Trying to find shorts and a childhood toy I was in Eastbourne (which looked nothing like Eastbourne) looking for a pair of shorts I'd dropped. I kept walking past a beautiful view and indented on taking a photo, but had to find my shorts. I met up with some people who told me that a toy I had when I was a child had been found by a man who wanted $2 for it, but also charged $30 for a phone call. I ended up not finding my shorts, instead I walked down an ally. The preoccupation with trying to find your shorts in the dream probably mirrors your own search for spontaneity and adventure to match your personality in the real world. The shorts reflect a carefree and laid-back attitude. Similarly, another symbol of being young and free-spirited is the childhood toy. You may be missing out on opportunities to grow and find success due to your inability to let go of infantile pursuits and unproductive interests. Perhaps you are having trouble accepting the realities associated with your journey to becoming a full-fledged adult.
Receiving golden kitchenware at a party There was a party in form of a wedding, but I could go in. Then I admired it in my heart, before an old man appeared and gave me a golden breakable plate and a golden spoon. Then he said "Take this, it shall be a blessing to you and it shall help". Along the line, the plate and spoon fell off from my hands getting to the ground but did not break. Then the old man appeared again, picked them up and gave them back to me and said "This gift I gave can never be broken". Female. In this vision, the golden plate and spoon represent goodness and truth, which is why they are an unbreakable gift. Nothing can reduce or change what is the complete truth of a situation. While the answer may not always be pleasant, the harsh reality is always better than a comforting lie. The wedding party at the beginning of the vision could reveal that the truth you are searching for is related to love or relationships. If you are currently with someone, you may want to carefully review the facts you receive before coming to a conclusion. If you are single, however, you may find that the right person is not far away. A more insightful review of the situation could reveal a potential suitor that you may have overlooked due to superficial reasons.
Being hit in the mouth with a rope I got hit in the mouth with a rope. Ropes in dreams generally refer to forming bonds and social connections. In that sense, getting hit on the mouth with a rope could be an allusion to the likelihood of conflicts and disagreements arising in your reality. Perhaps your peers are forcing their opinions and worldviews on you hoping that you would gladly get behind their idea. The dream may ultimately be a reflection of your frustration and anger towards the blatant disrespect and combative interactions you have been having with your closest friends or even your family members.
A book red in color Someone opened a book and showed me a page, the left page was all red, in color, like blood, was kind of a calendar and that was 4th of August and the label on the page was "BAD". I said to that someone "Of course it is bad, it is raining". I wake up. Dreaming about dark red color, similar to that of blood, is actually a good sign. It means that whatever plans your enemies are concocting, you would be able to neutralize them. In this sense, this serves as a warning so that you can make corrections and strengthen your strategies to counteract their plans. Meanwhile, the allusion to rain represents some upcoming problems which you would have to overcome. This could also symbolize your weaknesses, including depression or feelings of inferiority, which you need to tackle in order to fight and triumph over your adversaries.
A new bucket with water A new bucket of water. A bucket of water alludes to a positive turn of events. Water is associated with life and abundance. As such, you can expect financial or personal gains in the near future. You would be blessed with pursuing fresh opportunities to create the kind of life you aspire to lead.
Somene making a quilt Someone making me a quilt. Quilts seen in dreams are often thought to be symbolically connected to the ideas of success and prestige. However, someone else was making it for you in this vision, suggesting there is a higher power or influential individual in your life who is preparing such a course for you. It would be in your best interests to accept their offerings and do your best with the opportunities provided.
Bags and a bucket on a table I had a dream about three small bags, one containing a bean-like image and there was also a white bucket with sky-blue water. They were all in a straight line on a white table. Dreams which include the symbol of a bucket coupled with the symbol of water, especially if the water was perceived clean, portends a positive turn of events. Specifically, water symbolizes life and abundance, which means you would likely experience some financial or personal gains very soon. In addition, you could be offered new opportunities and chances to pursue your passions as well as build the kind of life you want for yourself and your loved ones.
