Father asking to scratch his back I see in my father asking me to scratch his back. After experiencing a dream vision about your father asking you to scratch his back, try to postpone any major decisions, big projects or existing plans because there is a high likelihood that you have left something out or there is one more step before you can actually give it a green light. In other words, this dream suggests to give it some time if you want to succeed and prevent situations when you would feel regretful or disappointed because you rushed things or made them happen too quickly.
Sister moving to the neighborhood I saw my sister buying a room near my house. Having a dream vision of seeing your sister moving to live closer to you and if you felt bothered by this fact, it could serve as a prediction of upcoming period in your life which could be inundated with challenges, difficulties or inability to solve emerging issues. The same dream could portend betrayal or acts of deception originating from people whom you used to care about a lot. Sometimes, dreams of this nature mean that your sister has a tendency to pry into you private life or tell you what to do, which could bother you a great deal.
Having children who do not exist and neglecting them Frequently dream that I suddenly remember that I have 1 or 2 other kids besides my son, but that I have neglected them, their whole lives. Sometimes in the dream I realize that I never really liked them either. I feel bad about it in the dream and endeavor to be more attentive to them. Dreaming about children you did not know you have symbolizes people around you who normally support and help you, like your parents or close friends. While this seems like a positive sign, the realization that you do not like or necessarily want the children in your vision may indicate that you feel these helpful people are overstepping boundaries or putting too much pressure on you. Feeling bad in the dream is likely a reflection of your feelings in real life: You know they mean well, but you have your own life to live and do not need to be coddled.
Being naked and not ashamed My mother said she dreamed about me naked, and I was not ashamed. Seeing someone naked in a dream vision usually points to having a close relationship with said person. In this case, because you are parent and child, this indicates that your mother deeply cares for you and feels that the love is reciprocated. This can be understood more clearly through your mother perceiving that you were unashamed. Her dream vision is, therefore, reflective of the strong bond you two share.
Relatives in a forest My dream was about my grandfather and my two girl cousins were in a forest. My two cousins came out my grandfather never did. This vision contains two opposing symbols which are of great interest. On one hand, you have your two cousins entering and exiting a forest, which indicates successfully completing tasks or moving forward with your life. On the other hand, your grandfather enters the forest but does not emerge for the rest of the dream, which represents a large, insurmountable problem. This vision seems to suggest that someone in your life is going through a troubling time (not necessarily your grandfather), but their other friends and family either do not see their suffering or are too busy to help. Because you see their pain, you should probably offer them whatever support you can during this time. They may return the favor someday.
A family meeting with furniture around Me waiting in an upstairs lobby for my family to arrive for a play. The chairs are facing sideways and not the stage. Bed sheets are sloppily draped on the chairs. at the further end of this upstairs area a friend is very busy serving food from his canteen though there are not many people. He lives on the ground floor with his family. People begin filling in the seats and there aren't enough left when my family gets there. The stage performance doesn't happen but I find myself walking outside in the heat and looking for a rubbish bin for wrappers from the food I have just eaten. This vision is a bit complicated, but there are some important points which should be noted. The image of waiting alone usually represents feelings of being separated or different from others. This is further supported by your family not having seats when they arrive, indicating that they are possibly losing their place in your life due to differences in opinion or beliefs. The interior of this building is also very interesting. The image of the chairs facing each other and not the performance about to take place suggests waiting for someone you see eye to eye with or who shares a certain passion or hobby with you. This may be a want of romance but can represent friendship as well. Additionally, the messiness of the room reflects feelings of confusion or indecisiveness, possibly because you are unsure what to do or who to turn to.
Getting to know girlfriend better and kissing My mom met my girlfriend and her parents and me and my girlfriend almost kissed. She has never met my parents in real yet and we never kissed yet. What does it mean? Dreaming about your girlfriend meeting your mother can mean one of two things. On one hand, it may indicate you are currently experiencing some stress in connection with your relationship. On the other hand, it may represent the feelings of anticipation for this event (meeting each other's parents) in the future. It's not clear whether you and your girlfriend almost kissed in front of you mother or not, but, in general, this sign represents your feelings for her and your hesitation to rush things in the relationship. You may have some fears about scaring her away or getting in over your head.
Grandmother and a baby I pull my grandmother and a baby who isn't mine out of the bath and wrap them in towels, nan sits in her chair and has this injured bird which she is looking after and drip feeding. The baby you saw in your dream could represent fulfilling goals you have set out for yourself in the near future. These goals may be work-related, such as getting a promotion or asking for and receiving a raise, or they may be about your personal life, such as getting into a steady relationship or meeting some financial goals. Wrapping the baby and your grandmother in towels suggests you have been taking great care with these plans, indicating their importance to you. This means the reward you reap is likely to be especially sweet and appreciated. Finally, seeing your grandmother nursing a bird back to health is also a positive sign reflecting kindness and a nurturing nature.
