Building furniture together with an unfamiliar person I was with a male friend unknown, we were in a big place with other couples around and we were building a table with two chairs. We chose to build a tall square table with dark legs and a tan table top and two tall chairs. Dreaming about building furniture usually represents feeling isolated or cut off from others despite the presence of a friend and other individuals in this vision. In fact, having another person or people in this vision helping you could indicate feeling alone even when in groups of people, meaning you do not feel others really understand you. You may need to reach out to your dearest, closest friends to find the comfort and peace of mind you seek in relationships you try to build with others.
A woman taking furniture out A woman came to my dream and replaced my furniture and I was not able to complain or do anything. Dreaming of your furniture being replaced points to the possibility of an older member of your family passing away in the not too distant future. Seeing that you could not counteract this woman's intentions could also suggest that this is a relative you hardly ever interact with, which, while sad, is not likely to cause disruptions to your daily life or bring about significant emotional repercussions.
Giving furniture sets away and buying new ones I dreamt I was giving away my furniture to my children. Putting items aside for them in my basement. Till they are ready to take the items and I was buying new furniture. I gave away kitchen and dining room and was buying a new dining room set. Gave away my bedroom set to get a new one. Although replacing furniture in a dream could indicate an older member of your family or distant relative soon passing away, it seems that your dream was more focused on and dominated by the visions of buying a new set. In which case, it contains a prediction of soon entering a period of time in your life characterized by peace of mind and internal quiet. This calmness is likely to extend into your personal connections, meaning your relationships with others may grow and thrive at this time as well.
Painting a chair black I dreamt of painting a varnished wooden chair with black paint partially in a room inside my house. The wooden chair in your dream means you are contemplating how to resolve a problem. You could be sitting on it to try to consider all the options in order to handle it in the best way possible. However, the black paint which you partially put on the wooden chair reveals your confused state. On the one hand, you want to be fair and prudent, which is the logical move. On the other hand, your emotions could be clouding your judgments and making you want to lash out at the people involved in these issues you are grappling with. It is up to you to hold back your anger and let cooler heads prevail because should you succumb to your gut feelings, you would just end up in heated arguments and shouting matches.
Putting furniture into an old house I am a female and I always have a dream about my old house that I miss and I keep going to it but it's in a pattern. The other night the house was empty but now I'm putting furniture in it and don't know what's going to happen next, but what does this mean? Furniture in dreams could symbolize investment which could be financial or personal. As such, putting furniture inside the house suggests stronger social connections or becoming more financially stable, but the empty house suggests the opposite scenario. Perhaps the recurring vision of your old house reveals your tendency to dwell in the past. There may be loose ends and unresolved issues holding you back. Alternatively, you may keep comparing your current status with that idealized period, and the state of the house is a reflection of your success or failure resulting in these dreams manifesting themselves.
A chair brought inside the house I am female. In my dream a male stranger left a used kid's chair in front of my home (it didn't look like my real home, but in the dream it was my home). He put it down, looked at me and smiled. I bring the chair into my home. Next, a puppy German Shepherd suddenly being in the same place as the left chair. No collar. I let the dog into my home, now I'm sitting. My husband is there too, standing. The dog is now a larger dog, quietly approaching my face. Not aggressive, but I'm scared of it. The chair which was brought inside your home in the dream alludes to a big decision you need to make in the near future. You may need all the wisdom and advice you can get in order to consider all the aspects of each direction you want to go as well as their repercussions. This decision may have something to do with the puppy which is a symbol of a blossoming bond, friendship or even a new project. Letting the puppy into your home is a symbol of commitment. It means you are willing to put in the effort and investment into that new venture, whether personal or work-related. There could be unpredictable results to your decision or things that are out of your control and maybe that is where the fear is coming from.
An overstuffed chair changing its size When I was a little girl, 3 years to 9 years old I would have the same terrifying dream. I could even be awake and interact, but still seeing the dream. I saw a large, overstuffed chair that was bound with a rope diagonally. It would repeat getting bigger and smaller with a noise that increased and decreased accordingly. Dreaming about a chair bound with a rope could be related to your inability to adapt around unfamiliar places. Depending on how comfortable you feel at different times in your life, the chair either gets bigger or smaller, indicating whether you want to break free from a particular situation or not. The chair symbolizes comfort and relaxation and it is overstuffed with things which probably matter to you personally, while the rope symbolizes immobility and even emotional imprisonment. Since you mentioned this was a childhood dream, it could be a mirror image of your anxieties while growing up and becoming, little by little, an independent and confident person.
An intruder on the couch Woke up to kitchen door off hinges and a stranger sleeping on the couch. Dreaming of an intruder inside your home means something is wrong with your relationship. It could be your relationship with your parents, siblings or your significant other. Since the stranger is sleeping on your couch, this indicates infidelity. An individual could worm his or her way between you and your partner, and an affair could occur that would drive a wedge in your relationship. Furthermore, the forceful entry means you would be blindsided by this development. You could even be the one who would end up cheating on your partner during a moment of weakness.
Sofa destroyed by rodents Hello, I was lying on a sofa in a dark living room and when I woke I noticed that the other large sofa in the room had been chewed in arch at the bottom. I remember thinking in a matter of fact way "Oh, we have mice". I live by myself so the fact that I thought my 30 year old daughter was living there strange. The living room was nothing like the one I actually live in. Kind regards. Resting on a sofa suggests you are in a comfortable place in your life, both because you are able to rely on those around you and you have a safe, comfortable place to rest each night. Your relationships are fulfilling, and you probably are not worried about much at present. However, the idea that mice destroyed your furniture in the dream world points towards going through a period of great loss and hardship. This could mean material loss, such as theft or decreasing value of investments, or it could point towards draining energy in your relationships, such as tense interactions with someone you are normally quite close to. This vision may even be directly referring to strain on your relationship with your daughter. Furthermore, your daughter living with you can be interpreted as a sign that drastic changes may soon take place, either physically or emotionally. Now may be a good time to focus on what matters most so you can protect, salvage or save that which is most important to you in wake life.
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