Receiving a fruit from someone Someone dreamed that another person is giving me a fruit. What's the meaning of that please? A fruit in dreams typically refers to a blessing, financial gain and overall growth. As such, in someone's dream where a person gives you fruit is great news for you. It means luck would soon be in your favor as you earn more money, gain recognition for your work or be given a unique opportunity to invest in a lucrative venture.
Worms and bugs in potatoes I am female. I was cooking dinner, reached under the counter for a bag of potatoes. When I lifted it up one of the large potatoes was black, and the bag had a whole bunch of little white worms and little biting bugs inside. Two or three of the bugs got out through the small holes in the bag and bit me on my hands and wrists while I was taking the bag out to the trash. Both the potatoes you intended to cook with and the worms that infested them are associated with being grounded and having a simpler outlook on life. It is possible you are integrating yourself into the community where you have settled, or perhaps you are settling down into a calmer, less exciting time of life. In addition to representing simplicity, worms also suggest potential negativity and weakness. The worms you saw in the potatoes and the bugs that bit you may be symbolic of your doubts and fears about where your life is going. These more negative feelings could be preventing you from making important decisions about your future. If there is something bothering you about your life right now, maybe you should explore your options so that you can settle down without fears or regrets.
Girlfriend with maize I saw my girlfriend near a lot of bags of maize meal. She was also covered in maize meal. The whole place was white, she looked like she was selling maize meal or owned the place. Indian corn or maize meal is actually an auspicious dream symbol because it signifies prosperity. So seeing your girlfriend surrounded by bags of maize meal indicates a deluge of blessing about to occur. As you said, it seemed like she was selling maize, so this suggests she has a sharp business acumen. This can also indicate generosity, so instead of keeping the blessings for her own pleasure, she would rather invest the money or resources into something meaningful and productive.
Cooking rice with relatives I dreamed of cooking rice at my ex-boyfriend's house and having conversations with his siblings. Then my brother joined us. This vision seems to be related to your interpersonal relations and either current or upcoming romantic encounters. For example, cooking rice is symbolically linked with the idea of responsibility. It suggests you would soon be taking on some new tasks or, as possibly indicated by the other symbols present, soon take on a new role. This new role may be related to the presence of your brother at the end of the vision. The addition of your brother predicts peace and harmony among your family and friends. This comes into play with the presence of your ex and his siblings, because talking with them in the dream world could mean you are thinking about him or comparing your current situation with how things were with him in the past. Whether you are currently romantically involved or not, your changing role in this and your family's lives could mean you are drawing parallels between the past and present which may help you make better choices down the line.
Eating favorite food at a party Male. I left a house with someone then returned and people were there. A girl and I look at each other and she says to someone else "Invite him to the party". I said "Cool, thanks!". Then I walk down a hall into a kitchen where a huge buffet was, but everyone had eaten and I was in another room it appeared. All the food was what I liked and in front of me was a plate with garlic bread spaghetti sandwiches on it. Spaghetti and meatballs in between two slices of garlic bread. I start to eat and the dream ends. Dreaming of being at someone's party means you are surrounded by a lot of people who care about you and would not think twice about supporting you, especially during your time of need. These generous, loving and trustworthy friends and members of your family would come in handy very soon as the food you saw in the dream denotes upcoming losses, difficult decisions and even sickness. Overindulgence and hedonism could get you physically, mentally and financially burdened, so you would need a little help from your loved ones to get back on your feet. Fortunately, you would not be left fending for yourself because even without asking for assistance, the people who matter would already sense that you are in trouble and act quickly before things could get worse for you.
