Deceased grandmother making cakes My deceased grandmother frying fat cakes. They were laid on the kitchen table, most of them, and I ate one. It tasted nice and sweet. In general, tasty desserts such as cakes in the dream world symbolize indulgence, happiness and self-reward. A very happy occasion may be on your horizon. You could be celebrating an important milestone which would bring all of your loved ones together. Perhaps you or someone in your family is about to be celebrating a birthday, a wedding or a family reunion.
Barbecuing with deceased wife I dreamed I was barbecuing Kebab and my deceased wife was with me. Suddenly a bunch of bees attacked the Kebab and ate the whole thing. Dreaming that you are barbecuing alludes to the need for socialization and leisure activities. Meanwhile, the vision of your deceased wife could mean you are either missing her or longing for her comforting presence. Perhaps you are remembering her because of a current circumstance or predicament. Dreaming of deceased loved ones can often mean that there is a lesson you still have to learn from your shared experience with them which you can apply to your present situation. You may be focusing too much on work so that you are not taking good care of your health and wellness, as indicated by the bees.
Told of being ugly by a deceased cousin I dreamt that my deceased cousin came to tell me I am ugly and my sister who is still alive, and I went to view houses. Dreaming about your deceased cousin visiting you has negative connotations. It symbolizes upheavals and problems in your waking life. You could encounter circumstances which may put you in a great deal of trouble. The presence of your sister in the dream suggests that these obstacles might be related to her as well. Perhaps the two of you might eventually have a rift. In any case, make sure you remain vigilant of suspicious individuals or situations which might put you or your loved ones at risk.
A nice surprise by a deceased loved one Four months after the death of a loved one I dreamed that she, I, her father and a friend were all sitting on the bedroom floor watching TV. It was the happiest I've ever felt in my entire life. The doorbell rang and I asked her who it was. She smiled and said "I don't know, go see". I opened the door and it was a delivery, a gift of chocolate-covered honey bees. I brought them to her and showed her. We were so happy and then I woke up. When I woke up I still felt the happiest I've been in my life. In the dream world, the bedroom represents your personal space. Having people around you there means they are people you generally feel close to or tend to associate with. The presence of your deceased loved one could predict some important news coming your way and she may be guiding you to the answer. However, you may have to experience some troubles to get to the truth of the matter. The honey bees alone point toward good news and hope, so everything is likely to turn out right in the end, but the chocolate covering the bees may indicate you need to help others before you can take care of your own needs.
Deceased baby crying I am a female. My significant other and I have had 7 pregnancies, 2 births and we have 1 daughter. Our second daughter died 3 months ago of a genetic defect. I have reoccurring dreams about her. I wake up in my dream to her crying in her nursery and I put my ear to the door, so I can hear her soft cries. Not how a baby normally cries, but how she cried in the hospital. It sounds soft but painful and exhausting. I open the door to hold her. Her crib is empty. I cry next to it, it all goes dark, her cry stops and I fall in darkness. In general, a crying or fussing baby is an ominous symbol that predicts major health problems. They can also portend an unexpected event or tragedy. In your case, the tragedy being alluded to has already happened. Perhaps you are still reeling from the passing of your daughter, which suggests that the grief from her loss is now manifesting in your dreams. There may also be complications that seem to be beyond your control. Hence, the empty crib represents the void you may be experiencing due to this situation. Babies also represent hope and new beginnings, so there could be some internal conflict between your need to hold onto her memory and your desire to let go and move on. This could be your mind's way of allowing you to confront such tragic events as part of the natural healing process.
Dead uncle wanting to meet In my dream my dead uncle was saying "Let's meet in heaven and talk". I am female. The presence of your deceased uncle in the dream world may reveal a decline in either your physical or emotional wellness. Because you did not actually meet him in heaven, it is possible the effects of this period would not have lasting implications for you. The source of your troubles could be related to peer rejection or a sudden rift in your relationship with someone you thought you were close to.
Deceased grandma being thirsty My deceased grandma was asking me for water saying she was very thirsty while she was laughing. Thirst is an allusion to an unsatisfied need, while water symbolizes life and prosperity. Perhaps your grandma wants you to keep her memory alive and pay respects to her legacy. It may also be her way of reminding you of all the wisdom and advice she has given over the years. Maybe you are in a situation where you need some guidance and the lessons you learned from her could help you out. On the other hand, her laughter could also be telling you to lighten up and not worry too much about things that are out of your control.
Deceased mother rejecting I dreamed my deceased mother tells me she does not love me and does not want me to live near her. Dreaming about your deceased mother usually means there is a lesson you need to learn. Her pronouncement that she does not love you likely means you are harboring some guilt or regret. Maybe you have done something in the past that you have come to regret. Perhaps you are not proud of the way you handled things toward the end of your mother's life. Whatever the case may be, it seems you are still trying to run away or distance yourself from your past instead of dealing with those issues head on or letting them go.
