People willingly amputating their arms and a professor People were in line volunteering to be arm-amputated, I was afraid to watch them. Then my former lecturer was standing on my heads in front of my bed. Dreams about amputation are usually a sign of divisions within a group, either between the group as a whole or just between two people, particularly in regards to an opinion or an understanding of a situation. It may also indicate separating or distancing yourself from people who are holding you down or who are not adding anything of value to your life. Additionally, seeing a lecturer in an unexpected and unusual position, especially in regards to the head, represents not being sure which group to join or which position to take. It serves as a hint that you might need to seek some advice about your current situation from someone you trust or a person with authority.
A black creature resembling a bull and turning into dogs I saw a black creature in my dream, I was sitting in my college canteen some people were there, then a black creature comes to me, I don't know what it was but i think it was a black bull touching my feet with his head. Then suddenly it transforms from a black bull to a black dog and some more black dogs come to me and start playing with me, and I was scared badly in my dream. I want to know what it indicates! The color black is very prominent in this dream, which is a very ill omen, especially in conjunction with your fear and the animal imagery. Black is usually associated with negative effects or situations, which dominate most aspects of this dream. The bull is symbolic of being disliked or of someone causing trouble for you. This may be due to some selfishness on your part, which is seen in the image of the group of dogs. On one hand, seeing many dogs represents saving money and carefully planning how you spend, but on the other hand, it shows you may have a tendency to not contribute your share or to rely too much on other people, at least in their eyes. In the end, this dream might be a warning to be more generous with your time and money so that others will feel you appreciate them.
Dead crocodile with eyes falling on the ground Dreams about a baby crocodile being opened up on the side, its flesh crawls out, lies in a basket of crab meat and dies. When carrying the basket, two eye balls fall out and when they touch the ground the appear as broken eggs. This dream vision could be a reflection of a situation which took place recently when someone enraged you by telling lies, either about you to someone or about themselves to you. You could have just recently become aware of this wrongdoing and witnessed (as the images of eye balls falling out of the basket suggest) it yourself. However, the vision at the end of this dream of eggs getting cracked and splattered upon impact after they fell to the ground symbolizes integrity and wholeness of your character. Quite the opposite of what the broken eggs might indicate, your firm beliefs, well-rounded character and sound judgment would lead you to forget this incident or even forgive the person or people responsible for this kind of behavior.
Giants offering to stay at their house I have seen that I am living in a house of fat giant-like humans and they are very kind, there is a heavy rainfall that stops me from going home, my husband is eating sweet dish to his full, then next day sunshine appeared and we left on a happy note. The giants seen in this dream vision could represent people older or more powerful and experienced than yourself, whom you keep coming back to when you need advice or seek help in regards to either your relationship with your husband or your family as a whole. The notion of you staying with the giants only because a heavy rain prevented you from leaving, while your husband felt comfortable and was enjoying his stay naturally, could be symbolic of the fact that these people who sometimes help you are more closely associated with your husband. The explanation for this could be in that he introduced these people to you or they feel he needs more of their help and attention than you do.
Fighting with someone who shrinks I was fighting with a random person and what the fight entailed is unknown. I kept beating him and he kept shrinking then hid in a shoe, so I started taking the shoe and hitting it against the wall and the floor. The image of fighting a random stranger usually points to dealing with conflicts and problems that seem to arise out of nowhere. You may be working on a task that seems to hit a roadblock every step of the way, or you may be dealing with a recurring challenge that you have not found a solution for yet. However, beating these troubles into submission (metaphorically) and causing them to shrink and hide means you are likely to succeed in overcoming these challenges in the future. The dream is most likely suggesting to take a closer look at what you are currently dealing with and act on.
