Discovering a new element and traveling through a black hole This isn't the whole dream. I was fooling around with mechanical engineering and then I discovered a new element that would allow me to see through a black hole. Then I went in a spaceship and flew through one and made it to a random place in time. This portion of the dream contains opposing imagery which makes it difficult to interpret on its own. The first sign, studying and researching in a very specific field, suggests you tend to be too serious and should try using your imagination, instead of hard numbers, to solve your problems. This is accompanied by the idea of flying through space which is commonly associated with daydreams and illogical fancies which distract you from what you should be focusing on. Together, they seem to indicate a need for balance in your life between the rational and irrational, meaning you should avoid relying on either one too much.
Transforming into a cat and interacting with other cats I had a dream I was a cat drinking out of a milk bowl with a black cat with white feet and we looked into each other's eyes and continued drinking until another cat, white with brown spots, came in mischievously and jumped in the milk bowl and me and the black cat got mad. White cats portend misfortune, while black cats represent powerful enemies. As such, this dream suggests an upcoming turbulent period in your life filled with a lot of confusion, doubt or misunderstanding that will either create a lot of grief for you or result in a major material loss. Be careful of a very powerful and formidable enemy entering your life, who may cause you to experience a lot of uncertainty about yourself and face many confrontations. Drinking from the same bowl of milk indicates that you may be drained of physical as well as mental capacities in trying to overcome the upcoming challenges.
Being intimidated by zombies I always tend to have dreams with zombies and locking myself, and people who are with me (if there even is any), inside a place to get away from whatever is outside. In those types of dreams it sometimes involves zombies and sometimes doesn't. I have no idea what this means and would be amazing if you could help (: Dreaming about the undead could be a subconscious reflection of having susceptibility to bad habits, someone's negative influence, negative thoughts and drives. Alternatively, your dream could also be linked to your stress and anxiety in real life. Locking yourself in a room to get away from the zombies, or other threatening outside forces, is your way of finding a sanctuary in the midst of tremendous responsibilities and everyday worries. Perhaps you are trying to find ways to shield yourself from the harsh realities of life as a means of keeping your sanity and regaining control over the situation.
Miniature horses being herded into the room I had always believed in the power of our minds and our ability to see our future if open to it! My question is about a dream I had last night about 8-10 miniature horses, half black and half white, herded into my living room by my cousin!? I at first told her they'd hurt my pet, whatever that was? They were shiny, beautiful and friendly! I wanted to keep them! They looked to me to be the equivalent of a huge horse, only a smaller version. I am an animal lover! Horses in dream interpretation are often considered the manifestation of your life energy and passion, so seeing multiple horses suggests you have a vivacious personality and a real desire to live life to the fullest. The fact that the horses were smaller than they probably should have been, however, indicates you may want to keep your guard up and be a little more suspicious of others than you normally would. While it is a testament to your positive energy, only looking for the good in people could blind you to a point when people who are not as nice as you are may take advantage of your good character when you least expect it.
Being pregnant with a corpse of an adult person I had a dream and in the dream I felt a poking in my stomach and it was a hand trying to reach out of my stomach. When I felt my belly, I could feel the hand and I felt deeper and I could feel that it was a corpse in a sack in my belly, I could feel many bones. But the hand kept trying to push through the skin and get out. Somehow I knew it was the corpse of an adult. Can you shine any light on such a dream. Please help. Dreaming about an adult being inside your abdomen as though you were pregnant, is a fairly positive sign. It predicts precious opportunities and auspicious circumstances being prepared for you which you can take advantage of only when the time is right (this is why the gestation period is so long, resulting in an adult rather than a baby). Until the appointed hour, you may experience some troubles or difficulties, but the rewards are very likely worth the wait.
Rice turning into stinging bees I was shaking rice in a bag then it turned to bees. Immediately after I was covered, I keep waking up before I get stung. A dream in which something that you are holding turns into a swarm of bees that quickly cover your body represents a tiny piece of information or detail that could become a huge hurdle for you in the near future. It may be the discovery of some tidbit of information that you have all but forgotten that could be dug out to embarrass you or impede your advancement in a certain endeavor.
Eyes transforming into the Eye of Horus My eyes turn into the Eye of Horus. Envisioning your eyes as the widely recognizable Eye of Horus is a highly auspicious sign which points toward significant transformations taking place in your life. This is likely related to your field of study or the type of business you partake in, meaning you could receive a lucrative offer which pans out very well for you in the future.
Animal metamorphosis and naughty children at workplace I was at work and had a jar of tadpoles, two got out and one turned into a giant frog, the other into a walrus. I went into the break room and there were a great number of children sitting around my grandmother's old dinning room table eating Easter dinner. The children had broken the ornamental decorations off the chairs and were using them for rabbit ears, I asked my uncle, who works with me, who let them break the chairs, in which he replied, "I don't know, it wasn't me". The two tadpoles at the beginning of your vision represent your potential for change or an upcoming transformation you are about to go through. In this case, you subconscious seems to be divided between two outcomes of this change. You could find yourself in a practically beneficial situation (think status or money) that causes you stress and worry, which is seen in the image of the frog. Or, in the case of the walrus, you could struggle with the tasks of day-to-day life, but have peace of mind. The unusual and slightly disturbing scene at your grandmother's dining room table suggests you are ready to move outside your comfort zone, though whether that is toward greater stability or greater chaos is up to you to decide.
