A flying building A dream about being in a flying building and looking for people in that building. A building is a representation of yourself as a whole. It symbolizes the state of your mind, body and soul. So dreaming of a flying building means you are in a state of flux. You have the freedom to choose and decide which way to go and which path to take, both in terms of your profession as well as your personal life. As such, looking for other people in the building means you are looking for guidance. You are not used to having this much freedom, so you search both within yourself for guiding principles as well as outside yourself for advice from friends and family who you trust would give you their honest opinions.
A strange face calling for help In my dream I woke up and it was almost like a lucid dream, where when I tried to go back to sleep the first time a mysterious, mechanical face yelled "Help!" and then disappeared, then I happily went back to sleep. Lucid dreams reveal your ability to change the direction of your life. These types of dreams often occur when the dreamer wants to alter certain aspects of their existence, whether it is a career path or taking a relationship to the next level. In your dream vision, the mechanical face symbolizes a part of you that feels limited or controlled by authority figures. You feel you do not have the freedom to pursue your interests, so this is your subconscious encouraging you to rescue yourself from a life of subservience and subordination.
A warrior with a second heart There was a young warrior boy learning about everyone having a second heart. The old mentor told him that the second heart is where everyone's evil is. The warrior then goes through a painful procedure where his second heart is removed. In the dark, he hears an elephant say hello. It explains he can now hear him speak now that his second heart is removed. The young warrior's journey in your dream could resemble your own journey in reality. You sense a darkness within you which you think is keeping you from creating meaningful and lasting connections. The second heart symbolizes your personal issues and baggage that often spoils or creates conflicts in your relationships. Finally, the procedure points to your decision to seek help from a professional or a wise mentor who would guide you into becoming a better version of yourself.
Becoming invisible I boiled a drink made from the alligator I killed and had my cats drink it. They became invisible for a while and I drunk the last boiled alligator and then I became invisible. What does my dream mean? Alligators in dreams usually symbolize cunning enemies waiting to surprise you with their attack. As such, concocting a drink from the alligator you killed suggests peace and diplomacy. Making your cats drink the concoction means you are going to be the arbitrator of two quarreling parties. Alternatively, this can also represent your cautious nature. Instead of getting yourself involved in unnecessary conflict, you prefer playing a neutral role.
Being attacked by the alphabet A dream about being attacked by the alphabet. The capital A was first. The rest of the letters were waiting their turn. I was not injured. Pretty bizarre dream. Dreaming of the alphabet means you are carrying a lot of unresolved issues. You could be suppressing these issues or avoiding them altogether and this is why they are attacking you in the dream to force you to confront them. Each of the letters could represent a name, an object or a concept associated with your personal issues. The letter A oftentimes symbolizes a new beginning. As such, an aggressive letter A means you are being forced to make a major decision which would start a chain reaction of changes and events that would shift the course of your life.
Griffin eggs i was walking through the forest when I came upon a group of eggs. I kept one and it hatched into a baby griffin like from Greek mythology and was female. I kept it and years later she and my Chihuahua were about the same size, they were best friends and liked to curl up and sleep together. More years later they died. I remember living through it all the laughs and the happiness. Dreaming about finding eggs in a forest means you may soon receive an inheritance or monetary endowment from a distant relative or friend. This money would be quite unexpected, as you would neither know this individual had money to bestow nor that they considered you worthy enough to receive it. However, the presence of the griffin that hatched from those eggs indicates you have strong traditional values. This suggests the reason this individual has chosen to share their life's wealth with you is related to your moral character and upright behavior. If for some reason you have been lapse in your attention to these details, perhaps it is not too late to put a few of the simpler tenets into practice, such as limiting the use of coarse language and serving others before yourself.
A giant rose growing out of a pool I was walking around my old university campus, a lot had changed for the better. I came across a Jacuzzi and an outdoor pool. The pool was packed with people having fun, my ex jumped into the pool, I later got in and the pool moved me around the edge until I ended where I started. When I got out the pool, a giant rose, rose from the pool's waters (draining the pool - nobody was in the pool.) The rose was made up of 1000s of small roses. It was beautiful, healthy and changed colors red, yellow, baby blue. The swimming pool and the pool party allude to a romance, possibly one from your past given the familiar location of the vision at your alma mater. While the dream may not be specifically pointing toward someone you went to school with, dreams set in a place close to your heart, like a childhood home or school, often reference loves that are foundations to how we see and experience love even now as an adult. Perhaps something about your ex has shaped the way you saw and continue to see other potential partners. However, the draining water suggests you should literally let these past preconceptions drain away, as they are clouding your judgment and preventing you from seeing something right in front of your eyes. Specifically, the beautiful color-changing rose made up of other roses predicts a new, fresh romance that would sweep you off your feet. It could be something really special if you were only able to let go of the past.
