Colorful frogs coming out of the foot Male. A blister grew on my foot and swelled up, opened and many green and orange frogs came out of it and filled the room. I was scared, anxious and confused, stamping with my foot trying to regain control, doing so I killed the last frog and it came out of my foot already dead. Seeing frogs come out of your body in a dream may point toward a recent time or event where you were disappointed by the actions, words or behavior of those around you. Frogs are often associated with the idea that a particular person you care about has acted in a way that hurts or offends you. Seeing frogs coming out of your body, then, may point to your negative reaction to such a situation. The blister on your foot where the frogs came out could represent your desire to never see yourself or, by extension, anyone else you know acting this way again.
Lice and blood I saw that I am picking four or maybe five lice from my beloved's head in my dream. Every time when I picked a lice, on the scalp, I saw a blood spot on his head. Dark red colored blood came from his head. I am scared, what does it mean? Tell me please. Picking out lice from the head of a loved one denotes a positive turn of events in both his and your future. Lice tend to represent problems and frustrations, so removing the lice from your partner's head actually suggests that together you two would find a solution to the issues. With your help, he would be able to overcome whatever challenge or difficulty stands in his way. However, this does not mean it would be easy. As indicated by the blood on his scalp, it would require effort, trust and passion from the both of you before anything is resolved.
Hairballs in the throat Female. I have something stuck in my throat so I start to pull it out and it's a bunch of hairballs and it makes me feel like I can't breathe. Dreaming that something is stuck in your throat and having difficulty breathing because of it suggests others are trying to keep you from changing. They may not be ready to let you go because of some issues in their life or maybe they just do not like change. In either case, the hairballs indicate that being smothered is actually weakening your personal strength. You are probably losing your internal balance trying to become your future self and keep up the appearance of your past. You are in a tiring and difficult situation. It would be wise to slowly bring your concerns forward to give the other party a chance to adjust. If they cannot accept you, however, you should not hold yourself back.
Husband's penis falling off I'm a female. I was sucking my husband's dick and part of it fell off and started bleeding. Images of a penis falling off in the dream world point to emasculation or a loss of power and diminished masculinity. In the context of your dream vision, having your husband's penis detach during oral sex likely reveals your tendency to be domineering in your interpersonal dynamics. Perhaps you use your influence and feminine wiles to get your way or have him submit to your will. Alternatively, it is also possible that your nurturing and fussy side is softening his rough edges and maybe he is becoming more dependent on you in the process.
Losing teeth because of grinding them In my dream I am looking, or noticing that i am losing teeth because they've been ground down or gnawed down to gums. Dreaming about losing your teeth has negative connotations. It symbolizes the occurrence of certain events which might prove to be tiresome and difficult for you. You could find yourself in situations which would disrupt the balance and harmony of your life. The notion of losing teeth because of constant gnawing signifies that any problems which you face are the result of your own conduct. Try to adopt and maintain a calm and positive disposition to enjoy life to the fullest.
A wad of gum in the ear I lost hearing in left ear. Used a q-tip to remove the object. It was a large wad of gum that I was able to remove. And then able to hear again. Dreaming that you have gone deaf may signal feelings of isolation, although this could also mean that you may be shutting yourself down in the presence of other people. The gum or bubblegum in this dream vision symbolizes a predicament or a sticky situation. As such, if taken together, the symbols may be telling you that in order to get yourself out of a problematic situation you may need to start listening to the advice of others or open yourself up to other people's opinions.
White heads on a finger I'm a male and last night I had a dream of long white heads like the ones you squeeze from your nose, but it was coming out of one of my fingers (Index finger), and not just one, but a lot of them and when I woke up my finger was throbbing too. The index finger symbolizes authority and aspirations. The white heads may represent negative emotions building up inside of you. For instance, you may be feeling confused about which path to follow, especially in connection to your career and professional journey. Alternatively, you may be too bossy or arrogant, so that you risk losing the trust and respect of your friends or colleagues.