Being chased and crushed by a cake Me and my family were getting chased by a giant cake, the size of a mountain, and the cake crushed us all, then I woke up from the dream screaming "CAKE!!!". A dream in which you see a gigantic cake falling on top of you and your family is a good sign. It represents the rare chance to improve certain relationships. People that you like but do not get to see often may become more involved in your life bringing with them happiness and fulfilling experiences. Seize the opportunity to be more social and you could be greatly rewarded for your efforts.
Talking with a horse and other animals I was siting on the ground petting and talking to a horse. The horse told me how cold he was, then we started talking about humans having to wear clothes and other animals being covered with fur. Several other horses and sheep gathered around and were talking to me. They told me they could all speak but were not supposed to due to the animal code. They said the reason they were talking to me was I was a good man. Dreaming about talking animals is a positive sign representing your inner harmony with nature and your naturally keen instincts. This is especially true given your positive relationship with the animals in this vision. Because of your ability to sustain a balanced life and make good decisions, you are probably able to have a peaceful existence and avoid much trouble. Additionally, you should be able to achieve your goals by continuing to expand your natural talents and relying on those powerful traits you already possess.
Aliens stealing people's bags and police being present Some aliens were picking people's bags and flying away. Police were there trying to stop us. To fully understand this vision, we should look at the signs in reverse order, starting with the police. Visions about being arrested or stopped by the police usually portend receiving an offer which seems to be very beneficial to you, especially monetarily. You may be tempted to accept this offer, but the first sign, seeing aliens stealing bags, suggests that this may be too good to be true. If you pursue this opportunity, you may find yourself in legally and morally questionable circumstances.
Being told to drive on a road that has a huge loop and falling down A recurring dream, not consistent, but almost the same dream. Driving on this road and it has a loop, a huge loop like a roller coaster loop where my car or anyone else's has to drive through and I am always scared I am going to fall from the very top of the loop. And I never do, but at times I hear someone telling me not to be scared and just do it. One time in one of the recurring dreams I did fall from the top of loop, but woke up after that. So, I don't know what happen after that. Driving in a car is usually associated with our journeys through life. In this case, your path and existence are probably full of events which "throw you for a loop." In this case, the surprising events which occur are likely to involve some amount of ambiguity as to whether or not they are beneficial or harmful to you. This can be seen in your fear of falling. However, the fact that you do not fall and are even reassured by a voice in the dream vision suggests things working out in your favor most, if not all of the time.
Turning into a dragon I keep turning into a black dragon to help or rescue others. Dragons in dreams represent certain aspects of one's personality. Dreaming that you turn into a black dragon, even with the notion of helping others, points to your explosive and somewhat arrogant attitude. While you are working on something with your peers you may find yourself treating them like they are less than equals, or behaving rashly without taking their feelings or opinions into consideration. This could lead to friction and resentment which would end up being detrimental for you in the long run.
Trying to escape from strange people at a factory Last night I have dreamed just like a factory which is out of control, I was dreaming it a second time, but this time there was a lot of people and their heads were burning. Some of them had flames in their eyes too, and they were throwing that flame to other normal persons and those were also converting to them. At the end of the dream, one girl and one boy, means we three, were alive trying to secure each other by finding a way to escape, but somehow other boy was captured then killed and girl was dead too. This vision has two, possibly unrelated, images which should be examined separately. The image of the factory burning out of control is the simpler of the two signs, predicting that there is a fire hazard near you. You should check your appliances and outlets carefully to avoid any unnecessary threats to your safety or possessions. The second symbol is a little more complicated. Watching fire move from person to person shows how easily people can be tricked into believing something or someone, giving rise to confusion, hatred or anarchy. You may be witnessing this agitation in wake life and are afraid of getting caught up in the riot, which explains the ferocity of the fire. You may need to distance yourself from others if you suspect they could cause you being swept up in the chaos.
Meeting with anime series characters A southern Italian (my favorite character) was on his knees covered in snow. A Russian guy and a British guy were approaching him with weapons. The Russian had a water pipe, while the British had a pirate sword and his left eye was glowing. The dream was way longer, but this part is important. They all are from anime series, by the way. Dreaming of your favorite anime reveals your attachment to this series. Constantly seeking out content related to the series would naturally make certain elements of the show appear in your dream as these are salient symbols in your head. Beyond that, the symbols in this particular dream reflect hardships and conflict. Snow is related to difficulties encountered in reality. You may bear witness to the hardship of your peers and faced with the decision to help them out of their predicament instead of just being a bystander. The weapons suggests threat and force against the Italian figure. Perhaps a friend is experiencing pressure or getting bullied and this dream is telling your to pay attention to the suffering of others in order to help them.
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