Taking off and washing own skin It is a recurring dream or at least that is what I feel when I wake up. I was taking out my skin like if it was a full body dress and after washing it up I put it back on my body! Your skin in the dream signifies a layer of protection as well as your facade. This is the part mostly visible to the world. As such, shedding or undressing your skin reveals your readiness to be a little more vulnerable. Perhaps you are contemplating sharing deeper and sensitive aspects of yourself to others in order to form a stronger bond with them. Washing the skin before putting it back on your body alludes to cleansing and healing. Maybe you want to be more honest, rid yourself of guilt or shame and be fully comfortable in your own skin. No more hiding who you really are.
Catching a fish that turns into a boy I was bow-fishing from a muddy river shore. I struggled reeling it in. Once reeled in I held the small fish gently and removed the arrow. When the arrow pulled out of the fish it turned into a small boy. The boy asked me to release him back to be with his brother. Then I saw two fish swim in opposite directions. A dream about going fishing and catching a fish indicates some tough life experiences which you would be able to solve or overcome successfully because of your ability to handle things expeditiously. On the other hand, the transformation of the fish into a boy may indicate your desire to have a child. Perhaps you and your partner have been having difficulty trying to conceive and this vision reminds you to take it in stride. A blessing would come at the right time.
A gigantic faucet in the sky I dream of seeing a water faucet in the sky, I see a pipe connected to it way up in the clouds and the pipe isn't going up but sideways. There is no other end. It isn't turned on as I am looking at it. I have the feeling of falling and I am jolted awake. This dream vision could point to your concerns about the social environment you live in, not necessarily your house, but rather the level of comfort you get or cannot attain while dealing with someone on an everyday basis. The faucet is specifically connected to your situation, suggesting a lack of help or support when it is sorely needed. Plummeting down at the end of the vision suggests this situation is unlikely to change, forewarning that you could experience immense disillusionment and desolation before finding the right solution.
Witches and running from a rolling rock It's a 2-part dream, it starts off with three witches cooking something in a big black pot and laughing, not your typical witches, OK? Now the second part where I'm running from a big boulder rolling down a hill. This has been bothering me for a very long time. Dreaming about witnessing witches performing their rituals is closely related to the idea of great disappointments following a big social gathering, such as a party with friends, which you may soon be invited to or have been waiting to take place for quite some time now. This is further supported by the image of a rock rolling down the hill. You could end up making enemies or get into a serious confrontation with someone who would be present at this event and who could make you feel extremely uncomfortable in your own skin.
Body turning into smoke and remembering a name Looking at my own reflection in my bathroom. While I was looking at myself, the left half of my body started turning and turned into black smoke. It was terrifying. When I woke myself, I repeated a name several times, I was too tired to write it and remember thinking I could remember it (like it was a name in my day-to-day life). Sometimes, staring into your reflection in a dream hints at your tendency to take yourself too seriously. This vision of looking at your image in the bathroom mirror can mean you often take what others say personally or are easily offended when others criticize or question your behavior. Hence, the black smoke alludes to your lack of self-awareness, meaning that you are having troubles being objective about certain situations, especially when they concern you. The name may be yours, you are invoking it in the dream in an effort to get to the root of your personal issues.
Riding a horse under water Riding a white horse under the ocean. Dreaming about riding on a white horse often symbolizes that the relationships you may have with your friends or people who are close to you currently have solid and unbreakable ties. Being underwater or under the ocean, however, means that your connections with certain people may be emotionally-charged at the moment. Whatever subsequent problems may arise, they could end up strengthening or breaking the bond depending on how much you value these relationships.
Body parts shipped for eating I dreamt that I and another person had body parts shipped in and we were going to eat them. Suddenly the hand started moving. I woke up in horror. A dream about cannibalism often reveals the dreamer's obsessions about coveting something or someone. In your dream, the identity of the owner of the body parts is unclear. As such, it may point to your general tendency to compare yourself to others and thereby succumb to bouts of envy. It could be anything from material possessions to career status. Perhaps you often find yourself checking out profiles of individuals whose lives or lifestyle you want for yourself. The movement of the hand in the dream is your subconscious mind telling you to be more proactive in going after your goals instead of dwelling on what you lack at the moment.
Surviving a zombie apocalypse I dream about being in a zombie apocalypse or nuclear fallout, although unlike most, it is not at the start of the apocalypse, my dream tends to start well after the beginning. Most of the time there are no actual zombies in my dreams and I am not afraid, if anything I feel safe. If there are zombies then I am always in control and generally am killing them, again I am not afraid. I am also generally alone in my dream or with one other person, typically someone my age. Dreaming about successfully navigating the apocalypse and fighting off zombies may be the manifestation of egocentrism or narcissistic tendencies in waking life. Through this highly stylized vision, your subconscious mind may be warning you of the loneliness and troubles you may face if you continue to push others away with your self-centered actions or illusions of grandeur. If you continue experiencing visions of this nature, it may represent a lack of desire to change your ways. However, not learning how to share and be generous with others may be disastrous in the future.
