Pooping out fish I was pooping different sizes of fish. This particular vision has two different interpretations, depending on your situation. If you are ill or injured, pooping fish of various sizes could be an indication that your symptoms would get worse before they got better. A cough or cold could become worse than it was, or you may once more injure a part of your body that was already under great stress or strain to bad effect. This may cause you some embarrassment or shame, especially if what you caught is normally not talked about, like a sexually transmitted disease or infection. Another possible interpretation suggests pooping fish is related to conflicts in wake life, meaning you could find yourself on the wrong side of an argument in reality.
Paralyzed and pushed into mud I'm female. I dreamt I was paralyzed. I couldn't walk but I could move my head slightly to the left. I was looking for someone who was being bullied to tell them I cared for them, and got pushed into the muddy ground by the bully. I couldn't move or breathe, and I could see myself slowly suffocating as my friend tried to help me. Afterwards, my neck really hurt, and no matter how much medication I took the pain wouldn't go away. No one would give me any more medication in case I overdosed. Being unable to move in the dream world is associated with opposing ways of thinking in reality. In most situations, it is seen when the dreamer has some hypocritical beliefs or acts in a way that is opposite what they say to believe. For example, in this vision a friend you care about, whether they are a real individual in reality or not, was being bullied. While you would obviously oppose someone hurting those you consider friends, perhaps you are not always so kind to strangers and other people's loved ones. The final symbol, the failing medicine, suggests you cannot grow and profit from this type of behavior. In order to truly progress in your life you would need to look at your beliefs and follow a stricter moral code rather than expecting better behavior out of others than yourself.
Beard growing significantly I am 17 years, a male. My dream was my beard was officially grown to 2 inches from the jaw line to the front of my chin. Dreaming that your beard has grown alludes to wealth and financial gain. This is a very auspicious dream symbol because this entails much success and luck combined to give you good fortune and abundance for a long time. Your diligence and exemplary performance will finally bear fruit and soon it would be time for you to reap the rewards. Fortunately, your financial savvy will help you further grow your assets and wealth to help you continuously benefit from your earnings and profits. Stay on course and your future will be bright.
A rope coming out while pooping I dreamt that I was sitting on the toilet trying to pooh and a bit of rope came out. I was pulling the rope out and it just kept coming. Then I cut the rope because no more would come out. Then loads of blood came out of my bum and then I started pulling more rope out?? Any ideas what this could mean? I am male. Using a toilet in dreams refers to clearing your image and correcting any mistaken impressions about you. This will happen after a particularly trying period when you will feel like everybody is against you because of a controversy. So, expelling rope instead of excrement means you are going to sever a lot of social ties after this ordeal. You will find out who your real friends are and which ones will abandon you with a mere hint of a scandal. Similarly, the blood from your bum suggests exhaustion and disappointment. To lose a lot of cherished friends in the process of clearing your name will drain you of energy, both physical and emotional. You just need to remain firm in your beliefs and not allow the judgment of others to get the best of you.
Two thumbs on a hand Two thumbs on one hand. Thumbs are usually symbolic of betrayal and deceit, so seeing two thumbs on one hand suggests two individuals are planning to stab you in the back or otherwise are seeking to ruin you. Because the thumbs are on the hand, it means these two men or women are close to you in wake life, perhaps friends you see often or co-workers from your job. You should be wary of friends who seem to be spending more time with each other than you.
Teeth coming out in layers In my dream my teeth were coming out in layers. First the outside portion slid off to reveal a thin post-like center of the tooth. The post then came out leaving an empty spot. Dreaming that your teeth were coming out in layers reveals that you would go through a connected series of hardships over the coming days or weeks. The first few events may not be painful or serious, but things could quickly snowball out of control if you are not careful. Instead of brushing off small inconveniences or troubles, you should try to address the underlying causes quickly and thoroughly. If you do not, it may be difficult to recover later on.
A robotic arm Male. I am at the doctor's to get my arm looked at. I look down and there is no skin on my arm, and my arm is not flesh and bone, but mechanical. Having bionic or robotic body limbs means you are being forced to do things which are against your will. Others could be forcing their ideas and expectations too harshly on you, so you feel as if you are being forcibly transformed into someone you are not. There will be a lot of struggle between you and your loved one as well as an internal struggle on whether to pursue your passions or capitulate to their wishes.
