Building a house using honey I was building a house using honey with bees flying around, but they did not sting me while I am busy building my house. They were also making more honey for me to use while I was building my house. A house made of honey alludes to your hard-earned reputation. Honey is often associated with hard work and wisdom. As such, building your house using honey reveals your perseverance and determination. Your credentials are likely beyond reproach, hence your colleagues are inclined to trust your leadership and decision-making abilities. Therefore, the friendly swarm of bees, seemingly uninterested in attacking you, illustrate the trust and respect you have earned from your contemporaries. It is a good reminder that if you want people to have faith in you or admire you, you should work hard enough to deserve it.
Forced to take a pill by cannibals My friend came into the room with a pill. He said a family member wanted me to take it. It had a team symbol intricately drawn on it. I hid the pill under the couch. A while later another family member came and knocked me out. When I woke up I found that my friend's family were cannibals. I had to pretend to be sleeping through the effects of the pill. I was the last one they tried to butcher. A young family member made them take me along to a picnic like a doll. Being forced to take a pill in a dream alludes to ideals being forced upon you. Some peers or colleagues may be trying to change your perspective on certain topics because they disagree with your beliefs. Likewise, the threat of being consumed by cannibals represents the mounting pressure and expectations to conform to your social circle. Oftentimes, voicing a dissenting opinion can cause conflict in your group while agreeing with the majority is a way of easing the tension. Everything comes to a head in the picnic scenario. This symbol means that a major confrontation or a meeting of minds would occur to settle the score. You can either go along with them or stand your ground.
Being unable to fly high I was flying towards a forest but in that forest everything was dry and dead. Also I couldn't fly too high. I was going up for a while but then always gliding down. Then I was in a playground, I could still fly. There were some kids making fun of me (I am 17 years old) and I was trying to fly away but they kept chasing me. Again, I couldn't fly high. That's the dream. I'm a girl. Dreams about flying portend gaining independence and freedom from your troubles. The symbols in your dream are complex yet interconnected. When you saw yourself flying above a dead forest it denotes that you have undertaken certain endeavors which did not culminate the way you wanted them to. However, flying above it means that they will not hold you down and you would eventually find a way to free yourself from trouble. The playground in your dream alludes to a time in your past, perhaps you, as an individual, have always felt inadequate, yet you try to rise above the situation. Just make sure that you keep yourself focused and do not let disappointments weigh you down.
Being watched and chased by a tree When I was little I had a recurring dream about walking through a forest and feeling like I was being watched, but every time I turned around there would only be a tree, then I would turn and walk again and feel uneasy and turn around again, but it would be the tree again, but it would be closer. Now that I'm older I get the same dream but a little different instead of a forest, I'm just driving and every time I check my rear view mirrors there is a tree chasing me. Walking alone through a forest in a dream alludes to a much-needed break. You could be exhausted and stressed out from all the responsibilities and work you must attend to on a daily basis. However, since you were a little kid when you had this recurring dream, the sensation of being watched may stem from the pressure to be an obedient child. Hence, the tree in that scenario refers to authorities trying to discipline you, perhaps even your parents. Now that you are an adult, the tree still represents authority, but it is a much more complicated symbol because not only are you being pressured at work, you may also feel like you are constantly being chased by all sorts of expectations and obligations. Furthermore, trees have roots, so perhaps much of the stress you are experiencing comes from familial duties following you around.
A beetle turning into a crow I observed a shiny beautiful beetle crawl into a tulip. The flower closed then opened up and the beetle was transformed inside into a crow that spoke to me. It simply said "I am your grandmother" and flew off. I never knew my grandparents in real life. Thanks! Dreaming of a beetle crawling into a flower means you are probably getting fed up with troublesome incidents or persistent problems and you just want a fresh start. However, by turning over a new leaf, you may be overlooking some unfinished business or refusing to learn a valuable lesson. As such, the beetle's transformation into a crow signifies your tendency to fall back into unhealthy old patterns and repeat the same mistakes. Perhaps the vision is telling you to reflect on your actions in order to find the root of your problems. After all, grandparents symbolize wisdom from experience, so your subconscious could be telling you to take a cue from this symbol.
Being on floating rings with holes One day I was walking on these floating rings around a tower. Then, holes started appearing in the rings, so I jumped and and ran to avoid them. Then, I fell in one of the appearing holes and died. Then, I woke up. The tower in your dream represents your lofty dreams and ambitions. You have grand plans and designs for the kind of existence you wish to lead. As such, the holes that start appearing while you are on those floating rings refer to the pitfalls and setbacks you would have to encounter on your way to achieving your dreams. Alternatively, those holes that lead to your death in the vision could also symbolize the negative consequences of being hyper-focused and single-minded in your pursuits. You may be setting yourself up for failure by refusing to explore other opportunities or broadening your horizons.
Swimming in the air I jumped in the air and started swimming. Swimming in the dream world generally alludes to exploring your emotions and the subconscious mind. On the other hand, air suggests imagination and creativity. Hence, swimming mid-air or navigating this space above land portends a period of creativity and innovation. You may be able to come up with ingenious ideas and out-of-the-box solutions to your problems. You would also experience a boost in your confidence, so take full advantage of this auspicious time to implement your ideas seamlessly.
