Being a time lord I was a time lord and I regenerated. Just like The Doctor in Doctor Who, you may have a wide array of personality traits that could make you seem like a different person depending on who you are interacting with. This could be confusing and maybe even irritating to your close friends and family members. More importantly, you may be acting this way without even realizing you are doing it.
A silver dragon at school Lady revealed that the head start school could not open, then she went in the crowd like she told me nothing, I find her in a crate in an ally where a silver, I released a silver dragon, she ran and I grab the dragon tail, and swing him around telling the teachers don't mess with me now. Symbolically, dragons are considered fiery creatures. Thus, this dream of a silver dragon points to your explosive and arrogant nature. Perhaps due to your overwhelming passion about something that you deem important, you could be looking down your nose and treating others with contempt and disrespect. Grabbing the dragon by the tail and swinging it around reveals your tendency to bully others in order to get your way. Therefore, the dream serves as a warning to be more accepting and considerate if you do not want to be left in complete isolation.
Killing a mountain lion which turns into a person I was in a laundromat with my family, I was helping someone else do laundry. There was a mountain lion outside, and I knew I need to protect everyone, so I knocked it out with a cast iron skillet. I went to find my dad, so that he could kill the mountain lion, but I couldn't find him, so I went back out to knock the mountain lion out again, but it was awake, so I kept hitting it on the head with a skillet until it died. Then it turned into a person. There was snow the second time I went out. The laundromat alludes to cleansing and purification. You and your family may be yearning to get rid of certain emotional baggage and negative experiences in order to get a fresh start. The mountain lion represents a hurdle or obstacle on your path towards moving forward. In reality, this obstacle may appear as aggression and pride, as these attributes have often been associated with the symbol of a mountain lion. Someone in the family, including yourself, may be too prideful to admit his or her mistakes. Alternatively, he or she could be refusing to help or cooperate with family matters.
Being a woman and looking for tampons I am a male age 19. I had a dream were I was a woman and I was trying to get a box of tampons because I was on my period. I was in the house I grew up in as a kid. I had the tampons downstairs, but I was trying to sneak them away. I am still in high school, so during the whole beginning of the dream I was getting my backpack ready for the first day of school. At the end of the dream I was getting ready for bed, the entire time I was worried about getting septic shock without a new tampon. For a man, being a woman in a dream vision represents some aspect of your day-to-day existence becoming rather unusual. In many ways, this strange turn of events could have a deep impact on your life and on interactions with others despite seeming to be an inconsequential event in the short-term. Having a period in this vision is the manifestation of your emotions, especially those that tend to get the best of you. Searching for a tampon, then, could point toward a concern of becoming overemotional and a desire to halt the flow of their progress. It may be worthwhile, however, to actually let your emotions out, such as share them with friends, write about them, etc., so that you can learn from your feelings instead of pushing them down as you go through this interesting transformation in your life.
A sandal and bread falling from the sky Please interpret my dream. I dreamt there was "a" (not pair) beautiful platform wedges sandal in a place. Out of a sudden, shower of countless Bugatti bread from sky started and I tried to get bread as much as possible, but the bread was more than I could collect with my hands. Seeing a single platform wedge sandal in your dream means you are coveting something impractical. It may be related to a material object or a status which is beyond your means. The Bugatti bread raining down from the sky represents the cost of trying to get this item or position in life that you covet. You could be working hard to be able to afford this apple of your eye, yet it still remains out of your reach. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate your priorities and question whether you really need this in your life or could settle for less for your own peace of mind.
Attacked by a steel crane A huge bright-orange thick steel crane (similar to one in a "Transformer" movie) was trying to attack me in front of a grocery store. It appeared as if my husband was inside the crane, but not sure. Dreaming about a large steel crane attacking you symbolically represents major road blacks preventing you from accomplishing your goals. The orange color suggests that the reason for this sudden influx in challenges is the attention you are receiving from others, inciting anger in your enemies and making them jealous enough to get in your way as much as possible.
Being literally buried in books Since childhood and until now that I am already 30 I am repeatedly dreaming of tons of books and papers rolling on me. I wake up crying and breathing fast. Books and papers symbolize ideas and intellectual pursuits. Papers can also represent paperwork and other work-related tasks. This types of dreams may recur every time you are under a lot of stress and pressure. Being literally buried in books and papers in your dream is a metaphor for a ton of workload you may be handling in the waking world. Such scenarios are also likely to manifest as dreams whenever you are facing looming deadlines since those are especially high-pressure periods. Perhaps you need to slow down and delegate minor tasks to colleagues to avoid burnout.
A swimming pool filled with cotton candy I was in a swimming pool filled with cotton candy with my friends and we we were swimming in the cotton candy and we had jet packs on our backs and we could fly high then go down inside the cotton candy. Frolicking in a swimming pool filled with cotton candy alludes to hedonistic pursuits. You may be at a point in your personal journey where you are relatively free from concerns and responsibilities. It is perhaps a period of fun and adventure. The cotton candy represents leisure, rewards and contentment. Everything is going smoothly and you are enjoying this turn of events. As in everything, of course, living in excess could have negative repercussions, so practice prudence and moderation.
