Husband naked and drunk Dreaming about my husband being naked and drunk. The interpretation of this dream would depend on whether you have faced similar behavior exhibited by your husband in reality. If you have been exposed to similar kind of behavior by him in real life, this vision could mean that you are worried and concerned about that the fact that his escapades might be starting to cast a shadow on your own personal character and reputation. Therefore, this uncomfortable feeling is projected into your subconscious state as dream visions. If your husband is a complete opposite of what you have witnessed in this dream, this could mean that you are sensing the presence of some non-typical trends in his recent behavior and conduct (most likely when you are together) which are starting to bother or embarrass you, even though they could be benign and non-threatening to your relationship with him or with other people around.
Someone knocking on the door, green snake around mother's neck I had a dream that I heard someone knocking at the door but no one was there to open the door I saw my mom open the door and she caught a snake, a big green snake. I ran upstairs to tell my aunts about the snake. When I went back downstairs I saw the snake was around my mom's neck and she was fighting with it. I tried to help then I woke up. Hearing someone knock on a door in a dream can be taken a premonition of news to come. Because you were unable to intercept, this information is likely negative in nature, and because the door was answered your mother, this situation is probably concerning her or her actions. The image of her being strangled by a snake predicts risk and the possibility of grave danger. Running and trying to find help during the dream reflects feelings of helplessness, therefore it would be wise to warn your mother against taking chances or becoming involved with strange, unsavory people, as her words or actions may be a cause of conflict. If your mother lives alone or if you will be leaving her for a time, it might also be a good idea to ask someone to stay with her or to check in on her periodically. The green color of the serpent is symbolic of alcohol consumption, and therefore may be a key factor in any issues that arise, though whether it is your mother or the other party who is drinking is unclear.
Mother deciding to kill her classmates I had a dream that my mother decided to kill her classmates to put them out of their misery. I believe she claimed that they were going through rough times. I remember crying in the dream, wondering why she would do such a thing, but at the same time trying to prevent her from feeling bad and upset over the matter, as it had already happened. Perhaps your mother has been comparing her recent life milestones and finding out that someone has achieved more and with better outcomes If you know that she has had any contact with the people from the past recently, either in person or by other means, she could be overly nostalgic about the younger years when she was spending a lot more time with them. There is also a possibility she is going through a age-related crisis, but has no one to share these feelings with. You could be sensing her inner feelings by the way she talks, acts or even through physical changes she might be going through. Killing former classmates signifies before all, your own desire and readiness to change this situation for better.
Crush and family visiting sick father and unable to serve mineral water I'm a girl. In my dream we had guests who came to visit my sick dad. The guests were my crush and his family, he drove them to our house and I was standing by the door, so I saw them pull their car in front of me. I heard my crush tell his family that he won't come in, but then turned around and saw me and told his family that he changed his mind as he smiled at me. They came in and I welcomed them. Then my dad asked me to bring them mineral water. I looked all around the fridge and I couldn't find any mineral water, I found a few but they weren't enough since we had 10-12 guests. I was really embarrassed. Whether your dad is sick in real life or not, this dream may be pointing to some unresolved or ongoing conflicts with someone close to you, possibly a family member, relative or good friend. The sickness your father is experiencing indicates concern about physical well-being, specifically safety and health, although this may or may not be the cause of your issues with this person. Sharing water in a dream vision is symbolic of helping others, and seeing yourself spreading thin but not being able to provide water for all the guests, like what happened in your dream, suggests giving too much of your time and energy to others. Despite your generosity, they may not recognize or appreciate your efforts on their behalf. While this dream shows that you are caring and thoughtful, it warns that you should also consider your own well-being and existing needs.
Becoming pregnant and being told to visit a salon I am a female aged 22, dreamt that I am a pregnant (a surrogate for my friend Judith), then the next dream I was with my mother and my step brother came to visit (I had an affair with him few months ago), I realized he was engaged through his whatsapp profile picture, my mother then told me I need a little doing, so I should ask my step brother to drop me at the salon, then she told me "Did you think that your step brother was going to be your happy ending?" , I went to my room and busted into tears... Having a dream vision about becoming pregnant for your friend could be a sign that she is about to meet someone new and start a new relationship with this person. You could be the link or a point of connection for these two people. Being told to visit a salon in this same dream could predict starting to live a very busy and hectic life either because you would be meeting a lot of people or because someone will introduce you to such eventful life. Bursting into tears after hearing your mother's words reveals your hidden emotions still remaining in you towards the person you were dating not so long ago, and you need to find a way to release these feelings by sharing them with someone.