Bread with worms and spoiled butter I saw myself in my room holding a piece of bread, but when I tried eating it I saw a lot of worms on it. And all of a sudden I started eating it. I looked back and saw butter, so I wanted to make use of the butter but it was spoiled already. I'm 22 years old. This vision is fairly ominous and contains some potential bad news related to your current job or future career prospects. Bread containing worms is a negative symbol associated with your work being sabotaged in one way or another. In some cases this refers to someone else interfering with you, but considering the location of this vision and the fact that you ate the bread, it seems more likely that you are sabotaging yourself. Perhaps you are more concerned with cheap thrills and hanging out with your friends rather than using this early time in your field to build connections, network and show what you are capable of. This could come back to bite you in the end, as the spoiled butter suggests you would be giving up future financial wealth and security to enjoy life now. This vision is a warning, then, to consider what kind of future you want and to work hard now so that you do not need to work so hard later.
Flies and fishes over the tables with food I was in a house with some folks (couldn't remember if I knew them or not). The focus of the dream was that I am seeing or witnessing the food on tables being plagued. Some of the five round tables are plagued by the usual flies. What caught my attention is this one table with food being plagued by fishes swimming or flying in the air as if they were flies. They were similar to gold fishes, only that they got extra big eyes. it was really really weird to me. Images of food plagued with various critters generally suggest the need to reevaluate some of your tendencies in reality. For example, flies on food point toward having a pushy nature, meaning you have little trouble asking for what you want or need. However, the flip side of this particular attribute could mean you are putting off some of your responsibilities on others, causing them to resent you somewhat. A similar story is seen in the symbol of the flying fish, a sign associated with a goal-oriented attitude. You probably have some desire or ambition you hope to achieve in the near future, but you may be after it for the wrong reasons, such as money or fame. In the end, both images in your vision are probably a message from your subconscious to think a little more carefully about what you want in the future and how you are going to achieve it.
An enemy adding vegetables I am a 29-year old lady and I had a dream about a friend whom I consider an enemy come to me and add her vegetables in my meat (steak) while I was cooking. Cooking meat in the dream world is often thought to signify others getting the upper hand in reality. It could equally predict you gaining some new opportunities while dealing with your enemies, perhaps even this particular frenemy. The vegetables added to your meat dish could be an indicator that this individual has more to offer than just being an adversary. In fact, it may be that by interacting with her you can grow and become a better version of yourself. In this sense, this friend is someone who challenges you and does not let you get by with the minimum. In order to keep up, you must be your best version of yourself. So while you may not get along or like this woman, she may be adding a lot to your life without you being aware.
Pouring water into coffee I was with my family and I was pouring water into their coffee cups. Pouring coffee for your family in the dream world is a negative symbol associated with pain and embarrassment. Specifically, making coffee predicts unfortunate developments in your plans and goals, perhaps leading to a setback or major loss. The act of pouring water to make the coffee, then, suggests you would be the cause of your own problems, meaning it is likely you have put yourself in a compromising situation through your own actions. If you are currently engaged in an activity that would bring shame to your family or cause you to lose something you have worked hard for, like a scholarship, promotion or special role, now may be a good time to give it up before it is too late.
Unable to choose food and three doors I dreamed I was at outside feast, there were plates of food to choose from. I couldn't decide which I wanted, there was roast beef and hundreds of other foods. I was putting food on my plate, but could not decide which I wanted. For some reason, I left 3 pieces of poop right in the roast beef and walked away. Also, I dreamed of seeing 3 doors, one of the white doors had a brown wooden handle. I remember telling someone to use the wooden handle door. This vision seems to be a metaphor for an upcoming celebration you would soon be part of in reality. For example, the symbol of the outdoor feast specifically predicts and upcoming family event, such as a wedding or birthday party. It is also possible to include the marriage or celebration of a close friend or friends in this category. Moving forward, the roast beef could represent your own spirit and energy. Therefore, being unable to decide what you wanted may refer to mixed feelings about the event in question. Perhaps you have a tense relationship with one of the other attendees or maybe you have not seen the hosts for a long time. In either case, suggesting that another person use the white door may be your subconscious reminding you that you can bridge the gap that exists between you and these other individuals by simply being open to entering into the same space they are while accepting that some things change with time.