Having a first period My dream was about having my first period and I didn't tell anyone. Having your period in the dream world is often associated with worries or concerns that have manifested in waking life. Because this was your first period, it seems likely that this is a new issue that has only come about recently. Your reticence to tell anyone reflects much the same in reality, namely that you either do not like to rely on others or you are afraid of bothering those around you. It may be helpful, however, to allow others to share their experiences and knowledge with you so that you do not repeat their mistakes.
Getting a tattoo while asleep I fell asleep nude. When I woke up I discovered someone had given me a tattoo while I was asleep. The tattoo was a black and white series of flowers that started on one butt cheek and ended at my genitals, almost as if they wanted to continue inside my body. I remember being surprised by the fact that I slept through it but really admired the work. Then I became afraid of how my boyfriend would react. Tattoos in dreams, especially if you do not have one in reality, typically mean you need to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve your dreams. This could mean leaving your hometown or exploring other opportunities. If you already have tattoos, then this fresh tattoo portends reckless actions and unwise decisions. Meanwhile, the black and white flower design alludes to discontent and possible depression. You may be losing interest in your current preoccupations, hence your mind is looking for fresh places and possibilities to pursue in order to reignite your passion. The discontent could also be related to personal relations which is why you were afraid of your boyfriend's possible reaction in the dream.
Squeezing a pimple A dreamt I was squeezing a pimple and a long string of oil came out of my face, like 6 inches. Popping a pimple in the dream world means you could get entangled in the affairs of others. Unfortunately for you, you could be held responsible or accountable for actions or mistakes you did not commit. Despite not having part in the controversy or issue, your association with one of the involved members could get you into trouble. In that sense, the oil alludes to the amount of effort you would have to expend to clear you name and smooth things over with the disgruntled party. Alternatively, pimples reveal concerns about image and confidence. Perhaps you are also suppressing anger and negative emotions which could end badly if not handled well or resolved in a proper way.
Scratches on the palms I dreamed that both of my palms of my hands were covered by little scratches. Little scratches all over your hands could indicate future growth in your finances or improvements in your money situation. You may get a bonus, receive a monetary gift or notice an increase in the value of your investments or savings. Your focus on the hands in this vision may reveal, however, that this growth would keep you busy or preoccupied, possibly with paperwork or while finalizing deals.
Husband's penis growing Dreamed about husband's penis growing. Experiencing a dream vision of a large or small penis refers to losing or gaining authority and since you dreamed about your husband's penis getting larger, then it can mean that either he is becoming more powerful or you wish he would. An image of a giant penis can also symbolize a great character. It is telling you that you may possess some lofty ambitions. You are an achiever who will go a long way in life, whether at work or in your personal life. You have a natural knack for success which would help you attain your goals in life.
Fingers merging together I am a female. I dreamed my index and middle fingers merged together and became one. The index finger is typically associated with authority and leadership, while the middle finger represents a rebellious streak. In the context of your dream, the merging together of these two fingers could reveal your motivation to clean up your act and be more responsible. Perhaps you are about to meet a mentor who would guide you into realizing your full potential by diverting your passion, energy and creativity into more productive activities.
Unable to see someone's blood Someone's nose is bleeding, but I can't see the blood. Dreaming about a bleeding nose could signal a possible future loss of money or other kinds of personal possessions, possibly relating to projects you are initiating now. You may, therefore, be at risk of a financial failure. The best way to prevent this from happening is to take a closer look at your budget, since nose bleeding related dream visions reflect an unlucky relationship with money and finances. However, since you could not see the blood, this situation may not be imminent, but worth taking care of.
Urinating and waking up to wet bed I am male. Urinating in the dream and waiting up frantically to discover I had bed-wetted. Wetting the bed in a dream vision and finding you have done so in reality is a mixed symbol to behold. The meaning behind this sign is heavily dependent on your emotions at the time, if you can recall them. If you felt embarrassed, ashamed or upset about your loss of bladder control, it could reveal that you have difficulty controlling your emotions. You may have a loose tongue or blow up even over minor problems. On the other hand, feeling no regret or negative emotions when you were dreaming could mean you have the power within yourself to overcome a bad habit or get out of a relationship which is dragging you down in reality.
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