Flowers around a framed glass A square shiny glass with silver frame and flowers around it. A shiny glass symbolizes something precious yet fragile. The flowers around it suggest that this precious thing may be associated with a budding romance. In this context, this dream vision may be reminding you treat this relationship with care because mishandling it could cause irreparable damage. In addition, the silver frame could be an allusion to getting married or settling down. Perhaps this is the reason why you see your bond with this individual as particularly fragile because you have high hopes that this would turn into a lifetime of partnership and love.
A moving mirror I and two others saw a mirror moving on the wall in a large room and then it seemed to have folded up or disappeared. A mirror on the wall generally refers to image and self-reflection. There could be something your subconscious is trying to tell you about yourself. In addition, the large room is an aspect of your personality. The size may be a reference to your self-confidence and strong personalty or it could also be a symbol of a big ego. Whichever may be the case, the disappearance of the mirror means you may lack self-awareness. This personality flaw could make you insensitive towards others. You could come across as arrogant whenever you try to voice your opinions or assert yourself. Perhaps a bit of introspection would help you temper a tendency to be domineering.
Pulling out figurines from a bag I am a single 37 year old woman. My dream was about pulling out of a bag, a white figurine of a couple both holding champagne glasses and then I pulled out another that looked the same with champagne glasses except it had "I love you" written on it. Then I pulled out a silver wedding band ring. I was then in the other room and I felt something turn me around and say "Look!" several times. A wedding ring, whether the dreamer is single or married, represents a promise of eternal love. In your case, it means you are about to meet the person you would spend the rest of your life with. Since you are pulling a variety of wedding-related mementos or symbols from a bag, it seems like you are feeling pressured about settling down and starting your own family. Fortunately, the wedding ring seals the deal. The final act of being turned around to look suggests that finding your one true love would catch you by surprise. The person could have been around you all this time, you just have not entertained the possibility for romance to blossom.
Taking dishes to be washed and ex boyfriend I am female and in my dream I was bringing this stack of plates to this place where you would set them and come back and they would be cleaned, but it was a scary place that you had to bring them. On the way I saw my ex-boyfriend and we instantly ran up and hugged each other and I told him he's mine now and I won't let him leave this time and he was happy. After that, I went back to get my plates and there was a crazy guy who was really tall and he was mad I didn't leave money for the cleaned plates. The imagery of dishes that get mysteriously cleaned or washed means you have a secret admirer. Unbeknownst to you, a friend or acquaintance has been attracted, or even in love, with you for a long time. Despite your possible flaws, this person has placed you on a pedestal and only sees your good traits. However, you still harbor feelings for your ex, so you are blind to other people who may be dropping hints or showing interest. As indicated in this dream, you may soon find out the identity of your admirer, though in less than desirable circumstances. The angry guy suggests a rather awkward encounter with this person which could turn confrontational, especially if you are not too keen on reciprocating his feelings.
China dishes breaking and being scared What does it mean when you are dreaming scared afraid and there are so many doors and cabinets with fine china and glass and you are locked in and can't get to your parents and can't scream even though you try? So you start throwing the china and glass breaking them hoping they will hear and come to you all the while it feels like you are being watched. I'm female. The central point of your dream vision is the fear that you experience, which may come from an event from your past that you are not proud of. You may try to lock this memory inside yourself, but it still shows up subconsciously to remind you of those dark times. The other important symbol is being unable to scream for help. It is the manifestation of your perception that your family is incapable of comprehending your feelings, your lifestyle or your mindset. This lack of understanding makes you feel lonely and incapable of relating with those in your family on a deep level. You may wish to resolve your fear by creating deeper connections with others outside your family, however, they would never be able to replace your family in your heart. Perhaps you need to come clean about what you are hiding, if only to give yourself the relief of having a clean conscious.
Events missing on the calendar I dreamt that the month of June in my calendar had no written events. A calendar with no markings or information predicts that your upcoming plans to do something with another individual in reality may be postponed or canceled by said individual. If you were organizing an excursion or event with a friend or colleague in the near future, they would probably get in touch with you soon to say they would be unable to make it for some reason.
