A poor friend giving a slipper as a gift A friend living in poor condition. Still giving gift of slipper. But the servant took that slipper. And I told servant that it was given to me. The symbolic vision of a slipper in a dream predicts a romantic relationship or friendship coming to an end in a very short period of time. However, you also dreamed about someone taking the slipper which was intended as a gift to you. This could mean that you could presently be also dealing with another person who is either trying to mend this deteriorating relationship or friendship or playing an important part causing it to go downhill from where you are at the moment. Regardless of this person's actions, you would most likely experience a breakup or find yourself distancing yourself from one of your current friends, acquaintances or even your lover.
A distant friend in a blue shirt by the water and his relatives I had a dream about a very close friend of mine but I didn't see him yet in person. In my dream I saw him go down to the water wearing a blue sky shirt and I also saw his brother and a little boy that his brother got. He put the baby onto his lap and played with the baby while watching my close friend who was by the water. When I saw them, I didn't show myself to them because my feeling at that time were that if they see me, they will think I am ugly... And then I woke up... This dream vision of watching your distant friend from a distance and trying to hide from him and his relatives reveals your inner desire to expand you social horizons. You could be having some issues with how you think others perceive you or what they think after you approach them. The symbolic vision of your friend wearing a blue shirt could indicate that you have recently made some successful attempts to befriend someone, this experience could even include romantic feelings you expressed towards them. The fact that this person's brother was watching him near the water could also signify that there is another person involved who could be standing in the way of getting to know other people you want to meet. This could be someone who does not even realize he or she is causing such inconvenience to you, or it could be the person's family or relatives who may be unknowingly preventing you from reaching out to this person you are interested in.
Deceased friend giving items and communicating My friend died two years ago, and I saw her in my dream. She gave me a green necklace and a red purse, and she asked why I did not invite her to my wedding. Dreaming about your deceased friend giving you colored personal items, especially if they were bright or shiny in color, could translate your inability to cope with their absence and let go of your feelings of loss. It could also mean that you have been or about to become disrespected, criticized and ridiculed by people around you. Their behavior can produce negative effects on your self-esteem and cause you to have a poor perception of yourself. If you indeed had a wedding recently and dreamed about your friend asking why she was not invited, you could actually be unhappy or dissatisfied with the crowd of people who had attended this event. That's why you subconsciously project into your dream the images of her wanting to attend this celebration along with other guests.
A friend pushing off the cliff and stabbing I keep having this same dream with one of my friends in it. We're in a white room, but every time we touch we end up on a mountain with an ocean below us. She stabs me 3 different times in the dream then the final time she just pushes me off the mountain and I wake up. This dream does not necessarily represent bad or negative things, most likely it is a reflection of how your relationship with this person is. Being on top of the mountain and above the ocean could mean that there is something in your relationship with her that makes you hesitant or unwilling to pursue something out of your comfort zone, and she manages to make you think otherwise. The only bad thing about this interaction could be your uncertainty in regards to what's going to happen next. This dream vision could also be an indication of your submissive and easy to control personality.
A friend around while having nightmares The person I like keeps on appearing in my nightmares and when he shows up everything gets better or if it doesn't he never leaves my side and stays with me. What does that mean? Having nightmares could be an indication of the existence of a shallow but manipulative person in your life who may be trying to bring you down or take advantage of you. The presence of the person you like in the same dreams signifies that he could have become a witness or a participant in these situations. Subconsciously, you are trying to eliminate this negative influence and perhaps seeking help or advice from the person you like.
Talking to a friend in a swimming pool and shower room I had a dream where me and my boy best friend were in a square swimming pool talking, and then I was showering and he was there still talking to me, what does this mean? Because you did not provide your gender, it is hard to come up with precise interpretation for this kind of a dream. In general, dreaming about you and someone you know closely being in a swimming pool or inside a shower symbolizes a complete transformation on your part. You could be well under way to becoming an entirely different person as a result of some significant changes in your life. It could be embracing a new belief, switching your support to a new group of people or even having shifting views in your sexual preferences. In any case, such a change could soon start affecting your personal relationships and your life in general.
A friend who is unclean My friend came to me with dirty clothes and in need of a bath. Dirty and torn clothes worn by your friend in this dream could serve as a warning about possible deceit or abuse this person is experiencing at the moment. He or she needs to be careful because someone new in their life or even somebody they already know, is out to take advantage of them. If this person is about to make an important decision about something that is doubtful, they should take heed and listen to the warning. Not doing so could prove to be harmful. Dreams about seeing other people in need of a bath, as to clean of something filthy, is an indication of them having some unhealthy or abnormal wants and desires. They could be in a risky or dangerous situation when following these questionable pursuits.
Being visited by best friend's father My best friend's dad, he showed up at my house wearing a cowboy hat and coat which I've never seen her dad dress western. He had three girls with him, Weston I knew, the other two I did not. He had two boys with him and I did not know them. He seemed concerned and distressed and he drove a white full-size truck. We visited and talked as if he was giving me advice as well as him asking me for advice, but cannot remember specific questions. When it was time for him to leave he'd forgotten his coat and I ran out to give it to him. It was dark outside and he thanked me we hugged and I woke up. This dream has quite a few complicated symbols, but there are a few worth focusing on. Seeing the image of your best friend's dad in your dream suggests he has been on your mind recently or that you have had a recent interaction with him which made a strong impact on you. In either case, this vision seems to suggest some close relationship between the two of you, or he may represent someone else whom you are currently interested in. However, seeing him dressed up in clothes completely out of his style means that there is something fundamentally wrong about this person that you wish would change. For example, in the case of romance, differences in age, religion, or life goals may be a hindrance to the relationship in the long run. The group of people who you did not recognize also represents some internal fear or discord, perhaps over the opinion and reaction of others. The darkness at the end of the dream can be interpreted as a sign that your subconscious finds something inherently wrong with this situation, whatever it is. You may want to take time and think about your relationship with this person and your friend more carefully before taking any actions you may regret later.
