Multiple moons and exploding houses Five blood moons followed by houses exploding. Seeing multiple blood moons is an ill omen regarding your relationship with the significant other. Specifically, more than one moon in the sky suggests you have recently been indecisive. This inability to decide on anything has put a lot of stress on your partnership. It may have even already resulted in some distance or a separation between you and your partner. The blood moons, however, have a more sinister interpretation, pointing toward your lover being involved in some deadly conflict which is likely to result in permanent injury or death. This vision does not give a solution for this problem, but does suggest that moving him away from the conflict or inviting him back could get him out of harm's way.
Teleporting to another country and witnessing a building collapse I dream that I could teleport to another country to help someone and while I was there I saw a high-rise collapse. Also there was a lot of snow and we were making dinner as a family. Teleportation over long distances suggest facing a stormy emotional period possibly affecting your relation with your significant other. However, the scene of demolition conveys that there may be some flaw in your partner preventing the growth of the relationship, a trait that has been concealed from you. It may be a sign of an event or recognition that you waited for a long time. The scene representing cooking of a dinner hints internal struggles, feeling of sadness, perhaps even depression which disturbs your inner peace. The dream as a whole carries an impression of divergence with your partner, but of a temporary, transitory type. It means that for some time your relationship is not as good as it seems.
Flying and realizing it was learnt from birds I saw a dream that I was flying while holding a car from back side in the air. Then I saw myself on earth and saying "That's how the birds fly, we must fly by knowing how the birds fly". My gender is male. While the vision itself gives some clues for interpretation, the rest depends on your situation in life and how you feel about the information given. Cars are often symbolic of our journeys through life, and flying through the sky and looking down on the earth below similarly refers to the good and bad events which have taken place thus far. If you have recently been in good spirits and have experienced positive situations, it is likely that this trend may continue, bringing more happiness and joy. However, if things have been going downhill or spiraling out of control recently, there may be more troubles on the horizon.
Giving birth to a pumpkin I'm a woman who dreamed that I gave birth to a large pumpkin and my daughter cut the cord. This vision is a fairly ominous sign, especially in relation to your financial future. The image of giving birth and your daughter helping during this process suggests you are about to experience one or a few seemingly insignificant events that actually turn out to be very important. The pumpkin symbolically represents financial troubles, so these events you brush off are likely related to money. This could mean constantly splurging without considering your budget or overdue notices you might put aside without addressing. In either case, you may want to pay closer attention to issues regarding your family budget and avoid frivolous spending.
A close encounter with a mythical creature A centaur befriends me in a wood. Meeting a mythical centaur in the woods indicates you have strong traditional values. This also means you tend to stick to the books when trying to solve a problem instead of trying new things. While old-fashioned wisdom is important and useful, following it too closely can blind you from other options which might be more efficient and practical.
Cows on top of a tree and one of them chasing I dreamt of cows, very big cows on top of a very big tree and as I went forward, I found a very big cow grazing and then it chased me, but it never caught me. It was of black and white color. Cows are symbols of abundance and seeing such a sign in a dream predicts being well provided for or have a plentiful amount of food. However, envisioning these cows high up in a tree and then running away as one of them chases you, suggests that this prosperity is somehow out of your reach or that you are working hard toward a goal, but often fall short of attaining it. The black and white color of the cow indicates this is related to money, such as getting a better job or receiving a raise. While there is no indication of either complete success or failure, this vision does point toward the need of working hard, if this is what you consider your first and utmost priority.
Being inside the heart of a colleague I saw myself walking inside the heart of my colleague who is a married man. At the same time, his wife and daughter are wandering outside his heart aimlessly. I am inside his heart which is bright red in color. A dream about a person you work with represents that you have strong feelings about some characteristic of that person which you would like to apply in your own life. The heart shows that you consider him a very sympathetic, caring person, but could equally signify unconditional love you may express toward him. The redness of the heart indicates that you have no sexual interest in this person, but you could be envious or wishing you were closer to him, maybe as his family member, as represented by the vision of his real family members outside of his heart.
A bird turning into a horse My dream was about a bright flying bird transforming into a winged flying horse in the night sky, it was coming towards me and disappeared as it passed through me. As it was coming closer, the light got so bright as it was day. I was floating into air when it was gone. A dream about seeing birds with beautiful and shiny plumage flying by or high up in the sky is a positive sign promising exciting new romantic encounters, or even marriage, waiting to happen in the near future. This is a vision that predicts harmony, mutual understanding and compatibility for the relationship that you are about to enter into. Seeing a winged horse in a dream often indicates that you will make yourself busy with some creative writing. This may help you to communicate with others by writing. You may become better able to verbally express your feelings. Alternatively, it may indicate that you will experience extremely good luck.
