A wound filled with food remains I am a man of 31 years from Tanzania, I dreamed having a wound in my right hand, like a blister, and when I pressed the wound a lot of food remains eaten in the past come out and after that the hand returned into normal size and got healed. The wound in your right hand represents a problem that is obstructing your plans. You are unable to pursue your goals with full focus and determination because of this barrier. Since the wound closed up and healed when the food came out, then your past food intake is the source of your stagnation. All those food remains represent excess and hedonism. Your wasteful and careless ways have derailed you from your path, so now you have to cleanse yourself of bad habits so you can chase your dreams with a sound body and a clear mind.
Discharging sperm I discharged sperm in my dream after confusion. Masturbation, ejaculation and sperm are all dream symbols referring to impatience. Instead of waiting patiently for your hard work to bear fruit, your impatience would tempt you to take shortcuts and bend rules at work. Unfortunately, once your superiors find out about your unprofessional conduct, they will punish you accordingly.
An eye turning completely black Hello, I dreamt that I was looking in a mirror and my right eye was black with no white, only black and large. This is the second time that I had dreamt this dream. I was afraid the first time but not the second time I dreamt this dream. The second time I have dreamt this dream, I wanted to ask my mother (deceased) who was in bed to look at my eye and I woke up. Dreaming of a pitch black eye reveals your fear of your future. You are entering a period of uncertainty and you are feeling pessimistic about how things would turn out. Since this is a recurring dream symbol, then it means you do not like change. So whenever there is a big shift in your situation, moving to a new place or a loved one moving away, your subconscious projects your apprehensions into your dream through the symbol of a black eye. Fortunately, since you were no longer afraid in the second dream, this indicates your acceptance of the fickle nature of life. Changes happen without warning, so soon enough you would learn how to adjust to your new reality.
Unable to move the body My body is very heavy. I can't move my body, but my mind is fully awake and aware of what is going on around me. Dreaming that your body is too heavy to move even while your mind is alert and active suggests you currently hold two ideas or beliefs that are opposed to each other. In a sense, your body is weighed down by the irrational, opposing thoughts that cloud your mind. This type of vision is commonly seen when someone thinks a certain action is fine for them but not for everyone else. For example, if you drive over the speed limit because you are late for an event it is justifiable, but if someone else is speeding then they are a bad driver. This vision should be taken as a sign that you need to re-evaluate some of your notions and maintain a more rational, open-minded point of view.
Legs frozen Many times I have the same dreams when my legs are frozen from walking and I fall down on the floor. A dream where your legs freeze up and you are unable to walk has negative connotations in the dream world, as it suggests that things are not likely to go your way in the near future. You may have difficulty accomplishing tasks that where no problem before, such as household work or tasks related to making your basic living. Your troubles would have a negative impact on your mental well-being, making you feel depressed and frustrated. Now may be a good time to step away from unessential responsibilities so that you can focus your energy on the things that matter most.
Grass growing from under the skin Skin on my body sprouted grass. Tried removing them one by one, but they grew so fast I started pulling them out by handfuls, which ripped tufts of my flesh along with it. Male. Grass sprouting on your skin reveals your tendency to compare yourself with others. The state of your skin in dreams reveals how you present yourself to the world as well as issues which tend to get under your skin. So in this context, you are prone to feeling envious about the achievements of others and the only way you would feel better about yourself is to acquire the same worldly belongings or accomplish the same feats which you see from your peers. Fortunately, your efforts at trying to rip off the grass signifies your self-awareness. You want to stop allowing social comparison to dictate the way you live your life, but in doing so, you would have to admit your own shortcomings and confront your frailties because that is the only way you can truly find your rightful place in this world.
Giving birth through butt Birthing a child out of my butt. My mom being so happy I did it so easily. (Side note, I have been married over 10 yrs, no children, nor do I want any....too old now), I am 47. A quick and painless birth in dreams represents relief and happiness. Your loved ones and social connections are finally going to ease up the pressure of urging you to become a mother. They would finally respect your decision not to have any kids. Instead, you can look forward to lucrative and fulfilling undertakings which would also make them proud of you. Birthing through your anus in this case symbolizes a release of insecurities, self-doubt and other negative emotions which are holding you back from achieving your full potential.
