Receiving salt and roses Receiving salt and roses from someone in my dreams. Dreaming of receiving salt and roses suggests a turning point in your relationship with someone. In particular, salt symbolizes rejection and disagreement. Meanwhile, receiving roses refers to a lack of sincerity and questionable motives. As such, an individual in your inner circle may become disagreeable and find ways to rile you up. You may begin doubting their honesty because of suspicious activities being done behind your back. Alternatively, if you felt genuinely happy and grateful about receiving these items, then it could also be a declaration of love. While at first you may be uncertain whether it is a legitimate proposal, only time would tell if it is truly sincere.
A small mirror as a gift I'm a female and I had a dream of walking over a bed with plain sheets when I noticed I received a gift - a small silver mirror with a pretty pink flower attached to it. From the angle I was standing in, the mirror didn't have a reflection. A bed represents intimacy and privacy. It can be a place or a situation where you feel safe and comfortable. So the presence of a mirror on top or near the bed refers to an invasion of privacy. There may be conflicts or issues ahead that could drag your intimate secrets into the public arena. In addition, your lack of reflection in this mirror means evil and malicious individuals may be the masterminds behind the dark plots being set in motion to ruin your reputation. On the other hand, a pink flower often refers to love and kindness, so perhaps your detractors or one of them may think that what they are doing is for your own good. This means it could be someone close to you, like a friend or family member.
Pink roses Two dozen long stemmed pink roses given to me on a beach. Pink roses denote new love and romance. You are going to meet someone who would capture your interest and affection. Two dozen or 24 can be the date of this fateful encounter or the age of the person, while the beach indicates a conflict in your mind and heart. While your heart would tempt you to pursue this romance, your mind would be discouraging you from getting swept away too quickly, especially because you know little of the other person.
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