A lion spewing fire A lion roaring and fire coming out, afraid it will hurt me but it just passed. Dreaming about the roar of a lion is a sign of good luck, closely tied with the idea of successful career growth or promising romantic relationships you may currently be pursuing. The notion that the lion breathed fire and it did not seem to hurt you in any way is also an auspicious symbolic combination which foretells material abundance, prosperity and wealth when you experience this dream vision.
Swimming in foam rubber Repetitive dream of me swimming in a pool of water that changed to a pool of foam rubber. Swimming in a pool of water which turns into foam rubber suggests you could be dealing with the effects of some past mistake or action. The repetitive nature of this dream vision could reveal your inability to make peace with what has happened or to rectify the mistake, making it difficult, if not impossible, to move forward with your life. This is supported by the water becoming foam rubber, as you may feel stuck or trapped, unsure what to do, whom to turn to or how to fix this problem.
Flowers in the sky Lots of flowers in the sky. When you dream about the sky above covered with flowers, it could mean you are about to receive some eye-opening news. This information can be the result of discoveries or revelations which can change your current perspective and shake up your deepest beliefs. Even though this situation may sound unsettling, it could actually allow you to see the world around with fresh eyes and possibly start perceiving things in a more positive and complex way.
Bright light coming from vagina Hi, I saw a dream in which bright light was coming out of my vagina. In real life I am still unmarried. My gender is female. The image of a vagina in a dream, particularly when it is your own, is often associated with sex and intimacy. Oftentimes, it alludes to intimacy issues or concerns of a sexual nature. The bright light that seemed to originate from within your vagina could mean you are worried about rumors being spread about you, possibly related to your romantic affairs or sexual escapades. This vision gives no clue how to deal with this situation, although it may be wise to assess whether or not there is an actual threat to your social standing or interpersonal relations before acting on your emotions.
A white bird becoming a white smoke I dreamt of a white bird in the corner of my room, it came forwards me and turned to white smoke. White birds seen in a dream are normally considered an auspicious symbol because they predict being the recipient of happy news and glad tidings. However, seeing this bird transforming into a cloud of white smoke before your eyes could reveal that this is nothing but an elaborate illusion or cruel ruse. Someone may be playing a trick on you to get your hopes up or you may be disillusioned and creating this fancy yourself. In either case, you should make an effort to see things as they truly are and not be fooled by false promises and pretty lies.
Glowing bugs and fish floating in the air Hi there. I am a 47-year old female. I dreamt about glowing bugs in my children's bedroom while we were trying to sleep. They would just appear, normally I am afraid of insects, but welcomed the sight of these glowing bugs, but they looked like fluffs of dandelions on the screen window where there were moths and dragonflies. After they left there were fish floating and coming in the room. Then I was frightened and swatted two of them with my hand, but they kept coming back. I was with my children but they were younger. Seeing glowing bugs in your children's bedroom in this dream means something about your children is bothering you. You could be overthinking it and making it worse than it really is. Perhaps you have noticed certain changes in their behavior or you heard something troubling about their daily activities, which triggered alarms in your head. Alternatively, if the glowing bugs were actually fireflies, then they symbolize fresh ideas. Your children may spark an idea for a project which could potentially become successful. Similarly, the floating fishes denote insights. Try to clear your mind, perhaps a lucrative idea gleaned from your interactions with your children would start to solidify and take form. This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.
People turning into mannequins Age 19. I was in a cabin with my mom, her boyfriend and her parents and when they fell asleep in the cabin I decided that I wasn't ready to go to bed (in the dream) yet, so I went to the kitchen to get water and when I got there I noticed the whole cabin was filled with dolls. So when I went to my mom's room and opened the door I found that she turned into a mannequin and so did her boyfriend. So I decided to go to her parents room to find that they became mannequins as well. Staying at a cabin can sometimes allude to your efforts to lead a good life. You honestly try to be a kind, understanding person and work hard on your assigned tasks, whether they are related to school or a job. However, going into the kitchen may reveal that some troubles are on the horizon, most likely in your personal life. The dolls seen throughout the cabin suggest you are beginning to feel isolated from others. On one hand, this could be related to your ever-increasing responsibilities and is therefore unavoidable. There is a chance though that others feel you are distancing yourself from them because you are going out and doing things that are important to you. This may be especially true of your mother and her boyfriend, who can no longer treat you as a child. While it is important to have good relations with parents, you must also follow your own adult path.
Adopting a stray dog that resembled a human I am female and I dreamt that I came across a stray dog in the street who spoke to me with a human voice. Her teeth were human also, but in a dog's mouth. She said she was so tired of her life as a stray and I took her in my arms and took her home with me to live where she curled up to sleep on an arm chair. The whole interaction was deeply affectionate on both sides and I felt very nurturing and loving. Coming across a stray or homeless dog in a dream often alludes to misfortune. It is possible that there may be an unfortunate event or problem you have to contend with in the near future. Alternatively, a stray dog can also represent a part of yourself that feels rejected and neglected by your loved ones. You may have a tendency to dwell on negativity and pessimism. In a sense, adopting the dog is a metaphor for coming to terms with your loneliness and isolation. Although, you can also see it in a positive light or constructive way. Perhaps making peace with loneliness can mean acceptance. Instead of feeling angry and bitter over your abandonment issues, you can choose to understand those who have hurt you and find out the roots of your present state.