Being chased by a boy's leg I was with my mum and my younger sister and we went to a train station and a little boy's leg chased me through the train and my mum and sister got off and left me on the train. When I got off, the leg followed me and rolled onto the train tracks and a train ran over it. The train station in this dream indicates a dilemma. You are faced with a difficult decision and you are running out of time. The boy's leg could be a symbol of youth and freedom. One of your choices requires giving up control and a little bit of freedom. To move closer to your dreams, you need to put your trust in people who have more knowledge and experience than you. Of course, this does not mean that you become passive. At the end of the day, you get to decide what you want to do with your life, but a little guidance would not hurt.
Boyfriend with a prosthetic leg I saw my boyfriend's leg is replaced by a prosthetic leg. Despite that I love him. Dreaming that your boyfriend has a prosthetic leg means that he is going to go on a different journey. You would have to be supportive as he adapts to a new situation or even a new job. Alternatively, a prosthetic leg can also reveal your impression of him. A part of you sees him as unfocused and at times incapable of standing on his own two feet, but this is okay because you are there to boost his confidence and allow him to explore his true potential.
Cooking poop I was cooking in a big casserole a pile of soft poop and I'm asking a foreigner if it is still smelly because I smell the odor of the poop. And I'm thinking that was for the dog. A pile of poop symbolizes immense wealth or unexpected profit. The smellier the poop, the more impact this financial gain is going to have on your life. Meanwhile, cooking in a big casserole means you are going to take on a lot of responsibility. It will be difficult, but the rewards you reap from all of your hard work would benefit not just yourself, but a lot of other people depending on you. Furthermore, rather than feel burdened by your obligations, you actually consider this a privilege. Your generous nature rejoices every time you are able to provide for your loved ones.
Green mud on the face Dreamed I went to a mirror and saw I had green mud on my face. Having a dirty or covered face is often thought to represent untruthful or misleading behavior on the part of the dreamer. Perhaps you have recently misrepresented yourself to someone else by embellishing your talents or taking credit for someone else's hard work. The green color of the mud further suggests this is related to money or financial issues. If you have not been completely honest with someone about the wealth that either you or they possess, this vision may be a warning to set the record straight before the situation gets out of hand.
Stubby feet I dreamed that I and other people in my dream had chewed up, stubby feet. I don't remember faces or anything else. Just that I was annoyed by it, but I could still walk and had no other issues. Stubby feet is a bad omen in the dream world. This unfavorable symbol portends a period of hardships that would take its toll on you, both financially and mentally. The good news is that you will survive this trying time and you will not be the only one trudging through it. The fact that other people also had chewed up feet means the challenging time is an economic or societal problem negatively affecting many people.
A gush of blood My dream was a literal loop in which I would stand up off a couch, my IUD came out, followed by a gush of blood, and then the actions repeated. Blood gushing out of your body suggests you are struggling to keep your emotions in check. You are probably exhausted from all your personal and work-related obligations that you are craving for some time off in order to recuperate and regain balance. Furthermore, the IUD means source of your stress could be predominantly related to your partner or significant other. You think you are being pressured to be this domesticated, motherly figure, when you have a different view of who you are. On the other hand, an IUD can also reveal fears of pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Maybe you are worried about certain physical symptoms, so you may want to get yourself checked out just to be sure.
A locust inside vagina Female. I had a dream that a locust was trapped inside my vagina. I could feel it. I kept touching my vagina because I could feel it moving. Finally it flew out. It was so nasty. A locust generally refers to an individual imposing ideas upon you. So, finding a locust in your vagina means you are starting to succumb to this person's maneuverings. After repeatedly trying to get you to agree with them, your defenses are slowly eroding. If this person wears you down even more, you may even be completely convinced that you share the same interests in the first place. Hold tight to your opinions and principles because they are going to be heavily challenged soon enough.
Being kissed by giant lips My lips were kissed by giant lips. Big lips often refer to a big romance or a great love. As such, being kissed by giant lips indicates an encounter with someone capable of showing you unconditional love. On the other hand, this could also refer to self-discovery. Meaning, you would soon go on a journey into your own soul. After years of insecurity and self-doubt, an incident will inspire you to finally learn to love yourself. By extension, embracing who you are wholeheartedly could attract an individual with whom you would create a healthy and beneficial relationship.
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