Gathering fish from the sea My dream is about me collecting fish from the sea. The sea is often connected with the idea of opportunity. You may be at a point in your life where there are many different options or paths you can choose. The image of trying to collect fish from the sea, however, indicates facing challenges or some tough situations. This dream can, therefore, be taken as a sign that you may face some difficulties on the path you choose, but the results of your hard work and dedication are likely to be very beneficial and rewarding for you in the future.
Holding a white fish I was holding a white fish. The image of holding a fish in your bare hands points toward getting emotionally involved in a situation, particularly one that involves your social group. One of your friends may be going through some hard times or may have received some unfortunate news. Additionally, the white color of the fish indicates something unusual about this case. For example, the news might have been a complete surprise. This vision suggests, through your holding of the fish, that you should try to offer support to this person during their time of need.
Fish swimming around and cleaning feet I dreamt I had little fish swimming around my feet... But they were cleaning my feet. Experiencing a dream about yourself standing in water and seeing fish swimming around your feet is a very good sign of luck and fortune. The vision of this fish cleaning your feet points to enjoyable trip or visit you are about to have, perhaps within a short distance from where you live now, which would lead to these happy events or fortunate circumstances. Some dream interpretation sources also refer to this vision as a possibility of giving birth to a daughter for those who are planning to expand their family.
Fish being cooked but still looking alive I went over to my neighbors' house next door, she had her nephew from out of town and granddaughter there, she had done cleaning up her house, I asked what are u guys doing? She said they had just came from fishing, so she had 1 big catfish and a medium-size fish cooking in low grease. They were alive and not scaled, they were whole, the eyes were moving and the body still had life in them, it didn't smell either, but they were alive and looked good. I couldn't get passed they were cooking alive, what does this mean? While this vision is a bit complicated, there are two main signs which should be considered. First, going over to your neighbor's house and interacting with other people in her family is often interpreted as an auspicious sign in regards to both health and wealth. You may find yourself with more energy than usual or that your investments have higher returns than you expected. Fish can mean a number of different things but, in this case, seem to be most associated with the wealth mentioned above. Live fish are also a positive sign associated with prosperous business dealings or the successful completion of goals. However, these fish were being cooked alive, and dead fish predict sadness and loss, particularly the squandering of material possessions. You may find that your new money disappears quickly if not invested and managed properly.
Fish described as intelligent beings able to speak I dreamed that a good friend of mine, a woman, was on a TV talk show and was explaining to the host that fish are actually very intelligent and have their own language. An example was that if a fish spins around 3 times and pecks another fish on the gills it means "I love you". Fish do have their own language and are extremely intelligent and she knows this to be true because she was a fish in a previous lifetime, she assures the TV host. My gender is male. Dreaming about a certain person is usually a sign that they have been on your mind a lot recently. You may have feelings for this person or recently interacted closely with them, which explains why they are at the forefront of your mind. Seeing this person on a talk show predicts an unexpected development, most likely in regard to this relationship. This change may require some flexibility on your part because remaining too rigid could have adverse or detrimental effects on your friendship. The idea that fish can talk or communicate suggests you may have been feeling a bit lonely recently, possibly due to an unwelcoming atmosphere or a disinclination to work together with others. It means you rely on this female friend more than others, and the loss of this friendship could hurt you. It would be wise to be on the lookout for major changes taking place and to try to be as open-minded to any situations that may unfold.
Eating boiled fish with people from work Dreaming of eating lots of boiled fish with workmates. Eating boiled fish is often associated with the loss of something important to you, such as a precious heirloom or a relationship. Because you ate the fish with your colleagues from work, it may be related to your job. For example, you may have to give up more of your free time or a hobby in order to further your career. This dream is not necessarily negative. Instead, it makes us consider the value of the things and people in our lives and helps us decide what is most important.
Fishing and catching a pig instead of fish I have had several dreams of hooking a fish badly and them swimming away still hooked and in pain. But once I dreamed I caught something big that wasn't a fish at all. I swear I think it was a pig, but am not entirely sure. Go ahead and tell me if you think I am just plain crazy. Seeing yourself fishing, but unable to catch any fish in a dream tells you about your vain and pointless desires you are trying to entertain, which will not yield any significant outcomes you were hoping to get while pursuing them. Your business projects may not be as successful as you thought they would be when you first started working on them, but there is a chance of good luck and fortunate developments as the business progresses, as the image of catching a pig instead of fish signifies. The same could be true about your insecure or timid nature when it comes to intimate relationships, most likely because someone in the past had made you feel uncomfortable or hurt you emotionally.
Trying to hold on to fishes My thesis adviser gave me two fishes. A round one and a thin and long one. I tried to hold them, but it wriggles out of my hand. Then a male friend of mine killed those fishes so I could hold them tight. Envisioning yourself being presented with fish suggests you wish to have sexual relations with the person who gave them to you, in this case, your advisor. The live fish represent success in romantic endeavors, suggesting initial forays may look promising. However, the dead fish at the end of the vision suggest loss and disappointment, and may even point toward an onset of a sickness, not necessarily related to the circumstances mentioned above.
