If you do not have children, this is symbolic of similar events occurring soon to younger relatives you may have or simply being informed about such plans or intentions.
Fishes inside stomach I had a dream that I had a wound on my stomach, and when I pushed on my stomach, I could see the mouth of the fish. I then pulled it out to reveal a full and very alive fish, but there wasn't only one fish present. There were about ten. I'm not sure if it really means anything, but it bothers me a little bit. What could it possibly mean? This dream vision could be interpreted as an act of giving birth to fish, which is a warning sign about possible complications during pregnancy if you are planning on having a child or children soon or in the future. On the other hand, if you think of this imagery of fish inside your stomach as a result of swallowing fish, it is a good sign of growing personally, enrichment of your inner world and spiritual development you are going through in your waking life.
Combing out lice Hi, I would be really grateful if you could help me with my dream. I had a dream that I am having a lot of lice in my hair and I am trying to comb out all the lice. I have spread a white cloth where I see lot of lice falling on the cloth when I'm combing my hair and I am trying to kill one by one. Please help. Having a dream where you are combing lice from your hair is a negative sign associated with health problems. In particular, it points to sicknesses and conditions that take a long time to get over and heal. You may be having this dream because you subconsciously understand the workings of your body, and you can tell when you are feeling run-down or off. If you were able to successfully eradicate the lice in your dream vision, you may be able to avoid most, if not all, of the more serious side-effects of your illness.
Wood chips in the eye I dreamed of removing small pieces of wood from one of my eyes. Things that are interfering with your vision or make you uncomfortable in a dream usually point to potential problems below your face line. It could be as simple as common infection or more serious conditions, such as problems linked to abdominal areas, feet or other lower parts of the body. The notion of experiencing the nuisance affecting one particular side of the body means that you should pay close attention to what could be at risk correspondingly.
Shot and bleeding from the mouth Dreams about shot in mouth, broken tooth. Bleeding from one tooth. Call to mother, but not heard. Envisioning yourself in a dream being shot in the mouth is an indication that someone has been closely watching you recently in order to physically or emotionally attack or assault you. This dream vision serves as an advice to start paying attention to what's happening around you or be more careful with those who may start showing signs of hostility toward you. Bleeding from your mouth could also portend having serious disagreements or conflicts with your relatives or family members in regards to the rights to property, household items or real estate. This disagreement might prove to be insoluble, which would probably require some legal actions.
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