A penis turning into a navel I wanted to have sex with my BF, he was washing his penis, as I tried to hold his penis, it started to shrink until it turned into his navel, as it was shrinking a small amount of bloody sperm came out before it looks like his navel. I was not angry this happen or shocked. Just like a penis falling off or getting cut off, a shrinking penis in dreams alludes to emasculation. Since this scenario in your vision lacks the violence of the usual castration dream, it could be an indication that his weakening sense of masculinity comes from an internal battle rather than a result of external factors. As such, whatever problems you may be dealing with in your relationship, they may have something to do with his personal crisis. After all, the navel represents the self, so perhaps in order for him to satisfy your needs or to become a better boyfriend, he may need to find himself first or become the man he needs to be. Alternatively, the navel also sometimes refers to a person's relationship to the mother. Maybe a maternal figure is controlling your boyfriend's actions or putting a strain on your relationship.
Giving a massage and finding bedbugs I'm female. In my dream I was giving one of my closest female friends a massage because her neck is bad and I started finding engorged ticks on her in her hair, but even though they looked like ticks, they were bedbugs in the dream. Bedbugs as dream symbols are usually associated with health issues. As such, finding bedbugs in your friend's hair means that your friend could catch an illness in reality and you would be one of the first ones to notice her sickly pallor or lethargic behavior. On the other hand, giving someone a massage symbolizes persuasion. It is possible that you are trying to persuade your friend to agree with you on certain issues, so finding the bedbugs may be an indication of your clashing opinions. Maybe instead of an actual illness, you may view your friend as a non-conformist who may infect others with what you think are radical opinions.
Someone's fingers missing In my dream I went to shake this girl's hand (a girl I know in real life), but all of her fingers were missing, what does that mean? Missing fingers allude to indifference and unresponsiveness. A hand shake is a friendly gesture, so seeing that her hand lacks fingers means she may not be too forthcoming with you. It does not necessarily mean that she does not like you, perhaps it just takes a while for her to warm up. Alternatively, this can also signify a communication issue between the two of you. Maybe you do not see eye to eye on certain issues because of your personalities of different beliefs. It is possible that you would offer a truce, but she would not readily accept it.
Being asked to heal testicles I am female from Uganda. In my dream I saw a known man giving me his swollen testicles and he told me to treat them with herbs such that his testicles get back to normal. I charged him 40,000 money and he said he will manage to pay me 35,000 money. Testicles are often considered the symbolic representation of masculinity, so swollen testicles may refer to a male in your life who is overcompensating for their lack of male prowess. Whether it is the particular man you envisioned or not, this could mean that a certain man is interested in getting your attention and is doing so by metaphorically showing their peacock feathers. However, the idea that this man would give you less money than you requested suggests that you should not fall for his pomp and circumstance. He is likely less than you would ideally want in a man, unable to provide for you physically or even offer solace and companionship.
Deceased husband's penis falling off Had same dream 5 times. Husband's penis falls off while having sex. Husband passed away 8 years ago. Thank you. Dreaming that your dearly departed husband's penis has fallen off during sex may be a metaphor for the intimacy issues you are currently facing in reality. In a sense, this vision is suggesting that you are having trouble connecting with others both emotionally and physically after his passing. While this it is completely normal to experience hesitation and confusion in the wake of major life changes, your subconscious may be hinting that you need to open up more emotionally, if not to family and friends then to a counselor or trusted adviser. They may be able to help you get over whatever is holding you back.
A frog and a snake coming out of an arm In my dream a frog came out of my arm and right after that a purple colorful snake came out of my arm. This dream has a negative connotation and seems to center around some negative feelings you are going through in reality. The frog that comes out of your arm suggests disappointment and dissatisfaction, particularly when it comes to relationships. You may have recently had a falling out with a friend or became annoyed with someone in your family group. The snake that comes out second, however, suggests that whatever upset you probably was not such a big deal. In essence, you have made a mountain out of a mole hill and are probably worried that your behavior and actions have somehow hurt your interpersonal relations, which explains why these creatures came from your arm and not other body parts. While you should not worry about long term repercussions, it may be better to express your remorse for your actions and gratitude for the friendship sooner rather than later.
Having one eye and no mouth I was in my bathroom looking at my eyes in the mirror, they were brown-amber, but mine are green, my iris started to grow to the full size of my eyes. Then I looked at myself again and I only had one, big purple eye. I don't think I had a mouth, but I can't be certain. I never blinked, possibly because I couldn't... Dreaming that your eye color is different from your actual eye color means you need to be more open minded. A fresh perspective could be essential for strengthening your friendships and even your relationship with your significant other. Specifically, green eyes represent envy. Instead of being thankful for your own possessions and achievements, you may tend to feel envious of friends and contemporaries who seem to be better off than yourself. The missing mouth also represents resentment. You think you are being stifled and not allowed to express your opinions freely. Ultimately, purple eyes indicate love and generosity. An incident would take place that would make you realize how selfish and self-centered you may have become, prompting you to re-evaluate your priorities and change your perspective.
