A baby sleeping inside an egg I had a dream the other night that my boyfriend and I were walking and I found a chicken egg and picked it up realizing it had a hole in it. When I looked at the hole, the yolk was still in place, but instead of a chicken inside it was a tiny baby curled up in a ball with its eyes closed, as if sleeping inside a mother's womb. And the rest of the dream I just stood there admiring it in awe, watching it quietly breathing and sleeping inside its egg womb completely unaware of anything outside of it. What does it mean? Dreaming about keeping an eye on an egg and waiting for it to hatch, even with a baby sleeping inside, could symbolize your current efforts which are going to waste. Your dreams and aspirations may remain distant despite the sacrifices you have made and the amount of time you have spent, possibly leaving you feeling greatly disappointed. You may also feel that something is missing out of your relationships, including the one with your boyfriend. If this is the case, it may need some readjustment.
A fox transforming into a girl I was in a house that wasn't mine with a fox in my arms. It wasn't said but I just knew that I had at one point saved this fox. I let the fox down and as it went to the bed opposite of mine it transformed into a naked girl. This girl loved me and we began to make love. Entering an unfamiliar house in your dream could mean engaging in a fresh venture or gaining an advantage in business. However, the appearance of a fox in your arms suggests deceit and betrayal from someone you trust. While saving the fox could be viewed as an act of good will on your part, the presence of this animal warns you against characters who are cunning and dishonest. Making love with the fox that transformed into a naked girl could be a manifestation of uncertainty or a possibility of an encounter that puts you at a disadvantage or even great risk.
An elephant in the shower An elephant in a shower with running water, playing and painting a headboard that was against the wall. Elephants represent your current dissatisfaction with the relationships in your life. You may have difficulty communicating your true feelings with those you once considered close to you and, therefore, feel lonely or isolated. The elephant's presence in the shower suggests that you are putting in a lot of effort to befriend people or stay on their good side to little effect, making this situation more and more frustrating for yourself. While this might be a difficult time for you, the painting of the headboard indicates an upcoming positive change brought on by your efforts and perseverance.
Black women and one of them standing on water as if it was ice I had a dream about 3 black women. I pick one of the women, but all of them looked the same, but the color of their lips were different, it ranged from brown to a dark brown. I pick the one with the dark brown lips. The women were in the water and so was I. One of the women were standing on top of the water and it was like ice, but the water was warm. Then the clouds came down to the water and we were all playing on the clouds and the water, we were all having a good time. Despite enjoying your time in the water, playing and wading in warm water could symbolize challenges in wake life, especially those connected to work or special projects you are involved with. However, the image of the black woman standing on top of the water suggests you have within you the strength and endurance to overcome these difficulties if you look outside the box and keep trying new things. Your focus on the women's lips could also indicate that these potential difficulties could be solved or overcome by communicating your thoughts and ideas to others involved or affected.
Being bothered by imaginary monkeys Last night I got an email requesting me to speak at a conference. I then went to bed and had a dream that I was preparing for this conference and practicing it. Then I noticed a monkey in the house and when I walked past a room I noticed four tiny monkeys. I told my daughter to get up on the lounge, so they couldn't get to her and I was trying to shake them off me. They were really tiny and annoying. And then I woke up to my alarm. Envisioning multiple monkeys hindering your progress and annoying you is a highly ominous sign in relation to your upcoming conference. In general, monkeys which interfere with your progress in a dream are thought to represent the people for whom you are serving with your work. In this case, they likely represent the audience. In essence, this vision is suggesting that the audience at your upcoming conference might not be receptive to your work or may somehow, through their closed-mindedness or lack of understanding about the subject, make your future work endeavors more difficult. Think carefully about your participation and, if you must present, be wary of how you communicate your information.
