Someone pulling hair I had a dream in which somebody pulled my hair forcefully and cut my hair. Dreaming about someone pulling your hair is a negative sign. It could portend experiencing material losses or grief caused by the person. Seeing your hair being cut in the same dream could translate loss of personal power. It could also represent the great significance of your loss or of the offense that was caused to you. The person or people that would harm you are not necessarily those that appear in the dream. However, thinking back about the relationship you had with the person in your dream can help identifying who that individual might be.
Taking a bubble bath and reflection in the mirror I was in the bath in my dream, but every time I put bubble bath in, no bubbles would appear and the water wouldn't warm up, so I decided to get out of the bath. I saw my reflection in the mirror but every time I moved, my reflection would move about 5 seconds after I moved that part of my body. You may be going through a challenging and demanding period. Your most ordinary expectations would prove to be wrong. Alternatively, you are receiving a lot of empty or unacceptable promises. Your subconscious seems to be trying to cope with such uncomfortable situation. However, its attempts have not yet succeeded. Such failure could be consequent of the existence of an inner or outer obstacle that is preventing you from making sound decisions, fulfill your desires or achieve your objectives. For example, you may tend to over-rationalize your each and every step. Moreover, dreaming about delayed mirror reflections could translate your tendency to make decisions after the occurrence of important events and of your lack of timing. You seem to be struggling with the coordination of what you plan and expect to happen with what is observed and happens. This could be responsible for your delayed or reactive decision-making process. Overall, the dream seems to suggest that you are trying and failing to take control of your life. You might benefit from temporarily suspending your attempts to control things and see what life brings as a result.
Experiencing a heart attack and being helped by a doctor Had a dream that I was in a bus and somehow the next moment on the road few minutes later the bus came back but while I was alone I dreamt I had a mild heart attack starting to get worse. The bus came. I told them they should get me to a hospital when we got to the hospital doctors where busy but I was calm until the doctor started helping me. Woke up with paralyzed arm and have real cramp in chest. My father died of a heart attack I do get mini, but never like this. Tell me what you guys think. Visions of trips involving public transportation means, such as buses, could be symbolic of new projects, journeys, endeavors or general life improvements. Dreaming about having a heart attack could reveal upcoming difficulties or anxiety. These could appear while trying to carry on with your daily activities. Alternatively, given that the heart attack occurred while on the short bus trip, these trials and fears could be experienced in relation to some new project or task you have been contemplating. The trip was short and this could suggest that you could make a mistake, postpone or even quit this project. Moreover, some loss, possible putting in jeopardy your well-being, might be experienced. The vision of a doctor trying to help you in the same dream reinforces the notion that your current state is despair. You might feel that your situation is getting worse. Help was needed in the dream, but was failing to arrive. A short synthesis of this notion is that the dream represents the fear of death, your own or your loved ones. This feeling could be provoked by a life event, such as memories of your father or simply by pain or discomfort during your sleep (for example, caused by certain health conditions, or even physical conditions in which you sleep - a bad mattress or poor sleeping environment).
Sprouting penis and strange substance coming out A young tree or flower-like substance was sprouting from my penis. I pulled it out until I got to the stem. I was worried it might damage something in my left testicle so I asked for help to open up the skin of the testis so I could remove it from the root out. I was just about leaving the house to where I assume is a hospital when I woke up. I touched the length of it and it is not embedded anywhere else on my body. Dreaming about inspecting or noticing visible changes in your penis could represent your worries and concerns about your sexual performance. You could be having difficulties finding a stable sexual partner because of your busy work schedule or inability to find potential mates. The excessive focus on attributes pertaining to your genitalia, such as its length, shape, substances coming out and its performances could also indicate your propensity to masturbate more as opposed to engage in physical sexual activities with a sexual partner. If these dreams continue to happen on a regular basis, we could explore possible interpretations if you provide additional details about these dream visions.