Flying and landing on an island I was flying all the around the world trying to find a place to relax and think. I landed near a big pink wind chime but it broke when I landed and left me on an island surrounded by sharks with someone else. Flying all over the world, or over long distances, signifies an upcoming period characterized by emotional highs and lows. This could refer to a rocky relationship or a life-changing opportunity which would require a lot of physical and emotional energy. The broken wind chime underscores the amount of stress you would have to deal with during this period of transition. Your normally peaceful and manageable days would be over, at least during this period, and you would have different challenges to overcome along the way. Finally, finding yourself on an island surrounded by sharks means you need to be careful about the people around you. If the life-changing event refers to a new career or workplace, you can expect enemies circling you every step of the way. As such, you need to find allies in order to keep yourself sane. Find someone you can trust completely, so when you are feeling drained and too tired to fight, this person or group of people can pick up the slack.
Flying and being interrupted by noise I was flying in my dream and when another person asked how I was doing that I said that it was not a big deal because it was a dream. She started screaming, everything went dark, and there was an overwhelming static noise that drowned everything else out. I had to force myself awake to make it stop. I am a female. Dreaming of flying indicates freedom. You will soon earn the freedom and independence you have wanted for a long time. Meanwhile, your awareness that it was a dream suggests lucid dreaming and lucid dreams can reveal psychic powers. You have the potential of sensing supernatural events and phenomena which means your instincts are heightened. This ability would come in handy soon because the screaming in your vision means a loved one needs your help. The static noise reveals a lack of communication between you and this troubled loved one, so you would have to rely on your instincts and gut feel to reach out or figure out the source of their struggle.
Being a giant baby and stabbing oneself I am a male, I was a large 3-foot tall when sitting down baby and I had a knife and I stabbed myself and black goo poured out. It took place in my childhood home where I no longer live. Envisioning yourself as a baby means you are entering a period of transition and transformation. This change involves both an ending and a beginning, such as the end of a relationship and the start of a new romance or endeavor. The childhood home where this all takes place implies a need to examine your past before you can forge ahead and enter a new chapter in your personal journey. Stabbing yourself suggests the necessity of facing your fears and acknowledging your weaknesses if you want to emerge stronger and wiser while confronting the challenges you are about to experience.
A bucket with vaginas I dreamed there was a KFC bucket full of vaginas on front of me. A vagina generally refers to an open-minded view and an openness to new experiences. So, seeing a whole bucket of them means you are going to contemplate a lot of good ideas and get the chance to experience new things. Although, this could also portend too much sensitivity. You will be the target of harsh criticism which you would take negatively instead of treating it as a constructive comment. You need to become tougher if you want to build yourself up and become better in social respect.
Being a strangely-shaped animal I was in a forest with a group of people and I had to walk as an animal I have never seen before. It was completely round, no head, don't remember feet and had 2 long extended arms dragging on the ground shaped as what dolphins have but longer. So to do that, I had to kneel really low and let my arms drag on the ground. Walking as a strange animal is a reference to your spirit animal. The universe is challenging you to find inspiration in unusual places. You have been coasting in your comfort zone for too long, so you need to think outside the box in order to come up with innovative ideas and creative solutions to your day-to-day issues. Furthermore, walking close to the ground symbolizes humility. Sometimes, going back to your roots and getting involved in community activities will open up your mind to the struggles of others. Step out of your personal bubble and perhaps this is the way you will find your true purpose in life.
A blue raven in the fridge I was at my childhood home with my mom when I opened up the refrigerator. In the refrigerator there was a blue raven with its beak teared off. It walked out, clearly injured and stammering everywhere, and made it out the back door. Opening a refrigerator alludes to your aloof, even cold, personality. You cut people off easily after the slightest argument or conflict. The blue raven which got out of the refrigerator symbolizes one of the people you have cut off. The torn off beak means this person took the falling out badly. While this person may have betrayed you or abruptly ended your friendship, they have more than paid for it. This could be a good time to reconnect and perhaps rebuild a relationship that you valued very much in the past.
House invasion and advice from a cat I dreamt that my house was being invaded, and as I left the home with my family, my own cat held up his paw and signaled the numbers 3 and 2. I asked my cat what he meant by that and he said to not stay in one place for more than 32 hours. What does this mean? A home invasion suggests an identity crisis. Your loved ones or society in general are trying to impose their values and beliefs upon you. They have certain expectations that you are unable or unwilling to fulfill. You have a strong personality, so a confrontation or clash is inevitable and a falling out with friends or family would follow soon after. The cat's warning points to a feminine presence in your life. This can also allude to your independent nature and natural curiosity that are advising you not to trust too easily. Those 32 hours point to a looming deadline when you must decide for yourself whether you would play it safe by conceding to societal expectations or rebel and follow your true calling.
Being chased by Santa Claus I am female. I had a dream where I woke up in a mansion and Santa was trying to kill me. I had to run around the mansion without being seen by Santa and occasionally I would find a black and purple butterfly and if I ate it, it would make me invisible for a short period of time. Santa Claus is associated with self-reflection, generosity and forgiveness. So, dreaming that Santa is trying to kill you reveals your fear of examining your shortcomings and failures. This can also refer to your selfish ways and a tendency to hold grudges. The mansion is also an important dream symbol here because it means someone wants to be part of your life and you are not willing or ready to open up to them. Together with the first symbol, it seems a person from your past is trying to reach out and make amendments, yet you are refusing to accept their apology. Eating a butterfly could be an allusion to flings and affairs distracting you from facing unresolved issues from this former relationship.
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