Water rising everywhere and animals devouring people The water all over the world started rising. It became a huge event with news crews, announcers and souvenir shops all over the place. Everyone found a spot to watch the water rise and see the sea animals closer than ever. Suddenly the sea animals started trying, and some succeeding, to eat the people trapped too close to the water. I watched as people tried to move quickly to safe ground, but got eaten instead. My friend and I were never in harms way, but I could never shake the feeling that I was next. Witnessing rising water with all the attention given to the consequences of this event in your dream could mean that you may be experiencing feelings of panic and hopelessness because of an event or a situation presently occurring in your life and which is beyond your control. The large-scale, global nature of this disaster could also be a sign that some real-life catastrophic events may have been captured by your subconscious mind, not necessarily close to home, but anywhere in the world where this devastation may have occurred. The visions of sea creatures devouring people who happened to be closer to the water could also mean that you may be dealing with individuals who tend to make you feel uncomfortable or inhibited in some way, which in turn could render you helpless and alienated. These feelings could be contributing to the overall hopelessness you may be experiencing at the moment.
Fire from a plane crash endangering grandparents Dream of a plane crash on the hill above my grandparents house with fire rushing down the hill towards the house and I start screaming and trowing water around the house, so the fire wouldn't burn the house, but the fire went next door and burn down the house. This dream contains a lot of negative images. The first major sign is that of the plane crash, which predicts collaborative projects in your life are doomed to fail unless you take the reins and do things yourself. Your team members are probably not sure what to do, and their half-hearted, inexperienced decisions/attempts are not likely to help your work in the long-run. Additionally, both your attempts to stop the fire with water and the burning of the other house predict experiencing material loss. The first of these symbols is associated with financial hardship while the latter is closely linked to burglary and thievery. You may want to be on the look out for suspicious persons hanging around your home or work area.
Surviving a flood and tunnels A massive flood took over the city that I was living in and I was driving a boat and my immediate family was there. Some other people telling stories that couldn't fit in the boat included my dead great grandpa my living grandma and others I don't remember. People were everywhere in boats in a panic, trying to get into these tunnels. These tunnels had human like creatures in them and the tunnels were dark. There were also massive holes with water in them that we got stuck in once but managed to escape. Looked like a sewer. Being in a massive flood is actually a very positive sign to see in a dream vision because it represents a period of happiness sweeping into your life much like the overflowing waters of a real flood. However, being in a boat suggests you have a journey of self-discovery to go on before you can experience true happiness. This journey might even include some elements of danger, which is symbolized by the dark tunnels you pass through and the sewer holes. You should look for opportunities to explore different aspects of your personality, as they may open a path that leads to future joy and success.
Anticipating big waves crashing ashore I dreamt I was stuck under a bridge during an end of the world event with a few strangers, where thousand foot high waves were approaching the city. The city was black, very dark, almost black and white. The waves that were approaching were a deep navy blue and were so high I couldn't see the sky. I remember feeling complete fear and despair, trembling inside as it gained speed and height. I turned to face a wall as it finally crashed into us. Oddly enough I had the ability to breathe and wasn't crushed to death. It happened three times in succession. The strangers disappeared. I was alone. Having to face strong sea waves in a dream is a bad sign of being exposed to losses and sadness caused by negative circumstances or experiences while living through some perilous times. Finding yourself sitting or standing underneath a bridge is a reflection of your inability to solve issues or overcome obstacles standing in the way of accomplishing things which are important to you personally. The main reason for this to happen is the way you communicate and build relationships with others. The image of strangers disappearing at the end of this dream also points to the fact that people in your waking life may be turning away from you or ignoring you because of these deficiencies.
People with missing limbs crawling on the ground after a plane crash My husband and I purchased a old farm house in 1997, remodeled it and started our family... Well, my husband and both children have the same exact dream over and over. They see a plane crash in our fields by our house and after the crash, the people are crawling around on the ground with missing legs and arms like zombies. Seeing an image of your home in a dream represents being comfortable with your place in life. It shows how much you care about your family and enjoy their company. However, this peace and satisfaction may be in jeopardy as you may have already imagined from such a jarring, unpleasant dream. Seeing a plane crash suggests your family (because more than one person has experienced this dream) may soon go through a difficult, trying time. The injured, zombie-like people predict that whatever occurs is likely to be completely unexpected and ruinous. The crash further indicates that others may be willing to offer you help, either physical, emotional, or financial, to get you through these times. However, you should politely decline and try to take care of things yourself. If you rely too much on others, you may find that things quickly get out of control, putting you in a worse place than you were before. Be on the lookout for situations which may quickly go awry and, if the worst does happen, stick together and help each other.