In a pool of mud with skeletons I am a girl. I had a dream that I was in a mud-like deep river that was full of skeletons and dead people and I was stuck trying to swim and get out but there was no way to swim in the mud and with so many skeletons around me, so I was pretty much stuck there crying and screaming, trying to get free. The muddy river in your dream alludes to a murky mindset and turbulent emotions. You are probably troubled at the moment and this is causing negative thoughts. The skeletons and the dead people suggest burdensome secrets and past grudges weighing you down. Alternatively, the skeletons may be associated with projects and ideas that have not been fully realized. These could be taking up a lot of space in your mind, when you are constantly trying to flesh them out and figure out the best way to implement them.
Fighting with a werecat man Squaring up and fighting what was a man I was trying to return a bike to. With a narrator in the background. Then the man transforms in to a black werecat-like creature and we circle. We both find weapons, I find a dagger-like stick and he has a rock then a log. This vision of fighting a man who turns into a werecat could predict entering a period filled with gloom and great misfortune. This is likely due to some activity or scheme you have gotten yourself involved in. Additionally, the presence of weapons may add an element of danger to this interpretation. You should be wary of any potentially troublesome situations developing in the near and distant future.
Falling into a pool with dead people I was walking across a bridge with my partner when he fell over the bridge into a pool of dead people that wanted to drag him under. I tried to rescue him, but fell over and was caught by the dead people who molested me. Bridges are synonymous with relationships in dreams, so walking across one is perhaps a metaphor for the way you feel about your partner and the life you have together. Keeping this in mind, seeing him fall off the bridge and into a pool of dead people could represent some change he is going through which you are wary or unhappy about. You are afraid that you cannot save him or that you may give in yourself. This vision can be interpreted as a warning that you may have to decide how far is too far when it comes to maintaining or saving your relationship.
Puppies attacking and turning into a human Two puppies attack me while I am asleep. I am afraid adult dogs will follow suit, but that does not happen. For a while, I feel helpless, but then break free. The puppies get trapped underneath my blanket. I beat them with a small stick or switch. They get up carrying the blanket on top of them and turn into a torso that looks like mine, and walk away. I point out the doppelganger to my wife and grownup son. The latter runs towards it. Male. A dream in which puppies attack you could point to projects and ventures giving you unnecessary stress. There could be ideas you have cultivated for a long time, at work or inside your home and family life, and you are beginning to experience the challenges that go hand-in-hand with the implementation of these ideas. Alternatively, the aggressive puppies may represent your children or individuals you have placed under your wing and have supported. The aggression points to arguments and conflict as a result of differing views. Beating the puppies, therefore, represents your brand of punishment in an attempt to discipline them or assert your authority.
Being directed to a suspended broom I heard a voice in my dream that told me the right way I should follow by showing me an arrow from the sky pointing to a glowing and sparkling broom. The broom was suspended in the air with nothing holding it up. The voice in your dream represents the voice of reason. Perhaps you have been feeling lost lately and unsure about your true purpose. As such, the sparkling broom suspended in the air alludes to clearing your mind by resolving personal and professional issues. To gain clarity, you need to let go of past failures and mistakes as well as tie up loose ends in order to move forward with nothing holding you back. Alternatively, the broom could symbolize your readiness to settle down and have a family of your own, but this also entails commitment and leaving behind whatever personal baggage you may still carry.
Trying to fly and ending up in the childhood home I was trying to fly with my own arms as wings, no feathers, and I would at first get as far as up into the trees then back to the ground then I noticed my hands and tried harder and got further. Then I noticed people coming after me and I took off in the sky to a place I once knew as a child. There were a house and a barn or shed. I landed near the back door of the house and then I went in, it was a kitchen and there was a girl on her knees next to a bedroom door. I went to help, but couldn't - it was me. Trying to fly in your dream is an indication that your efforts to make a better life for yourself could be futile. You may be trying to achieve this success through the obvious and available means, such as working hard at your job in hopes of receiving a raise or promotion, with little to nothing in return for your efforts at present. After all this disappointment, flying to a place from your childhood makes sense, as this symbol may be the manifestation of your desire to find comfort and to be sheltered from the troubles you face in reality. However, going into the kitchen and seeing a younger version of yourself at the end of the vision is a symbolic image associated with stress, perhaps showing how, even in the place you should be able to relax, you feel no sense of restfulness and peace of mind.
Wings of a giant eagle causing pain A giant eagle landed in front of my window and then its wings burst through the window at me, so I ran. My sister ran too but the wings came in the door and were trying to make itself a part of me. The pain was excruciating. My hand felt like it was being chewed off. I woke in a panic and cried. I was so scared. Seeing a bird in front of your window is a neutral symbol associated with someone new entering your life. In most cases, it alludes to the birth of a baby or the addition of a new family member through marriage, but it can also predict that some outside person, like a friend or co-worker, wants to be closer to you more than you want them to. However, this is where things take a negative turn. Dreaming that the eagle bursts through the window and attacks you is a highly ominous image which suggests this newcomer could become a powerful enemy or rival to you. Additionally, the pain you felt may be an indication that you would find it difficult to get away from this individual for a long time.
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