Hiding from danger, teeth falling out and vomiting I was at my old house I grew up in. People kept smashing the house up across the street and the car windows. While that was going on I was in the bathroom hiding because my tooth came out and then another one. I was looking in the mirror trying to put my teeth back in. My Mom and brother came to check on me. My brother told me it wasn't that bad and don't worry about it like he does with everything. My Mom said everything will be OK that we will get it fixed. I started to non-stop throw up and choke they where teaching me to breath so I wouldn't die. Also the throw up was like news paper texture. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream vision you have experienced, there are certain elements which stand out and which could be significant to reveal what's happening in your real life. Usually the vision of teeth falling out quickly is symbolic of feelings of insecurity. Not having ambitions or lacking proper guidance at the moment could be preventing you from accomplishing the goals that you are working on. You could be feeling overpowered or threatened by people competing for the same goals (and who appeared in this dream smashing and destroying things around you, which is symbolic of goals and activities which are important to you). It would help to have a long-term plan that will push you to work harder and more productively. The vision of throwing up when you family is trying to help you in this dream is an indication of your unwillingness or reluctance to take their advice or accept what they have been telling you to try to do in order to succeed, possibly because you are more comfortable with getting assistance from other sources, perhaps online or printed media (newspaper texture) or TV. Overall, you could be questioning the ways of approaching your everyday projects and goals and seem to be preoccupied with finding better strategies to succeed in life.
Having periods and a baby Most of the time I dream that I am having periods. Sometimes I have dreams of a baby. Dreaming about having periods, especially if this is a recurring dream, means that you are preoccupied with worries and concerns regarding existing or potential issues while you are dating or thinking of starting dating someone. You are most likely placing a great deal of importance on your looks and appearance or the way you act in order to keep your lover attracted to you, satisfied and happy. You could easily become frustrated and disappointed if something does not work the way you wanted it to to make your lover or partner enjoy your presence. Interacting with a baby or simply seeing a baby in a dream can mean that pleasant surprises and fortuitous occurrences are about to occur in your life. This dream vision doesn't specify what exactly, but something unexpectedly good is definitely on your horizon.
A woman having a penis and discomfort I am a woman but I had a dream that I had a penis. I would be around my friends and take it out in front of them (all girls). When I pulled it all of way out in front of them, the bottom of it looked really weird and it was really painful and then I would have to put it away, like back in my pants. Also, by the way, I'm a lesbian. Your dream visions about having a penis could represent your worries and concerns about your sexual performance or romantic life in general. You could be having difficulties finding a stable sexual partner because of your busy work schedule or inability to find trustworthy mates. The excessive focus on certain attributes pertaining to the genitalia, such as its length, shape or pain associated with it could also indicate that you lean more toward physical sexual pleasures with your sexual partner(s) rather than emotional aspects of this relationship. Also, the vision of a strange-looking penis or a penis that is unusually shaped could be the result of subconscious anticipation of a sexual encounter. You could be about to meet a new sexual partner soon.
Hair falling out Someone's hair falling out Dreaming about observing someone's hair falling out could be an indication that someone close to you in wake life is going through some unwanted changes in his or her life. You are probably being a witness to this person's life slowly and gradually hitting rock bottom because of some external circumstances or of their own actions. Your subconscious mind is indicating that this person's condition is really discomforting making you feel utterly concerned. Alternatively, you could be seeing someone aging in a very fast progression because of their lifestyle, bad habits, or high levels of life stress. Note that this person could be yourself as well, as adverse or unwanted transformations of your own body and appearance could be just a projection onto some other person in this dream.
Traveling somewhere with a girl and showing tattoos to each other Me and this girl, we enjoyed each other company. Then we got in the car, my mom's car. I let her drive, she knew the way to our destination. I brought a GPS just in case, we get there and were standing outside just laughing, time passes and we are in another area by now. We just standing outside talking. She ask me if I have any tattoos and I said yes. I showed her mines, I asked her to show me hers. She shows me and then she starts to raise up her shirt, I guess she had a body tattoo, I don't know. But for some reason I look at her face and it's blurred out. Dreaming about going to a place or destination and knowing where you are going is an indication of starting to do new and exciting things you have always dreamed about doing. These future activities would be related to minor improvements in your life or some major transformations. The notion of exchanging the views of tattoos with the girl you were traveling together is suggestive of your own talents, abilities or recently learned skills which could help you make it happen. You are already making steps in the direction of these changes, but perhaps not entirely sure which one of these aspects of your personality to rely on. The dream, therefore, suggests analyzing what you are best at and applying this particular skill or aptitude in order to succeed.
