Skinning people after killing them I have this recurring dream that I'm killing faceless people and skinning them and then stretching the skin with hooks, I promise I'm not a psychopath. While this vivid, horrifying imagery is likely very disturbing, it neither means you are a psychopath nor that you have such tendencies. Rather, the gruesome symbolism behind peeling layers of skin from the body and stretching them out suggests a gradual break down in reality. A friend may betray you, or a reliable job may suddenly become unprofitable. But with the knowledge this premonition holds perhaps you can mitigate some of the damage by protecting your interests and, as a result, protecting your heart.
A white owl transforming into a monkey There was a white owl in a big wooden room with a big window. As I came closer to the owl he turned in to a white monkey. I wanted to talk to him but he was a little scared and wanted to leave through the window. Then I took out an apple from my bag to hand to him to show I mean no harm only to notice he had his mouth sewn on the sides, so I bit off a part of the apple and gave it to him and so he calmed down. I think that's when I woke up. I don't remember the beginning of the dream though. The white owl in your dream refers to your relationship with someone you highly respect or admire. The owl's transformation into a white monkey suggests this person is not who he or she appears to be. There is an air of mystery around them and a sense that he or she is keeping secrets or holding back, and it is possible that you will discover this person's true intentions. This secretive nature is further illustrated by the mouth being sewn. He or she is not being completely truthful to you. Meanwhile, the big window is a metaphor for a tempting offer or a huge break which could create distance between the two of you. Giving the apple to the monkey is your way of asking this individual to stay with a counteroffer. Perhaps your subconscious is urging you to evaluate this relationship and whether it is worth hanging on to or if it would be better if you just part ways.
An injured bird turning into a baby Female. Dreamt of finding an oil-covered bird on the edge of a creek bed, went to wash off the oil to uncover a baby. When the baby was taken by the foster care system I went mad and claimed the baby as my own. There was an altercation but unclear who it was with. Metaphysical interpretations of the three principal symbols reveal a need to make amends for something in the past before you can move on in the future. The oil spill in the creek bed represents a specific misdeed from your past that is literally polluting the waters of your present self. You may try to wash it away, but until the source is dealt with it would be impossible to escape. The bird caught in the oil that you tried to clean suggests that this is probably not a surprise to you, as you have been suffering with the sadness and guilt for some time. Finally, revealing a baby but not necessarily being responsible for it alludes to the judgement of others. They may be harsh in their criticisms of you, especially if you have waited a long time to address this issue.
Scrubbing the road with coworkers and boss I dreamt that myself and my colleagues at work, including our CEO were on all fours, scrubbing a road clean, and of course, causing traffic. I could sense in the dream, that my boss just needed the publicity. Next scene, I went to get results from some quiz and I topped the class (10/10) and got congratulatory messages from everyone. I remember the quiz was about Indian businessmen and people were asking how I knew the answers. I told them I simply read. Dreaming that you and your colleagues are cleaning the road suggests a desire to have a clear path towards success. You may be struggling with issues of ethics and professionalism at work, so you are questioning your future at your current job. In addition, viewing the clean up as a publicity stunt reveals your negative perception of your superiors. You crave transparency and accountability from your company's management. The second scenario is likewise indicative of your workplace woes. For instance, getting a perfect score on a quiz shows your readiness to rise up the ranks and handle more responsibility. Acing the test also means you are confident about your skills. Unfortunately, you may have been passed over for a promotion or stagnating in your current role. This dream could also be an opportunity for self-awareness. The end of the dream where you tell them you simply read could come off as condescension to others. If you are like this in real life, a lack of tact and poor social skills may be the barriers to your career advancement since upper management usually requires strong people skills and coaching abilities.
Being eaten by a giant fly A huge fly getting us into a sticky thing and then cooking us and then eating us. Modern dream interpreters suggest that a giant fly could be a reflection of the dreamer's tendency to be pesky or picky. You probably are fairly particular about how you like things and get upset when your schedule gets altered unnecessarily. Being stuck in something sticky, however, may reveal that this trait could exact some positive changes in your life. For example, being insistent about wanting to do something the right way could show others, like teachers or a boss, that you are dedicated and conscientious. Furthermore, being cooked and eaten in this sense could show your willingness to carry through and finish even the most challenging of tasks.
Grandmother turning into a zombie I dreamt my grandmother choked on a fly and then turned into a zombie and tried to eat me. Witnessing your grandmother choking on a fly suggests a relative may be under the influence of a malicious individual. Someone's wild speculations could be poisoning the mind of a loved one and this could negatively impact their view of the world. In addition, the transformation of a loved one into a zombie indicates familial conflict fueled by possible substance abuse or other destructive habits which tend to ruin relationships. Reaching out could be a good remedy for this situation. People need to know that they are loved and appreciated, especially during this age of isolation.
Pretending to be an injured bird I was a bird that couldn't fly because I was tired, kids were mean. I had to fake I couldn't fly until I regained my strength. Dreaming that you have taken the form of a bird is generally considered a positive sign in ancient dream interpretation texts. This symbol classically represents positive change in your life, especially in your financial position or health. Being tired and having to wait until you had the strength to fly could mean you would have to suffer a little longer until the situation resolves itself, but in the end you would be very happy and satisfied.
A man in the sky Man standing in sky. Dreaming about seeing a figure or a silhouette of a man who is standing in the sky means you would soon be successful in a task or project you recently began working on.
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