A dog with a goat head and talking to Satan I have two separate dreams. One from a friend and one from me, my friend had a dream about a dog with a goat head. I had a dream about talking to Satan face to face. I cant remember if i sold something or if i was going to hell. Dreams containing images of chimeric animals with a goat head can have two possible meanings. One is related to the possibility that the dreamer is surrounded or easily influenced by evil and destructive forces. Another interpretation involves notions of wanting to have an intercourse with someone inside the dreamer's social circle, the intent which is fed by aggressive eroticism toward and obsession over this person. The vision of talking to Satan points to recent or planned attempts by someone or some people to deceive you or trick you in committing acts you would regret later on. It is also symbolic of allowing something sinister or evil to be present in your life and the longer you ignore it and pretend it does not exist, the more difficult it would become to eliminate it from your life in the future, when and if you decide to do something about it.
Becoming a wolf In my dream, my camp counselor from this past summer asked me, "Do you want to win in this next activity?". I replied with a yes and he took me to this greenhouse-type place and, after looking around for a bit, a gray and white wolf appeared. It launched itself at me and I had a sensation similar to when one gets goose bumps. After that, the wolf "became a part of me". Seeing a previous camp counsellor in your dream may indicate that this person had a profound effect on you during your time together. His question and your reply both reflect your ability to communicate your ideas and opinions clearly to others. The image of the grey and white wolf usually suggests meeting someone in a high ranking position, but because it became a part of you within the vision, it more likely means that you are going to become more respected or admired, possibly due to the successful outcome of a project you are currently working on. This dream seems to show your potential to influence others with words and the prestige it may bring if utilised properly.
Being God and regretting things done I was on a college campus. I was god for a day, and everyone was praying directly to me. I didn't keep up and everybody revolted when I didn't take their prayers. They all came to where I was. And I made them turn on each other. Then, after making them all leave, I had one girl take her own life. In seeing this, it destroyed me and I started to question myself and my will as a person and as a god. After being consoled by a girl who knew my secret we held hands and walked away, then I woke up. A song played in the background, something about "been here before"... The images you have experienced in this dream speak of your insecurities and reservations in relation to communicating and interacting with other people around you. It could be that you do not accept their way of living or certain aspects of their lifestyle, feel uncomfortable or apprehensive while socializing with them. Another point to make here would be is that you feel lonely because you are not treated they way you would like to be treated by the individuals you are attracted to physically or emotionally.
Scared of a flying creature after communicating with a coworker I'm at work, a coworker is telling me her husband was shot overseas, but she is ok. Then I'm telling her about some boots I saw on sale after work. I go to the store to buy them and I'm telling the clerk that I'll be back tomorrow for the brown pair. She says to me "No, you won't because you are dreaming". All of sudden I am in my bedroom, I do not know how I got there. I'm sleeping. Then I turn and face the window and I see a big black birdlike object, not sure the wings are flapping so hard. I can feel the wind from them, too scared to see what it really is. I awaken I think it is trying to get me, but I'm too afraid to look up. This dream vision, although fragmented, could predict an encounter with some important person in your life, which you have been hoping would benefit you in some way. However, the creature envisioned by you in this same dream could indicate some careless or inadequate behavior or attitude on your part which could make the person hesitant or reserved to continue with this interaction. Overall, the dream suggests to be careful in choosing words and acting in certain ways when you seek to advance your goals and aspirations.
Pursued by an evil clown Myself and others I don't know are living in a grocery store or dorm rooms and a clown is chasing us around the store, trapping us in our room, then possessing us until we kill ourselves. I barely escape until I'm the last one. Then he traps me and I wake up. I have had this dream for years. Envisioning yourself living together with unfamiliar people could mean that you are currently experiencing some minor issues, problems or disagreements which you think are drawing a wedge into the cohesiveness and integrity of your social group. You could be feeling that something which otherwise preserves this group's ties and values is jeopardized and threatened. This could be related to your friends or acquaintances moving away, getting married or simply outgrowing this relationship. The vision of a clown trying to possess and kill you and others could be significant of your attempts to restore these broken connections, but without any willingness and enthusiasm coming from other people who once belonged to this social circle.