Buying different types of fish I was at the fish market buying fresh monk fish. As I was talking to a lady, I decided to purchase butter fish also. Finding yourself at a fish market in a dream is an auspicious sign of being satisfied with where you are now and living a joyful and happy life. You could be in a situation at the moment when you are trying to make new friends or welcome someone new into your life. The decision to buy another type of fish, in addition to what you have already had, points to your outgoing personality and ability to connect with other people instantaneously.
Fishes in a tank and attacking There were three fishes in the clear blue ocean, but inside of a fish tank. Two fishes swam together on my right and the one stayed on my left, which swam at the bottom of the tank and bit me on my foot then hand when I tried to grab it. This dream is a bit of a mixed basket which predicts good fortune but also contains a warning. Seeing three fish together in a fish tank predicts you are soon to experience a period in your life filled with happiness and joy. The cause of your pleasure is seen in your impression that the tank water was from or part of the ocean, as oceans are symbolic of rare and beneficial opportunities. This means you are likely to be given a once in a lifetime chance which, if you take it, would dramatically improve your position in life. However, there is a word of caution. Trying to grab one of the fish indicates that you may take advantage of or abuse your new rank, paying little attention to your actions and treating others badly. If you become over-confident or careless, you may wind up with worse than a bite on the hand.
Struggling to prepare a big fish for cooking I had a dream that I was assisting a woman to cut a big live fishes, maybe for sale or eating, so there was this particular one so stubborn, dark and gigantic, seemed it had an iron body, even cutters didn't have any effect. The it escaped, so I was so confused when I worked up... Afterwards we might have forgotten about it, later we saw two other able men chasing it inside the gutter where it escaped, but they didn't succeed. Please, I really need understanding of it. Thanks. This vision suggests there is some turmoil in your life despite the fact that things are mostly going well for you. Helping a woman in dealing with live fish does have a positive connotation, indicating that life at the moment is happy and fulfilling, especially your relationships. However, the one large, dark colored fish could represent the presence of worries or concerns. There is no particular reason you should be upset at the moment, and yet you cannot shake the feeling that something is not right, as indicated by your difficulty in cutting this particular fish. This dream gives no indication as to whether your feelings are substantiated or not, but it might be a good idea to try and relax and live in the moment.
Preparing small fish to be cooked I dreamt about preparing small kind of fishes, I am washing them, so that I can cook them for someone. Cooking or frying fish, or preparing fish to cook a meal is a bad sign of some major troubles and stressful situations. It can also be telling you about upcoming periods of disappointment and resulting fatigue or tiredness you are about to experience. The fact the the fish was small in this dream does not diminish the magnitude of these upcoming circumstances. This dream usually calls for getting advice or just having a discussion with your close friends, family members or people whom you can trust. Your intuition and common sense alone may be not enough to help your overcome these difficulties.
A frog turning into a colorful fish I felt something lodged in my throat. Once I coughed it up, I found what appeared to be a small clear frog in my hands. This worried and confused me. I began squeezing the frog and turning it, it felt plastic. I rotated it once more to find it became a fish. Still plastic in feeling and seemingly lifeless, but this time it had some color to it. An orange stripe down its back and a blue and purple fin. I squeezed it and noticed a red light from the tail, the fish began swinging its tail left to right in a swimming motion. Touching and squeezing a frog is a highly negative sign associated with something in your life bringing up negative emotions or making your recall a past event which had left a bad taste in your mouth and put you in a bad mood. This seems especially true given the fact the frog came from within you, meaning it is the manifestation of those uncomfortable, disagreeable feelings. While this sounds bad, watching the seemingly dead, but colorful fish come back to life portends whatever situation you may be in would be ending in your favor. Even though you may be in some discomfort and frustration now, you can look forward to a positive outcome at the end.
A red fish in shallow water on the street I had a dream about a big red fish in the street in shallow water. A red fish symbolically represents your ability to get things done and provide for yourself and your family. The shallow water suggests things might be a little tough right now, but the size of the fish indicates that you are able to overcome the challenges you face through mental strength, resilience and grit.
Fishing with rotten meat My ex husband was fishing using meat as bait. I threw the meat into a dirty river. He was angry at me. I went and bought another piece of meat, but it was dark and rancid and not like the piece I threw into the river. Then I woke up. Watching someone fishing in your dream is a subconscious reflection of your motivation to succeed and overcome existing or anticipated hurdles in your life. However, the image of dark, rancid or rotting meat represents an upcoming dark period or challenges. It could also signify health issues and hardships. Maybe someone from the past will enter your life and either help you recover or drag you deeper into difficulty. Only in trying times can you find out who your true friends are.
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