Puncturing the sky when playing football I dreamt me and my friends playing football and one of my friends kicked the ball high and hard to an extent that it hit the sky. Then it banged the sky and made a hole in the sky. All of a sudden in that hole alive fish started falling and then two alive birds standing on a rock fell and alive. I took three biggish fish with me and put them in a container to fill in some water for them, but I could only find brown water and the fish started breathing again. Playing football in the dream world means you are going to face challenging times ahead. You may be put in charge of a project or an event which would require the cooperation of a lot of individuals with varying personalities. It may become difficult to get everyone to work together to achieve the expected results as a team. As such, kicking the ball and puncturing the sky may be an allusion to your ambitious nature. You are willing to do whatever it takes and to push yourself, as well as others, in order to reach your goals. In addition, the fish falling from the sky points to big ideas and grand plans. You could be planning something extraordinary, but you need to carefully think it over because some details may be overly ambitious or you need to be more prudent with the execution.
Being followed by a man with a bird's head A reoccurring dream since childhood. Being followed by a person with a bird's head. Realized when older it looked just like a plague doctor bird mask head. But always felt it was a head, not a mask. Being followed by bird person throughout the dream. Not chased. Calm dream. Not quite peaceful, but almost. Not scary or disconcerting. Male dreamer. The recurring image of a person with a head that resembles a bird, whether it is a mask or otherwise, may reveal the onset of schizophrenia or another dissociative disorder. In essence, you may have trouble coping with specific situations in reality and, therefore, may slip into periods not in tune with reality. This may affect your memory and perception as well, and it is likely to cause problems with your relationships, leading to dissatisfaction with different aspects of your situation. The calm nature of this vision suggests that the effects are not strong, meaning most people would never realize you were different.
Flying over the land like a bird I am a bird flying over undulating terrain and the shadow of my wings echoed the shape of the land. Dreaming about yourself as a bird could mean that there will soon be positive changes in your life. The notion of being able to see the shadows of your wings echoing the shape of the land below could mean those changes will be connected to your growing power and influence, as if you were finally gaining ground and making your voice heard. Your social standing might improve and you could finally be able to exert some noticeable influence over the community around you or in your workplace.
Becoming a mermaid A mermaid or siren signaled I was one. So I got in the water in front of many gods. As soon as I get in the water if they see through me I pass the test to be a siren. If not, I bleed out. I started to sink in the water unable to swim with the tail. I bled out. It wasn't a bad dream. Being a mermaid or siren in a dream often refers to the dreamer's behavior during social interactions. You may be prone to speaking your mind without regard of the feelings of others. It is also possible that your careless actions have adverse effects on your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Either you get them involved in your own problems or you end up being perceived as insensitive and selfish. Alternatively, a siren is associated with temptation and seduction. In that sense, being unable to swim in this dream vision may be an allusion to your insecurities. You may lack confidence in your ability to present yourself as attractive or desirable. You may be losing self-esteem because someone you like is not showing any interest.
Grotesque imagery of children Abandoned children that were 14 ft tall and had pipes for arms and legs. They were blind and had no mouths. They were not harmful to me. I am male. Dreaming about abandoned and deformed children could mean that you may be going through a difficult transition in your life and perhaps should consider putting more effort into repairing past or current relationships which could have been damaged as a consequence of your behavior. Since you mentioned the children were also blind with no mouths, it could be a metaphor for a situation of being simultaneously ignored but attracting too much attention for the wrong reasons. The notion of those children being harmless to you could mean that you are either well aware of your inner demons and have no idea of how to overcome them, or you lack the strength to fight them and believe they and you can co-exist.
A cat that can talk Seeing a cat speaking human language addressing me. When you dream about encountering talking or divine animals it could mean that you want to rely more on your basic instincts and intuition in order to express yourself and you are in need of feeling harmonious with the natural world which surrounds you. Because the animal that spoke to you was a cat, it could also reveal your flirtatious or conniving attitude toward the opposite sex and perhaps it is your sexual instincts that you want to engage when you interact with others.
A man with a spider head spreading disease I am getting into an unknown village and a spider-headed man is trying to spread disease all over. But when I see him, he is unconscious. After a few second he disappeared and took a new figure of a little boy and tries to spread disease over me. But I am saved by my mother, but in my dream I don't know it was my mother. In general, spiders in dreams represent individuals who are energy vampires in reality. They tend to dwell on negative aspects and drag down everyone's mood. In that context, the man with the head of a spider likely represents an influential personality who may be a bad influence at work or in your social circle. This personality may be cunning and manipulative, spinning a web of lies to get others to trust him or ingratiate himself to a group. Perhaps the wisdom and experience of your mother would be crucial in helping you get out of a sticky situation involving this individual.
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