A boy turning into a dog with sexual details A boy face that turned into a bull dog that nipped me on my arm a little, but did not hurt. The dog then fell on the ground and he had a giant life-size man penis in which the tip was red and swollen and split into two. Dreams containing imagery of morphing or sudden transformation of one object into another are subconscious reflection of your fear of upcoming changes or rearrangements in your waking life. Based on the sexually explicit undertones of this dream vision, they may represent some existing fear or concern which is closely related to some sexual experiences or aspects of your sexuality. You could presently be having a partner in sex who delivers a lot of pleasure and enjoyment to you, or you could be having encounters with multiple sex partners who create a perfect balance as far as your sexual needs are concerned, but you feel threatened that this arrangement might not continue for much longer or may change in a way which would be disadvantageous to your physical intimacy needs or certain sexual desires you have.
A man getting hit by a car on the street and disappearing It was Halloween night in the dream and I was about to go to bed when I looked out of my window and saw a man standing I the middle of the street. A car came racing by and hit the man and I screamed for my mom. She came running and I told her what happened she looked and said there was no one out there. I looked and there was no blood or anything. I was majorly confused but I said that I just need to go to bed. So she left and I headed to bed but, before I laid down I looked out once more and saw him looking straight at me. I screamed again and my mom came running and asked what happened. While this dream does have some aspects of horror, it is actually more likely related to your love life. Seeing a car accident from a distance indicates meeting and starting a relationship with someone who exceeds all you expectations. However, despite your happiness in the relationship, your new love may make other people uncomfortable or rub them the wrong way. This is also supported by seeing the man you thought had been hit a second time, which predicts some strange and inexplicable events taking place around you. You may have to be creative and resilient to deal with the situation you may find yourself in.
Sleeping in a car, a lightning and a strange giant woman walking by I was sleeping in a car with a portion of the back window missing. It was raining real light, like mist. Lighting hit the car, I could see the bolts of lighting and electricity going thru the car, but in a cartoonish way. I jumped out right before the car drove itself really fast into the lake and sunk. There were two women standing there, both had gotten hit by the lighting and disappeared. I ran to get cover from the rain, and this giant lady passed me. Somehow I knew she was responsible for the lighting. She slowly turned into a statue. On her shoe the name Anastasia was writing itself in a graffiti handwriting. This dream has a number of complicated symbols which require untangling, however, the message itself is overwhelmingly positive. Cars are usually symbolic of your life journey or a certain project you have been devoting a lot of time and energy to. Seeing this car hit by lightning indicates a sudden romance coming into the picture, whether it was part of your plan or not. Watching the electricity jump about inside the car may represent this new love integrating itself throughout your life, becoming deeper and stronger with time. Getting out of the car predicts the successful completion of your goals and being rewarded for your hard work, giving you much satisfaction and happiness. This is also supported by your witnessing of the car crash and then seeing the car sink into a lake, which suggests avoiding conflict and obstacles, most likely in relation to your goals.
Being in a cartoon world and chased by a witch My reoccurring dreams are about waking up to cartoons' Tom and Jerry, which I never watched growing up. I'd go into the living room and I knew I wasn't allowed to, but I'd watch the cartoon. Then suddenly a green-faced witch would chase me around the pool table with a knife and randomly wind up chattering teeth would be next to the bar table and scare me awake in real life where I'd wake up in my dad's room. This dream was reoccurring and still happens occasionally. This dream about watching cartoons which you were not allowed to watch in the first place means that you want to participate in some fun and pleasurable activity or event, but for some reason feel guilty and inhibited about doing this. It could be that you recently heard someone talking about it or inviting you to join them, but because of your lifestyle or personal values, you may feel reserved and find reasons to be unavailable. Similarly, the symbolic vision of a witch chasing you around the house represents your fear and hesitance to enjoy yourself in the company of other people because of your elevated sense of responsibility and personal integrity, perhaps in relation to or fueled by your parents or peers.
Headless men being chased after I saw headless men and some of them were trying to run away from someone trying to cut off their necks and one neck was cut off by a man. Despite the gruesomeness of this dream vision, it is an indication of your recent real-life experience when you witnessed or learned about someone making a huge progress and achieving a lot in a short period of time. You could be concerned, or just bothered, by this person's success and recognition by others. You could also be making constant comparisons and analyze your own abilities and talents, in hopes of adopting some of the aspects of this success story to improve your own life.
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