Someone riding on a flying pig I had a dream that a boy was flying on a white pig and he jumped off it and it went into the water. Dreaming about someone riding on a pig could be a symbol for oddness and weirdness. You could be about to dedicate yourself for a while to the performance of some unusual or eccentric tasks or occupations. You should be careful with these tasks as dreaming about a fall into water from a high altitude is an indication of negativity entering your life. It portends that you might become entangled in certain circumstances where you might start having money shortage, issues with budgeting or insufficient funds to sustain your life at an adequate level.
A lion with the husband's face A lion with my husband's face, I think it roared and woke me up. It seemed as if I was arguing with the lion. Arguing with your husband in a dream, contrary to what it may seem, can be interpreted as a symbol of mutual respect and trust in the relationship. Furthermore, a lion's roar is often seen as a sign of good fortune in dreams. Your relationship with your husband is likely to remain strong for a long time, and you should appreciate how lucky you truly are.
A cat with a head reattaching itself and a spinning room I dreamed that I saw a cat head fall off while I talked to a man. Then the head reattached itself but halfway on. Next I walked through the store holding a baby outfit in my arms as if it were a child. I followed a man I have a crush on. He disappeared into this weird room where strangers were there that sat around in a circle in weird chairs. The whole room span around and I flew in the air and sat in the chair and startled them. This is a very complicated vision with a number of interesting symbols. The first is that of the cat with the improperly attached head, which seems to point to some deception taking place in your life. This is followed by the image of yourself holding a baby outfit as though it were a child. This indicates trying to find a solution to a difficult problem with little to no success. In wake life, this situation could have manifested in the form of a sixth sense that something is not right around you. However, without the right tools or background knowledge, you may be at a loss as to how to determine who is behind this deception. This dream concludes with a spinning room which predicts the appearance of someone from an unusual place. This could be a person who has been hiding in the shadows or someone you run into on the street who would help you figure out the issues which you are trying to get solved.
Cats giving birth to kittens and a mysterious woman I dreamed of our spayed cats having kittens, but not at our house. Then I looked right and saw a pretty lady sitting on a flying mystical large white fish. Very puzzled. Dreaming of your cat having kittens, even though she is not capable of producing offspring in wake life, predicts an increase in the amount of people in your life. In some cases this suggests the addition of a new family member, but it can also indicate family members coming over and staying with you for some time. This is supported by the image of the white fish. While white fish normally point toward snow and snow-related activities, in this vision it seems to take a more metaphorical interpretation, meaning you are likely to find yourself in a flurry of activity and become much busier than normal.
Turning into a cockroach I'm looking around... I realize the table is huge and I get an overcoming feeling that I'm a cockroach. I'm running to hide still feeling like me in the dream and I wake up with an unsettling feeling. This dream has fairly ominous connotations related to your personal life. Specifically, the large table which you found yourself on suggests you currently have a very full plate, meaning you are too busy working or studying to have enough time for a private life. The result is that there is also an absence of close or intimate interaction between you and others. Envisioning yourself being a cockroach, then, is the manifestation of how small you feel because of the lack of other people's presence in your life. You may need to purposely find time inside your busy schedule to accommodate social activities, which is likely to make you feel much more connected to others and fulfilled.
A talking doll on grandmother's lap telling future My husband had a dream that he saw my grandmother on a chair with a talking doll on her lap and that the doll told my grandmother my husband's future and said the police was after him. The tone of the dream was calm. The talking doll in this dream represents your husband's suppressed desires or things he wants to do with or without your permission. The police and the grandmother could both be representations of your excessive control or dominance over his wishes and wants, which are not always bad or inconsiderate in their nature, at least in his opinion. He could be wanting to spend more time with his buddies or not go on that vacation you planned without his input. In any case, he could be subconsciously, and now through direct communication with you, trying to have more freedom and think independently as far as the relationship goes.
Images of a girl surrounded by light I had 2 dreams. A golden light-shaped image like human passed through me and I thought it is a girl. Then I had a dream of darkness all around, a girl in space (the space around is like night). Some person talking to that girl (now here it is definitely a girl image in the second dream) about something. The golden being that you felt was a girl in this vision can actually be interpreted as the manifestation of higher powers influencing your activities and behavior in wake life. While that might sound like a bad thing, this spirit has your best interests at heart and is trying to lead you out of dangerous situations or guide you toward opportunities which would enrich your life. This is followed by the symbol of night and space in the following vision which indicates you may already know or might have suspected such involvement, as the night sky suggests a predisposition toward cosmic powers or abilities. The spirit, in this case, may be trying to show you how to use your powers for good or pointing to you where you could serve others with your talent.
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