Looking for a passport My dream was about, l was looking for my passport in my granny's room, but she passed away few years back. Looking for your passport in a dream means you may be experiencing an identity crisis. Perhaps you are going through a difficult period which has made you lose sight of who you are. The significance of your grandmother's room may lie in your bond with her while she was still alive. It is possible that the part of yourself you are currently grappling with is tied to your past interactions with her. She may have passed certain traits onto you or maybe she imparted valuable lessons and wisdom which helped guide you in making decisions. In that sense, perhaps your mind is telling you to revisit your values and principles to help you navigate challenging, confusing or maybe even critical situations in your waking life.
Receiving a key through kissing I kissed someone and through kissing he gave me a key. Dreaming about kissing someone who is a stranger or unfamiliar to you, since you did not mention who it was, can represent a warning about some questionable behavior you may be engaged in soon and which could have long-lasting repercussions for you, even though you may have been led by someone into believing it will not. Receiving a key through the act of kissing could therefore mean opportunities or chances you hope you can take advantage of at the moment by sacrificing your dignity and good name in the future.
Cleaning floors with a dirty mop I have cleaned my floors, and the mop was extremely dirty, but when I rinse it, it comes out extremely white. I'm a woman. Envisioning yourself cleaning your house could foretell unexpected company or maybe a chance to re-engage with people you had slowly drifted away from during the past few years. However, dreaming about a dirty mop could also indicate that you are trying to change some aspects of yourself and it is not working, as the tool you were using to clean was not clean itself. You may want to seek yet-to-be explored and utilized source of advice and knowledge which can help you deal with this situation.
Towels with initials Female, dreamed about towels with their last initial on them given to them by in-laws as a gift. Towels and other household linens are often thought to be the manifestation of pride and prestige. In this case, receiving such a gift could mean that your status is being elevated due to your marriage. In some instances this can refer to a rise in class or social standing, but in modern times it is more commonly associated with the idea that marriage is equal to adulthood and therefore represents becoming independent from one's parents.
Trying to ride a bicycle with no wheels I tried to ride a bicycle over and over again, but it had no wheels or pedals. When you dream about riding a bicycle, it means you could end up getting involved in affairs or matters that will not add anything of value to your life and therefore are not worthy of your time. Since you mentioned the bicycle had no wheels or pedals, it could allude to rushing towards something that may prove useless, so perhaps you should seriously think about it and try to come up with ways to properly control the situation in order to avoid any negative outcomes in the future.
Being offered expensive dishes Dreamed of a lady I once had met years ago was selling a beautiful box of dishes for $300. I couldn't afford them, but after awhile she offered them to me free. I told her I would have my husband pick up the box of dishes. It was a full set of older, but expensive dishes. The lady I haven't seen in over 45 years, was the mother of an old ex boyfriend. Dishes or plates in dreams represent novel ideas and opportunities. In the case of your dream vision, being offered new dishes for free may be an indication of reconnecting with your general past, not necessarily specific to your ex boyfriend. Those expensive dishes may symbolize valuable lessons and insights you can uncover by reflecting on past experiences and relationships. It may be hard to come face-to-face with your past, especially when it comes to mistakes and failures, but if you approach it with an open heart and mind, you could avoid repeating the same mistakes or falling into old patterns.
Aquarium breaking and saving it from a cat My fish aquarium broke and I was trying to save it from my cat. Dreaming about fish in an aquarium, whether or not you own one in reality, could mean that you have decided not to interfere with other people's issues. This means you are trying to take a stance of neutrality on things that do not directly involve you. However, because the aquarium broke and you had to save the fish from your cat, it may suggest that whatever problem you are trying to stay away from would eventually require your interference to avoid creating an even worse situation.
Swallowing an extension cord I had laid down and although I knew I shouldn't, I swallowed one end of an extension cord. Quickly regretting my decision I tried to pull it out, but it only felt as if it was pulling itself further down my throat making it harder and harder to breathe. Until I gave up. The extension cord in your dream vision likely reveals your introverted personality. As such, swallowing the cord represents your desire to be more lively and sociable, even though this is very difficult for you. Forcing yourself to fit in or become more extroverted may be taking its toll on your mental and physical well-being. Perhaps it may help if you do not put so much pressure on yourself and take it slow, so you are still opening yourself up to new experiences without becoming too stressed.
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