Someone choking on lettuce I dreamed of being out somewhere, and there were people around. I did not know them. Somebody needed CPR and I stepped up to help. There was already a guy doing the CPR, so I cleaned out the airway and mouth. The mouth was full of green lettuce and it was stuck down his throat. I pulled on it, but could not pull it out. Only bits broke off. After that we tried to save this unknown man, we could not. I did not know any of them, might have been a restaurant, or store, just tried to help. Dreaming of being surrounded by strangers means you will take part in a big decision-making activity. The decision of the majority of your loved ones would ultimately have life-changing effects on everyone. Think of it as the end of a chapter and a beginning of a journey for all those involved. The CPR suggests a tragic and tumultuous event. It is a crisis that you and your loved ones need to go through. You also need to come together to resolve it. While this may seem like negative thing, in the end it will actually be a necessary journey from which you will gain invaluable lessons to get you closer to self-actualization. As for the green lettuce, it seems others like to shove their opinions on you, and all you really want is to live a simpler and peaceful existence.
Receiving sausage meat from ex-boyfriend Receiving fresh packed sausage meat from ex-boyfriend. A sausage can symbolize monetary gains and prosperity, but it is also a phallic symbol. As such, receiving a sausage from an ex means while the relationship already ended, you will gain a lot from it. In terms of material wealth, your combined finances allowed you to increase your social standing and perhaps you also pushed each other to become more successful. Alternatively, you have become wiser and more worldly after the ups and down you experienced together. So, you can start a new relationship with a more mature attitude.
Wine glasses and a cake Red wine glasses nicely arranged on a table in a hall and there was a red velvet cake. The dream symbols in your vision all point to auspicious developments. In particular, red wine indicates a celebration of success. Your current projects and undertakings will therefore bear excellent results. Wine glass also suggests luck, prosperity and good health. Fate will be on your side, so you can fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. Although, there is also a cautionary message symbolized by the red velvet cake which alludes to indulgence. Instead of being wasteful with your blessings, take time to also share your wealth and channel it into productive pursuits.
Oysters on the plate In my dream I was walking with my boyfriend and I saw many opened oysters on the plate, I showed them to my boyfriend and he said they taste like meat but we did not eat them. My boyfriend was wearing a red T-shirt. All the oysters had an orange pearl on them. The oysters in your dream are closely associated with sex and primal urges. Although, oysters can also denote wealth and refinement, while the pearls on the oysters symbolize perfection and purity. Simply put, you are going to be surrounded by a lot of desires and opulence which are out of your reach. You want a lot of things that you cannot achieve on your own and your boyfriend cannot provide for you as well. Despite these shortcomings, you are secure in the fact that your boyfriend loves you very much, as represented by the red shirt he was wearing in your dream.
Endless supply of food at a restaurant I am female, 45 of age. Was in a restaurant. We ordered a high-tea package. But ended up being served endless flow of food by the owner. Sweets and non-sweet ones. And only to my family of 3 and none of the other customers where being treated so generously. Even after we told him it's all wonderful and we are full, the owner kept laughing happily asking us to enjoy the food while it kept coming.Throughout the night I kept looping back to the restaurants dreaming of more yummy food being served. Being served unlimited or huge quantities of food means you and your loved ones will be showered with plenty of blessings in reality. The delicious food on your table signifies fertility, abundance and prosperity. While a part of you will be thankful and grateful for all the good things headed your way, another part will also feel a bit guilty especially when you notice the struggles of your less fortunate friends or relatives. This conscience and sense of justice is illustrated in your dream by the customers who were not receiving the overflowing food you and your family get to enjoy. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. As such, you will also be deluged with problems about how to handle your blessings responsibly and decide whether you want to use your resources to help out other people in need. Even though you get rewards due to your diligence and focus, this vision ultimately reveals your desire to uplift others and not just your own vested interests.
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