Son getting HIV Son contracted HIV and I was so upset. He is openly gay. This dream reflects your concerns and worries about your son's well-being and future. You might have been questioning his behavior and reluctant to accept his friends or disapprove his choices in romantic affairs. This is only an indication of how much you love and care for him.
Finding a sick father My father named Anthony Rozario 73yrs has left house in depression since 1 1/2 month and we could not find him, I had dream about my father who is suffering badly, the monkeys are troubling his sleep and he feels too sick and we find him and I scream to my mother that father is here. Seeing one of your parents affected by some kind of illness is an indication that you will have a chance to come very close to something you have been trying to accomplish or fulfill, but will not be able to achieve it because of some extraneous circumstances or interference from others.
Boyfriend smiling back I have a dream and I wore my boyfriend traditional women dress called lungi, I look at him and he looked at me and smiled, what does it mean? Seeing yourself having fun with your boyfriend in your dreams is a warning that you are too preoccupied with your romantic relationship right now, and this excessive focus on your relationship might cause some misunderstandings or troubles within your family. This means you will soon have to make a sound choice between your family circle and this relationship.
Mother bathing in the sea I saw that my mom is bathing in the sea and I am stopping her... My mom is a heart patient....And I saw this dream in the morning, about 6 to 7 am. Dreaming about your mom bathing in the sea symbolizes her ability to overcome troubles and problems she may be facing, when you saw yourself trying to stop her this may be an indication of your genuine concern about whether you are doing enough for her to help through difficult times or situations which may require your support.
Borther who looks older 2 similar dreams please interpret for me. Thanks a lot. First one I see my brother who is in his late 30's as much older person and not looking quite to my father face wise and not wearing a very ordinary shirt making him look like average person. And some person I see there thinks he is not well off and this makes me upset as why this person is thinking like that? Second one - I saw last night again I see my brother who is in his late 30's as much older person. This dream which you have about your brother has positive connotations. Though you might be feeling upset but however symbolically this dream indicates that events would soon turn in your favor and there is a whole lot of good luck coming your way. By seeing your brother looking much older than he is, this vision could represent a long and healthy life in store for him. It's an implication that you might become a recipient of unexpected news which might come as a pleasant surprise.
Family members rejecting Was awaken by my dream in tears, was dreaming about my five brothers and one sister we are all in my mum's house who recently passed away in November. They were all having a laugh and discussion who was going where with who. All I said was where's my invite? Only to be told by them all that they didn't want to know me. This dream most likely is an indication of your fear of losing connections with the family members, particularly the siblings (as experienced in this dream) after your mom had passed away. There could also be some tensions or disagreements which concern and worry you when you think that there is a possibility of family ties breaking apart or being unable to rely on and support each other like it used to be in the past.
Brother rejecting and being influenced by others in a negative way I was walking home from sixth form for dinner but turned around as a storm started. When I turned around, my brother was truanting and was sitting on some benches with his friends smoking cigarettes. And they were all telling me to get lost and go away. In my dream I was powerless and upset that my brother would do this and let his friends influence him like that. Dreaming that you are rejected by your brother and his friends often signifies the possibility of upcoming conflicts and disagreements. These arguments will not necessarily involve your brother. Rather, they may relate to anyone of your relatives. Moreover, your brother and his group were smoking while they cast you off. Such action usually amplifies the negativity of meaning. That is, the quarrel could somewhat reach an extremely intense and overextended peak. In this case, it would have a long-lasting negative impact upon you, and your kin relationship. Namely, it would be harder to resolve your issues and re-gain once had balance and peace.
Violent relationship, asking for advice I dreamed about my niece and in the dream she was exposed to being in a violent relationship and in my dream she is only 15 and the man turned out to be in his early 40's which she did not know about. Then she chose to confide in me instead of her mum ...There was also my brother and sister in law there and my dead dad and we were all staying there. Dreaming that you are the listening and supportive ear of a victim of violence usually is a negative sign. It could reveal that you or someone very close to you needs or would need to be offered a helping hand. This outside support would be fundamental for the resolution of existing or possibly upcoming abusive or confrontational situations. This would be a difficult and emotionally heavy situation. Without such intervention, the situation would remain the same, or deteriorate. Moreover the dream involved one of your family members. This could indicate that you or someone close to you is or would be involved in non-beneficial affairs. For example, a harmful and disadvantageous marriage or partnership that could bring nothing but trouble. It would be recommendable to seek external advice and take precautions before engaging in any serious commitment.
Arguments during an important event and family members involved I dreamt that my family and I were welcoming important guests, our country president and other government officials, but after some time there was confusion, people were asking were he was and the first will sleep and people begun to argue. Even my family members as well. The notion of important guests, including the president and other officials, could indicate that you presently are at a pivotal moment in your life. You might have to make an important decision or make the best use of what you have at your disposal. These actions could determine your future success, prosperity or achievement. The situation might hold the potential of having a rare chance to succeed. But the symbolism in your dream about people arguing carries a connotation of difficulties or obstacles you may be facing while trying to move towards your goals. These difficulties could be related to some specific details, such as logistic or organizational. Alternatively, the arguments could also represent your fear of failure, your fear of taking a risk or your hesitation to go through changes which might affect your life. Moreover, dreaming about family members who are arguing often is an indication that there are, or that you feel that there are aspects of your personal life holding you back, things like family obligations, habits or daily routines. These could prevent you from realizing your true potential and stand in the way toward a more fulfilled life.