A lover who can transform into a snake I dreamed my lover had the ability to transform into a dark grey snake and back to human. Some could not see him and for those who could, they were not afraid. He also had the ability to make himself longer and shorter. He slithered along beside me in places a snake wouldn't dare go. His voice was human. This vision is highly auspicious and speaks of your lover's support and loyalty to you. Envisioning him as a snake that follows you around suggests that he is behind you whenever you need backup in a difficult situation in wake life. Additionally, not only does his assistance make you feel happy, but it is also beneficial to what you are working on, predicting success for ventures in which he is involved as well. The dark grey color of his snake form also points toward a deepening of the bonds of your relationship, a sign which further shows the strong possibility of a future together.
A bottomless glass I have seen that I was standing and I was drinking water, I have drunk the full glass of water, but in a moment the glass was full, I drank again and after a few seconds I saw the glass was full again, then I told my sister to see it in front of her. I drank full water and my glass was empty, but after a few seconds it was full, then I called few people to see what is happening with me. This time I told one person to make a video of it, I drank the water and glass was again starting to fill with water. Drinking a glass of water in a dream is a good omen. It means that when a disaster or a calamity comes, you would be safe from harm. It could also refer to the accumulation of knowledge and experience. The notion that it keeps getting refilled after you drink from it alludes to the never-ending search for purpose and meaning. After all, your journey is characterized by continuous learning. In some instances, a drinking glass represents healing and rebirth. If you are in need of refreshment and rejuvenation, then the stars have aligned for you. Soon enough you would find plenty of time to re-energize and regain momentum in your quest for self-fulfillment.
Being a fishball on a stick My dream was about me being a fishball and being killed by a toothpick. To dream that you are a fishball being skewered reveals feelings of hopelessness and frustration. You may be feeling small and inadequate in your profession. Perhaps you are having financial difficulties and you deem life to be unfair in kicking you when you are already down and out. This penchant towards self-pity could be doubly detrimental to your current situation.
Familiar people nailed to a wall It was just a hallway with flickering lights and in that hallway I saw everybody that I knew from school, online and family, just nailed to the wall and blood just dripping everywhere. Passing through a hallway during a dream vision is often connected to a single important aspect of your life. In this case, the people nailed to the wall point directly to your social encounters and relationships with them in waking life. The flickering lights which caused these images to perhaps become even more dramatic could represent things turning sour between you and other people. Given that you saw many people in this dream, it could be some habit you have picked up or a group you are currently associating with, which is driving a wedge between you and others. The blood dripping slowly down the walls, while ominous, is only a warning from your subconscious to not act hastily and thoughtlessly, especially if you hope to preserve the peace and harmony in your waking life.
Being terrorized by a robot shark It was a sleepover in a big house, where me and this girl were outwardly rude to this guy. After we went to bed, the entire house was terrorized by a giant floating robot shark. After hours of him terrorizing me and the girl, I finally got up and threw him into a wall, smashing him. I was suddenly really worried about the guy and went to go see him. He was lifeless by the time I saw him, with a shark bite in his abdomen. Sleeping over in a big home symbolically represents your intention to take on a new project. This could range from an upcoming work-related activity or something more personal. In either case, however, the robot shark which follows and terrorizes you and your friend suggests that enemies are waiting for you to make a mistake. It is likely they are powerless on their own, but could gain momentum for their evil work by taking advantage of any misfortune you experience. Your sudden urge to see the guy and his untimely demise could point toward having to make a decision which would save you, but also greatly damage your enemies. You may feel some regret for having to act this way, but it may be completely necessary to protect your interests.
A seahorse baby turning into a human In my dream me and my boyfriend and someone else found a dead seahorse, we then cut open the stomach and pulled out a dead baby seahorse fetus. The guys left it on the ground, I felt bad, got a napkin, picked it up and took it to the kitchen and set it on the dryer to be warm. I left it and came back to find it was a human baby fetus, now I took it to the living room where it was now Christmas and I sat with the fetus by the Christmas tree trying to keep it warm. It kept growing into a baby boy. Seeing a dead seahorse in a dream usually represents being greatly disappointed or finding yourself in a terrible, tragic situation over which you have little to no control. Despite the sadness and desolation you may feel as a result, however, cutting open the stomach and saving the baby seahorse can be interpreted as a sign that you are the type of person who tries to see the silver lining and make the best even out of the most miserable situations. Finally, the baby seahorse turning into a baby boy at the end of the vision predicts that your hopefulness is not in vain, as there may be a pleasant surprise or turn of events which would bring things back into balance for you.
A giant breathing tree My dream was I was looking up at this humongous tree, it was like breathing in and out, in and out and its branch was like coming through the side of the house. I don't know if I've never dreamt that. Dreaming of an enormous tree that is encroaching on your house or property signals potential problems in your family. Trees are symbols of growth, success and abundance. However, since the humongous tree in your dream is jutting out of the side of your house, it means there would be unhealthy growth or development at home. It may point to potential health problems or worsening health conditions, either related to you or to other members of your family. It could be a belief or idea permeating the household and influencing your loved ones negatively. Unless you nip the problem in the bud, it is going to keep on growing and slowly destroying the very foundation of your home.
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