Going to travel with a friend and looking for diamonds A male friend wanted to go traveling with me but first we had to find diamonds. Dreaming about your friend who wanted to travel or was preparing for traveling with you signifies some outstanding unresolved issues or unanswered questions which may exist between you and him. The notion of diamonds in the same dream speaks of a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship you have with this person. At the same time, you could be subconsciously sensing that this person is trying to take this friendship to a completely new level and perhaps even has some serious romantic feelings toward you.
A strange behavior of a friend and him proposing later I was hanging out with a friend, and it was raining. He said he was going to get something from his car and he would be right back. It was taking awhile, so I went to check on him. When I saw him, he was staring at the ground, so I asked him what was wrong. He stood up and I thought he was going to walk away, so I asked him why he was leaving. Then he turned around and he had flowers in his hand. He placed them on the ground in front of me and said he could never leave without me. Then he got down on one knee and proposed. I said yes and we went for a drive. He parked his car, smiled, and kissed me. Seeing a particular person in a dream vision suggests this person has been on your mind a lot recently or that he has recently begun to have more prominence in your life. Being left alone represents some feelings of loneliness and isolation, and the fact that you sought his company indicates you value his company and opinions. His presenting you with flowers is a more overarching sign which predicts there are a number of young men who are interested in you and being proposed to is usually interpreted as a symbol for positive changes in your life. Because the topic of this dream is highly romantic, it would seem that these positive changes are in relation to your love life. If you are not currently in a relationship with someone, you may find yourself in one before too long.
Meeting an acquaintance I was looking back at a guy who is an acquaintance to me on a beautiful winding road, remembering, who was from a distance. Seeing a winding road suggests you may be partaking in self-destructive behavior or bad habits, such as something health-related (like smoking) or behavior-related (like gambling or hanging out with the wrong people). Seeing an acquaintance on this road from a distance, however, indicates that leaving this previous way of life is necessary for your future. The beauty surrounding this imagery predicts that if all goes well you are likely to be very content and satisfied with your life.
A friend of an ex-lover making comments My ex-lover's friend spoke to someone else in front of me that my ex-lover told that she is a very good girl, so lets just leave her. And then that man while seeing my eyes said "Wow, what an eye"... This dream about envisioning yourself being a subject of talks which involved other people could represent subconscious fears. You may be afraid of starting, pursuing, or committing yourself to a more serious relationship with someone who has recently offered you such an opportunity. This could refer to the establishment of a new friendship or a romantic affair. Also, having to deal with people discussing your appearance or behavior could represent a warning to be cautious, maintain focus and be prepared to face some unpleasant developments with someone you could be involved with romantically at the moment, most likely triggered by external sources.
Going through ordeals with best friends I was on a train with my 4 best friends Alissa, Hailee, Ava and Melissa and I was being shot at, and Alissa jumped in front of me and she died. Then we all left her and ran down the road where we lost Ava. I found myself in the middle of a gang and the guys were starting to yell and hit me. Hailee just watched while Melissa got upset and decided to fight them off. We ran away but yet again found that we've lost Hailee. It was me and Melissa and we started swimming in the ocean and I was stung by some sea creature. She tried to save me but we used up our last moments talking about our friendship. Traveling on a train with your friends indicates you have a close relationship with them and enjoy spending time with them. Being separated from your friends in a dream, either because you left them, lost them, or cannot find them, predicts one or all of them has some important news to share with you. This may be related to your experience in the ocean within this dream. Oceans represent possibilities, meaning your friends might know about some chance or opportunity which would be important to you and your future. However, being stung is associated with facing hardship and challenges, so this opportunity may take a lot of hard work to get the results you want. Talking about friendship is good luck, though, so as long as you work hard and do your best, you should be going in the right direction.
A friend aging quickly and reverting back to normal I had a vision while talking with a friend. We were sitting across from each other talking when she aged about 30 years. Then she went back to normal. What does this mean? Dreaming about visual transformations which involved your friend aging and reverting back to normal could mean that you may be witnessing some real-life changes occurring to this person, both internally and as far as the looks and overall appearance are concerned. Focusing on the person's appearance in your dream could also be indicative of some major transformations or changes in the way this person communicates with you or treats you. You could be subconsciously expressing your concerns, if these changes are negative, or happiness and contentment, if this is something you consider to be favorable within this relationship and interaction between the two of you.
Advice to live in the mountains from friends Was visiting friends... They told me I would be safe if I lived in the mountains. Dreaming about paying a visit to see and socialize with your friends is usually interpreted as a positive sign of upcoming favorable events and circumstances. This symbol becomes much more negative if you happened to notice in this dream that your friends looked tired or seemed to be irritated and bothered by your visit. The same meaning holds true if you saw them dressed in black or white clothes. Their advice given to you in this same dream, however, seems to indicate that you could be trying to establish connections or network with others in order to succeed in your undertakings. Some of your friends could be making you realize that you would be much better off if you had a mentor or some other kind of influential and powerful figure on your side.
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