A freshly-inked tattoo on the side Hi, could u please tell me... I had a dream and woke up, my mother said "Oh, look... your tattoo" and pointed to a tattoo of black birds from my shoulder down my side. And they still had the plastic on them, so they were freshly-inked but stained. Please explain I'd greatly appreciate it!! From your description of the dream, it seems that you are very familiar with the process of creating tattooed images. This dream vision could therefore be just a reflection of your recent experience which involved tattoos, such as visiting a tattoo parlor or a shop, or having a conversation with someone about getting inked for the first time or adding more tattoos. In dream interpretation, seeing yourself being tattooed means that your romantic relationship with your lover is gradually becoming mundane, uninteresting and lacking excitement for both. This situation would require either spicing up the aspects of your intimate relationship or look for more serious measures to get to the bottom of this issue.
Giving birth prematurely I dreamed that I gave birth to a baby boy on a sky-train. The baby was born too soon we didn't know I was pregnant. My boyfriend was freaking out trying to get a medic while I was holding on to the baby while I was hemorrhaging. This dream vision of giving birth to a baby when you did not even know you were pregnant could be a prediction of some anticipated or long-desired project, activity or possession finally starting to materialize. It could be a vacation or getaway you have been planning on taking, a house renovation or buying a new household appliance. It is also possible, that such a surprise could be coming from your boyfriend himself, and this is something you had dreamed about of having for some time now.
Pulling out drinking straws out of child's head I have had this dream before but drinking straws are in my child's head and when I squeeze them out its a straw but no matter what they keep going back. This dream about pulling drinking straws out of your child's head signifies your preoccupation and great concerns about your child's physical well-being or the way he or she is treated by other people. It could also be a reflection of the state of your own health because of the time and care you devote to raising this child. You could feel that you are being emotionally or physically strained trying to provide the best for the child and realizing you are not giving enough or that your efforts are not sufficient for the happiness and well-being of your baby. Judging by the last sentence of your dream description, you have been trying to resolve this issue for quite some time now.
A tattoo on ex-girlfriend's back Ex girlfriend had a tattoo on her back (shoulders). Being focused on the tattooed image on your ex-girlfriend's back in a dream means that she has left something behind, either a physical object such as an item belonging to her or to you both when you were still together, or a memory or emotion inside you which makes you incapable of forgetting her presence. It could also mean there is an outstanding issue between you and your ex which has not been resolved to this day.
A grassy plant growing from inside the ear I dreamt my left ear was itching inside. I took an earbud and then felt something, then I wriggled the earbud and something gave way and I felt it sticking out my ear, so I pulled at it and when I looked it was a grass plant kind of thing not with roots. I showed it to some people and they looked surprised some laughed, even I laughed because I was also surprised. Dream visions about inspecting or cleaning your ears reflect your recent communication problems, you could be blatantly ignoring another person's plea for help or his or her need to talk to you about something important. You could be trying to find excuses or avoid a straightforward conversation with this person. The grassy plant with no roots you have discovered which was sticking out of your ear could be indicative of your superficial attitude, if not ignorance, towards this person, which is a combination of you not taking him or her seriously and being accepted by other people who may be encouraging you to do nothing about it.
Pregnant as a result of being raped I am a female. I was pregnant and going to have the baby soon. I didn't know who the father was. My friends told me I had been sexually assaulted. Although this dream may seem to be about negative things considering the notion of being raped, our dream interpretation sources reveal that learning about being pregnant after a sexual assault means that if you have been going through some rough times in your life but the situation is about to improve noticeably. The symbolic vision of becoming pregnant and expecting a baby after presumably being raped could mean that you have accumulated important knowledge or learnt a new skill, which would serve as a catalyst to achieving a more stable and fulfilled position in life. Additionally, females experiencing visions of expecting a baby are most likely preoccupied with similar thoughts of becoming a mother in their real lives.
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