Fighting with family members, nose bleeding and turning into a man My sister was going through my phone and texting guys I talked to. I got mad and tried to beat her up. I remember stopping to go to the bathroom but the door was locked. I remember my head hurting really bad so I went outside to get my mom. She was smoking with her husband. Then she told me my nose was bleeding. Somehow mom and I got into an argument and I slapped her. Then I remember her turning into my neighbor and she was trying to slap me back. I remember lying on the bed trying to wake up, but I couldn't and I had turned into a man. Having a fight with a family member, both your sister and mother in this case, predicts that some goal you are pursuing is not likely to be finished or fulfilled as you desire, no matter how easy it looks or how much time and effort is spent. Your nose bleeding after the fighting indicates financial problems, such as unexpected expenses or difficulties sticking to a budget. These monetary issues may or may not be related to the unresolved or failed ambitions you are attempting. Turning into a man at the end of the dream represents being in a situation or forcing yourself to do things that are not appropriate or suited to your interests and abilities, which may be why your goal has so far been out of reach. This dream vision might inspire you to take a closer look at your strengths and weaknesses to find a course of action befitting your special talents.
Feeling motionless and seeing parents In my dream I was sleeping, suddenly my right hand got stuck, I couldn't move, I felt something pushing and holding on my hand. I felt the same thing on my right leg, I tried to make my voice heard, but i could not. I tried to get up from there, I did and tried to open the door. I was trying make scream, but only murmuring came out. Finally I opened my room door when I became free. My mother was coming to my room, and I asked her "where were you til now"? Father was simply siting outside of the room, he didn't hear my voice. Mom was slowly coming to my room. Suddenly I woke up from the dream. Dreaming about being unable to move parts of your body symbolizes two different and opposing ways of thinking or two paths that you must choose between. Specifically, envisioning hands that are prevented from moving points towards decisions that are ideological, spiritual or communicative in nature, but because there were no physical restraints, there may be a conflict between illogical or unreasonable desires and what is actually possible given the reality of the situation. Dreams about being unable to move could also be associated with close relationships, which is further enhanced by the entrance of your mother and father into the dream. The decision you must make may be regarding them, and either the decision itself or the result of making it may cause some rift or even physical separation between you and your parent(s).
Wife leaving and unable to open eyes I keep dreaming my wife leaves me, and that I can't open my eyes. The first one, multiple dreams different places and she is gone suddenly. The second one, think I am awake, but can't open my eyes. Having a dream about your wife leaving you may indicate that you are about to be surprised or shocked by someone's discreditable lack of thankfulness, particularly regarding something that you did as a favor for them. You may have provided financial assistance in the form of a loan, helped in some physical way such as with a move or a tricky tire change, or provided emotional support and a shoulder to lean on for a friend who needed to talk things out. Being unable to open your eyes in a dream vision represents being deeply in love with someone, most likely your wife who is the main subject of your dream. You may be concerned with or jealous of a new acquaintance in her life, or you might be showing your subconscious desire to spend more time with her.
Brother-in-law sprinkling salt around My brother-in-law was sprinkling rough salt in the house and telling everyone to go out of the house. Dreaming about seeing this person sprinkling salt inside the house could be a symbol of rejection he may face due to his opinions in regards to some family matters or issues. You could be witnessing that he is surrounded by people who do not share his beliefs and ideas, and dealing with them poses some difficulty for him. Furthermore, this dream vision portends a period filled with conflicts and disagreements within the walls of your own home or among the members of your and his families.
