Flying in the darkness I am male, I dreamed of flying and I see some people below me, I continue to fly up to where I could see some darkness and towards the forest. Then something tells me it's not a safe place, then I flew a long distance, then I saw bright moon light, and I began to fly towards it, but I couldn't reach it. Then I got back and met some people. They gave me food but I refused to eat it. Please help me with both bible interpretation and normal interpretation. Thank you. This vision seems to be related to your situation in life and how you feel about it. For instance, the darkness around the forest reveals that a transformation is in progress within you, however, the process is incomplete. This transformation may have been caused by an experience that provided you with a chance to radically alter the circumstances that hinder you or to create the best version of yourself. Flying over the forest, then, is seen as positive in the sense that you are longing to be free and to act independently regardless of the circumstances and darkness in your life. Moreover, trying to reach the moon shows that there are bigger and better things yet to come, including changes in your social status, personal issues and relationships with other people.
A queen, crystals and climbing out of a window I was being yelled at by a queen in a castle. She left and there were these crystals floating in a chest. Only one of them was the real one. I grabbed the real one and ran. I ran into this office. Really looked out of place. This guy gave me his wallet and pointed me to a window. I climbed out the window and started climbing on the ledge of a strange building. In the windows, I saw the stories of others. Like a mother who woke up everyday not knowing her child. Dreaming about a crystal is an ominous symbol that indicates the beginning of a series of unfortunate, virtually unstoppable events which are about to take place in your life. This snowball effect is likely to begin at work, for example when you try to save some failing project or pick up the pieces of a damaged office relationship. Taking the crystal may allude to trying to take responsibility in this situation. The wallet you receive from the man in the office suggests others have been boosting your confidence with compliments and gratitude for your achievements, possibly leading to you becoming overconfident in your ability to handle such a situation on your own. Climbing on the ledge of a building reveals the possibility of overcoming this challenging time, however, it may take a lot of effort to get through the events after they take place.
A plant growing out of the leg I had a dream that there was a long plant growing out of my right leg and I was uprooting it by "plucking it out" with no pain. While I was hesitant to pull it out at first, once I did, I felt a sense of relief and calmness. Our legs are metaphors of our ability to navigate the real world and push ourselves to achieve our goals. The same associations are true in dreams. In your case, your right leg likely represents the aspects of your personality that are highlighted whenever you are working on your dreams and aspirations. Perhaps you are at a point in your life when you are deciding what to do for the long term and plot out your course for the future. As such, the plant growing out of your right leg is associated with growth, potential and fertility. Plucking out the plant reveals your hesitations and reservations about commitment and settling down. Maybe you are still not ready to grow some roots by committing to a specific job or having a family of your own. If this is the case, then the plant may refer to the pressure you may be getting from friends and family who are urging you to think about what you want for your future, both in professional and personal terms.
A friend turning into a white cat My best friend and I were going to my brother's house and when we arrived she went to use the bathroom. Upon checking on her, she was an all four as a white cat in a litter box, but I was not alarmed or surprised that she had transformed. I spoke to her as normal and when we were leaving she was a human again. Unfortunately, a white cat in dreams is usually an allusion to upcoming misfortune. When seeing a white cat in isolation, it means you would soon experience a lot of confusion, doubt or misunderstanding that could generate plenty of grief or result in significant material loss. In the context of your dream, the transformation of your best friend into a white cat could mean that she may be a major reason or source of the misfortune or bad luck about to come your way. Perhaps she has a tendency to be reckless and careless with her words and actions and you may get involved in her ensuing problems.
Being saved by a statue of Adonis I met a short man while walking and he asked me if I would help him find his statue of Adonis. It turns out it was at the bottom of some lake, so he jumps and he finds the head but then he finds the full body of the statue. Suddenly an octopus shows up and the full body statue comes to life and saves us. The dream ends with us staring at each other and the only name I remember is Adonis. The image of Adonis is usually associated with good looks and masculinity. Perhaps the short man in your dream is someone who seems unimpressive at first glance but possesses admirable traits once you get to know him better. Meanwhile, the octopus represents a complicated situation or a convoluted event which would bring out this person's attractive qualities. It is during this tough time when you would catch a glimpse of his problem-solving skills and other impressive characteristics. He may be not be the man of your dreams, but he is likely the perfect match for you as indicated by the triumphant ending in your dream vision.
