Boyfriend's feet turning black I had a dream that was rubbing my boyfriend's feet and I noticed when I looked at them that all of his toes on the sides of his feet and his heel of his foot where jet black, the center wasn't. I woke up scared. Rubbing the feet of your boyfriend during a dream reveals your wholehearted devotion to him in wake life. You probably have very strong feelings for him or have recently felt your heart swell with pride or love at something he has done. However, relationships are not all rainbows and sunshine. You may soon go through a trial with your partner. For example, there may be some careless flirting at a club or a temporary dabbling in drugs that causes the two of you to go through a rough patch. If you can communicate and work together, this situation may end up bringing you closer together than before.
Having blisters and baby teeth I dreamed I had a fever blister on my lip, then later, I had second fever blisters on my lip. Later in the dream, there were tiny baby teeth along the gums inside of my mouth, not near my teeth, but down along the gums. Finding blisters on your lips means you will encounter communication problems in reality. Your might say the wrong thing at the wrong time which will cause conflict in your relationships. For example, you could inadvertently insult your superior who would retaliate by giving you more workload. In addition, the baby teeth indicate health issues. The pain you have been ignoring or a minor discomfort could indicate a more serious disease which requires long-term treatment. The earlier you seek a physician's help, the faster your recovery will be. Alternatively, the strange issues with your mouth could also refer to poor oral hygiene. You need to take care of your body more to avoid expenses on easily preventable health concerns.
Pulling a thread out of the mouth I was pulling a thread out of my mouth as I was going about my day. The thread was coming out clean and white, and I was not in any pain. It was a lot of thread it looked like dental floss. When I pulled it all out, the end of it was sewn to my tongue and when I tried to pull it out it hurt a little and it bled a little. The thread that is attached to your tongue signifies your struggle to express your thoughts and ideas. You are probably filled with opinions, yet you find it hard to verbalize them for fear of being judged. On the other hand, this could also serve as a warning for you to be more careful with what you say. Thoughtless comments and tactless statements can not only hurt others, it could also ruin other people's perception of you. Ultimately, this dream symbol symbolizes good communication. In a world where everyone can just publicly share their every little thought and opinion, we can all benefit from self-restraint and sensitivity in our posts.
Blood coming from the chest I was with the guy I am very casually hooking up with in a park and I was sucking his dick. Then all of a sudden there was blood and we had to stop and I thought I had accidentally bit him but the blood was coming from his chest. I had to go see my parents but we were gonna meet back up quickly afterward. It took a while to get back to him and in that time I thought he was blowing me off, but then I found him with his family and friends and we sat down with them and he started to get affectionate. Performing oral sex means you probably want to experiment with your current sexual partner or perhaps find a younger, more adventurous alternative. Drawing blood during oral sex suggests the discovery of something surprising about this person, although it could also be a cry for help. He could be suffering from a broken heart and meeting you has helped him heal from the emotional pain. It could also suggest fragility. Unlike you, he tends to get emotionally attached and you are afraid you might hurt him. In addition, since the blood was from his chest, then it means he may have developed feelings for you and perhaps you share this feeling since because you managed to enter his personal circle of family and friends in your vision. Maybe a part of you wants to learn more about him.
Abdomen covered with cysts I woke from sleeping in my bed and saw my abdomen being protruded by two medium-sized ovarian cysts. The cysts were protruding as if they wanted to tear my abdomen, which caused immense pain. I was holding those cysts as they were throbbing out but covered with skin. And I was feeling terrified, scared of the sight of the cysts. According to traditional dream analysis, dreaming of pain in the lower abdomen accompanied by ovarian cysts refers to an overall decline in your closeness with those you share a home with. The exact reason for this increasing distance or tensions is unclear with this symbol alone, but it is likely related to repressed sexuality. For instance, if you live with your family, being unable to freely be intimate with a lover could cause you stress that you might take out on your family members. This may equally be true in the case of roommates or those who live in shared quarters.
Nipples bleeding I was at a funeral and it was so cold my nipples started bleeding. I am female. Attending a funeral in the dream realm usually has positive connotations, but it seems, based on the rest of this vision, to reflect a happy image of the past rather than future wellness. The cold weather you dealt with is an ill omen that portends difficulty arising between you and someone you are close to in reality, such as a lover or parent. This image seems to be reinforced by your bleeding nipples, which suggest the loss of a child, the inability to conceive or perhaps difficulty or a lack of desire to find a life partner with whom to start a family. In the past, you may not have worried about such things as fertility or marriage, but as you become older, the desire to accomplish these milestones may grow. You may need to seek the advice of a medical professional or a counselor to deal with your particular situation.
Breast becoming firm again I had a dream that my leafy breast was rock hard. Psychoanalysis of dreams interprets the image of a firm, rock hard breast as meaning you would soon have trouble with finances due to poor budgeting and expensive habits. In some cases, this vision appears to those who tend to spend more than they earn, racking up credit card debt to maintain the appearance of a certain lifestyle. This vision is also seen by those who engage in expensive habits that are best avoided, like smoking, drugs, gambling or plastic surgery. Whatever your particular vice, be it as harmless as a daily cup of Starbucks or dangerous as hitting the slots, you are putting yourself in danger by not having a good safety net should something terrible befall you.
Chunks of raw meat in the hair I dreamt of taking off chunks of raw meat from my hair. Don't know what it means. Please help. Finding chunks of raw meat in your hair refers to a very problematic person who will turn your life upside down. This subconscious imagery means an annoying personality may seem harmless at first with their tendency to spread gossip or overstep boundaries, but if you keep tolerating their behavior it could escalate quickly. This person may start badmouthing you to your friends and asking favors from your loved ones thinking that you two have a very close relationship.
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