A woman showing her breast An unknown woman undressing and revealing her left breast not knowing that I am sitting behind her. Seeing the breast of a woman in the dream world is synonymous with desiring to make your dreams come true in reality. You may be subconsciously realizing that what you want may be within reach. However, being hidden or an onlooker reveals some hesitations or lack of confidence, so the first step to enjoying the fruits of your labors would be to seize the day and make the most of your skills and talents. Your future self would be thankful that you took the first step.
Bleeding in a tunnel I am a 52 year old female. I had a dream that I was bleeding from the top of my big toe through the toenail and then I started bleeding from my groin area. I was pleading for help for someone to call 911. I felt like I was in a black tunnel. A bleeding toe means you are going to feel drained mentally and physically from a passion project. Despite all your hopes and all the efforts you put in, it would simply not have any productive returns. The bleeding groin carries a similar message about failure. The negative results could also stem from a creative block, a sense of ineptitude or your general lack of confidence in your skills. In the end, you may just end up sabotaging your own work.
Hair cut too short I dreamed a coworker had just had her hair cut, she wears it short, and it looked good. There was a dark skinned man (India) that was cutting hair, I decided to let him cut mine. Mine is very long, so I told him just a little. He cut the back too short, and the front about half off. It looked OK, but I think he cut too much. I like my hair long, so don't think I really will get it cut, but in the dream I did. This dream centers around the theme of cutting hair, and it represents changes that you are thinking of making in reality. Specifically, envisioning that your co-worker has gotten a haircut means you recognize that others in your reality are making positive changes in their life. Maybe you have a friend who has recently given up a bad habit or a family member who has started exercising and taking care of their body. You may also be inspired to take on some improvement in your day to day life, but you might be scared to make such a drastic change, hence the haircut and your later feelings that it was too much. Perhaps this dream is a message from your subconscious that you can make smaller but meaningful changes to your life without doing anything drastic, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or bringing lunch from home rather than eating out.
Mother touching penis My mother touched my penis in a dream and discussed its size and suggested to increase its size... I want to know the interpretation? For men, dreaming of their own penis can refer to issues with sexuality and authority. In this case, your mother's suggestion to increase the size of your penis may reflect both your internal desire for power and the external pressure she puts on you to be successful. You may soon be in a position to improve your social or career standing, so it might be a good idea to be ambitious and take on more responsibility for yourself to alleviate these feelings.
Breasts turning into penises Nightmare. I am female. My breast turned into penises and the thinking about it makes me physically sick? Both the images of breasts and penises are, for women, related to their feelings of sexuality and self-awareness. In essence, you are probably feeling rather self-conscious at the moment, worrying about your physical appearance or how your personality is interpreted by those around you. The idea that your breasts became penises, then, means that these negative emotions about yourself are affecting your sex life and intimacy with others. This dream can be interpreted as a warning to not let things you cannot change interfere with the love and support you are able to give to and receive from others.
Washing other people's feet Washing feet of others in a dream. Washing the feet of other men and women during a dream vision can have two different interpretations, depending on the context. If you felt happy or pleased with you work, it could mean that you enjoy serving others and helping your friends and colleagues achieve their goals, often at the expense of your own projects. If you felt resentful or angry, however, it could reveal internal conflict about your relationship with someone else in reality, possibly leading you to betray them or suddenly cut all communication between the two of you.
A broken wrist I had a dream my right wrist was broken and it hurt bad. I was sitting on my bed and holding it in my left hand looking at it and people where jumping on my bed. A broken wrist in the dream world is a highly negative symbol to perceive, especially if your right hand is dominant in reality. Losing the ability to use your main hand and the associated pain reveal the hopelessness and danger you would soon find yourself in. As beds are normally associated with home and rest, the imagery of people jumping upon it while you are suffering could indicate that the danger would arise from some great upheaval near you, such as in your neighborhood or at your place of work.
Seeing your own bones I was at my grandparents' house. In one of the back bedrooms there was a dresser and a mirror. I took off my shirt and saw bones in my back and stitches all over. Being at your grandparent's house during a dream vision represents family legacies and the things that are passed down from parent to child over the course of generations. While this may seem rather vague, looking at your naked body in the mirror and seeing bones and stitches could refer more specifically to genetic conditions. For example, bones in particular represent health problems and medical issues, meaning you could be subconsciously worrying about or already seeing symptoms of a disease that affects your family, like heart disease or breathing problems. Perhaps you would feel better or at least more prepared if you visited your physician and received an examination.
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