Flying in the sky while following landmarks I was flying to specific places in the sky, as per direction of someone below on the ground, that were marked by balloons with numbers on them (I don't remember the exact numbers). And then I would look down and feel uncomfortable about my height and fly lower to feel more at ease. Traveling to specific locations indicates new and exciting changes taking place in your life. It is a positive sign associated with moving up in the world, either at home or at work. However, being afraid of flying too high represents some insecurities or lack of ambition on your part, meaning you are either too afraid to take a chance or too lazy to change your current way of life. The last symbol, flying itself, is what makes the specific interpretation of the dream. If you are currently in a good place in your life and you are willing to face new challenges to improve yourself as a person, this vision is overwhelmingly positive, predicting a good outcome for your efforts. However, if you remain in a unchanged state, being unmotivated to do anything to better yourself, you may find your standard of living decreasing and that you have a more difficult life than before.
A silvery fish in the tree canopy I was walking in a garden and looked up. There was a huge silvery fish in the foliage of the tree. It flew down to the ground but went back up higher as more people saw it. Gardens, in general, are symbols of life, and being within one in a dream predicts positive things taking root and growing. In the context of this dream, it seems to be related to relationships, as a silver-colored fish represents catching the eye of a highly suitable partner, like a celebrity, savvy business person or a world-class doctor. There is even a possibility of engagement and marriage. Additionally, seeing this fish in the lush foliage of a tree indicates increased wealth or profits, suggesting this person you are about to enter into a long-term commitment with may be rich or well off financially.
Finding seeds inside the head which turn into glowing spiders I was picking out tiny bird seeds from a slit on the top of my head over and over. Each one turned into a glowing, colored spider after I got it out of my head. Traditionally, symbolic images of seeds mean new ideas, discoveries or recently acquired knowledge. The notion of finding these seeds on top of your head could mean you have been preoccupied with sharing something you have recently learned or realized with other people. However, the vision of glowing spiders could indicate the presence of someone in your life who is feeding on your psyche or intellectual power and could use this knowledge or information you share with them to take advantage of you. If you suspect that there is an individual or people in your circle who tend to open up and accept anything you share, be careful not to reveal or give away too much because it could later on turn against you.
Girls turning into bats aiding to escape from a strange frightening person I was with two young girls who could turn into bats and fly me to protection for a short bit from some scary-looking guy on a bridge. Since they could only fly me for a short period, they told me to run, but I was weak and decided to drown myself in a lake because I was so scared, but I found myself in a medical facility and met the girls again. Everything was dark. But the girls kept telling me this was just a game and that my brain was trapped in it. They kept saying "a beep is a beep, a gap is a gap". I was sort of lucid dreaming I think because my brain was active, but I didn't know I was asleep. Symbolically, people turning into bats in a dream and coming into some kind of contact with you, point to suffering and great disappointments brought about by communication or interaction with unfamiliar people or complete strangers. Based on the symbols of a stranger standing on a bridge and yourself drowning, you could be very sensitive to what people think or say about you when you first meet them in person. You could be the type of person who does not feel comfortable initiating first contact with others or who is afraid to make the first step in getting to know better new, unfamiliar people. The ending of this dream also reveals that you are much more comfortable and relaxed interacting with those who want to get your attention by using technology, such as mobile phones and the Internet.
Being atop of stairs with an older man at night Woman, 30. As a child, I had a reoccurring dream that I was standing on top of some stairs holding the hand of a strange middle-aged man. The stairs went up like a pyramid and flat on top. Behind us was an electronic sliding glass door. Through the door I can see only the wall. A small rectangular building. It's a starry night. We don't speak. I think we were in the middle of nowhere. When I wake, I would be paralyzed and scared, not able to call my mom. There are many symbols in this dream and because it is not recent, some of the symbolic images may have changed or already come to pass since that time. The first major image is that of standing at the top of a flight of stairs, which symbolizes achievements in your life. At the time of experiencing these visions, you may not have begun this journey, so it is possible that in retrospect, you had already achieved certain goals in your life. The old man represents someone in your life you are or were destined to meet, particularly a creative person who would make a strong impression on you, like an artist or teacher. This person may have influenced or aided in the achievements you had made when you were having this dream. Being unable to move upon waking up points toward having some reservations about acting on this person's advice. They may have wanted you to do something you were not comfortable with or which you had little prior knowledge of. The sum of your experiences, however, is what has made you who you are today and, with more reflection and insight, could guide your future decisions as well.
