Becoming a wolf attacked by other animals A shadow wolf runs through the forest at twilight. Eventually it comes to a small clearing with a lake in it. It looks across, sensing something is watching it. It starts to back away, then is attacked by creatures from all sides. Then someone tells me the wolf is me. Wolves in dreams are symbolically linked with the ideas of deception and recklessness. Because you are being projected in the image of the wolf, it seems your actions in the community or workplace could jeopardize both everything that you want individually and what your company is aiming to do. The clearing in the forest and your natural instincts to back away from "danger" suggest you are lonely or in distrust for those around you. However, until you are able to trust others and treat them fairly, you may find it difficult to find a solution to this situation.
A pencil writing offensive words by itself I'm a girl. So, I dreamt that I was in a room, ALONE, I was staring at a whiteboard, solving an equation I suppose, and I was leaning on a table. I had a pencil in my hand, and it never touched the table I was leaning on. But then, I heard a sound on the table like someone was writing on it, and there was a pencil being moved, but no one else was there, and it wrote cuss words like f&*k and what not, and it was pointed at me. Being alone in a room while trying to solve problems of academic nature points to shyness or insecurity, meaning you may feel hesitant to open up to others even when they seem to be expressing genuine interest in you and your affairs. This likely dampens your ability to communicate both your feelings and your needs which in turn prevents you from establishing deep, lasting connections with others. The pencil moving on its own, then, is your subconscious manifesting your fears, namely that the people you want to get close to do not wish to reciprocate. However, you should probably avoid giving in to your fears and instead work on building a rapport with one or two people at a time.
Defending Earth against alien attack I've been having the same dream multiple times. It starts with an alien spacecraft landing on earth. I usually am the first to notice, and then the spacecraft starts to attack. Thousands of these come to earth and start attacking. I am one of the leaders defending against the creatures by strong-holding a house. I reassure the children and women, and find items to defend ourselves with, as well as how to barricade. The aliens typically destroy/take over earth, but I wake up before I know my end. Fighting in a war of invasion from an alien enemy is symbolically linked with the idea of fighting foreign invaders being present in your body. In simple terms, your body may be beginning to fight off some disease or illness which threatens to ravish your strength and energy, leaving nothing behind but a shell of your former self. Your words or reassurance to others are like the balm that calms your worries, however, these words alone cannot heal you of this affliction. You may need to seek out professional medical expertise to find out the source of your troubles and learn how to prevent things from progressing further.
Raining with black ash Black ashes falling like rain from the sky. Thick, choking ash which falls from the sky in a thick rain predicts serious social conflicts and even warfare soon occurring in the area where you live. Those around you may be swept up in the frenzy of the fight, with the chaos obstructing the normal flow of affairs that would in turn result in rash and violent behavior and clouded reasoning.
Angels transforming into white doves Two white angels hovering over me outside my home, then they transformed into hundreds of white doves flying over me. Seeing multiple angels hovering above you and then transforming into hundreds of doves is a subconscious representation of your personality. It is likely that you change your attitude and mannerism depending on who you are talking to. This could lead to trouble in the future and may have people branding you as someone dishonest and untrustworthy.
Eyes appearing on a female's chest I saw my family member female's upper body with eyes of other female person I know on the chest. This vision of a female family member's upper body with the eyes of another female figure on her breast reveals vulnerability and revelation. You may soon find out about a sensitive family secret that has been weighing down the keeper of this piece of information. This disclosure may come from outside of your kin who is privy to important matters within your clan. Even if some members of the family may not be what they seem, no matter what happens, you would still end up supporting each other through thick and thin.
Toilet paper fluff becoming a celebrity So, I went to the toilet to have a pee and then I saw a bit of fluff in the toilet water. Then I looked at it and said "mwahahahaaaa" and then it got googly eyes and a little cute mouth and said "mwahahaHAAAAAAAAAAA" and jumped out the toilet and became the guy from "Dare Devil" on CBBC and scared me, then I run out the toilet. I woke up and went into my mum and dad's room and they tried to make me say a swear word with a tongue twister. This was a long time ago, I don't have dreams about fluff any more. To dream of going to the toilet to pee reveals your need to get rid of false impressions and misconceptions about yourself, or attempting to change previously-held beliefs and outlook. The fluff which becomes animated in your dream suggests that the aspects you want to let go of are stubbornly clinging to you. Perhaps you are having a hard time trying to change your ways. This ties in with the final scenario in your dream wherein your parents are coaxing you to say a swear word. This means that they want you to be accountable for your actions. In order to change your ways, you must make a stronger resolve and commitment to your personal transformation.
Picking eggs instead of fruits on a tree I was picking fruits of fresh eggs on a tree, there are so many eggs and I put them in my pockets. But I noticed one egg has a golden fish inside alive, then it transformed to a golden chick. Please help, what is the meaning of my dream? Thanks. This dream vision involving picking eggs from a tree represents opportunities and untapped potential. The one egg which contained a golden fish inside is symbolic of your fear or apprehension regarding a new endeavor. Its transformation into a chick, meanwhile, refers to mediocrity and indolence. Perhaps because of fear, you tend to let opportunities slip away. You have a lot going on, and opportunities abound for you to attain greatness. However, you are either too lazy or not doing enough on your part to make them a reality.