Fighting zombies at a bus station In my dream I was in a bus station when it was suddenly overtaken by zombies. Suddenly I gained Spider-Man's powers and did battle with all of them before I faced my brother who had been consumed by the Carnage Symbiote. Battling zombies in this dream vision may be an allusion to your real-world battles with your own demons. Zombies generally refer to self-destructive and harmful habits that not only endanger your well-being, but also negatively affect your loved ones. In that context, becoming a superhero such as Spiderman reveals your difficulty and struggle to overcome your own unhealthy vices. You may have tried and failed numerous times in reality to clean up your act and avoid being a liability to your friends and family. This could be your final chance to redeem yourself to them since the superhero powers symbolize enormous resolve and commitment to become the best version of yourself.
Having sex with a friend who becomes a cat I am a female. I had a dream that I was gonna have sex with my friend, but she had to turn into a male cat first so she could have a penis. I then came thinking about her in human form. Sex with a friend in dream visions does not always equate with sexual desires in reality. Sexual intercourse can be a metaphor for your longing to become closer to this individual and build a stronger foundation for your friendship. In the context of your dream, having her turn into a male cat may be indicative of your admiration for certain traits that she possesses, such as creativity and independence. Perhaps you want to cultivate those characteristics in yourself. Alternatively, a male cat can also represent your need for intimacy. It is possible that your admiration for her is slowly turning into romantic attraction. Maybe a helpful clue would be to gauge your reaction after the dream vision. If you were merely confused about the symbolism, then perhaps it is just a matter of wanting to emulate her qualities and to get to know her better.
Having a dream about adventure in a dream Adventure. I'm in an Uber on business. Out the back window a child wants an ice cream but driver makes me the priority. I want to help the child. 2 small dogs on leashes try to get away. I cut my left hand in 2 places trying to help. I pull 2 sharp piece of wood out of my hand. I awake in my new condo all the walls are wet - soaked - everything is wet. I realize I'm i a dream but can't wake up. I start screaming for my ex husband to wake me up but no one is there. I wake up screaming wake me up. Usually, a dream within a dream is an indication that you have the capacity to control you dreams. This may be scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, you may be able to experience lucid dreams where you can explore possibilities without putting yourself in danger. This also means that you are in an introspective mood by trying to make sense of your psychological and spiritual side, perhaps because you are dealing with a lot of stressful issues and responsibilities in reality. Specifically, the child with ice cream represents your inner child or pleasure-seeking side. This is the part of you that has been suppressed because you need to focus on grown-up business and adult duties. The two dogs likely symbolize your friends or family who may also be looking for a way out of an a oppressive or miserable situation. Since you cut your hand with the pieces of wood, it seems like you are feeling helpless about the situation you are in. Maybe you are feeling insecure or feeling sorry for yourself. As a result, you may end up being overwhelmed by your emotions, so much so that this may render you incapacitated and unable to help your loved ones, let alone pick yourself up. This is illustrated by the soaked condo in the end. However, the fact that this is a dream within a dream means that you do have the capability to take control. Perhaps you just need to stop looking elsewhere for help and instead find the courage within yourself.
Fishes living under the skin Female. Two tiny fish lived under my skin and occasionally popped their heads out of two scabs on my arm that wouldn't heal. One fish was cute with big eyes, the other had small eyes and large sharp teeth. After several hours I managed to get the fish out one at a time as they popped their heads out and placed them in individual cups of water, but both glasses broke seemingly for no reason. The fish with the large eyes escaped down the kitchen sink, however I caught the other fish. Fish often refers to ideas or insights. So finding fish living under your skin could symbolize unrealized potential, unexpressed feelings or ideas that have not been implemented. In putting your ideas or thoughts into action, as illustrated by fishing them out and placing them in water, you could get mixed results. The one that escaped down the sink means this idea may not materialize or end up failing. This is likely the safer and more conservative of your projects, with the big eyes and cute appearance, but it may fail to perform. Meanwhile, the other fish you caught before it escaped means this could pay off but there would be a lot of risks involved, as indicated by the sharp teeth. Perhaps the fish could also represent romantic prospects, one seems to be the secure option and the other is a bit more dangerous and unpredictable.
A fox shooting people with a machine gun I had a dream that a machine gun was attached to a fox, and wherever the fox's head pointed, the gun pointed. The fox was riding on top of a bulldog, who was running about a city. I was just a watcher of the dream, I did not shoot or get shot at. People were being shot everywhere. There were people in a toppled-over city bus trying to climb out. I watched one woman climb out of the window of the bus and get cut up from the glass and fall, and another climbing out got shot by the machine gun. Your vision seems to have a very negative meaning, although not necessarily for you. Your presence as an observer in this dream is your subconscious desire to sort out the tangles in someone else's life. The setting of the dream, a city, points toward obstacles and roadblocks. This means that someone you are close to may be going through a troubling time or may be about to embark on a new journey that you fear would be too much for them to handle. Based on this dream vision, you may be completely right. The machine gun represents the serious damage caused by getting involved in this situation, suggesting you friend is in grave danger of getting hurt or bringing negative consequences to other people in their life. Furthermore, the idea that the gun was attached to a fox who was riding a dog may reveal that the main cause of your friend's downfall is the presence of a cunning, evil individual who only seeks their ruin. You may want to step in and help your friend or at least discourage them from this course of action, but getting involved may turn some of the ire and danger of this vision onto you. It might be better to let things sort themselves rather than risk all the trouble and difficulty that could arise.