Being eaten by people and animals My 9-year old granddaughter has been dreaming about being eaten by her step mother, eaten by a bear, eaten by a wolf, eaten by a zombie. She also sees an unknown man who opens the door to the back house and lets out a wolf. She climbs out the window, falls into the air-filled bounce house, the wolf is clawing to get in. The wolf gets in and eats her, but does not kill her. The idea of being eaten but not necessarily being killed could indicate the accumulation of high levels of stress in your daughter's life. Being eaten in a dream is often associated with the feeling of being powerless in the face of trouble. In a sense, she does not have the confidence, knowledge or experience to handle the situations she is dealing with. In order to help her, you would have to serve both as counselor and teacher, giving her time and space to express her emotions and providing her with healthy ways of dealing with these situations on her own.
A crow with a face of a human statue So, I had a dream the other day, the part I remember is I had to answer the door and when I did there was a crow perched right on the divider inside the screen door (where a screen and glass would meet, but there was no screen). All it did was stare at me then I stuck my hand out and got closer and as I did, the crow's face transformed to a human face. It looked like a face from an old statue and there was no expression. It looked beat up. I've been seeing crows everywhere too if that means something. The knock on the door suggests you would receive unexpected news or discover a new opportunity. However, since crows are typically associated with death and other bad omens, the surprising information about to come knocking on your door would likely have something to do with the death of a loved one or a possible brush with death through a freak accident, including that of your own. Perhaps it would be to your benefit if you start taking precautions to avoid health issues or accidents. Similarly, the crow's transformation into a deadpan statue-like face could be a reference to mortality. Maybe you are not taking good care of yourself, hence this vision serves as a warning for you to cut back on self-destructive habits to save yourself from grief.
Trying to change the course of the future I was trying to fix the future, trying to save people from dying. When I finally try to find everyone before something bad happens and told them I was from the future, I have seen what happened. This guy looked at me that I was trying to save and said "Someone has to die, you can save everyone". But I was trying to fix the future of bad people coming after innocent people. To dream that you are saving others to alter the future in some way reveals your fears about your own future. Perhaps you think that the status quo is headed to the early demise of mankind or at the very least has a bleak perspective. However, the death of one person to ensure the survival of everybody else is a reflection of your sense of futility. On some level, you may believe bad things that are happening or about to happen occur for a reason and that certain situations are out of your control. There could be a significant milestone in your near future, so this inability to predict the outcome of big events is highlighting your apprehensions about what is to come.
A white boar helping kill the Devil I saw a white boar in a dream and he was helping me to kill the devil and I found one of the white teeth of a boar and killed that, but after sometime it was arising and I chanted the mantra on Namah Shivaya and ran away and I asked some of the people how the devil is supposed to be killed. Then they said there is a sword of Shivaya and I woke up. White boars appearing in dreams are symbolically linked with the idea of death and despair. In particular, they predict the untimely demise of someone very close to you, either a good friend or an immediate family member whom you love dearly. Your fight with the boar against the devil may represent both your and this individual's denial that this death would come to pass. It seems, then, that this would not be a sudden death by accident, but rather a slow, agonizing passing caused by illness or disease. Furthermore, being unable to kill the devil except for with a single magical item may portend the presence of a possible cure that would be near impossible to procure.
Having ability to shoot fire out of hands Female and in my dream I have super powers that I can shoot fire out of my hands, but it doesn't work when I want it to. And there is this girl that I've never met before, but she seems to know me, is helping refuel my fire or something, I felt like I shouldn't trust her but she didn't seem like a bad person and there was a zombie outbreak, so we had to leave soon with other people and I tried helping with my ability to shoot fire out of hands at it, but I didn't know how to use it. Depending on the dream scenario, fire can mean passion, destruction or anger. In your case, having the ability to shoot fire out of your hands may be an allusion to your capacity to control your emotions, especially those which have negative effects on you. However, your inability to use your powers during the zombie outbreak reveals your struggle to manage your temper. A zombie outbreak can be a metaphor for stressful situations, so perhaps during these times you tend to be overcome by emotions thereby making errors in judgment. Hence, the girl represents a mentor or a trusted individual who would be able to help you manage your temperament in order to make more rational choices.
In a cave with fictional characters James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and I were in a cave. Peter was scared to come in but ended up coming in. After Peter came in we all sat down. A dream involving literary or fictional characters usually means that you identify with some of their qualities. In your dream scenario, you represent Padfoot or Sirius Black which means you likely identify most with the character of Sirius. Specifically, perhaps you feel falsely accused of an offense and you want your friends to hear you out before they wrongly judge you. It is also possible that you and your friends are starting to think alike, committing wrongful acts without the safeguard of a dissenting opinion or voice of reason. Maybe you need to reevaluate your friendship if it is still beneficial for your overall personal growth.
Helping children after a zombie outbreak My dream was about zombie pigs who were infecting people. I nursed all of the children back to health when they got sick, and they looked up to me. It felt nice being appreciated and helping the children to recover. Envisioning yourself safe during a zombie apocalypse, even one spread by pigs, suggests you have a lot of pride or narcissistic tendencies. While this is normally considered a reflection of poor behavior in wake life, taking care of the sick children may reveal that your pride is actually well deserved. Together, these symbols show that not only does a lot of your self-worth derive from your work but also that you are very good at what you do. Others probably rely on you for guidance and support at your company.
Carrying a car home after an accident I was driving and my car ran hot. I pulled over and got out and noticed that I had a flat tire, then I noticed I had locked my keys in the car so I picked up my car and started to walk home. Cars are often associated with our life journey in the context of dreams. The problems you experienced, the flat tire and the forgotten keys, represent different bumps in the road of that journey. This could include both personal problems related to the home or issues with your working environment. In either case, picking up the car and walking home with it suggests you are the type of person who wants to take control of your destiny. You do not allow yourself to be side-tracked from your goals by superficial roadblocks. Instead, you move on and find another way to reach your goal.
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