Giving birth and bleeding Female. I had given birth (was the aftermath of it all in my dream), was excited, and was bleeding from my mouth and privates. I never saw the baby just knew it was that, and I was talking about her. My grandfather (who has passed) then appeared in my house and said he was coming to get me soon. I needed to get things in line before then with the baby. I went about normal activities still bleeding and planning to leave. Nothing ever really happened. Envisioning that your vagina is bleeding in a dream reveals some long-lasting, deep-seated issues relating to sex and intimacy. You may have problems connecting with others on a deep, personal level or have trouble maintaining romantic physical relationships over a long period of time. The image of your grandfather talking to you and saying he would come to get you soon could reveal bigger issues on the horizon. Perhaps a current or potential partner would find your lack of trust or unwillingness to perform certain acts a deal-breaker in terms of a long-term relationship. In either case, you may want to take some time to address the issues that are affecting you before they cause you irreparable harm.
Burns showing through clothes Dreaming of going into the bathroom and observing 3rd degree burns on my chest. I am fully dressed, the burn came through my shirt. It's bright red and melted looking. I remember being upset and crying when I see it, but no pain. Burns or a burn mark on your chest refers to a significant turning point in your life. The enormity of this shift would throw you off balance. For instance, a close friend could move away or your work would assign you to a faraway location. As a result, there would be a lot of adjustment and learning on your part. Being out of your element will deal damage to your self-esteem as well. If you can learn to swallow your pride and be more open to new experiences, then you could come out of this experience stronger and wiser.
A girl who has my tooth in her mouth The dream was about a girl I'm not sure I knew that saw me and showed me my tooth in her mouth that I had left a friend's house and this is a tooth I have in real life, it started rotting and broke. A dream that contains the symbol of a stranger girl typically points to some secret desires which you may not be aware of in wake life. Occasionally, it can show your need for a stable and honest relationship. If you are in a relationship, at the back of your mind you crave that your partner would pay more attention to you. The symbol of rotting teeth indicates difficulties and obstacles that the dreamer has to encounter soon. Putting these two symbols together, the notion that the girl had your teeth can imply that someone outside your relationship causes your inner insecurity and imbalance. You may be jealous or angry toward someone in reality.
Pushing teeth out while asleep I'm 19, female and a dream I keep having quite regularly is that I'm asleep and I'm watching myself asleep from the side of the room and whilst I'm asleep I'm pushing my bottom teeth onto my top teeth and it's pushing them out and away from my gums and they start to bleed, I am trying to stop myself from doing it and trying to wake myself up, but the more I try to stop myself the harder I push and I can't wake up. It's like I need to wake up to stop pushing my teeth but I can't. Dreaming about watching yourself sleeping from another perspective may frighten you, but actually it is a very common vision called *out of body experience*. It can symbolize that you are perplexed regarding your way of searching for your place in life. It also shows your little knowledge about who you are in reality. Pushing your teeth out means you are in disagreement with one or more aspects of your personality and you want to *push* something away, but trying to stop yourself from doing this indicates that the troublesome thing is very deep-routed in your life. You try it hard, but it just does not go away. The vision of making effort to wake yourself up in vain means that you are exhausted to the point that it throttles you. You need to reflect on the meaning of your existence and minimize the possibility of being affected by these problematic matters you try to escape.
Dad with the nose missing My whole family including my husband and I were moving into a new house. My dad came in and said he fell and was missing a chunk of his nostril, later he disappeared again and came back and was holding the base of his nose saying he fell again and his whole nose was gone. There were still a few pieces intact but for the most part, it was gone. I was talking to I'm and saying "Oh dad, it's OK, we are going to fix it". Moving in to a new house represents a new opportunity which will present itself to you in reality. Grabbing this chance will give you and your family prosperity and happiness. This could refer to a new job, a business venture or adding a new member to the family. Unfortunately, this will not be an easy or smooth transition for everyone. For instance, the nose injury sustained by your dad represents unwarranted advice and criticism about an important decision. A lost nose or missing nose also refers to criticism. Even though you and your loved ones will have a lot to gain from accepting an offer and embracing this new chapter in your life, there will always be other people who will disagree or make it hard for you to enjoy your blessings. At the end of the day, the only opinions that matter are those coming from the people who actually care about you.
Rice stuck inside the nose My dream was about a small hexagon foam-like tube stuck inside my nose and when I took it out, I broke it apart and there was rice inside. What does this mean??? To understand this vision, we should focus on the two main symbols present, that is, the prominence of your nose and the rice that you found inside it. First, dreams where your own nose plays a central role often reveal an upcoming test of your moral character. You may soon be presented with a dilemma where you would be forced to choose between what is right and what is easy. The rice that you found inside the tube in your nose means that not only would you successfully overcome temptation, but you would also be able to build solid, trusting connections with others due to their respect and admiration for your upstanding behavior.
A man with a giant penis I had a dream that a man pulls his pants down and he has a really long, huge oversized penis. Sexual symbols in dreams usually suggest that the dreamer is having some issues with intimate life. However, the imagery of a massive penis in your dream indicates that some of your sexual skills are improving and getting more dominant over your partner, which you perceive as a growing asymmetry between the two of you. Seeing a man pulling his pants down reveals that you could be seeking an instant solution for the imbalance you are experiencing or experienced in your current or former relationship.
Walking in vomit I was walking in vomit. Vomit is often considered a harbinger of misfortune. It usually represents suffering and struggles, although it is also associated with shame and poor health. Walking through the vomit, then, can be interpreted as a sign that you would go through a period of time characterized by such hardship. You may be facing this difficulty for quite a long time.