An angry and careless woman starting a fire I was at a dinner party of some kind. I went into the kitchen and there was an angry woman who I did not recognize, who was being careless with cooking oil. As I was passing, she recklessly threw some cooking oil onto a dish in the oven missing most of the dish and a lot of the oil landed in the back of the oven. I did not think she was angry with me, I was just watching. I anticipated a fire would start, so I calmly left. I heard a loud explosion and a huge fire had started. I was running, but did not feel scared. I wanted to go back for my things, but could not. I was unhurt and in control. Having a dream about encountering a furious female stranger portends the possibility of taking the blame or being subject to shame which is not deserved. People might point their accusing fingers at you for a misdeed you did not commit. They might humiliate you for no reason at all. Therefore, you should be careful not to inadvertently put yourself in such compromising situations. Apart from that, the visions of an out-of-control fire around you is also an indication that you are concerned about a possibility of having a fire hazard in your own house that needs to be addressed. You must use caution when operating electrical appliances and replace those you suspect could potentially cause fire in your household.
Fleeing from a volcano eruption and dying A volcano was about to erupt, so I ran with my friends to get a few items that are valuable and get to a train so we can escape. I have asthma so I can't run well. I was almost to the train when it left. I died by lava soon after. This vision can be interpreted as a warning related to your job, school, or other important responsibilities. Experiencing the eruption of a volcano that is close enough to cause you harm suggests some major negative event may be looming in your future, such as losing your job or completely failing a project your were working on. This is also seen in the symbol of the missed train, which predicts you may already be aware that this terrible event is a possibility. Trying to collect valuables before fleeing represents your usual diligent and responsible behavior, but being killed by the flowing lava at the end seems to point toward some growing indifference toward the work you are currently involved with. If you do not find your motivation to continue working hard, though, you are very likely to lose everything you have gained so far.
No water and people dying of cancer I had a dream about the end of water supply and people had cancer and died in same dream. I am not a bad person or either mad at people, just my mind, it is like uncontrollable kind of. Dreaming of people who are affected by cancer is an ominous sign indicating the spread of some sickness around you. Either you or your friends may be infected with some virus or bacteria, like the flu or common cold, which really drains you of energy, making even simple tasks more laborious than normal. This theme can also be seen in the first half of your vision, as water is often symbolic of creative energy and passion. If you get sick, you may notice a decline in your work performance or have difficulty working on artistic endeavors until your symptoms have cleared up. Some dream interpretation sources refer to visions of water shortages as an onset of depressive moods, unwillingness to accept other people's views and opinions, outbursts of unjustified anger and hostility towards those you dislike for some reason.
An earthquake caused by someone sending a rocket from space I have gone with my mother and my love partner to a party where I come to know that one of my friend has planted a rocket in the space which will hit the Earth. The rocket was of yellow color and had a sharp and big needle point in it. I was scared and suddenly that rocket with the needle hit the Earth and the Earth shakes loudly. I, with two unknown people fall on the floor, the rocket again hit resulting in a major earthquake due to which I with the same people fly into the air and then I saw my love partner standing and I, with all my might, jump toward him and hugged him from neck. The earthquake stopped. The two prominent symbols which could provide you with a meaningful interpretation of this dream are the rocket and the earthquake. Overall, this dream is a reflection of your recent communication or interaction with the people from your social circle, people you know well. The image of the rocket threatening the safety of you and other people signifies some fast-developing circumstances around you lately which threaten to get out of hand. It could be related to anger, hostility and competition expressed towards you by someone or some individuals. Experiencing an earthquake as a result of the rocket launch and saving someone from its impact indicates that you would be able to come up with the right decisions and to settle your issues or problems, possibly with the help of others who would eventually take your side and become your allies.
An airplane crashing into a big building I had a dream last night where an airplane had crashed into, what I sensed to be, the World Trade Center. I was in the lobby and pried open four doors to help people escape. I then was in the water, the plane had gone through the building completely intact. The plane was in the water, in pieces, and I was bobbing around, making sure everyone was okay. I remember taking special note of the cockpit, which was completely intact. Witnessing the events stemming from what seems to be related to a terrorist attack unfold in this dream vision predicts being blamed and disgraced for some occurrence which you actually had nothing to do with. Despite the fact that you think you were not involved in or connected to what had happened, your friends and loved ones may doubt your credibility or innocence based on your recent comments or actions. Your desire to make sure everyone was safe in the aftermath within the dream, even going so far as to swim through the remnants of the plane crash, suggest that while you may be tempted to go to someone else for help, it is better if you try to figure out a solution to your troubles on your own. Getting others involved may only make the situation more complicated and daunting.