Performing and father missing it In my dream I was on a stage acting and afterwards my dead father comes to me wraps his arms around me crying saying he is sorry he missed it. He wished he could have been there. Then I wake up. Acting on a stage suggests an internal desire to be recognized and admired. This may be through having a high-profile profession, like an actor, singer, or writer, or more local fame, like a community leader or a specialist in your school or company. In either case, the image of your father showing up suddenly and holding you close suggests he has a message for you from beyond the grave. If your interaction with him occurred on the stage in front of everyone, it may mean that he supports your moving into the spotlight and wishes he was there to see it. However, if this embrace took place somewhere off-stage, it more likely means he wishes to discourage you from getting too far ahead of yourself lest things turn out poorly.
An image disappearing from the picture My cousin had a dream about my sister, mum and me. I was looking down on a pic of me, my sister and my mum... The image of me faded from the picture. She thinks maybe I am feeling distant? Or I find that you are doing things for myself these days? Is something going on with my sister? She seemed very distant as well in the dream. Traditional dream interpretation sources reveal that looking at a picture of someone important in the dreamer's life means that he or she is seriously concerned about the person in question. You are correct when you point out that your cousin could be sensing some strong signals of growing distance or losing touch between you and other family members. To your cousin, as a side observer, these signs could be much more visible and apparent, possibly because she is not as immersed in more subtle family interactions happening on the inside as much as you, your mom and you sister are, individually and collectively.
Walking while holding hands and babysitting I was waking down a road, holding hands with a man that I have feel in love with. I was also holding hands with my husband and he was also holding hands with his wife! Later I dream I was at his mother's home. Keeping his grandchildren, while everyone was at a funeral. When everyone returned, his mother very rudely said to me it was time for me to leave and thanked me for babysitting. This is a rather complicated vision with multiple symbols, but a few major points stand out. You do not mention if your feelings for this other man persist in real life, but feeling love for someone other than your husband and who is already married suggests you are not as passionate about something in your life as you used to be. This might be a relationship, such as with your husband, but it could also be a hobby or a charitable cause. In addition, envisioning someone you love in a dream, whether it was your husband or the other man, indicates some concerns related to your family. This is also supported by the mother who acted rudely towards you, representing some internal fears about how your recent actions (or lack thereof) are perceived by other people you are close to. This dream does not end on a bad note, however. Both the children you take care of and the funeral imagery predict that luck and fate are on your side in the long run. You may experience some difficulty in regaining your interests or finding other appropriate ways to spend your time, but the eventual results are likely to satisfy you greatly.
Having to leave to flee and losing relatives My mother had a dream that my brother came into her house where she once lived years ago. He told both my mother and grandmother that they had to quickly pack their bags, that they had to go. Once at the bus or train station, my mother could no longer see my brother or her mother, yet she could hear her. She was left all alone at the station. If your mother dreamed about a house that was once familiar to her, it is a sign that she is currently in a comfortable place in her life. Having someone urge her to run away from that comforting place, however, indicates that there are troubles on the horizon. Specifically, leaving a house in a hurry portends sudden financial distress, possibly due to the loss of income or an unexpected expense. Arriving at a station, be it a bus or a train station, indicates going on a journey or through some major change, most likely due to the new financial situation your mother is about to find herself in. Finally, being left alone at the end of the vision represents feelings of isolation in her new position, either because no one is there to help or because she is too proud to reach out for help.
Son with green eyes I had a dream that my son had green eyes. Dream visions about your son having eyes of unusual color is an auspicious sign of some positive changes and transformations soon to take place in his life. He, or both of you, may soon receive a very lucrative offer or proposal which could significantly improve his life. At the same time, if you were unpleasantly surprised or even shocked by his appearance in this same dream, it could also mean he could be hiding some important information or news from you, that is if he is old enough to be able to so.
Being treated nicely by family members I was dreaming about my sister of aunt and that in this dream she acts good to me and we played together a truck game and then my neighbors came over and we had a party. Dreaming about being around or communicating with your close-knit family and being happy is a sign of good health and acquiring something special you always wanted to receive, either from the people you were interacting with in this dream or from other relatives. Similarly, being together with and happily coexisting with your family members is symbolic of peace and balance in your life, mainly due to loving atmosphere and support you receive from them. Quite likely, these visions are evoked by your anticipation of the next family gathering or celebration, such as Christmas holidays.
Having different kids from different fathers Dreamt of having a couple of children, but someone explaining that the beautiful ones are with a new different father. It was a segment, part of a long dream, but that was the only part about having children and the feeling that it was with a different person that mattered more than having children by itself. Someone had to explain to me that those are from a new father, than those old ones, but they all seem to get along. I don't have children in real life nor romantic partners and it was a bit odd to have this dream. In the context of this dream vision, the children you have symbolize your everyday small achievements and routines you have to go through. However, you could be feeling that they could be more meaningful and you would feel more accomplished if you had a person or people to share your aspirations with or simply be appreciated and valued for what you do. In general, children in dreams represent going through changes or making positive transformations in your waking life. You could be considering welcoming new people and experiences that come with that, and taking small steps to make it happen, with or without trying to make it a top priority.
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