Chased by horses underwater Swimming underwater and being chased and attacked by horses. Dreaming of swimming underwater reveals your inability to control your emotions. You may become overwhelmed by your feelings and urges so that you become irrational in the process. Similarly, the horses attacking you in this dream are symbolic of primal instincts and behavior which means that you are not thinking clearly. Your tendency towards thoughtless and reckless behavior could get you into serious trouble in the waking world.
Having super powers after giving birth I am female. My dream said that a very close friend had a beautiful baby but it had somehow changed her. She had developed super powers after childbirth, but she was greatly ashamed of it so she kept it hidden from everyone. She shared it with me and me promise never to tell anyone. Dreaming that someone you know has given birth to a child may actually reflect your efforts to be a good friend to this individual in waking life. You may put extra energy into treating them well or surprise them with little thoughtful gifts when the urge arises. Furthermore, the special abilities your friend developed afterwards may predict your time and energy would be rewarded in the form of a long-term friendship or a strong mutual bond. This friendship would bring you great comfort and happiness for many years to come.
Family members turning into cockroaches Girl. My dog and my family turned into cockroaches. Cockroaches usually represent dirt and undesirable qualities. So to see your dog and entire family turn into cockroaches in a dream alludes to negative energy permeating your household. You may need to confront issues that are perhaps turning you against each other. Although on a positive note, cockroaches have also been associated with longevity and resilience. In that sense, your family could face a challenging period which would strengthen all of you individually and also your bond with each other because during tough times, that is when you can appreciate how much you depend on each other.
A river flowing through body I had a dream that a calm peaceful floating river was flowing through me, also washing someone else away. It looked like pretty light blue water but didn't feel like it, it just felt peaceful. Like a major problem was washing away. Male. In general, clear and calm rivers in dreams denote a laid-back attitude or even passivity. You could be content to go with the flow of things and not let every little setback get on your nerves. Serene and tranquil rivers are also indicative of the good aura which would emanate from you as a result of your positive worldview. The imagery of the river washing away someone in this vision could mean that you are willing to let bygones be bygones. This new outlook you have probably makes it easier for you to forgive some individuals who may have wronged you in the past. Alternatively, this vision also shows that you are loosening up. Perhaps you prefer being in control and being a perfectionist, so something could trigger a realization in you that you cannot control everything and that in certain instances you just have to adapt according to the situation.
Being forced to eat friends I am female. I was tied to a chair in front of a dining table. In another room, separated from me by a glass wall, two of my friends would be tied up. I had thirty seconds to choose one. After that I would choose how they were killed and cooked. The people forced me to watch all of it, and then fed me the fully cooked person and forced me to vomit when I was too full. It started with people I didn't know and moved up to my best friends. If I didn't choose, I'd be forced to eat both. Cannibalism in dreams is often an allusion to destructive relationships and power play. There may be a part of your attitude or personality that is causing some strain in your interactions with friends and loved ones. Perhaps you have unreasonable expectations towards your loved ones and they may be starting to resent this side of you. At the same time, the imagery of being tied to a chair suggests powerlessness and involuntary actions. In that case, there is a likelihood that the stress you are projecting in your social circles is a byproduct of an unhealthy work environment. Alternatively, some influential personalities in your life may be forcing your hand on some issues at the expense of your friends or family by placing you into difficult situations.
Flying naked with a friend I am female. I dreamt that I was flying naked when I lost balance and a pastor friend I know caught me and held onto me, he was also flying naked. Our bodies were aligned as we flew. We landed in a park and people gave us clothes and directed us to a caravan to get changed. After changing my friend had to go and left me on my own. Flying reveals a desire for freedom and independence, while nudity alludes to shame. Perhaps in your yearning to follow your heart's desire, you may find yourself in a compromising position. There is a chance that you would get involved in an illicit relationship which could tarnish your reputation. Meanwhile, the park signifies a period of rest. The possibility of being embroiled in a controversy would likely send you scurrying back into your shell or escaping into a space of safety and comfort. All actions have repercussions, both good and bad, so maybe your subconscious is merely reminding you to think about the validity of your decisions.
A giant red dragon in the sky It was a clear day. I was walking with my family and we walk by this huge skyscraper that reflects the Sun's beams and as I look up to the sky I see a huge red dragon, and I mean this dragon was taking up the sky and it was flying through the clouds. Then I wake up. Dreaming about being with your family may reveal that one member, either yourself or someone else, may decide to leave soon. This could be a simple change of location, like moving for work or school, or something much more serious. In either case, you probably feel some anxiousness over the departure. This sad feeling is opposed with the image of the red dragon, a symbol tied to success and getting ahead of others. If you are the one moving, it is likely you would have good luck with this choice. On the other hand, red is a color with strong ties to emotion and passion, so it may be wise to rely more on rational thinking than what you feel in the heat of the moment.
A strange insect coming out of soil I was walking down the street and came upon this garden someone asked me to look at. As I was looking, a rock and some soil tumbled over (it was flat ground) and then out came a flying black insect about 3 inches long that looked like a cross between a dinosaur and human. It kept flying towards me causing me to panic and then I woke up. In a dream vision, walking down the street is normally associated with upcoming success and prosperity. This is likely linked with a project you are undertaking or a course of action you have recently put into effect. Additionally, the stranger who invites you into the garden could be a positive symbol regarding a hope you currently hold in your heart. You may be able to make your deepest desire a reality under these circumstances. However, the dinosaur and human-like hybrid insect that comes toward you could reveal potential financial difficulty or ruin should you fail. Your efforts would have to be carefully calculated and thought out lest you dig yourself into a hole you cannot escape from.
