Having menses When you dream you are on your menses what does that mean? To dream that you are menstruating means that you are approaching a period of rest and relaxation in waking life. You would finally be able to let go and release toxic thoughts and negative vibes from your life.
Cutting off own fingertips I was cutting off my own fingers in a restaurant, the very tips of each one. But left one - the index finger on my right hand. Dreams containing notions of cutting off your own fingers speak of a recent event or circumstance when you found yourself being unable to communicate a message or shut yourself off when someone asked you for help and support. For some reason, you think the person in need of you input is not deserving your time or attention. The Index finger that was spared in your dream, however, signifies your second thoughts and doubts, which hopefully will help you find the right decision as the time goes by.
Giving birth to a calf I dreamt giving birth to a calf and I could feel its legs pushing from my ass. I cried for help to people that were surrounding me as I groan in labor to no avail, later dropped a baby girl wrapped in feces from my ass on my own only for the same people to assist in wiping the baby. Please assist, it's very disturbing. A calf seen in dreams typically symbolizes immaturity. As such, this dream of hard labor with a calf ripping through your body represents real world struggles to implement an immature idea or half-baked project. You may be thinking about or are currently involved in a challenging project or venture and you could soon face a number of hurdles to keep it afloat. Eventually, as the scene in your vision of a baby girl wrapped in feces suggests, this challenging venture would eventually stabilize and open up new opportunities that would make all the sacrifices and investment well worth it, so long as you work diligently and give it the proper care it requires.
Afraid to be weighed My youth leader wanted me to weigh myself so she could see how much I weighed, but I was afraid to because it was low, so I didn't tell her. Dreams about being underweight reveal your fears and insecurities. You may lack confidence in your abilities and would rather stay in the background to avoid scrutiny. It is also possible that the weight represents your frugal nature. In particular, your frugality could manifest itself in your interpersonal relationships. You may have a tendency to treat others in a thrifty and stingy manner. Retaliations and discontentment on their side could follow.
Clear water coming from the feet I was standing at the dinner table setting food down as I heard water dripping on the floor, I thought I had spilled something. I looked down and it's this clear liquid, but where it was coming from I did not know. Then I realized it was coming out of my feet, rushing out of my feet. Food on the table is a highly auspicious symbol to see in a dream associated with happiness and joy. Because you were the one putting it on the table, it suggests you would be the author of your own destiny, choosing the people, activities and ideas which would help you make your life more enjoyable. Water coming from your body is a complicated sign to interpret, but seems to predict meeting someone who shares your same ideals. It is perhaps because you have chosen to be happy and live in a positive way that this person realizes they could share this destiny by getting closer to you.
Stabbing oneself in the heart I had a dream that I was stabbing myself in the heart with a long knife. Stabbing yourself in a dream vision, while possibly gruesome and horrific in terms of imagery, is actually a neutral symbol associated with change. The fact that you are the one doing the action further suggests change being brought about through direct action, such as deep involvement in a special project or focused attention on a singular goal. This vision is the manifestation of your thoughts and actions connected to this change you wish to make happen.
Mother's breast I saw my mom's boobs. Seeing your mother's breasts in a dream can have two possible meanings according to our sources. You could be in a phase of your life when you feel you are becoming more independent and capable of making your own decisions, but she is still exerting a lot of control and authority over you, all to your frustration and disappointment. Alternatively, you could be looking for someone as open and transparent toward your personality traits to establish a new relationship with, not necessarily sexually-based.
Being unable to urinate I had a dream that I couldn't pee to save my life and I was scared I was going to die because I couldn't go. Being unable to pee or urinate in a dream refers to existing secrets or repressed feelings. You may be feeling burdened by some shameful acts you have committed and getting stressed out in the process. Alternatively, perhaps you feel like you do not have the freedom to show others who you really are for fear of being judged or ridiculed.