Giving birth to a piglet I had a dream I gave birth to a cute little piglet, he was healthy and very alive with life. Ran around the house and even though I was shocked at first, the feeling was happiness. Young pigs in dreams are usually associated with growth in business and financial success. Because you gave birth to this piglet, it could suggest that you are the author of your own destiny, meaning the amount of your efforts you put in dictate the magnitude of prosperity you ultimately achieve.
Escaping a zombie apocalypse So the first starts I wake up and escape through a window, running off of rooftops and jumping through windows. All of a sudden, I'm in a limo and it seems like I'm in an Austrian version of Black Butler. After a while it turns into as if I woke up, it's like a zombie apocalypse except it starts with people who had a certain illness. If they bit you it'd take 2 months to infect you. Everyone I love was turned except me. The end of the dream I go to a bunker and it slowly closes, my mom comes to me. The type of media we consume on a daily basis can sometimes bleed into our dreams. In your case, the context and scenario are inspired by the shows and movies you currently watch. Some of the symbols allude to incoming opportunities and the consequences of grabbing certain opportunities, both good and bad. For instance, windows point to prospects and chances. You could be at a point in your life where doors are opening up and you have your choice of the lot. The downside is, you may be inclined to feel important because of all the opportunities, as symbolized by the limousine. An inflated ego could also damage your relationship with your loved ones, hence the zombie apocalypse. Conflicts and arguments could arise among family members or people who are close to you.
Giving birth to a lot of babies I was pregnant with about 100 babies that were reaching out of my womb as if they were reaching out of the pits of hell. And when I woke up, my stomach was bruised as if someone took a baseball bat to me in my sleep. Despite the dark, sinister imagery this vision contains, the interpretation is fairly neutral and speaks volumes about what you can expect in your future. Being pregnant with multiple babies is often thought to be a highly auspicious sign predicting great success or victory in things expected to be accomplished. This is followed by the image of these children trying to reach out toward hell. In this case, the notion of hell suggests you could be overdoing things in an effort to get ahead. While hard work is an important factor in success, sometimes focusing on a single task or project is more likely to get better results. In other words, your future success (the unborn babies) could be wasted (image of hell) if you spread your time and energy too thin. The bruises you saw upon waking could be a physical reminder from your subconscious to take this vision seriously and focus your attention on an endeavor which stands out most prominently for you.
A blue frog jumping into the sky I dreamed that I put a blue frog inside my bag, but it got away. Then I saw it jump so high, it also took a wedding veil as it jumped. When it fell down, a man tried to catch it and gave me the frog. But again the frog got away and leaped again. It fell down on the grass where a black pig also was there. This vision about trying to catch an elusive frog represents the journey you are on in order to fulfill your goals and desires. Blue is often the color of dreams you wish to have granted, so trying to catch this frog suggests that what you yearn for is always just beyond your grasp. These goals may include marriage (as seen in the wedding veil) or an opportunity to improve your situation (the man who tried to give you the frog). However, your pursuits are likely to be in vain, the time and effort you put into this path only distract you from taking care of yourself in the here and now, meaning that you should be paying more attention to your health and daily tasks rather than investing in some improbable future.
Loved by a giant grasshopper I had a dream that a big grasshopper, about the size of a small cat, strong, healthy, was in love with me. It was jealous of any other insects, grasshoppers and even men that came near me. It followed me everywhere like a dog. I think it had a romance meaning, as I am single. However I am not seeing any dream interpretations that say that about grasshoppers. So how do you interpret this dream? Symbolically, grasshoppers are considered to be cheerful and carefree creatures. They are actually strongly associated with the ideas of freedom and independence. As such, your dream suggests that you value your freedom and independence a lot, based on the huge size of this grasshopper. As a consequence, you may be having trouble finding or sustaining romantic relations because you have difficulty giving up your independent lifestyle. This dream calls for your attention to the realities of being with someone which would require giving up some degree of freedom, enough to allow someone new into your personal space.
Becoming a dragon and a lizard In my dream I'm back in my home town, but I'm with my cousin who isn't a good influence on me. I'm helping her search for someone or something. After going in someone's house, we go outside heading towards the river, but she somehow ends up ahead of me and turns into a dragon. As I get closer to the river, I turn into a lizard and she is flying ahead of me while I chase her. And she lands on my uncle's home. I'm struggling to get up the river bank and before I could get up and over I wake up. The dragon and the lizard in your dream represent your respective perception of your cousin and of yourself. Perhaps your are drawn to her despite knowing quite well that she could likely get you in trouble. She appears as the dragon in your dream because you probably see her as someone who is temperamental and impulsive. You, on the other hand, embody these characteristics as the lizard, and yet you try to curb your rebellious streak for fear of being punished. It is also possible that you tend to clean up her mess by covering up her wrongdoings in front of your relatives or other people who may try to hold you accountable.
Being frozen in time I dreamt me and my husband are going to cryogenics or about to get frozen. We are in bed in some sort of lab with other couples, we hugged as we were being put to sleep. Then we removed the tubes and decided to get up. This vision is likely the reflection of such a conversation or idea brought in from wake life, which your subconscious has latched onto for some reason. The idea of willingly being frozen to preserve life could point toward fascination with the possibility of eternal life. However, removing the tubes and intending to leave before the process is complete could symbolize an internal battle between the desire to live forever and the rational knowledge that humans are not meant to be ever-lasting beings.
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