Sores with raspberries instead of blood I don't remember what happened before, but I was content and happy, maybe with friends, but then I looked down at my arm and there was a sore which was infected. I felt a bit scared and it looked horrible with puss. When I started to touch it and open it up to clean it, raspberries fell out instead of blood. I had to pick the last couple out but then my skin was fine with just a small mark. I was so relieved but a little bit creeped out. I found another one of these sores on my tummy and leg. Body sores indicate negative feelings that are festering inside you. You could be holding a grudge against someone and your inability to express your resentment is causing mental and emotional strain. The raspberries where the blood should be illustrate the sensitive nature of your personal issues. It means you should handle this problem in a delicate manner or else it could escalate into something worse. The locations of the sores provide more specifics about your frustrations. The arm represents social connections and your ability to reach out to others. Your stomach refers to your ability to put up with others or deal with difficult situations. Finally, the leg symbolizes courage and being able to stand up for yourself. Altogether, having sores on these body parts means you are burdened and distressed by a close friend or a loved one. You are possibly just putting up with their toxic presence and constant negativity, so the only way for you to regain your sanity is to cut this person out of your life. However, as indicated by the raspberries, this needs to be handled carefully or else it could backfire and make you look like a bad person.
Cells inside a finger I popped a clear circle in my index finger. It then opened up a hole where I could see inside of it. I could see a tunnel inside my finger with white-looking cells and pointy cells lying in the tunnel. I have no idea what this means. The index finger usually points to a threat or danger lurking in your life. Since a hole opened up in your index finger, it means that you may be a danger to yourself. Specifically, the tunnel leading inwards represents a lack of self-awareness or introspection. There is an aspect of your personality or subconscious which you do not understand or you refuse to acknowledge. You could have a tendency to shift the blame to others when you know perfectly well that you are the one responsible. Another incident or error would highlight this side of you and it would be the perfect opportunity for you to be accountable for once.
Poop at the end of a slide Well I was in a car and somehow I'm scared and trying to hold on in the back and end up going into and down a water slide that is like a tube and ends in poop, but there are people there with water hose rinsing us off at the bottom and my friend is waiting for me and we walk away laughing and hugging on each other. Envisioning yourself as a passenger inside a car, especially when you are feeling scared, means you lack control of your own life. Instead of actively making decisions, you tend to let other people decide for you. Similarly, the water slide symbolizes your habit of going with the flow. The poop or excrement at the bottom of the water slide can suggest financial issues or a negative turn of events, while the people hosing you down refers to family and friends who would bail you out when times get tough. So every time you get into trouble because of your carefree ways, you do not absorb the gravity of the consequences because of your safety net or supportive loved ones willing to clean up the mess.
Insect eggs inside the neck My neck was itchy and it was bulging. I went to the doctor who lanced my neck and dozens of small long-shaped blue bug eggs came out of the hole with blood from my neck. They did not hatch. Afterwards in my dream I had wished I had videoed it. The neck is a highly intimate location, so dreaming that it is itchy and bulging could be a sign that you would soon be betrayed by someone you have never before had a reason to suspect. The danger this individual poses to you and your self-esteem may be extremely serious. The blue bug eggs that were removed from your neck may refer to potential luck and good fortune that would come once this man or woman has been found out and dealt with. This is only a possibility, however, much like the unhatched eggs extracted from your body.
Someone shaving legs My male friend was shaving my legs for me, romantically. Then we attend one of my family parties, we would make love after he shaved my legs and only once they were shaved. He would then disappear, I wouldn't be able to find him then, when I did find him, he would disappear again. Dreaming that someone is shaving your legs reveals your tendency to depend on others when you are in trouble. It can also signify being clingy and insecure. In the case of your vision, watching your male friend shave your legs means you are likely relying on him too much to bail you out or help you solve your problems. The intercourse suggests he is trying to encourage you to become more independent, either because he wants to see you achieve your full potential or he can no longer support you since he has issues of his own he needs to manage. So the next time you run to him for assistance, he would no longer be as available as he used to.
Tongue falling out My tongue fell out. Dreaming that your tongue fell out means you are going to say something you would regret. You are about to utter a thoughtless remark or hurtful words before stopping yourself. Unfortunately, the damage would already be done by the time you realize your mistake and you need to deal with the punishment. So you should get your temper and emotions in check before you make matters worse with your sharp tongue.
A finger popping out of the hand I dreamt I looked at my right hand, then I was aware that my finger came right out of its socket from my palm like I pulled it and it popped out. No blood, like it was just clicked in as though it was prosthetic, strange. Dreaming that a finger pops out, falls off or separates from your hand symbolizes resignation. The right hand usually represents assertiveness and willpower, so losing a finger reflects a sense of hopelessness or a belief that you cannot do anything to change a situation. You could be working on a project or venture which would take a negative turn and instead of finding a solution or using your resourcefulness to work around a problem, you would end up being defeated by your circumstance. The same dream could also signify upcoming legal issues in reality. You may have to participate in a court litigation in order to resolve legal disputes. Your relatives may file claims about properties or assets which would force you to hire a lawyer or reach an amicable resolution through a settlement.
A long hair on the leg A long hair that looks 50cm long on my leg that I was pulling out and took it out. Long hair on your leg suggests idleness and lack of confidence. You tend to overthink and over-analyze things which often result in stagnation. Fortunately, dreaming that you are pulling out the hair represents your willingness to take more risks and inject spontaneity into your life. Being overly cautious has kept you from experiencing more out of life and this realization would finally propel you into action.
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