A turtle holding the sun with its hands I am a 35 year old woman. I had a dream about a turtle holding the sun in its front "hands" above its head. Turtles tend to be positive signs in dream visions, usually indicating being a kind person or having a positive outlook on life in general. In either case, being happy in the face of difficult situations has likely served you well, making it easier to overcome challenges because you are not afraid to try new things. However, seeing a turtle which holds the sun above its head may indicate that your emotions are becoming a bit unstable lately which could affect your ability to make good decisions in the future. You should try to think more rationally about important choices or options instead of acting rashly.
Puppies multiplying One thing becoming two. In my dream one fluffy tiny white puppy becoming two fluffy tiny white puppies. Seeing double of an object in a dream vision or watching an object multiply is symbolic of thoughts and desires becoming reality. In this case, the white puppy predicts positive circumstances for you love life, meaning you are likely to meet a highly suitable partner or that your relationship with your current partner may be strengthened in some way. While you may have only hoped for such a situation until this point in your life, it is very probable that you can experience a major improvement in your romantic life.
Rainbows, a bird and an elevator in the sky I was standing in a building that was completely open to the sky. When I looked up and out, I witnessed two individual rainbows. One on my left field of vision and one on my right. Both were immense and "rotating", spinning instead of the usual massive arc. It was just amazing and then high up flying by the rainbows was a majestic rainbow-colored toucan... Large, but not threatening, the color "green" was highlighted in his plumage. I then went up in an elevator which had a special number of 22. This vision is extremely positive and has a number of auspicious omens. Dreaming of a tall building, in general, is a highly positive sign associated with receiving financial awards or bonuses for your hard work. The fact that the roof opened into the sky further suggests that "the sky is the limit" in regards to how much you could receive. Rainbows and multi-colored objects have a similar interpretation, indicating good luck and fortune in your endeavors. Additionally, moving up in an elevator could indicate major improvements in your quality of life or in your overall happiness.
Thirsty cows turning into people It was with herds of cattle, cows. I gave them water. But in the dream they complained they needed water and were arguing among one another who should be fed first with water. My surprise is that they turned to humans in my dreams. They all turned to humans. They even attended an occasion like a wedding in my dream, but I don't think they were really properly dressed. Dreaming of a herd of cows or cattle symbolizes guilt and unspoken remorse. Someone in your family or circle of friends may have wronged you without your knowledge. Alternatively, cows being gentle and nurturing creatures are also associated with female figures in your life as well as traditional feminine associations such as motherhood, fertility, warmth, even passivity. Water, on the other hand, represents emotional stability, nourishment, clarity, health and spiritual enlightenment. Giving water to the cows denotes a desire to achieve clarity in your relationship with a female or satisfy her needs. Evidently, the women in your life are looking for you to come clean or put an issue to rest. Perhaps this decision or action that is being asked of you has something to do with the occasion in your dream. Look deeper into your current preoccupations to find the loose end that is tugging at your subconscious.
Living in the trees and strangers coming I lived in a village where people lived in the trees. I seen men on horses riding to our village they crossed a river. I remember being very scared. I climbed the tree and hid my baby in the floor. I awoke from the dream after that. What could it mean? Trees are associated with growth, knowledge, life, strength and stability. Living in a tree village in dreams indicate a close-knit and thriving community fueled by towering ambitions and grounded by ideals. You could be part of a group of like-minded individuals upholding certain beliefs and ideas. The men on horses riding to your village represent people with significant influence and power infiltrating your group and possibly pushing a different way of thinking into your circle. In addition, these newcomers may threaten established rules or rock the peace and order in your office, neighborhood or community.
