Pulling out a white string I have this reoccurring dream of pulling white string from my mouth and nose. Sometimes in my dream I'm yanking at the string with pressure but the string never ends, from neither nose or mouth. Strings can symbolize responsibilities or loose ends. The overall scenario in your dream vision seem to reveal your ambitious nature and perhaps your tendency to be impatient. The mouth points to expression and communication, while the nose alludes to curiosity, learning and search for wisdom. In that sense, pulling the never-ending string refers to your realization that learning and improving your skills is a continuous process. This may make you feel frustrated especially if the results or expectations you have are not being met in reality. Maybe instead of focusing on your goals and intended outcome, it may be more productive to find joy and satisfaction in the process of your ongoing personal journey.
Decapitating someone and having the head injured Hi, last night I had a dream I was in a haunted house, it turned out that Jason was killing everyone, so a lot of people ran away and I hid under a car. He found me and he had a knife. I grabbed it and started cutting off his head until it was completely off. I ran to the corner just like in shock. I keep having dreams with "head". The day before I had a dream I had cut my cheek open and when I asked my mom to help me stitch it up, but when I looked it was my head that was cut. It was stitched but bleeding. When you have dreams about dismembering or decapitating someone, such as cutting off Jason's head in your dream, it could be a very bad omen, meaning you could be in real danger in your waking life, such as becoming either the witness or the victim of a violent crime. Since you then dreamed about your own head being injured or cut, it could also signify a possibility of becoming sick or transmitting a serious disease. The imagery of your head being cut and bleeding is also a reflection of your daily life getting more and more chaotic, probably as your subconscious anticipates bad things to happen.
Worms and jewelry coming out of the body I was with my eldest brother and my son, worms started coming up out of my arm. I was pulling them out. Then a while later more worms came out, they came from my bottom and the base of my spine. I also found some silver chain and locket pendants from inside my body. But the worms kept coming out of my lower arm and bottom area. I was putting them into plastic bags. One I put in a clear box, sellotaped up to show the doctor. Then I woke up. Dreaming that worms are coming out from different orifices of the body reveals suppressed feelings and buried issues. Perhaps you have been holding in some secrets or neglecting to address certain issues, so your subconscious mind is looking for catharsis. In addition, pulling out worms from your rear or bottom points to the possibility of alienating your loved ones because of your control issues. You may tend to put on a wall between you and others in an attempt to keep your secrets safe. However, there is no shame in being vulnerable as long as it is with someone you trust.
Getting rid of a tick by reading Bible I had a dream I was setting up the shower for my ex (we are on good terms and still care for one another). Before he got in, he said he had a tick in his toe and the way to get rid of it was I needed to get a bible and read page 164 to him because that's how he heard to get rid of it. Ticks are symbolic of trouble and complications coming about in your day-to-day existence. This difficult situation would likely come out of nowhere, surprising you with the amount of extra work and challenges you would have to face. Seeing the tick on your ex does not necessarily mean that he is the source of your troubles. Rather, it suggests your subconscious mind is using him as a focal point because of the closeness and intimacy you once had with him. The real source may be another man you may be interested in, a person who has been bothering or agitating you in some way or the presence of men in your waking life in general. Preparing a shower in this dream could reveal your efforts to clean up this situation in a literal sense, while reading from the Bible could be the manifestation of your desire to discover the truth and identify the source of difficulties you may be going through at the moment.
Eye color changing My eye color had changed from brown to a medium blue and then back again. In the dream I was surprised and intently looked again and watched them quickly change to blue and back again. Brown eyes denote deceit, while blue eyes refer to possible roadblocks. As such, dreaming of your changing eye color, from brown to blue and back again, could represent confusion and hesitation. You may have the opportunity to pursue a long-time passion, but it would require you to do some uncharacteristic tasks. Perhaps your refusal to succumb to the pressures of society is making you miss out on a lot of opportunities.