Trying to control a tiger with a stopwatch A tiger (too active and fast) first crossed my path and then turned back suddenly to attack me, but my uncle had a stopwatch, they stopped the time to rescue me, but I wasn't able to leave (felt like stuck), the uncle said "Wait I'll use it again" (so that I can get moving), the dream changed a bit and I saw that the tiger went towards a tree and again coming to attack me. Never thought tigers can be speedy and so fast to make a decision. Dreaming that a tiger is trying to attack you means catastrophic events would happen if you do not resolve a pressing issue. This issue may be external or internal. The feeling of being stuck makes the symbolism of a tiger more associated with negative emotions, such as anger management issues. Your friends and family could be doing their best to calm you down or not to get you too riled up during stressful situations. Unfortunately, the stopwatch suggests you are running out of time. If you do not manage your emotions well or you succumb to your short temper, you could end up hurting not just yourself, but also the people who care about you.
An eye in the palm of a hand I saw my hand tight like a fist. I opened my fist and saw an eye in the center of my palm and it opened up. I felt scared and drew my hand close to me. A tight fist indicates strain and tension. You sense that there is trouble ahead, so you are bracing yourself for the attack or negative turn of events. The eye in your palm is actually not a bad symbol. On the contrary, it represents protection and is associated with amulets bearing the same image. It means that someone is looking out for you whenever there is a threat to your well-being. This could be well-meaning friend or family member who is always lending a helping hand or a much higher power enveloping you in positive energy to repel bad elements in your environment.
Giving birth to a little white dog I dreamed I gave birth. I was so happy until I realized it was a little white dog, not a baby. The dog was sweet looking. Small and white. It immediately started biting me. Me and everyone else it came into contact with. I took it to the vet to put it down who was about to close. He wanted to wait until the next day. I told him we couldn't! The dog kept biting me and was out of control. The veterinarian agreed. I declined to witness. I asked the vet "Is that bad of me"? Giving birth can be an allusion to a fresh start, a new beginning or new project in the near future. In your case, giving birth to a white dog illustrates your loyalty and sincerity when it comes to close relationships, especially friends and family. However, upcoming events could trigger a personal transformation. A dilemma that would stem from a job opportunity or possible promotion could force you to turn your back on friends in order to prioritize your own professional growth. As indicated by the aggressive white dog, it means that too much loyalty could hold you back from fulfilling your aspirations. Positive and negative events often come hand in hand. This dream vision is telling you that you need to sacrifice certain things or relationships if you want to inch closer to your dreams.
Being kidnapped by a pirate I am a girl. I had a dream that me and my 2 best friends were kidnapped by a pirate and he was trying to surgically give us Ebola. All my friends were freaking out except me and they were mad at me because for some reason I didn't care. Being kidnapped by a pirate denotes your thirst for adventure and a love for freedom. You and your friends probably share the same desire to travel, explore and experience new cultures. However, a deadly disease like Ebola points to an obstacle in your path. Something or someone could be trying to put a stop to your wandering ways and pressuring you to take a more traditional and stable path. A part of you could be ready to provide more security and consistency in your lifestyle, but your friends are likely afraid of sacrificing freedom for stability.
A red fish in a river of blood I was in a boat floating down a river of blood. The flow of the blood river seemed to be steady. I was with a male companion. While I couldn't see his face I sensed he was male. He reached his hand into the blood river and caught a red fish with bulging eyes. The fish was naturally red in color and still seemed to be alive. I was in awe because the fish was naturally camouflaged by the blood and I didn't know how this man was able to find the fish. He held it in his hand. Then the dream ended. Sailing on a river of blood denotes your hunger for success. You are willing to risk a lot and work with everything you have in order to make your dreams materialize. However, the journey to realizing your ultimate goals is one that you cannot make on your own, just like your journey through the bloody river. As such, the male companion is someone you would meet in reality who would help you navigate your way to success and prosperity. The red fish represents passion, ambition and energy required to pursue your dreams. This person has the uncanny ability to recognize lucrative opportunities which together you can pursue and excel at. You may have already met this person who shares your interests and has the same drive as you.
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