Mystical creatures appearing from the woods I was fishing along the bank of a river in the mountains when a group of bears came from the willows. A black pegasus appeared between them and me in a fairly protective stance. However, horses personally scare me and I think it knew that, so it turned into a hippogriff. The bears were chased off and it turned to me, touched my forehead and then I passed out. I can determine bears and winged horses, but the hippogriff is throwing me. Any thoughts? The act of fishing in your vision pertains to dreaming or trying to catch a break. The bears are the competitors and obstacles that you could encounter in your quest for success. Meanwhile, the pegasus represents your determination to triumph and self-actualize, hence the wings. This dream reveals your competitive nature and doing whatever it takes to climb the corporate ladder or further improve your social status. The transformation of the pegasus into a hippogriff alludes to a change within you that could occur in the process of achieving your goals. This part may seem unfamiliar and possibly make you behave in certain ways that are uncharacteristic of you. Hippogriffs are still part-horse, therefore this new aspect of your personality or attitude may be something you are not quite comfortable with.
Creatures emerging from an open wound Was in a structure, maybe a house, that was being invaded by cats with razor sharp teeth and claws. My palms were flayed open defending the house, which was eventually sealed. I had severe pain in my hands, and upon examining my wounds, I discovered various sea creatures and a centipede writhing around in them. Someone (I don't know who) whose authority I respected, claimed that the creatures were the gods being born after I had removed them and watched them scatter into the wild. The more intricate the tapestry of a dream, the more specific the message it conveys. In your case, the house represents your persona. As such, defending yourself from the cats alludes to self-preservation. The cats symbolize betrayal from backstabbers and manipulators in your life. Be on guard from suspicious people worming their way into your life who could end up taking advantage of your generosity and good will. The final bits of your dream point to your attitude under pressure. Sea creatures are able to breathe underwater, but the centipede suggests doubts and negative thinking. Perhaps you have a tendency to buckle under pressure or crumble in confrontations. This vision shows you that you are capable of overcoming challenges no matter how difficult, if only you let go of your fears.
Escaping from being swallowed whole I had a choice of being eaten by a snake or be eaten by an Indian (the Cowboys type). I chose the Indian, then he told me to straighten my legs and was going to swallow me whole. His face went blue and I ran, then woke up. Both being eaten by a snake and devoured by another human are negative signs associated with upcoming conflict. The first image suggests the presence of a rival who may or may not want to fight fairly while the latter indicates a person who wants to see you taken down at all costs for no reason other than their dislike of you. In either case, your vision seems to point toward a number of upcoming conflicts in which you may have to "pick and choose your battles," so to speak. This means thinking like a chess player and only pay close attention to those circumstances that you think are most likely to end in your favor.
Dying because of a giant shrimp and being found by friends I dreamt that a giant shrimp, the size of a small boat was dragging me through the water and I thought "No, no, no, not again". And as I thought that, the shrimp dove down. I could feel it tearing at me. I was screaming. I saw little baby shrimps too coming to me. After it went black, I went to a part where I could see my friends say how I died. They found my bones on the ocean floor covered by sand. When I looked at who I was, I wasn't even me, I was Natalie Portman. Images of shrimp in a dream are usually associated with the idea of money, particularly gaining it, so being dragged through and underwater by a large shrimp can suggest one of two things. On one hand, it can represent having too much money and not knowing what to do with it. The other case is that you do not have enough money and are under heavy financial pressure. Seeing yourself released from this terrible burden through death in the vision indicates much the same in wake life, namely that you are likely to find a way to get through this period and enter a more balanced and settled phase of your life.
Popcorn turning into meat and deceased son eating it I dreamed about my dead son and there's a lot of popcorn falling from the sky. And every time it falls on the ground, it will turn into meat and he was eating it. Popcorn represents ideas, potential and growth. To see popcorn falling in your dream alludes to potential or an important idea or realization that will come to you in real life. Perhaps you have been thinking about your deceased son, which is why he manifested in your dream. The popcorn may be symbolic of his unrealized potential for growth due to his passing. Consuming meat refers to a yearning for clarity and enlightenment. It could be that you are still in the process of coming to terms with his death. Your subconscious is trying to piece together the significance of the tragic event and the need to search within yourself for the strength to cope with the loss and eventually move forward.
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