Tooth falling out I saw twice in 10 days: my one tooth got decayed and all of a sudden it came in my hands. This sounds like an acknowledged health issue gone untreated, likely due to very common or almost unnoticeable health defects. We feel as if it was a front tooth, seeing it in recurrence could mean that you've been feeling a bit off, but brushed it off as something minor. Decay could have something to do with intestinal issues, or over-exertion. Tooth decay can be a serious issue in dreams. If you experience this in another dream with greater frequency, it may be time for a checkup.
Going out without brushing teeth I dreamt that I have gone out of the house with brushing my teeth. We feel like you meant without brushing your teeth. If that's the case this is a good thing in a sense. It's a sign of personal growth. Caring less about appearances and freeing yourself from the societal norm. Facing the world as you are, without pretense or fear of judgement.
A baby with grown-up legs Seen my infant baby with long grown up legs. Dreaming about your baby having grown-up legs is an indication of your concerns and hope to provide the best environment and possibilities for this child to succeed. Legs are the symbol of “support” they were present in your dream as an exaggerated symbol, which means you are genuinely concerned about this child's future and if you provide all of the necessary support and guidance, he or she will benefit immensely and achieve a lot in life.
Using a toilet in a dream Often I see toilets in the dream to pass motion. What is that? Please can you answer this dream. I am looking since long for this dream meaning but not yet got an answer. Seeing toilets repetitively in a dream is a way for your subconscious to reveal to you that there's a past experience or memory that you're trying to let go of or dispose of in some way but are unable to consciously come up with a resolution. Usually related to something embarrassing or that scared you in your past.
Defecating in public I dream this very often that not finding a suitable place I have to shit in full public view and then in the absence of water/toilet paper I find it difficult to wipe off the shit. Finding yourself defecating in public is a sign of experiencing losses, either materially or emotionally. Trying to wipe feces off your body in absence of paper. etc. is an indication that you will be faced with an uncomfortable situation, because you will expose yourself to someone whom you do not really trust. This person might find out things about you that you do not wish to reveal to others, and this may cause you problems in the future.
Long nose hair and cutting it My friend sees long hair in his nose and then he started cutting down his long nose hair. Dreams about having long nose hair can be considered a forewarning of some environmental problems, such as presence of smoke, dust when sleeping or a possibility that this person may have some type of respiratory illness. Subconscious mind is telling this person to improve these physical conditions (visions of cutting long nose hair) before it becomes a really serious issue.
Taking out lice from hair I saw myself taking out with my hands scorpion like and sized lice from within the scalp of my head out of the tangled knotted hairs. A dream in which you see yourself catching or getting rid of lice in your hair could portend some negative circumstances. It could be an indication of infirmity and ill health in store for you. These health problems could bring with them a great deal of emotional upheaval and be quite time-consuming, they may not be resolved or gotten rid of easily or right away. This dream is most likely reflecting that your body is starting to sense or detect some changes or warning signs related to these possible upcoming health problems.
A fnger cut off and warts Last two days ago I dream that my index finger was cut off the 1 inch and on the second day, I dream that I have warts on my buttocks. What is the meaning of this all about? Dreaming about finger being cut off is a sign of experiencing material or financial losses. The vision of warts on your body is usually interpreted as gaining or receiving some kind of profit or incentive. Possibly, you will be able to deal successfully with something that might prevent you from these losses.
Witnessing a torture in progress I was witnessing someone who I did not recognize, torturing themselves to death in a "Saw" film way with a chance of survival as the machine went off as he got tired and stopped working it. He would roll down various levels of torture, then decided he wanted to save himself. I have not watched any horror movies for well over a year, didn't know whether he saved himself. Thanks. I'm a female. Dreaming about witnessing a torture is a sign of an upcoming serious illness or disease. The more graphic and explicit the torture was in the dream, the more serious conditions or impacts this disease might have. If you happened to recognize someone you know in the dream who was tortured, it could signify that this particular person will be affected by possible health problems.