A giant grasshopper swallowing son I am a 45-y.o. old male. My son, Noah, is 7. Last night I dreamt my son and I were off riding in a Jeep. We stopped at the rim of a flat-bottomed ravine. On the opposite bank was a giant grasshopper. I descended on foot to get a picture with my phone. Noah apparently followed me and while I stood there watching, he was swallowed by the grasshopper. I just stood there motionless horror struck. Your dream essentially reveals the progression of your bond with your son. Specifically, the jeep represents your traditional and perhaps even conservative perspective on life. As a parent, you may be passing on your own beliefs and value system to your son as part of raising him into adulthood. Similarly, standing with him on the same side of the ravine symbolizes your protective nature. As much as possible, you want to shelter your son from the harsh realities of this world. However, as your dream vision implies, you cannot protect him from everything, especially as he starts to develop into his own person. After all, the grasshopper alludes to independent spirit and personal motivation. A series of events may trigger growth and transformation in your son which may be the first real challenge for you as a parent.
On a bus with angels and terrorists A female angel appeared in my dream and she is fetching me. I told her that I am not yet ready to go because I haven't seen or informed my parents yet. And suddenly we are in a bus going to the place of my parents. Along our way there were terrorists and they stopped the bus and all the passengers went out of the bus. Then my male companion, I presumed an angel too, tapped the shoulder of one of the terrorists and ran to a house and he's followed by the terrorists and a gun fired him but he was not hurt. The presence of an angel in the dream world is usually thought to predict life-changing events or circumstances taking place in reality. In this vision, the angel was guiding you home to meet your family. This is often interpreted as a sign that you may have recently hurt someone's feelings or offended them, making it necessary now to seek forgiveness or to offer compensation. You may have hurt them unintentionally with an offhanded, insensitive remark, however, your morality would not allow you to simply ignore your error. The bus you were on further suggests your words or actions may have been guided by the influence of others. Going against the bad influence and pressure coming from those around you may cause conflict and hardship for you, as seen in the terrorist attack. But you would probably feel better about yourself after the fact if you follow your own moral compass.
Being a jellybean I was a jellybean with colorful friends and we were stuck in a basement. We helped each other get out. Jellybeans symbolize happiness and positive energy. As such, dreaming that you are a jellybean reveals your positive outlook or optimism. Meanwhile, the basement represents darkness and possible confusion. There may be some obstacles about to come your way which would test your optimism and determination to succeed. During this period, you may have to lean on your friends and loved ones to help you remain on track and focused on your goals.
Seeing through the eyes of fish In my dream I will take live fish with light-colored eyes and put them inside my eyes and I will see through them, until I had one that turned my eye black, had to take it off and for it needed my (now dead) father. He helped me take it out and my eye was completely black and bleeding. Bloody eyes in dreams represent deep-seated sorrow and pain. Similarly, black eyeballs reveal a hardened soul possibly devoid of compassion. Perhaps you have been carrying around some emotional burden that has turned you into a cynical and cold person. The fish with light-colored eyes may represent various perspectives you have picked up throughout the course of your existence. In that context, it is possible that you are beginning to lose your way or lose sight of your priorities. The presence of your deceased father coming to your aide could suggest your need for some wisdom and guidance to help you get back on track. It may be in your best interest to recall the advice and words of wisdom from your father to help you navigate the issues you are currently dealing with.
A camel-like horse turning into a man I'm female, was asked to catch a horse running crazy, I agreed. There's a line on it already for me to grab as it runs past. I see it's actually a humpless camel, I grab the line and hold to stop it so it doesn't hurt my arm or move my feet. It charges at me but I stay still, look it in the eyes, and talk sweet. It stops close to my face, I calm it down with sweet words and a touch and as it calms down it transforms to a man. Same hair type and color, same eyes, and same demeanor and smarts of a camel, but humanoid. Dreaming about trying to catch a horse can symbolize upcoming losses. Specifically, you could lose out on a project or you may have to sell some of your assets or valuables to pay off a debt. It could also mean the loss of a cherished friend. Those losses are likely a direct result of your own negligence and inability to effectively manage your personal and professional affairs. Similarly, taming a camel can refer to a desire to get rid or let go of certain burdens. You may be handling too many duties and commitments so that they are already negatively affecting your social life. Perhaps the transformation of the camel into a human means that if you are able to set aside more personal time, you could cultivate and strengthen your personal relationships in a better way.
Heart encased in glass I'm a male. In the dream I was looking around a room when a man appeared, holding a glass bowl. He shoved it into my chest and said I have glass covering my heart. Glass, by itself, is associated with the presence of sensitive issues that are bothering you. The bowl, then, could represent the containment of such negative emotions. The idea that there is glass covering your heart, as the man mentioned, may reveal the lack of a defense or coping mechanism for dealing with future difficulties or challenges. If you are lacking a strong support system or someone you can rely deeply on, you may want to invest in such a plan or individual before they are actually needed.
Married to a vampire I am a girl. I dreamt that I was married to a vampire monarch. Vampires are usually fairly negative images to see in a dream vision. They often represent bad situations or negative outcomes. In this case, being married to a vampire may reveal that you are knowingly getting involved with someone or something that is bound to turn out poorly. Getting acquainted with the wrong individuals or participating in questionable activities could seriously hurt you and undermine your future credibility.
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