Trying to find shelter in the face of a tsunami Hi, I had a dream about me and my friend driving on the mountain road and a tsunami came over the hill, as it came over, we turned back, next thing I knew I was in the town center outside a supermarket meeting with my brother, as we start talking he handed me my twin babies and we all got in the car to go somewhere and hide. But before it happened, I woke up from it, since my dream I cannot stop thinking about it please help. Driving through the mountains in the context of a dream vision usually indicates that your present life is fairly comfortable and easy-going. However, the tsunami which comes after you and forces you to flee predicts a tidal wave of social unrest which may sweep through your city or neighborhood, leaving people with no choice but to be swept up in the chaos or trampled by those who seek to disturb them. Trying to get away from this chaos with your family indicates you may have expected this to happen or are already prepared for the worst, which is the best thing you can do in this situation.
Frightened by a Tsunami quickly approaching I was in a very tall building with my family and we could see a Tsunami coming, one that would kill us all. I was terrified while everyone seemed worried, but not like you would if you knew you were going to die. The terror was so real, and then I woke up. I have no idea what that means. If you dream about a tsunami event or its aftermath, it is symbolic of you getting involved in the wave of social unrest, turbulence and turmoil. The certainty that the tsunami could kill all of those present indicates the level of fear on your part. It is likely that you could experience extreme stress when under pressure, hence this vision is a reflection of your anxiety and discomfort. On the other hand, there may be no cause to worry excessively as long as you can manage the aspects that you can control.
Being worried about safety in the aftermath of an earthquake I was in the middle of what seemed the aftermath of an earthquake, I was holding my son as a newborn in white sheets and I stood there looking at everything broken and wondered how I could sleep in a house with my son, what if the house is caved in? What if my son was injured? I kept worrying about how I could do it to safely to go to sleep with him without being afraid of the house collapsing or being buried. I wasn't afraid I was just worried and frustrated I couldn't just "fix it". This dream of an earthquake aftermath reflects feelings of anxiety, helplessness and fear. Something may come up in your life which will leave you shaken up and devastated. You could be unsure about your capabilities to properly raise your child during uncertain times. Fearing that the house could fall down and harm your child anytime indicates self-doubt and lack of control. Finding out the source of your anxiety is crucial to get your bearings back and take back some semblance of control. On the other hand, the destruction left from the aftermath also denotes receiving news from somewhere far away from where you are now. Events and occurrences from distant lands could end up having lasting effects in your life.
Suffering from an object falling and making noises I was outside, very gloomy and unfamiliar atmosphere. Like fearful. A large ship-like object crashes from above, not near me but within sight. The noises were as if a bomb hit along with a plane crash. A piercing continuous ring that hurt my ears, eyes and face along with vibration also occurred as well resulting from crash, making my face burn and numb-like. I fell to the ground from the trembling of the ground after crash. Felt like I was there. Even after I awoke I felt as if I were somehow there. This vision carries an extremely ominous interpretation for a close relationship of yours, particularly a romantic one. The sad, depressing atmosphere of the early part of the dream combined with the ship that crashes near your portends of a separation with someone close to you. The cause of this split is unclear but seems to be related to a lack of trust on both sides. The loud noise of the crash and explosion, which seemed real and shook your core, suggest that there is more to this situation than what can be seen on the surface. This means that you cannot hope to heal what has been broken and learn from this situation until you find out the complete truth. This also means you should not jump to conclusions after every new revelation. You should instead wait until all the cards are on the table before making your decision or coming to a conclusion.
Being flooded with red water and seeking shelter I'm female! I was in a computer room with two other people and it suddenly flooded with red water! I turned from my work station to see if they would help drain the water, but they told me to do it myself. I look around and see large plastic tubing (like the tubing Will Smith falls onto in Men In Black II). Then I go outside, it's raining and the market streets are flooded (not red). Someone said something about 10th avenue and then out of nowhere drops a white disk with the letter "J" in red. The surge of red-tinted water you experienced in this dream, together with the imagery of the office environment, suggests you are a diligent, hard-working individual who is good at managing whatever life gets on your collective plate. Seeing the town flooded later in the vision, however, suggests that even you can be overwhelmed under extreme circumstances and that such an occurrence may soon be underway. This seems, again, most likely to be related to your work situation or business endeavors. It might be wise to create some backup plans or recruit extra help to minimize potential losses.
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