Hugging the girl with others seeing it My dream was about me going to school and going to my math teacher classroom and some people from the 6th grade were there because we did not go on a trip. We were talking to the teacher and students were doing stuff in the classroom. Then we all sat down I got up and I came to the girl that I love and I started to hug her. She did not got mad and I was hugging her until I woke up. The girl I hugged likes me and I like her back. And she knows that I like her because I give her hints and she gives me hints too. Dreams that center around or take place in the school building suggest you are currently in a stressful situation or feel some agitation in real life. This may be related to the girl you have feelings for due to her prominence within the dream. Hugging the girl you like in a dream only means that she has been on your mind a lot recently. There is no indication about what might happen to this relationship in the future. This vision can only be interpreted as a reflection of your feelings because, while you may both like each other as you have admitted, you are not together yet, and this unfulfilled situation is prolonging the "butterflies in the stomach" stage.
Not hearing from the girlfriend and her being happy for some reason For 4 days my girlfriend is not talking to me nor she is replying to any texts, but I continue praying for her before God. Tonight I saw that she picked up my call, but she didn't tell me the reason for it and she happily ended this call. Envisioning your girlfriend answering the phone means you have recently heard or received some news which you initially considered unimportant or trivial. This vision suggests, however, that you should think about this information some more, as there is some reason your subconscious mind is still focusing on it. Maybe some significant knowledge can be gleaned from it which might help your present situation.
Saying goodbye to and crying with ex-girlfriend I dreamed of my ex-girlfriend, she was going away and she came to me to say goodbye. We hugged and cried both, of us. It was very emotional. What does it mean? Dreaming about a specific person symbolizes this person's presence in the forefront of your mind, meaning you either thought about or recently interacted with your ex-girlfriend. Feeling like she was about to leave in this vision predicts you may have to take a great risk in order to make a great gain. This may or may not be related to your previous relationship (i.e. it could refer to a new relationship or opportunity). While it may be scary to let go of something or someone you have cared about for a long time, doing so may open you up to new experiences, offering you opportunities to grow and become an even better version of yourself.
Ex-girlfriend drunk and helpless I was going on a bike underneath a flyover bridge and I saw my ex-girlfriend drunk and walking away, and then I got down from the bike, went near her, she fell on my lap in a fully drunk state unconscious and I cry and keep on calling her name. Nothing happens. Driving a bike under a bridge stands for escapism, likely from some situation which is crucial for you. It is a reflection of uncertainty caused, as it seems, by a low self-esteem, which is unjustified. The type of relationship you have with your girlfriend is probably characterized by her strong dependence on you or the way you unfairly treat her at times. However, her slip into somnolence and unresponsiveness seen in this dream are indicative of the transitional nature of your problems which can be overcome and solved by paying more attention to her needs and letting her be an equal part of this relationship.
Girlfriend being attacked by roommate and dying In the dream my girlfriend and I were coming home to our apartment after finding out she was pregnant and Jason was home (he was our roommate in the dream). Charlie (my gf) went into our bedroom and Jason came at me with a knife and stabbed me multiple times. When Charlie came out of the room, he attacked her and killed her by slitting her throat. I was still alive, I struggled, but managed to kill Jason and I held Charlie as she died and her blood was all over me and I woke up still feeling like I was covered in her blood. It felt like there was nothing I could do to protect her. Learning that your girlfriend is pregnant in a dream vision, whether or not she is in real life, suggests that she wants to help you with something you are currently working on. While this could be a physical project, like a school assignment or the draft of a business agreement, it is more likely something emotional you are or she is going through, such as grieving about the passing of a loved one. This is because being stabbed indicates internal turmoil and stress. This may even be amplified if you are concerned about the health and safety of your girlfriend. However, you need not worry, as seeing your girlfriend die actually indicates the opposite, meaning she is about to experience a period of excellent health. The scenes of her dying could also symbolize entering a new phase in your relationship with her, such as making a serious commitment, moving in together or even becoming parents.
Being naked together with girlfriend Dreamt both myself and girlfriend were naked in a room. Envisioning both yourself and your significant other being naked is a highly ominous sign with multiple possibilities. These range from moderately upsetting disagreements to cheating to calamities that rip apart the very fabric of your relationship. While this particular vision gives no clues as to if or how this fate can be avoided, being compassionate and communicating openly with each other may help prevent the other person from drifting apart or at least create a strong foundation to protect both of you from the effects of misfortune.
Living in a mountaneous area with a girlfriend who keeps dying It starts with me moving to a new area somewhere in some mountains where I meet this beautiful girl (I have no idea who she is) and we end up progressing our relationship over an extended amount of time. Things are going great and we move into a home overlooking a small town in the valley of this mountain. The dream always ends in tragedy though. Last night I had this dream again and we decided to go on a walk. Out of nowhere a storm appears and ends up striking the girl which leads to her death. While the death changes, the scenery stays the same. Living on a mountain or regions resembling this scene in a dream are indication of protection and assistance you may be getting from someone at this point in your life, which you greatly depend on and cherish. However, the notion of the happy times you spend with the female friend ending in a tragedy speaks of the possibility that this arrangement is about to end soon. You could be facing serious troubles coming your way, so try to be prepared and act accordingly.
Being tested if good enough for marriage I had a dream about this girl I am fond of. In the dream we were together thinking of marriage. She was testing me to see if I would make a good father and husband. Somewhere along the lines my dad died and then after the death, she told me I passed the test. Really curious what this means. Thanks. This vision seems to be a reflection of your personality or the thought process you are going through at the moment. Dreaming about a situation in which you might get married usually indicates being indecisive about something fairly important in your life. In this case, it could be related to your relationship with the girl who appeared in this vision. You may be wondering whether or not you should engage in a relationship or begin developing a deeper personal connection with her. Seeing your father pass away in this vision, however, is an ominous warning foretelling negative outcomes in the decisions you may soon make. You may want to think carefully about starting a new relationship unless you are sure it is meant to be.