Instructed to kill people and reading a book Was sent in a pod with six others to an all-inclusive (shops, library, etc.) neighborhood. I was then told by clues written above each person's picture whom they must kill and how. If they didn't do it, I was accountable. Over my name, I was told to read a book (forgot the name) and asked who do I find most like myself in it? This was creepy... I don't know how it ended, as my dog woke me up. Being sent to a new place with strangers predicts the rise of a competitor from within your company or social circle, someone you used to work with in teamwork and harmony until now. Each person's task, seen above their picture, represents going through an uncomfortable period of time due to this person's emergence. The most difficult part of this period is likely to be the uncertainty about what happens next. Everything could be up in the air, and the situation may start changing rapidly, moving back and forth between being in your favor and theirs. The last prominent symbol, being told to read a book, suggests the situation may eventually end in your favor, but not before you have overcome a number of challenges.
Lizards turning into butterflies I dreamt slimy baby lizards came out of my nose and turned into beautiful butterflies. This dream is highly ominous and should not be taken lightly. Dreaming about lizards portends the rise of your enemies and the formation of their plans against you. These people are ready to make their move against you and hit you where it hurts. The fact that these lizards came from your nose suggests this is related to money. Your enemies may try to make you spend money or do something to hurt your investments or career unless you do something for them. However, the image of the beautiful butterfly can be interpreted to mean that whatever they ask of you is unreasonable. It may require you to give too much of yourself or hurt your pride. The outcome of this situation is unclear, but it should be handled carefully to avoid unnecessary damages.
Visiting an old house and ending up in a fairy tale land Dreams about visiting the old home of my aunt and uncle who have since moved. Going into a bedroom and jumping into a trap door under the bed landing in OZ from the Wizard of Oz. Oz was now a town being rebuilt... Looking for the yellow brick road it had been painted over in some places. The yellow brick road had also been moved. Every time I would step on it, the song "Follow the yellow brick road" would play. There were many people there but I didn't recognize any. Eventually, the road led me into this semi-dark room with a stove in the middle. Dreaming about visiting an old home that once belonged to your relatives is symbolic of soon being able to resolve issues which you may have had with someone from your past or for a long period of time now. This could be someone whose existence you had almost forgotten about, although they had once been an important part of your life. You will find it important to mend whatever it was that set the two of you apart, and rekindle the relationship that you had before. Based on the imagery present toward the end of this dream, you may not fully realize the damages or heartaches this breakup had caused to the other party. But your subconscious mind seems to be guiding you in the right direction to start the healing process for everyone involved in this situation.
Gold stones turning into a talking sculpture I have dreamed that a gold stones turned into a gold crocodile (I think it was a talking monument crocodile or made of metal) and asking me for a wish and then I told my wish.. What is the meaning of this? The gold stones you envision are usually a negative sign associated with being deceived. Someone is likely trying to pull the wool over your eyes and swindle you, possibly leading to some major monetary losses. This is also supported by the image of the crocodile, which indicates the con artist is someone you know, probably someone you currently trust more than you should. You should keep an eye out for any suspicious activities and be cautious of those who may try to influence how you spend your money.
A wolf in sheep skin falling off the sky As the dream started, I was in a very strong storm. I was looking up at the storm clouds, very dark... As I was looking up at the clouds I noticed something white falling from the midst of the clouds, it was solid white and was covered in hair or woolly, or something, as it fell to the ground. I thought it was my dog. I have a solid white very large dog, as it fell, it was coming very hard and fast and when it hit the ground it bounced very high, it bounced 2 times, I walked over to it and I noticed it had very large teeth and that it was a wolf in sheep clothing and it was dead, and then I woke up. Dreaming about being caught in the midst of a terrible storm suggests experiencing challenges or road blocks while working on an improtant project at your company or while on the job. You may have difficulty meeting the expectations set by your boss or supervisor. This situation is likely caused by the interference of someone you once trusted, as the symbol of a wolf in sheep's clothing portends the same meaning as the saying in real life, namely that you are to be betrayed by someone you thought was on your side. If this has not already occured, you may want to be on the lookout for a person whose actions and words do not match up.