Brushing teeth with salt Dreamt I was using salt to brush my teeth. Brushing your teeth in the context of a dream vision may reveal that you would have to make sacrifices and put an extra effort in to remain a happy, well-balanced person. There is probably a situation in your life that could be weighing down on you, causing you stress and making it difficult to treat others kindly. The source of your troubles can be seen in the image of the salt, a sign commonly associated with rejection by peers. Those you work or interact with may disagree with an opinion you hold, leading to conflict and possibly open aggression.
Killing a lizard on the body and bleeding I am a female and my dream is about a lizard crawling on my body, which I killed by cutting off the lizard's head. After that I noticed blood dropping from my body and when I checked I observed my vagina is swollen. Please what's the meaning. Thanks. When you dream about lizards, it could mean that you are on the verge of being attacked by an enemy, such as a rival at work or someone from your personal life who wishes to cause you harm. Since the vision of a lizard was connected to your body in your dream, it could also predict getting in a conflict with a past lover or partner because of some unresolved issues, someone who may have had a big impact on your sexual life but memories of whom fill you with shame and regret instead of joy.
Eyes falling out I keep having dreams where my eyes fall out, or I rip them out. Either way, my eyes come out of my head in some way. Most of the time, they come out into my hands, and usually only one at a time. Last night was the first time they both came out at the same time. Dreaming about injuring your eyes or having them fall out could mean that you are in contact with a specific person or group who intends to interfere with or create havoc in your life. You probably have some inkling in the back of your mind that you are about to be betrayed, but you may not be sure how to stop it from happening or who exactly you need to confront. You may also feel that your blindness in this situation is your own fault, which is why you rip your eyes out yourself in some visions. The dreams seem to be escalating in violence, so your discomfort in wake life may also be intensifying.
Dreads and one sprouting like a tree Someone was telling me one of my dreads was the best and special. They kept telling me. So eventually I uncover my head and they grab one in the middle and told me that one is special. So when I pulled it around, the dread split down in the middle and it sprouted like a tree. Dreads or dreadlocks in dreams reveal a rebellious streak. Perhaps you find pleasure in taking the road less traveled or finding ways to subvert established rules. Meanwhile, trees symbolize wisdom and growth. Taken together, these symbols may be an indication of your journey to self-actualization. In the process of going against the current, you would acquire unique insights and worldviews which you can use to find success in the real world. One particular path may lead you closer to achieving your dreams.
Sharp teeth growing out of normal ones Razor-sharp teeth growing out of some of my teeth. Almost if they were needles growing out of my normal teeth. When I would touch them with my fingers they would move. I started moving them out of my teeth. They would leave a deep hole in my tooth, so I freaked out trying to put them back in place. I'm a female. Been searching the Internet all day, haven't found an answer to this dream. You may be having difficulty finding a concise interpretation of this vision because there is more than one symbol involved despite the simplicity of the vision. First, the idea that your teeth were oddly shaped and extra sharp is a metaphor for a series of troubling events that may be about to take place in your life. Each extra sharp tooth represents a challenge or difficulty you would need to go through. Furthermore, your attempts to pull them out could reveal that these hardships are related to finances, as pulling out your own teeth is often associated with financial loss and episodes of hunger. If you are struggling with money, it would be wise to watch your spending carefully and to seek assistance earlier rather than later.
Bleeding from the forehead I am a female and my dream was about me looking at my forehead in the mirror and then when I touched my forehead with my fingers blood hit the mirror and covered it. Then my hands and my whole body was covered in blood. The forehead is associated with intellect and rationality. This symbol in your dream may reveal your level-headed nature. However, the presence of blood means your subconscious is warning you of a threat or danger lurking ahead. While you may see yourself as calm and pragmatic, a particularly difficult event or period could occur which may bring out your more turbulent and emotional side. Since your whole body was covered in blood in this vision, it means that this troubling time may leave you physically and emotionally drained. Perhaps you need to strengthen your social connections so you would have trusted individuals who can help you out when you are too weak to carry on.