Sleepwalking and girlfriend trying to help Every night, nearly from being young, I dream I'm locked in somewhere and I can't get out. I don't know where I am. I tend to sleepwalk too and find myself waking due to pain in my foot as I'm kicking the radiator. In my dream the radiator is a door. I keep going towards the window when I walk about. I'm 32 and male and this is annoying. My gf tries her best to get me back to bed, but is worried as I've tried picking her up on a few occasions. This vision has a number of negative elements which suggest the presence of difficulties and troubles in your life, especially given the fact that this is a reoccurring dream. The closed and locked door represents the challenges and obstacles in your life which prevent you from making the progress you desire. Your progress is likely further hindered by your own actions, which is supported by your kicking the door in your vision. This indicates a tendency to act rashly or in a way that upsets or disappoints those around you. Your behavior further weakens your ability to get what you want by pushing others away. Unless you address your own shortcomings, you may have difficulty achieving the things you are after.
Having flies inside the mouth and girlfriend who gets raped I had a dream I had flies in my mouth and I woke up as if I was spitting them out. My girlfriend keeps having a dream that her daughter is getting or got sexually molested. It is horrible. Please interpret both our dreams. Thanks. Looking at your relationship and the content of the dreams, it seems as though there is a strong connection between them, especially if they occurred the same night or close together. As flies are generally associated with disease and pain, your vision likely predicts a current or future issue with your oral health. You girlfriend's vision about her daughter being molested indicates an upcoming situation in which she may need to comfort someone going through a painful, difficult situation. You should be vigilant about your oral hygiene and consider a check up with a dentist to prevent or fix any potential issues.
Girlfriend being dragged away by mysterious force I have a recurring dream of my girlfriend being taken or dragged away from me no matter how much I try to hold on to her. She gets taken away from me, but I never see what has a hold of her and I always wake up before anything else happens. Your relationship may have reached an impasse, a lull, or is going through a rough patch. Your girlfriend being taken or dragged away from you in this dream alludes to feeling distant or disconnected. Whether or not you are aware of it, you seem to sense a flaw in your relationship that is causing a change of heart. Perhaps it is not as exciting as it was earlier and you are seeking the passion to return to where it was once abundant. You may need to search within yourself to see whether it is you causing her to become distant. It is possible that unspoken and unmet expectations are the underlying motivations behind your dream vision.
Someone posing as a girlfriend I had a dream my girlfriend left, then came back, but the person was not her and I could not verify known info, but she tried convincing me she was my girlfriend even though they looked identical, it was NOT her. I also remember purple or blue flowers. Dark blue or purple flowers suggest that you are a romantic at heart. You may put up a tough act in front of your friends, but you truly like being in a relationship and sharing a deep connection with someone. Unfortunately, having a stranger as your significant other, despite the physical similarities to your girlfriend, portends growing dissatisfaction with the relationship. Maybe things are not progressing at a good pace or maybe you two are moving down different paths. In either case, you are unlikely to be happy with the current situation for much longer.
Girlfriend dressed in blue and with a shiner I dreamt my girlfriend came visiting in a sky-blue dress. And she had marks of as healed black left eye! The color blue is generally associated with sadness and suffering. Your girlfriend's dress in this dream alludes to emotional distress which stems from the relationship. Her implied suffering in this vision could also be the projection of your assumptions regarding her well-being. Perhaps you sense something off with her in real life. The marks of a black eye is symbolic of ongoing disagreement. It is possible that you are not on good terms and one or both of you are not communicating with the other. To resolve any existing or potential issues, it is necessary to open up and help each other out instead of being emotionally unavailable.
Seeing girlfriend after breaking up with her Recently we got a breakup, two weeks ago and every day I am seeing my girlfriend somewhere, I am talking with her and waiting for her at a bus stop. Dreaming about your girlfriend after breaking up with her in reality means that you are either feeling guilty for your actions or putting a lot of blame on yourself for what had happened. This vision could also suggest that both of you could be slowly losing your bond that existed before and getting ready to move on to the next level in your lives. Perhaps this parting of ways is reflective of a desire on both sides of the fence to let go of some bad aspects that were magnified when you were together.
Unexpected signs of affection from a girlfriend Hello, I am a male who is is just wondering about a few same dreams that have been occurring. The girl I like has been in my dreams for a couple weeks now, but this one stood out the most. I remember texting her being mad sitting in my downstairs next to some light. I don't know why I was mad, but then the next thing I just remember giving me a hug and then kissing me a few times on the face. And she was apologizing. Just wanted to know what this meant, thanks. A recurring dream about the girl you like in reality reveals your infatuation with her. Constantly thinking, or daydreaming, about her could be the cause of her repeated appearance in your dream world. Your irrational anger could be a reference to your real-world frustrations and inability to make your move. Perhaps this recurring dream of her is your subconscious encouraging you to confess your feelings to her, especially since her reaction in the dream is on the favorable side. Dreaming of her again and again is a big clue to the amount of time you spend wondering about her and the prospect of a deeper bond. Fortunately, there is a very real possibility that she would return your affection if only you muster enough strength to come up to her and get to know her better. The kisses on your face signifies respect and admiration. Even if it does not turn romantic, you can still look forward to a good friendship and perhaps mutual admiration on a more platonic level.
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