A man with his head on fire I dreamt that a man's head accidentally starts burning. I am in the presence of my ex-boyfriend and with a shirt I bought him in real life. I put out the fire. The skin sizzles and there's burns all over the man's head-rear and face. I think it's OK, but then his face-skin starts melting off. Even though he still seems alive, the skin melts and underneath is white thin noodle-like layer. I can't remember if noodles or worms, I think short noodles. It's a horrific sight. Then I woke up. Please help! This vision seems to be related to the subconscious emotions you have harbored for your ex-boyfriend, at least until recently. In general, visions including a past lover or partner suggest you have been thinking about them or still hold some feelings for them deep in your heart. However, the man's head that was burned predicts overcoming difficulty and challenges. Symbolically, using your ex-boyfriend's shirt to put out this fire can be interpreted as a sign that you are literally overcoming your feelings for him and moving on. Perhaps you have become interested in someone else, or maybe you are just ready to let go of the weight that has held you down for so long. The melting face you saw at the end of the vision could point toward getting involved with someone more dangerous or wild, so it would be wise to exercise some caution and think carefully about your choice of companions in the future.
Poop inside a ear I had a dream I was cleaning poop out my ear. Cleaning your ear in a dream vision refers to having relationship difficulties due to your straightforward communication style or weak observation skills. It also suggests that you may be predisposed to criticizing others for your own mistakes to avoid making yourself look bad or incompetent. Sadly, you would appear immature to others if you persist in this way. The specific image of cleaning poop out of your ear is connected to this idea because it suggests some trouble, awkwardness or difficulty due to your behavior. You probably would expose yourself to ridicule by those with whom you have a remote, unstable, or unreliable relationship. Perhaps focusing on taking responsibility for your actions and limiting your criticism of others would help you maintain your connections better in the future.
Needing to wash hair because of things in it I dreamed I had nasty little things in my hair, it needed washing. I was splashing water over my shoulder onto my back. My husband was wiping it off for me. I noticed things in the bottom of my hair, I told him I needed to take a shower and wash my hair. Finding bugs or other nasty little things in your hair is often interpreted positively in dream visions. It suggests that you would be able to improve your economic situation through work or that you might receive money from an unexpected source. However, getting rid of the insects may forecast some unfavorable occurrences, such as a period of sickness or lethargy. Furthermore, washing your hair in a dream usually alludes to some uncertainty in reality, which would cause you stress and concern. Perhaps the money you receive would be connected to this illness or unhappiness, alleviating some of your financial worries but causing others.
Searching for a missing finger I'm female. I dreamt I was helping an old friend's youngest daughter hunt for her missing pinky finger. In my dream I was worried my oldest son had it. It turned out he had been hiding it and he gave it to me. I don't remember anymore than that. The main symbol in your dream vision is that of the missing finger. This sign is associated with being on the receiving end of cool or passive behavior from someone you like in reality. Helping to find the finger suggests you desire to improve the connection or overcome the indifference this individual feels towards you. While you may feel this man or woman is acting rudely, their actions do not stem from a desire to avoid you. Rather, this individual may be shy or dealing with issues you are not aware of. Alternatively, there also could be a cultural or personal difference in how each of you deals with certain situations, causing a minor rift to form when a different approach is suggested or tried. Your fear that your son was hiding the finger can reveal that you do not want to take responsibility for this miscommunication, and your lack of self-confidence may prevent you from taking the first step toward solving this interpersonal issue on your own.
Getting an ultrasound I was at an ultrasound and there were three babies, 2 in 1 gestational sack and one in a separate sack. They were in the 8-12 week mark according to the tech doing the ultrasound. An ultrasound symbolizes a burgeoning relationship, idea or plan. The three babies represent new ideas or relationships you are about to develop. You will be busy in the coming days and weeks as you meet new people who will eventually become an indelible part of your life. Specifically, the two babies in one sac could refer to a couple or possibly blood-related individuals. You could become an informal part of their family because of your shared interest and like-minded nature. Perhaps these people will move into your neighborhood and you will become fast friends.
Large pores and moths in the chest I had a dream that I had big skin pores and I had moths crawling in my chest and disappearing. Dreaming that your skin has unusually large, open pores can reflect an internal struggle with vanity and materialism. You probably place a lot of value on personal appearance, especially your own. You accept that humans are visual creatures and strive to present yourself in the best way possible to the world. The moths that crawl in your chest represent some darker thoughts floating around your consciousness. Perhaps the you of the past was more vain, but the you of the present wonders what the point of it all is. It is possible you are losing motivation or direction in your life due to some changing circumstances in reality. It may be time to reevaluate what you consider is important and spend some time developing other qualities that bring you peace and happiness.
Giving birth in a bathtub I had a dream that I didn't know I was pregnant but then I gave birth to twin girls. I wasn't in a hospital, I was in a bathtub in someone's home and my boyfriend and a random elderly woman were there to help me. Giving birth to twin girls in the dream realm is a twofold symbol. On one hand, it means you would soon take part in a large social gathering that is very enjoyable and fun. Not knowing you are pregnant could reveal that this event would spring up suddenly, like a surprise birthday party or a last minute holiday gathering. On the other hand, however, someone else may be hurt or inconvenienced by this special get-together. For example, perhaps one friend would be pressured into hosting or would not be invited to join. Should you recognize the individual who hurt and reach out to them, they would be extremely grateful and probably would be loyal to you for a long time.
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