A bleeding finger and half of the foot falling off I dreamt last night that while sitting on a couch I cut my left index finger, but did not know what from, it bled a lot before I was able to get the bleeding to stop by applying pressure. When it finally stopped, I stood up to get a band-aid and fell over. Upon trying to stand, half of my left foot fell off, there was no pain and very little blood. I freaked out a bit and my friend Dave taped it back together for me but while he was helping me get in the truck it kept slipping and I was afraid it would reattach crookedly before we got to the hospital. Dave was very calm and just laughed it off and kept telling me it would be ok. At the hospital the doctor examined the portion of my foot that fell off and explained I was very lucky, only the toes showed signs of gangrene and I should have had it checked out months earlier. He seemed baffled when I explained to him that the injury only occurred 15 minutes ago? It was a really bizarre dream and I'm only a few weeks away from traveling abroad by myself for a year and worrying this dream might be an omen of some kind! Please help!!! First of all, the image of cutting your index finger refers to losing your authority or credibility. It means you could lose your current position at work or opportunities that are available to you at the moment. Meanwhile, injury to the left foot, such as when half of the foot fell off, alludes to a lingering sense of imbalance or instability. You could be at a crossroads in your personal journey right now and yet you remain indecisive and uncertain about which path to take. Furthermore, the tape and band-aid both symbolize temporary solutions. While you may opt to do something with your time and your resources, they are not enough to deal with long-term effects. It is possible that you are trying to avoid pressing issues in your life by distracting yourself with escapist pursuits. For instance, traveling to new and exotic locations may seem like the right thing to do, even a productive use of your time, however, the problems and baggage you would leave at home are still going to be there when you return. This dream vision could be your mind's way of telling you that you need to weigh your options more carefully and prioritize accordingly because there may be immediate issues that you need to deal with before they become more serious. Ignoring or setting aside those issues may only serve to make things worse. This could cause a lot of headache later on when you do decide to face any existing problems left behind.
Two cuts on the hand Jun. 23, 2017. Female. Two deep cuts in my hand with no blood. Cutting your hand in the dream world may be the symbolic representation of loss, particularly that of someone you were once close too. Just like friends and family are sometimes considered an extension of yourself, so does this vision suggest you are about to go through a separation or even a complete cut off from someone you know. The idea that you did not bleed, however, can be taken as a sign that this distance would probably be good for you in some way. Perhaps the absence of this individual would make your life easier or allow you to do things you never thought you could before.
Milk from a breast of an old woman I saw in dream the mother of our old neighbor (she is maybe near 70-80 years old now). I see her breast bare an went toward her and sucked her breast, after that I drink a few of her milk. I felt her milk in my mouth. She is now in other town and I did not see her for a long time. I was playing with her children when I was a kid. And she was a religious kind woman. Consuming breast milk is a fairly common symbol with a positive interpretation in the dream world. If you are a man, this vision may be an indication that your wife or future partner would have a safe pregnancy. Your child would also benefit by being both happy and healthy during their first years of life. If you are a woman, drinking breast milk is a sign of good health and vitality. If you are sick or become sick in the near future, you are likely to recover quickly and fully from what ails you.
Legs tired and aching I dream that my legs are very tired. I usually need to get somewhere but the destination is unclear and it doesn't seem desperate that I get there but I'm on a journey. My legs are so tired, they ache and one step feels as if it gets nowhere. Male, 62, bad back and sciatica in real life. Your legs represent your physical and emotional state in dream visions. They can also refer to confidence and control. As such, your dream vision likely reveals your weakening resolve as a result of your own physical limitations. The weakness of your legs and the resulting tiredness could be a reflection of your real-world health problems. Perhaps you have also been feeling under the weather or stressed out lately. This current condition could in turn be affecting your mental state. Maybe your health is not as robust as it used to be and this is making you feel blue. There may still be a lot of things you want to accomplish, yet your body can no longer bear the brunt of the physicality needed to attain those goals. On the other hand, this may also be an indication of your growing frustrations about your health. Maybe you think you have been doing everything necessary, yet you cannot find a reprieve from the pain. Your mind could be telling you not to stress out over things that are out of your control. Instead of dwelling on things not going your way, it may be in your best interest to focus on what is within your powers to change.
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