A tree with fruits and giving birth to a baby I had a dream of a beautiful fruit or vegetable tree, there are multiple trees apple and pears that were in my dream, but this one tree had a beautiful red fruit or vegetable of which I don't know. But it was beautiful, this tree had a baby. This baby matured at rapid speed. Fruit trees and trees in blossom in a dream are often symbolic of prosperity and fruitfulness, and as such, are especially positive signs to see in a vision. While this symbol is usually connected to business endeavors or wealth, in this case it may have more to do with fertility. This is because seeing a tree produce progeny which grows with great speed and vitality indicates the birth of a happy and healthy baby boy into your family or within your circle of friends, an event which brings joy and delight to all those directly involved.
Becoming a werewolf and children involved I turned into a werewolf to kill someone, then accidentally attacked my child, who lost his legs. Then a helicopter came down with a child baseball team to take a trophy photo at our house. Becoming a werewolf indicates you may have recently started engaging in less than savory activities, making you less trustworthy or responsible in the eyes of others. This is further revealed through attacking your child, which suggests you are revealing more of the darkness in your heart to others than you think you are. Also, suddenly seeing a bunch of children coming toward your house and the photo they take represents your internal fear of being exposed. Since you are already showing so much of your true intentions, you may want to either give up pretenses and do what you want to do or do your best to stick to the straight and narrow, even if it is more difficult.
A visit from a flying baby elephant A baby elephant flew down to my balcony. I had to cool him down with water, as it was a very hot day. I tipped water all over him and then he flew away. This dream about encountering a baby elephant implies certain negativity, bad events which may unfold or problems which are likely to be nearing. A burden of some difficult task or responsibility could bring havoc in certain aspects of your life and daily activities. You could already be approaching these obligations with anxiety, dreading what the next challenge may be. But even though preoccupations and worries may seem overwhelming, it seems that this bleak period in your life is going to be a brief one. Once you manage to apply your efforts in the right places and at the right time, you would become capable of overcoming these negative situations, as the image of splashing water to help the animal suggests.
A dog skeleton ripped from the body of someone I don't remember a whole lot, but the part I remember is me sitting at a table, maybe standing in front of an altar and somebody (big menacing, Viking-like, but I did not perceive him as menacing) yanked a huge dog's skeleton out of its body and slammed it on the table or altar, then yanked it back off and put it back in its body that was laying on the floor. While this vision looks a bit scary on the surface, it is actually very positive in nature. Sitting at a table with a stranger in front of you portends an unexpected visit from someone important, as represented by this imagined person's size and stature. Given the importance of this visit, it is likely related to your work or career activities, including networking or a future business endeavor. The giant dog whose skeleton is removed and replaced represents upcoming happiness in your life. More specifically, the powerful person is showing you the inner workings of your field (how to succeed) and then returning it to the dog for you to find yourself. Being successful, in this sense, requires hard work and dedication, however, the fruits of your labor are likely to be very sweet.
A rabbit flying inside a library using its ears as wings I dreamt I had to return a rabbit that had long ears like Dumbo to a library. I had no cage and the queue was long. I let it go by accident and it started flying around the library using its ears. It was only flying about the head level. It was tricky to catch again, but I did and had to hold it by its neck, pin down in my arms. It was a big grey rabbit, I then queued to return it. This dream contains both positive and negative imagery, making it more difficult to come to a concise interpretation. Rabbits are often associated with success and improvements in your standard of living. This could include getting a promotion or better job, which is connected to the sign of waiting in line. Waiting in line, however, usually means facing troubles at work, such as people trying to sabotage your success or the profitability of your projects. You are likely to fall victim to their schemes, losing face and respect in your work environment. While this situation could hurt you, the final sign, chasing and catching the rabbit again, suggests finding redemption and overcoming whatever plan was set in motion against you. This vision gives no indication as to how this comes about, so you should be on the lookout for chances to prove yourself and make good use of your skills and talents.
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