Losing family in an earthquake but finding them later Being in a house with my wife and daughter and we are separated when the earthquake happens, and I fall in the house thousands of feet into and ocean separating us. I get out of the house and make it to where that part of the house fell and there is only rubble and scorched earth and I was crying. Then they both came out with others saying "Relax, we are okay". Dreaming of an earthquake typically suggests looming failures. Based on the scenario that played out in your dream, the problems may occur within the family. Arguments may ensue causing a rift in your relationships. The ocean represents this rift as this body of water symbolizes feelings and emotions. Perhaps due to hurt feelings and resentment, you may become emotionally distant from your loved ones. However, the final parts of the dream evoke a hopeful resolution to whatever conflict may occur. Managing to survive the earthquake and being reunited at the end suggests that you can come to the right decisions and settle the issues or problems currently affecting your life.
Being caught in a flood happening in a downtown area In this dream I am watching myself. I am standing in the middle of a downtown square. Large tall buildings on each side of the square. All of a sudden huge tidal waves appear to be coming over the North and East side of the tall buildings. Everyone begins to run. I am standing there alone, noticing the flood of waters coming towards me. I turn to run towards the buildings on the South and West side and tidal waves come over them and I am now watching myself drown. I wake up before I die. This bleak dream suggests challenges looming in your future. Having to face strong sea waves in a dream is a bad sign of being exposed to losses and sadness caused by negative circumstances or experiences while living through some perilous times. The buildings represent your dreams and the coming floods are the obstacles you have to overcome to achieve your dreams. Drowning also alludes to being resistant to change. It is possible that the more you resist, the tougher it will be to move closer to achieving your goals. Perhaps it is high time to acknowledge your shortcomings and begin personal development.
Sister caught inside burning walls and saving her I had a dream that the walls were on fire and only the walls, and my sister and her baby were in that room and she was in a daze where she couldn't move or talk. She was just sitting there and I went out the house to get help and I looked at the window while I was outside and it looked like the whole thing was on fire. And then I heard my sister screaming and I ran back in and she was just sitting there and the walls were glowing with fire and I got her and her baby out of the house then I ran back for my baby. Despite the tragedy unfolding for an event occurring in wake life, the burning, glowing walls of your dream vision are most likely a positive sign pointing to unexpected but welcome occasions taking place in your future. The glowing walls themselves are associated with the idea of passion and zeal within you, suggesting this surprise is related to something you care about deeply or that it can gradually develop into a cause you are truly committed to. Dreaming about saving your sister, her child and your own self from the blaze also points out that letting go of any past negative experiences may help you find the best path for your future.
Being caught in the storm while on a boat I was on a boat in formal attire with a high school boyfriend, and a storm comes in and I can see a huge wave next to the boat, and him and I run to the top of the boat and see more boats riding the storm. The boat starts to manage the storm and another boat runs into my ship. I wasn't scared. My mind was focused and tried everything to survive the storm. Dreaming of suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a storm with your high school boyfriend points to the possibility of having a fulfilling and passionate romantic or sexual encounter. The tenacity to survive that you felt in your dream portends such an event taking place some time in the near future. As long as you are careful and responsible with your actions, this could be a pleasant occurrence for you to remember fondly as you grow older.
Witnessing a disaster from inside the house The dream was that my sisters and I were in our childhood home, my daughter, grandson and brother-in-law were there as well. My sister which I have a very close relationship with, my daughter and grandson were in the room where I slept as a child. All of a sudden I look out the window and see lights, the sky is different colors and I'm telling my sister "What is that?", we come out of the room and look out the window. There seems to be disaster everywhere. This vision has a number of conflicting images which should be interpreted carefully. The first is the idea of being in your childhood home surrounded by your family. This sign indicates feeling safe or searching for a safe place in the midst of chaos. If your wake life has been a bit tumultuous as of late, your subconscious may be searching for a place among your memories to rest and restore itself. This is followed by two conflicting symbols. The lights of multiple colors suggest your life may improve to some degree, such as a reduction in stress levels or an increase in income. However, this small episode of happiness is unlikely to make up for what occurs later, as witnessing mass destruction caused by a disaster predicts serious misfortune and losses both for you and those around you.
Waiting out on a tornado to recede I dreamed about seeing a big electronic sounds giving a tornado which brought huge water. I was in my home which was under water. After the tornado stopped, we closed the doors and sat inside to let the outside water reduce a level to open doors. This dream of a tornado bringing water and flooding your house in the process portends difficulties and emotional turmoil. Your plans may not go according to what was expected in the beginning and you may experience disappointments as a result. To weather this challenging period, you would have to put your head down and focus on what you can control. Closing doors means avoiding risks for the moment to reduce any possibility of your circumstances worsening. By treading slowly and carefully, you would eventually recover.
Finding a safe ground in a raging fire I calmly wake walking toward the living room and realize the house was on fire. The flames on the floor were not burning me. I run to the bedroom to get my sleeping child, got out of the house and realize everything else was on fire. And I run caring my son toward a safe ground in which the fire couldn't reach out to. I found a few other people there. The field was burning and flames were getting higher and the place shaking a bit. Nothing could reach out to us in the safe ground. I woke up. A vision of a fire razing down your house or a neighborhood suggests looming personal transformation. There could be a tragedy on the horizon or a difficult period that could test your mettle. Saving your child as the fire rages reveals your stronger, more resilient, self in the wake of the setbacks and hurdles in your personal or professional worlds. This challenging period could reveal who your real friends are. Those who stay to offer support or help you out no matter the consequences are the ones worth keeping. All of you, going through similar experiences under dire circumstances, would forge a bond akin to being a family.
