Aggressive grandmother Grandmother aggressive, borderline evil. Envisioning your grandmother being or becoming aggressive or evil portends either disagreeing with her about the way things should be done or reflects the fact that you could be hiding a secret from her.
Making peace with a cousin I'm a young girl, and my best friend was my cousin, but our other cousins made us fight, worse part we live next door to each other. I had a dream where we made up and talked peacefully and he was smiling and we weren't acting like strangers, we were in my house and everyone was happy we made up. There are several layers to the fight in your dream, since your relationship with your cousin has different levels. Fighting with your best friend alludes to a setback. Similarly, a fight with a loved one or family member indicates disappointment or possible failure. On the other hand, fighting with a neighbor is an auspicious symbol illustrating harmonious relationships and supportive friends. The conflicting message indicates instability. Your relationships will be tested, but ultimately any issue will be negligible and probably petty. This prescient dream even resolves itself in the end, so you do not have anything to worry about.
A deceased uncle wanting to see my daughter I am a female. My uncle died two years ago and didn't get to see my daughter, who is a couple of months old. He appears in my dream looking alive and well and he told me to hand her to him because he wanted to see her and I did. Your dearly departed uncle's presence in your dream is likely twofold. It can of course be a message from him showing that he is still watching over you and the family. A more general interpretation further suggests that his appearing to you at this time may be a reminder to use the collective wisdom of your life, family and ancestors to make good decisions while raising your child.
Brother-in-law visiting An unexpected visit by brother-in-law. Dreaming about an unexpected visit from your brother-in-law is a sign of bearing a grudge against him or being misunderstood by him currently or in the past and trying to amend this situation.
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