Deceased mother calling for help I received a telephone call from my deceased mother saying "The house is rumbling. Could I please come over to check?". I said "Ok... I will be right there". The call from your deceased mother reveals problems brewing within your household. You may be unaware of issues happening around you or involving your loved ones. A rumbling house alludes to conflict and disagreements which could damage your relationships with certain family members. So the call to check on the house may be your mind's way of telling you to pay more attention to your personal connections to avoid complications and misunderstandings.
Deceased father resurrecting as a child Dreamt my father's grave falling in and him rising up alive as a child. I carried the child home and woke up. Interpret. Dreaming of a deceased parent coming alive usually means that the person is sending you a message. Perhaps your late father is reaching out from the other side to remind you to use your wisdom and previous experience while making important decisions. In addition, seeing your father as a child may be an allusion to his past. In that sense, in carrying the child version of your father, the dream is telling you that you would be taking on responsibilities he may have left behind. After his passing, it may be only up to you to keep his legacy alive and take over the duties and tasks he was in charge of while he was still alive.
Presence of deceased grandfather in the room I am a 15-year old boy, and in the dream I kept seeing a dark figure in the back, and it was a white-colored room with a bunch of random people wandering around, and in my mind I kept thinking that the figure was my grandpa who recently passed away. And I guess I don't know what if it meant something or not. Thanks. Dreaming about the presence of a dark figure near you should be considered a negative omen which is about to manifest itself in your waking state. You could be at risk of having some bad luck or misfortune, such as experience a significant loss, sickness or some other kind of unavoidable hardship or accident. Therefore, your dream vision should be taken as a warning for you to be more watchful of your surroundings, especially people you may encounter or become involved with after having this dream.
Deceased father with a grocery bag I was lying in my bed, front screen door opened and shut, dog barking, I got up, took three steps. My deceased father of 30 years walked into my bedroom, my eyes got big as golf balls, he walked five steps, turned around facing bedroom door (solemn look on his face never smiling or frowning). I yelled "Dad!", ran to him, he handed me a white grocery bag that looked like it had white papers in it, I threw the bag on the bed, hugged him, he never hugged me back, I woke up. Have dreamed of him before, always happy dreams. The return of your deceased father in the dream means that you are looking for guidance. Perhaps you can find it in the advice and words of wisdom you have gathered from your time spent together with your father. It is also possible that he is merely a representation of your general past. Somewhere in your previous experiences, there is a valuable lesson you have learned or have yet to learn that would help you navigate your current situation. In addition, the grocery bag denotes opportunity and reward from hard work. There is an open door waiting for you to enter a new chapter in your personal journey. The white papers symbolize blank slate and fresh start. You are given the chance to prove your worth or build the kind of life you want should you accept the challenges ahead.
A deceased boyfriend with big wings Boyfriend that passed away two weeks ago. Dreamed of seeing him with really big white, feathery wings. Seeing someone grow wings in a dream denotes freedom and independence. Perhaps in your mind your boyfriend is in a better place, free from the pressures and expectations that may have been weighing him down while he was still alive. Maybe this is your mind's way of helping you cope with his passing. In a sense, his white, feathery wings symbolize the purity of the memories you shared with him. You wish only to remember the good times and pay tribute to the kindness and generosity he showed towards you and your peers. This is your way of keeping his memory alive.
Deceased wife accusing of cheating and becoming a demon My friend had a dream about his late wife. In the dream he was asleep on the bed with his phone in his hand showing the last dialed number with his ex girlfriend's name on the screen. His late wife entered the room and could see the phone from a very far distance and was angry at him. She asked him if he is busy with his ex again. He walked up to her to hold and kiss her but she pulled away. After a while she kissed him back but turned into a demon. What does that mean please? While the sum of the parts of your friend's dream do not make sense, looking at them as a whole paints an interesting picture. First, the strongest symbol is clearly that of your friend's late wife. Her presence suggests your friend has been making questionable decisions lately, perhaps in regards to his relationships or interpersonal relations. While he may literally be involved with an ex, it is more likely that he is simply not treating some people in his life as well as he should be. Additionally, the ex herself may be the manifestation of negative feelings resulting from comparing two things. For example, your friend may be ready to move on and find a new romantic partner, but he might also have trouble separating his current interests from his previous experiences. Lastly, the location of the bedroom reveals that your friend should invest more time and energy into his relationships lest his friends and lovers turn against him.
Learning about brother's death I am female. Dreamt about my deceased brother who appeared to me and we were in my parents' house and I asked him "Did you know you were going to die?" and he said "Yes". I asked him "How?". He said "My hands changed, they became gooey". I responded "What do you mean?" He said "Touch them" and he put them on my face and then I woke up. Dreaming about communicating with a deceased brother could actually mean that you are in good health and will be able to enjoy your blessings for decades to come, so him mentioning in the dream that he knew he would die could predict experiencing a major change which would cause you to become a new, better version of yourself in the eyes of others. However, since your brother also mentioned that his hands had gone through some kind of transformation, it could be symbolic of temporary helplessness or loss of hope brought about by this change.
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