Hugging and crying together with a sister-in-law I have seen another dream early hours of morning I see my sister in law (my bro's wife ) who is upset and gone to her parents place that she is home and i am hugging her many times and crying also hugging her. Finding yourself in your dream crying together with somebody signifies soon-to-come celebration as well as a possibility of receiving greetings with gifts. Dreaming about exchanging hugs or embracing your immediate family member with the purpose of consoling them is a sign of a very joyful and happy event or occasion you are about to become a part of.
Drowning in a forest lake, pulled down by a close friend I was in the middle of the black water lake surrounded by the trees, I heard the voice of my close friend she called me "come here", I answered her "No, I cannot leave him". Someone is pulling my two feet down deep into the water. I tried to swim because I felt like I am drowning. Then I woke up exhausted. Dreaming about swimming in dark murky waters is a negatively charged sign. It could mean that you would soon receive distressing and prejudicial news. You might come across this unexpected message while traveling or on a journey. The friend who is calling you and the person who is pulling you down both seem to serve as a warning. You should be careful about someone, or a group of people. Someone might be trying to harm you or prevent you from achieving your current goals. Alternatively, you might consider this individual a potential threat. However, for some reason, you remain unable to stop relating with this person. For example, you may be emotionally attached or you may feel ethically obliged to stand by that person's side. If it is in your workplace, maybe they will try to sabotage a project that you are working on. If it is in your business, this person might steal your ideas in order to compete with you. Whatever it is, they are planning against you, you need to be more careful and watch your back.
Signs of affection from someone liked in the past The guy I liked (we don't talk much anymore), but I had a dream that he sneaked on me and surprised me at my house before I walked in to say he missed me and that he wanted to start spending time with me again. Dreaming about the person you used to like in the past showing signs of love and affection could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events or developments, which could turn out to be negative or unpleasant in their nature, rather than something you were hoping could benefit you. The notion of not communicating with this person in wake life could also reflect your subconscious desire to re-unite or even re-establish the relationship with this person.
Naked and ashamed at church What does it mean to be naked and ashamed at church? The dream vision about feeling ashamed of your naked body while at church could symbolize your timidness and perhaps even insecurity. That is, you could be someone who lacks the confidence needed to face the world, deal with unexpected and intimidating situations, and accept shortcomings. It also could symbolize your inability to bring out your best and positive attributes when interacting with others. You tend to disguise, suppress or look down upon your true potentials and strengths. The vision of church in itself speaks of the possibility of going through a spiritual cleansing or personal renewal process. In this sense, the dream could reveal your need to be honest with your own self as well as with others. It could be beneficial to look into the mirror (in a metaphorical sense) and reflect upon what you are and how others perceive you. Finally, you could be longing for humility, modesty, openness, straightforwardness and patience. You genuinely want relationships in your waking life to have these qualities.
Ex-boyfriend comparing hands and looking happy I dreamt that me, my current 2 years and a half bf, my ex and some of our friends went on a road trip. When we arrived to the desired place my boyfriend went to do something and me and my ex and our friends were left alone. So as we were chatting about how each one of us has a different hand shape my ex which did not speak to me the whole trip told me "show me your hands" and he brought his hand closer to mine and held it and started smiling to me as if he's happy.. Then I woke up. This dream contains two distinct visions, specifically - going on a road trip with people who are important to you in your waking life and examining your hands. The first vision could be interpreted as your tendency to get involved in or try to accomplish plans or tasks which are more than you can handle. You could currently be going through a period in life when a lot of things need to be accomplish at the same time, but in order to succeed you need to set your priorities first or ask other people for help. The second vision of your ex-boyfriend examining your hand is indicating that you are about to experience a revelation or receive some new information which would affect your ex-boyfriend's as well as your own life. Most likely, it is a new person (not your current boyfriend) who might ignite new feelings and emotions in you. The notion of your ex-boyfriend feeling happy and telling you about it seems to be telling that your relationship with him has not found a proper closure yet, at least in your mind. You might be wanting him to be a part of your life, even though you are seeing someone else.