Family breaking into ex's house Recurring theme, but different settings. My family breaks into my ex's house and I go in to make them get out before he sees. One time he caught mum on her way out and she chatted to him and his girlfriend. Last night he saw me as we were all sneaking out, he was looking at me from the front door. Having recurring dreams about your family trying to get into your ex's house and spying on him reveals your subconscious focus on either tensions between your ex and the rest of the family (existing or in the past) or your constant attempts to compare his current life and relationships with others to your relationship with him before you broke up. The notion of him noticing you prying into his private life and personal matters in this dream is a sign that he is probably aware and bothered by the constant interference and invasion of his privacy both from you and your family members. It is not a wise thing to do on your part, especially if he is currently seeing someone else, as you mentioned in your dream recollection. The fact that this is a recurring dream is even more concerning because it shows that you cannot get over your obsession of trying to find out what he is up to at any given moment.
Money disappearing from the hand and trying to scare away grandmother I was in a room. My brother who is in jail was there, who is also a drug addict. He was going to the couch and pulling money out. I was a little disturbed by it and confused at what was taking place. All of a sudden, but like in many of my dreams, my living grandpa was there and not really a threat. Then my living grandma was there. I looked at my hand and I was holding money. Suddenly the money was disappearing from my hand. Lately I have felt a hindrance in my finances. I was angered at the sight of her. I screamed. Its u!!! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!! She said there you go again with that and retreated as before. The central figures in this dream were your family members, with a special focus on your grandmother when you became angry at her. This could predict possible challenges or difficulties you are about to encounter on your life's path soon. You would probably need to exert a lot of effort in order to overcome these. The symbolic image of the money slowly disappearing right in front of you is an indication that you are not happy with your current social status or position in life (for example your job or your place inside a relationship). This unease could be originating from people who seem to be disliking or shunning you, or your significant other not treating you the way you want to be treated. At the same time, even though you want to change this situation for the better, you, for some reason, are incapable of bringing the needed changes into your life. Therefore, you could be feeling frustrated, unappreciated and uncertain.
Someone pregnant I dreamed that the girlfriend of my son is already four months pregnant. Depending on your current circumstances and existing family relations, this dream vision could have two possible meanings which we can think of. One of them, which is more positive, could mean that you are subconsciously wanting this couple to have a child, so you can become a grandparent. This interpretation is especially true if you have not become a grandparent yet. The second interpretation could bear both positive and negative connotations, and could relate to your son, his girlfriend or both of them trying to hide something from you. The secret could be either a big disappointment or a great news for you. Perhaps you are sensing something that they could soon surprise you with and your subconscious mind translates it to visions of possible pregnancy of your son's girlfriend.
Family gathered in a circle, artwork and love interest's remarks The living room in my old family home, my mother and I were putting her paintings up. She is not an artist but in the dream she was. I was very happy in the dream. There was a coffee table, sofas and my family were all sitting on the seats. A love interest of mine (who does not know I like him in real life) enters with a friend and they take a seat on chairs but behind the sofa. He then says, "See this is why I want to be engaged to her". At that point, my Jamaican grandma walks in and sits down on a seat in the circle where we all are. I saw stairs but the living room was the main room. Although there are a lot of elements in this dream you are sharing here, we would like to point out the two most prominent and interconnected parts which could perhaps help you figure out the true meaning of this dream. The vision of paintings, no matter how artistic or beautiful they looked, in dream interpretation is traditionally associated with existing and persistent lies, deception and possible threats to your reputation. They could be aimed both at you and your family members based on the context of the dream story you are describing. It could also mean that someone you are interested in romantically is actually insincere and pretentious and probably not worth your time and efforts. You have also experienced an image when you "sorted" your family members by generations and that, according to our interpretation sources, indicates that you could be concerned or frustrated with how things are going ("lining up") for you at the moment. Overall, these aspects of your dream could serve as a hint to pay more attention to those you tend to associate with or trust without getting to know them better first.
Meeting with the family of secret lover It was about the man I cheat on my husband with. The dream was that I met his family and it was happy and there was a guy we both knew from our families who made everything acceptable. In real life I haven't talked to him in a few days. This dream vision of connecting with your secret lover's family and learning that your behavior is justified and accepted could actually be a subconscious reflection of your fear of being caught at some point while committing adultery. You are displacing feelings of guilt or pity towards your husband with positive emotional confirmations which could only be possible when you dream. In reality, you could be walking a fine line between confessing about your behavior to either your husband or someone else close to you, and continuing to live this double life because it seems dangerous, yet convenient for everyone involved, for some time that is.
Former husband calling by name My husband called my name. We have recently separated. This dream about your husband calling your name in the light of your recent separation with him serves as a subconscious affirmation that you were not paying enough attention to his problems or did not do a lot to help HIM out or understand HIS needs before you became separated. Perhaps, you think that the main reason for the breakup was something on his part that led to this outcome, but your subconscious mind begs to differ. Analyzing your recent actions and mistakes could help you prevent and avoid similar unfortunate situations in the future. Some sources also refer to dream visions about someone close to you calling your name as a possibility that they could be not feeling well, either physically or emotionally.
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