Deceased mother coming alive, preparing breakfast table in a sailboat I had 2 short dreams and my grandma had 1 too, please help me, it's about my late mother who passed away suddenly 4 months ago, one dream was exactly when I found her on the sofa on that traumatic day but this time by shaking her she woke up and I hugged her. Yesterday, I saw her in the dream decorating the table adding also tea ceramic pourer we used to use to celebrate the Easter breakfast, she looked radiant, beautiful and happy. My grandmother dreamt of being on some steps and seeing my mother being on a sail boat looking more beautiful than ever, radiant and happy, she was asking my grandma to come down and take pictures, it was a short extreme vivid dream. We are in so much pain we pray there would be some sort of sign that my mum is ok. Would deeply appreciate if you can help us interpret those 3 short dreams? Seeing your late mother in your dreams is a very powerful, yet comforting message. The dreams you and your grandmother have had contain very positive images and represent both your deep sadness regarding this untimely loss and a promise of receiving solace and comfort after this personal tragic event. Seeing you mother setting the breakfast table and the images of hugging her represent your strong ties and deep connection between you and your mother, more so for you because you keep focusing on the days and times when you shared love with this woman, love that is still present in your heart and will never leave you. The image of her being in a sailboat has another positive and important message, even with her departure, she is asking you through subconscious channels to remember and cherish the memories of the past (represented by the notion of asking to take pictures) and to remain strong and hopeful no matter what challenges you and your family members may face in the future.
Husband having an affair Husband having an affair with someone I know in front of me. Dreams about your significant other having an extra-marital affair or falling in love with another person indicate not being satisfied with your current way of life, and therefore often serve as a push to look at your life from different perspectives and consider changing some aspects of it. As affairs are generally used as an escape for the monotony of daily life, it likely means you currently have a daily routine that needs sprucing up or you desire more meaningful experiences and interactions throughout your day. This is further illustrated by the other woman being someone you know, possibly because you envy her lifestyle or how she is able to spend her time.
Unable to hear another person's plea for help I had a dream that my brother-in-law was trying to tell me something but I couldn't hear him clearly. He was also asking me for help that only I can help him. And a friend of his by the name Andrea was holding him from being happy. Being unable to hear your brother-in-law clearly, either because something is preventing sound from entering your ears or because something is wrong with his voice, indicates putting off and eventually losing a chance to do something related to your family. Just as being unable to hear well causes problems in communication and delays in your ability to accomplish tasks so does this dream indicate the passing of a once in a lifetime opportunity because of using delay tactics to avoid doing a task. Because your brother-in-law was asking for your help specifically, it means this issue was likely connected to one of his relationships, possibly some help or a favor you meant to do, but did not get around to. While your procrastination may not affect you directly, it is likely to cause some friction between you and your brother-in-law in the near future.
Father giving advice My father told me I must go green. If your father appears in your dreams and offers a piece of advice to you, be sure that this advice merits a very serious consideration. This advice needs to be accepted and followed to prevent undesirable things from happening. It must be taken into account while making everyday decisions. Based on the context of his advice, it could be related to your inefficient or wasteful ways of doing things which are obvious to him.
Husband returning but more for a visit Had a dream my husband came back home, but it was like he wasn't there to stay but just to seem like he may move back soon. Felt more like a visit than and come back. These images you have experienced in this dream about being uncertain whether your husband was going to stay with you or just visit on a regular basis could serve as an indication that your relationship with your husband suffers minor setbacks caused by the influences of other people around you two. It could also mean that he is currently preoccupied with other things he deems important in his life, or he could be traveling for work a lot or is away from you most of the time. Making an effort to work out the details and arrangements of your relationship with him could greatly improve the quality of your relationship.
Seeing a pregnant woman and being pregnant in a dream I have seen a dream where I were in a place looking like a hospital, but not so much arranged with small rooms. I have seen one or two rooms then a girl who was pregnant lying on a bed and I think I know her, but in the dream I was communicating something with her. Then in next scene I saw myself also having a child birth and then I have seen my father holding my child and I was informing them about this. Later on I realized how they all would react as I am still unmarried and I was unable to understand even not after getting up in the morning. Perhaps you are very interested in learning more or communicate with other women, or even families, who are already parents and have children or who are about to give birth. Many rooms in this dream could represent that you have been in contact with several individuals or families, but the information they provided you with was either insufficient or unclear to you. You also have obvious inclinations to seek advice from your parents or older people in the family, and it is interesting that your mother somehow did not appear in this dream. There could be personal circumstances known only to you as to why she was not present in this dream.
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