Visiting a friend at his workplace and having an argument My friend (or ex-friend) is a teacher at the university and I had a dream that I went to his workplace without informing him, he was in a meeting and after that he kept ignoring me as if I'm not even there, I called him in front of two guys and he had no choice but to come to me. He screamed at me saying that he doesn't want to hear me out and I screamed back at him, louder saying that why I'm here is not because of what happened between us but because of my future, and I held his arm making him listen to me... I don't remember the rest of the dream but can you please tell me what it means? This dream has two distinct visions, namely, visiting the school where your friend works and having a heated argument with him. The first vision signifies your desire to learn more about this individual, even if it might seem to you that you know a lot about his life, personal character and habits. You could be concerned about his well-being, but unsure how you can help him out. The notion of having a verbal disagreement which was on the verge of turning into a physical fight from what you have described, could mean that there is something important in your life you are trying to achieve or attain, but you feel that you would only be able to move forward if this person is affected to a great extent. This friend could be a major road block on your way to realize your plans or intentions and you are subconsciously projecting these fears or uncertainties in order to overcome or eliminate these impediments to your personal success.
Ex-fiance and ex-husband perceived to be homosexuals I dreamt that my ex fiance and my ex husband were both homosexual. In this dream I was not surprised about ex fiance, but a little surprised about ex husband. After thinking about I thought (in the dream) that my ex husbands friends seemed secretive and gay. The meaning of this dream about perceiving both of your ex's as homosexuals would actually depend on your attitude and level of tolerance toward people with this sexual orientation in waking life. If you harbor resentment and detest these individuals in reality, the dream vision is telling you about upcoming conflicts and disagreements with the person whom you are currently in a relationship with or planning on dating. The primary reason for such face-offs would be you tendency to say things before thinking or revealing too much information from inside of the relationship or about your man's private business to others. The more aggressive and hostile you were toward the people you thought were homosexual in your dream, the more serious troubles you are about to immerse yourself in. If, in real life, you are tolerant and accepting toward homosexuals, for example if one of your close friends or co-workers has this kind of sexual orientation, you can expect to go through a break-up with the person you are romantically involved with, but in this case it would happen because of reasons and motivations beyond your control, such as the other half in this romantic equation being uncomfortable with the way it is progressing.
Being cold at a bar and cuddling with an older woman to warm up Hi, I dreamt that I (a young woman) was in a bar with friends and I was cold as I had a blanket around me and I was cuddling into an older woman who I used to be friends with... What does this mean???? Dreaming about sitting at a bar contains prediction of the need to soon contact social services or a government agency for some reason. This urgency could be caused by your inability to handle things on your own or because of the magnitude of the issue you would be facing. Most likely, these proceeding could take some time before getting resolved. Being cold in a dream means that you can always count on help and support of people whom you know closely. However, the image of an older woman you were clinging to in order to warm up is somewhat concerning because it could mean that, if there is indeed an issue you are struggling with at the moment, it could be deeply rooted in your past and therefore difficult to solve or overcome, even with the help of others.
Being taken over by something and breathless It was like something was taking over my body and I couldn't breathe. Dreaming about or experiencing a feeling of being unable to breathe is related to being limited in abilities, feeling overwhelmed or depressed in waking life, which could result from a particular situation or a relationship with someone. If you could not breathe or felt breathless while dreaming, it could also mean that you are lacking something or someone important or in a great need of its or their presence.
Frightened by unfamiliar men I was laying down and a guy came up to me and asked me why I had my fist under my chin. Before I could answer, he moved closer and closer, I became scared and tried to move away from him and another guy suddenly appeared behind me. I was so scared, when I woke up I was still scared. Dreaming of strange men who seem to have a threatening air to them may indicate being in a precarious or dangerous situation, though not necessarily physically (though that is a possibility). Being confronted by one man and ambushed by another could mean you are about to be taken by surprise in a negative way in regard to something you are working on or by people who dislike or are jealous of you. Being scared is normal, and in this case may predict this situation coming to a rapid head. This dream may therefore be a warning to be careful and on the lookout for trouble.