Hands with spikes in them I can't really remember my dream. All I remember is that I was with a guy I think he was a friend I can't remember his face, but we ended up in the hospital because my hand was full with big spikes. Can you please tell me what that means? Envisioning yourself as an injured patient with spikes in your hand is an embodiment of being overburdened with tasks and responsibilities in real world. Perhaps you have been overworking to the point of sickness. A friend in this dream, even if you cannot remember his face, is a representation of your busy daily life and multiple interactions with others. Conceivably, seeing this friend in your dream suggest that you need to take some personal time off and delegate some unimportant tasks which do not need your direct intervention to others, if possible.
Breasts being touched by others Random people were squeezing my breasts. It was like I was on display walking through the crowd, I was not upset by them doing that to me. Breasts in dreams have often been associated with desire and sexual energy. As such, dreaming that random people are touching or squeezing your breasts suggests your growing sexual desire which perhaps is looking for a release. It is likely that you are looking for sexual satisfaction and intimacy in the waking world. Alternatively, it can also be a reflection of your yearning to be attractive and to be liked by others. Maybe you are a people pleaser by nature.
A blood clot traveling through body I was stuck by a needle in my right leg, it then turned into a blood clot traveling from my leg to my head. My fear was that I was going to die when the clot got to my brain. Your legs help you achieve your goals and arrive at your preferred destination. As such, the needle piercing your leg and causing a blood clot likely points to personal issues and impediments stunting your personal progress and undermining your confidence. There could have been an event in the past or recently that caused lasting emotional and psychological pain. It may even make you doubt your capabilities, transforming you into someone riddled with insecurities. You can always choose to rise from this incident instead of being defined by it.
Black hair turning gray I saw my black hair in my dream turning to gray hair. Completely turned white. What does that mean? Having gray hair on your head in a dream is oftentimes an indication of misfortune. It tells you that you are about to face difficulties and trials in waking life. You may have to find a way to deal with them because it can also result in financial losses or worsening of your health condition. However, things could be naturally headed towards resolution and relief, as indicated by the white head of hair you had towards the end of the dream. It means that after all the challenges and difficulties you would face throughout your personal journey, you would gain wisdom and insight from those experiences. Those valuable lessons are key to becoming more financially stable and having a balanced lifestyle.
Fiance's penis turning black I dreamt that my finance's penis turned black and sick-looking. This vision carries an ominous interpretation for your future life with your fiance. Dreaming of a strange, sickly penis could portend extramarital affairs on your part, suggesting you would soon cheat on your future husband. This could be due to a lackluster sex life or a decline in intimacy in the time leading up to your marriage. In order to avoid this situation, you would have to focus on the good points of your relationship and the reasons you wish to marry, as well as communicate with your fiance about what you desire both emotionally and sexually.
Discovering pregnancy while menstruating I went to the hospital and I was on my menstrual and the doctor took an ultrasound and I was 3-months pregnant. Visiting a hospital is often a sign of much the same when it comes to dreams, meaning you may soon find yourself sick or injured enough to be in need of some medical attention. However, the source of your pain and discomfort does not seem to be physical, as having your period is often symbolically tied with the idea of feeling stress and frustration due to a romantic relationship. While you may not be physically ailing, you probably would feel upset enough that you would want to receive care from someone you could trust. This is followed by the discovery that you were pregnant while on your period. This symbol predicts something good coming out of this complicated situation, although the timing and degree of the good fortune are unclear.
A long and ugly toenail I dream that one of my big toe nails was long and ugly. It looked like that of an elderly person nail. Your toes, being a part of your feet and legs, represent the direction you are headed, both personally and professionally. As such, this vision alludes to upcoming leisure travels or going away for business. Meanwhile, the state of your toenail in the dream reflects your low levels of motivation and self-confidence. Perhaps you are not feeling too good about yourself and lately your drive to succeed may have been eroding. This could be due to recent disappointments or failures which is making you question your capabilities. In that case, maybe this vision serves to highlight your current confusion and uncertainty about your future.
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