Volcanos erupting nearby I had seen a volcano erupted far from me, but there were a lot of people surviving and running for help. I ran back to my home (our old home in reality) to warn my family about the volcano, but they responded indifferently and in a cold way. I screamed and was trying to persuade them that it will reach our home and we will die, suddenly there were another volcano eruption in our street in front of our home, I had seen from the windows. I said to my family that my prediction was true. A volcano that erupts in the distance is a highly ominous symbol to experience in a dream vision, as it often predicts major negative changes taking place in your life. For example, this sign is often thought to be the harbinger of news about the loss of a job or a cut in salary, actions which not only adversely affect your working situation, but your motivation and self-esteem as well. Your desire to warn your family, then, could represent the subconscious knowledge that such misfortune is likely headed your way. You family's indifference subsequently reflects your denial and unwillingness to acknowledge the harsh consequences of the situation. Now may be a good time to accept the fact that things could go poorly and begin searching for another job or trying to find a way to make yourself more valuable in order not to be disposed of at your current place of work.
Surrounded by fire while in the woods Gender: Male. This girl whom I like a lot, and we were in the woods somewhere alone together. We were talking, having a good time, when she left to go do something in woods. While walking away she didn't notice flames coming towards her, but I did. I went after her running yelling out "Fire!", grabbing her arm and together we ran in the opposite direction. We barely made it out alive, but we continued to run away on this path. Later on we ran into a small child which she picked up. To dream of being in the woods with someone you like hints at a possible change in your interpersonal dynamics with the person. If you are mere acquaintances, this could level up into a friendship or more. The flames or the fire that you and the girl were running from alludes to passion or overwhelming emotions. Romantic feelings developing too fast and too soon could spell a doomed bond between the two of you. Instead of letting things develop in a natural way, certain impulses and feelings could destroy the foundation you have built. Hence, it may be necessary to keep emotions in check lest you end up damaging your friendship.
People dying during a flood event My dream started out with the news and them telling people water was gonna cover the earth. Then went to people going mad and trying to harm others, the waves starting coming in and people started dying. Then the waves would slack off only to come right back again. In my dream I lost my 3 month old baby in the wave and couldn't find her. Please help with this interpretation. This apocalyptic flood that you witnessed together with other people who were going mad in your dream could be considered an ominous sign for you and those around you. The symbols in your dream point to a looming illness or affliction which may end up befalling you or someone close to you. The dream could also portend financial issues, ones most likely related to a failed investment or money problems tied to your place of employment, which may directly affect your life.
Running away from fire on a mountain Running away from fire from the top of the mountain. Running down the mountain. To dream of seeing yourself running from a fire that is raging wildly and approaching you is a warning that you need to be more careful when you are acting and expressing your opinions around other people in order not to cause an offense or make them feel uncomfortable around you. The notion of running down from the top of the mountain points to facing a humbling experience wherein your ego and arrogance could potentially backfire.
Stuck on a piece of floating wreckage and a shark I (female, 16 - current age) was on the harbor bridge and it was hit by a plane, causing it to collapse. I got on a piece of wreckage with some other people trying to get onto the land, but people were stopping others from getting up. There was a shark in the water and I wasn't allowed onto land. Myself and about 6 other people weren't allowed up and were stuck on a small piece of wreckage with a shark. Planes in dreams represent ambition and the bridge refers to social connections. As such, your dream wherein the bridge collapses after a plane crashes into it reveals a possibility of severing ties due to personal ambitions. You may be forced to end relations with someone close to you because of conflicting ideals and motivations. This parting of ways may be marked by anger and frustration for both parties. Hence, the shark in the water represents feelings of bitterness and resentment toward individuals you believe to have betrayed your trust and left you hanging high and dry.
Things and a person on fire Dreamt of a wild fire, then a room on fire, then a person on fire, I felt so sad and creeped out because I couldn't help... Feeling so strong that it woke me up, I remember the feeling. Symbolic visions of fire could have different meanings. Seeing a wild fire in your dreams means that you could be experiencing great success and prosperity, especially in regards to big projects or goals you have been working on. The specific room you saw burning is also a positive sign which predicts growing your circle of friends along with improving your material wealth and physical well-being. However, all this happiness unfortunately must be counterbalanced, and the image of the person whom you could not save from the fire suggests that someone close to you may pass away, putting a damper on the joy you are experiencing.
A passenger train derailing I was just on time for a train that was about to depart and got on the last carriage and moved to the next station platform and overshot it. The driver then reversed and lost control of the train as it started swerving off the track. The driver managed to avoid crashing into parked cars, lost complete control and he jumped off as the train swerved wildly. I jumped off just as the train crashed through railings, into a river and submerged. Bodies of people came to the surface and I wailed strangely. Boarding a train in this dream alludes to your resolve to focus on achieving your goals. It may often be difficult or challenging at times, but for the most part you know where you are headed. However, missing a station which subsequently leads to the train's loss of control predicts possible turbulent times ahead. You may end up derailed from pursuing your dreams due to unforeseen events and unpredictable circumstances unfolding right before your eyes. As a result, you may feel as if you have no control over your life which could lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair.
Dreaming of disasters before they happen Dreamt of the Italy earthquake the night before it happened. Dreamt that I was reaching out to help people get out of harm's way, but they did not want my help. They refused it, and they would not take my hand. I have dreamed of natural disasters that have all happened after I dream them. Like the Thailand Tsunami, etc. Apart from the obvious, which could be your propensity to psychic powers or ability to sense and predict things happening in the future, these dreams could also be indicative of your great affinity for nature and simpler lifestyle. The anticipation of natural disasters about to occur while you are dreaming could also indicate that you find great joy and happiness having cats or dogs around, and if you do not have pets, it would be the most rewarding and gratifying experience for you to start taking care of one or even several of them.
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