Seeing a likeable person and his friends I usually see the same person in my dream whom I like, but always he moves around me with no expression. I remember full dream always when I wake up... even can recall all such dreams I have seen years ago, 2 to 3 years. When he was unmarried I used to see the same girl to whom he is married now. Her attitude is always soft in my dreams, but mine is harsh. On the other side, his attitude is always expressionless, but he used to sit or stand around me. Almost all the dreams related to such situations and have similar nature. Consistently seeing a person you like and have feelings for when dreaming shows that he is still on your mind, even though he has gone off and married someone else. You do not mention whether or not you had a relationship with this man previously, but, in general, his lack of expression throughout the dream indicates that, while he may find you good company or see you as a friend, he does not have any deeper emotions for you. Similarly, his current wife's soft, gentle nature may indicate that she also does not have strong feelings for you, positive or negative. This dream may be, therefore, a sign that you should try to put your feelings behind you and do things which empower you before seeking a new romantic partner, if you are interested in pursuing a relationship at that time.
Having feelings for a female professor I had an affair with a female professor, no sex, I am also female, but I was reluctant to start it or touch her, but eventually I did. You do not mention whether you are attracted to women or not, but, in general, both having an affair and partaking in a same-sex relationship in a dream vision point toward not feeling fully satisfied with certain aspects of your current sex life. This may be an indication of wanting to try something different or something out of the ordinary. You may feel shy or timid to admit or try this, particularly if you are currently seeing someone, but in order to fully enjoy your sexuality, you should come to terms with your own wants and needs and try to figure out why these images and scenarios keep appearing in your dreams.
Feeling threatened while riding in a car I was rolling around with some people I was cool with. The driver started arguing with the person about something me did before you know it the start shooting the car up. I open my passenger up start praying and fake did. Guess I pass out I then feel someone pulling me by my feet I wait to hear their conversation then open my eyes when I know it was safe. Dreaming about driving around with people you know or are friends with often indicates that you are about to initiate some interaction with or involving those people. You may purposely act with the intention of causing some mischief, or you may accidentally cause a chain of events to occur through your individual actions. The shooting you see in this vision points toward the latter, meaning this event is coincidental but nevertheless the result of your carelessness or naivety. Finally, both praying and your feeling of safety at the end of the dream represent the situation coming to a close with little long-term damage, though others may be more wary of you in the future.
A stranger interested in romantically A man I don't know was interested in me, even though I said I was married, my ex husband was there, he watched me do chores as I struggled to get a glass pitcher off a shelf he jumped to help me... I got the impression he valued my character as a wife, he had a kind, gentle way about him.. what does this mean? Having a dream where someone you do not know is interested in or has feelings for you may be a subconscious representation of feeling lonely or undervalued in real life. This is further indicated by being watched as you work and in getting help when you need it. You may consider expressing your needs to your partner (if you are seeing someone currently or are married) or spending more quality time with your family and friends to improve your mood and to strengthen your bonds with those who care about you.
Feeling weight on top and pushed off the bed I had a dream two nights in a row where I had a physical feeling of a weight on top of me, and then being pushed to the edge of the bed.. What does this mean? Feeling a physical weight in a dream vision is often a representation of mental or emotional burdens you carry in your waking life. Because you felt this weight while in bed, the main cause of this stress is likely romantic in nature or something that is very personal to you. Feeling as though you are being pushed toward the edge of the bed by an outside force or power can suggest one of two things. On one hand, you may be further projecting feelings of helplessness into this dream, as indicated by the lack of control in the pushing. On the other hand, it can also mean you find weaknesses and faults within yourself that others do not, hindering your ability to communicate with others equally. You may consider taking some time to sort your feelings out and then sharing your reflections with a trusted friend.
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