A nail injuring the foot In my dream I had stepped on a nail that went all the way through my foot. Stepping on a nail and having it cut through the skin can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon lose the trust of someone close to you in reality. Perhaps your parents would disagree with a lifestyle choice you have made, or maybe you would inadvertently betray a friend by accidentally revealing something about them that was supposed to be a secret. If you wish to avoid the possible negative effects of this vision, you would have to be extremely careful with your words and actions.
Mud on a blanket Large muddy stain on a blanket delivered by post. The image of mud or dirt on a blanket could reveal negative changes taking place in your life. You may soon have to relive an issue that has caused you trouble in the past or try to plug a hole in a sinking boat that is your daily life. The delivery via post suggests that this problem may be the result of communication troubles between yourself and another individual. You may need to explain your point of view more clearly or listen carefully to how others are feeling in order to find a mutually beneficial solution.
Fixing a book cover To dream of a leather book cover falling apart and using tape to hold it together. Dreaming about a leather book cover reveals your internal desire to pursue higher education. You may want to go back to school to earn another degree or, if you did not finish school, perhaps you want to go back and finally complete your education. In either case, taping the broken cover back together could represent fixing problems or taking care of issues that have held you back thus far. Now may be the perfect time to go after this dream and make it a reality.
A candle that keeps on burning I was in water and someone was holding a candle and trying to put it out but the candle stayed lit in the water I was in. Moving or being in water during a dream vision often carries a negative connotation. It means you would face some unpleasantness or difficulty in the near future. The candle that could not be extinguished, however, may be interpreted as a metaphor for the support systems you have in your life. You probably have close friends or family whose presence is a constant in your life, even when things are rocky.
Eggs in a basin I forgot the scenario of my dream but one thing I remember was I saw a lot of eggs in a basin. Fresh eggs out of their shells. The insides of the fresh eggs you saw in your vision represent having a strong moral compass and a good head on your shoulders. While some people may see the eggs and assume they are broken, you see the wholeness of the inside yolk and whites. This vision represents your ability to see the good in life and make sound decisions that are both beneficial for your future and worthy of admiration by those in your sphere of influence.
Childhood photos upside down My childhood photos were upside down. Seeing your childhood photos in a dream vision suggests that you feel overwhelmed due to responsibilities you are holding at the moment. It can be because you are dedicating too much time to work or other projects without seeing real results. The vision that the photos were upside down indicates that your feelings for someone whom you have known from childhood are muddled. You have been longing for a meaningful connection to the people who no longer take part in your life.
People trying to take away a hairdryer Female. Dreamed two girls who I don't know tried to take my hairdryer from me at a social event. I stood up for myself and was proud they weren't able to take it from me. Then a man with large hands whom I did recognize (used to be friends, but now ignores me) was talking to me and being very friendly but it was a trick as when he got close to me he used his foot to crush my hairdryer and was laughing about it with the two women who had tried to take it from me. At the end I run away crying. The hairdryer in this vision seems to refer to your own pride and self-efficacy. You see yourself as a strong, capable woman who is able to take care of herself. The two girls who attempted to take it away reflect this confidence you have in yourself because they did not succeed. Your ex-friend's sly behavior to get the hairdryer from you and break it means you are likely surrounded by some manipulative individuals. For example, your parents may be trying to influence your behavior in a way that you do not like. Perhaps you need to find a polite or gentle way to express your opinion so that you can maintain your power and keep them happy.
Climbing newspapers like stairs I was climbing newspapers like stairs and then the person behind me wanted to disrupt the newspapers but luckily he didn't succeed and in anger the person ahead of me poured water from a plastic bottle on the newspapers the man behind me was about to climb? Climbing stacks of newspaper denotes enlightenment or a discovery. You will figure out the mastermind behind a systemic problem in your workplace or community. An insider will reveal valuable information which will implicate certain individuals. A prominent personality could be behind the drug trade in your hometown and the person trying to disrupt the newspaper refers to paid personalities tasked to create confusion during the investigation.
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