Being exposed while on the toilet I was inside the toilet and suddenly when I look up, I saw people and realized that the toilet has no walls and is right in front of a reception desk. I do not have a choice but to wash shamelessly and sit somewhere later. Dreaming about finding yourself being exposed while using a washroom could portend upcoming material or emotional losses and grief. In particular, you could have, or be about to expose or subject yourself to undeserving, unworthy or ill-intended people. This individual or individuals could discover things about you that you do not wish to reveal to others. They might misuse this knowledge and become a source of future problems and complications. That is, you could be about to trust someone who would compromise your secrets.
Miscarriage Having a miscarriage with lots of blood in my dream. If you are pregnant, dreaming about a miscarriage could be a warning. You would benefit from paying more attention to your pregnancy and taking better care of your body. You should avoid visiting very busy and crowded places, rest more, and follow closely every pregnancy-related advice that doctors give. This is because this is a very important and sensible period during which every little omission or lack of attention may have undesirable consequences. This specially applies to experience-based realistic dreams. That is, dreams in which the pain and the visions of blood seem and feel real. If you are not pregnant, this dream could warn you about your overall health. That is, you may be acting carelessly and recklessly, or having attitudes that put your health at risk. It could also speak of your perhaps subconscious wish of having kids and of the associated fear of losing them. Finally, a miscarriage could also symbolize failure. In particular, you may be involved in a project or activity that you truly value. You would feel that not succeeding at it would be an ultimate disaster and a great loss. That is, the dream speaks of significant losses, either forthcoming or feared to occur.
Hand bitten A grim reaper bit my hand This vision in the dream could be an indication of some powerful or authoritative person trying to control or manipulate you. If the bite in this dream was somewhat painless, you could expect that someone might try to interfere with or create obstacles in the way you are trying to undertake some important projects or activities. Be careful how you communicate with or present yourself to this individual.
Pulling objects out of head I had a dream. I pulled two or three cigarette butts and a lead pencil out of the top of my head then I woke up. What does this mean? This dream could be an indication of your worries and concerns about your well-being or privacy. You could also currently be preoccupied with solving some important dilemma or facing a difficult choice in life. Judging by the nature of the objects you saw in this dream, this could be a precarious situation which you should approach carefully and thoughtfully. It could also symbolize some out-of-the box idea related to your health, your work or your sexual life. Finally, you may be feeling that others are taking up your personal space, infringing on your freedom or over-controlling you. You would want to get ready for such undesired influence and proximity.
Blood and piece of glass, flying and falling I just dreamed I will be having a Cesarian again and I saw blood and a piece of broken glass, and I dream I fly and fall into the sea. If you are pregnant, dreaming about Cesarean could be a warning. You could benefit from paying more attention to your pregnancy and taking better care of your body. You should avoid visiting busy and crowded places, rest more and follow closely every pregnancy-related advice that doctors give. This is because this is a very important and sensible period during which every little omission or lack of attention may have undesirable consequences. The vision of blood and a shattered glass fragment is also a warning sign. It alerts you about a possible forthcoming period of sickness, feeling uncomfortable or not feeling well. Once again, this is a sign that you should be cautious about your health. At the end of the dream, you flew and fell down into the ocean. This is a promising sign. You will be able to find solutions to the problems which might be hounding your life at the moment. You will also be able to overcome obstacles along the way and achieve your goals. To achieve such positive results, you might have to plunge into your unconscious and establish a closer connection with your feelings, emotions and deeper thoughts. You might have to pay attention to your inner experiences and not get lost in everyday routines.
A tatoo with fading letters In my dream I had a tattoo on my stomach. It was of words that faded as they went down my stomach and the words were blue. At first in my dream I liked the tattoo but as time went on and I realized the words did not make sense (after I showed it to my mom). I started freaking out about it and my husband told me we could get it removed. I told him that was too expensive and then I woke up hyperventilating. Weeks before I had a similar dream only I had a dream about a vine tattoo and I freaked out about that as well. I don't actually have any tattoos and I'm deeply disturbed by this dream. Dreaming about noticing a tattoo on your body could be an indication that you could possess some natural gift or endowments which you might not be aware of. This dream is suggesting to take a closer look at your hidden abilities or talents and uncover your potential. This is especially true because you have mentioned that this is a recurring dream. The notion of your husband suggesting to remove the tattoo means he might be knowingly or inadvertently suppressing or inhibiting you when you try to express or develop these talents or predispositions.
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