A deceased grandfather becoming alive again I dreamed about my grandfather who died on New Year's Eve. It was his 70th death day when I dreamed about this. I dreamed that he was on a couch, wearing a white shirt, he was lying and he was already dead, but after a few seconds, he became alive and I told my grandma that he was alive. Then, we go to a church with him and one of my relatives called us, but we ignored her. What does my dream mean sir/ma'am? Dreaming of a dead relative is typically a sign of coping with loss. These kinds of dreams usually appear during significant events that remind you of them. Alternatively, seeing a dead relative alive and well in your dream could mean that you are going through something important in your life and you need their wisdom in handling your issues. Going to church signifies your need for spiritual guidance from someone of higher power or who has significant influence in your life, such as your grandparents. Ignoring a relative on your way out of the church implies blocking out unnecessary noise or advice which could be impeding your decision-making process.
Having sex with a deceased coworker I keep dreaming that I have sex with a co-worker who died suddenly two years ago. In the dream he is happy and bubbly like always. To dream of engaging in sex with a long-deceased person, or someone who died a while back, symbolizes your nostalgic desire to go back to simpler times. You recognize that lives are ephemeral and perhaps that person represented an epoch in your life when it was much less complicated and carefree. It could be that something triggered a memory of that person, hence his manifestation in the dream. Either way, the vision brought up a remembrance of the past to recall fond memories as well as to glean lessons you can apply in your current existence.
Deceased parent giving advice My deceased father is telling my mother to give someone a white candle. Dreaming of deceased relatives can mean one of two things, either you are missing them or you require lessons and guidance from them. The white candle in your dream pertains to legal matters. Your family could get involved in a court case or some legal proceedings. The notion of your deceased father being the one advising your mother to give someone the candle, can be interpreted as filing a case against someone perhaps to find peace and justice.
Driving together with late mother and feeling sad I met up with my mother and father somewhere. I can't exactly remember. My deceased mother and I were driving and I can't help but remember distinctively that in my mind I knew she was no longer alive and I was crying, also thinking that I was with her spirit and that no one else could see her. A deceased parent that appears in dreams reflects feelings of nostalgia or coping with loss. If your mother has long passed, then it means you may be undergoing certain difficulties or issues and you are seeking her guidance on navigating your problems. Her manifestation in your dream vision also serves to comfort you during trying times, as well as a way to keep her memory alive. While you are yearning for her sage advice, you are actually channeling a part of your mind that has absorbed lessons and wisdom from her and from this chunk of collected information you will find your answer.
Two dead people chasing at night Two dead people my age, both missing one arm and one leg, but opposite were raising out of a creek in the night and tried to run after me, but I didn't run. I just got extremely mad and both of them got in my face and I woke up. Seeing dead peers or people who are close to your age in your dream is an indication of being disrespected or ridiculed by people around you, and their behavior could soon produce a negative effect on your self-esteem and cause you to have a poor perception of yourself. Considering the fact that their limbs were missing, it could also indicate that there are some weak sides or deficiencies these people can sense in the way you act or present yourself to others, which gives them an "upper hand" to be able to manipulate and possibly take advantage of you.
Deceased mother urinating on the face I dreamed that I was lying down at the foot of the bed, my mom who's dead urinated on my hair face and neck. I was shocked, upset and furious. This vision has two opposing symbols which disagree with each other in their interpretation. Seeing your deceased mother is often thought to indicate times of happiness and prosperity. However, envisioning being urinated on by her in the same dream can be interpreted as a sign that you are about to get into a major fight with someone close to you over something really small and insignificant. It seems that this vision is warning you that your upcoming happiness may not make others around you as happy and approving, particularly if they are your rivals or friends who tend to doubt your integrity or abilities.
Late father, white pigeons and women dressed in black I dreamt my late father was in the bedroom and there were three white pigeons on the wardrobe in the box and I am begging my late father to go out of the room and he refused to go out. And I dreamt about 3 women dressed in black and gold saris. Dreaming of your deceased father indicates feelings of longing. You may have been reminded of him in waking life, hence he manifested in your dream. You may also be receiving some news or gossip, as messengers often appear as pigeons in dreams. Pigeons likewise represent a yearning to come home. As such, you could be calling out to your dead father to return out of a need for guidance or his words of wisdom. Three is also a significant symbol because it is associated with signs that come in threes: the Trinity; past, present, and future; father, mother, and child; mind, body, and soul, among others. Find out whether there is a personal significance for the number three in your life. You may be looking to fill a void in your existence or something that will complete you or give you a sense of fulfillment.
Deceased mother visiting and not wanting to let go of her My late mom visited me in my dream. Just for a few seconds. I was a kid playing on the floor and she came from behind and she leaned over and surprised me, I lifted my head up and saw her upside down and she kissed and hugged me and I said "Mom" in surprise and held on to her and told her not to let go of me and I held on tighter and she said "Gracias", and I didn't want to wake up, but I did. Coping with the loss of a loved one often manifests itself in dreams once in a while. Sometimes events in the waking life trigger memories of a deceased relative. On the other hand, you may also be seeking the guidance of your mother regarding an existing problem or concern. This dream is very much rooted in an idealized past. Perhaps your present is not up to par with your expectations, hence your subconscious is summoning scenes of comfort and contentment. Instead of dwelling on things that have come and gone, try to pick up lessons from your previous experiences instead. Gather up the courage to accept whatever happened, so you can begin to let go and move forward.
A deceased relative in a chair and crying My friend dreams about her dead relative whom she is working with. That dead one is crying and sitting in the chair where he last sat in the house of the person who was sponsoring her visa. Dead relatives in your friend's dream could point to messages that are linked to these people who have passed. Dreams like this one suggest recalling the wisdom she may have gained from that deceased person. Your friend could be in need of some good advice regarding something the person may have also experienced while he was alive. These lessons and bits of advice could be instrumental in her current pursuits. The vision of the dead relative crying could also mean that he could be disappointed with your friend's decisions in life or disapproves of her behavior or lifestyle. The kind of relationship he had with the dreamer will spell out the specifics of the dream's message.
A deceased classmate appearing at church My classmate who is deceased was in my dream and sat down in church. In my dream I got frightened and then when I looked up, she was sitting next to me. I got frightened once again, then I woke up. Seeing a deceased person in a dream signifies important news or announcements coming your way, whatever the message this person tries to convey to you, it should be considered true and relevant. The church in the dream pertains to your need for guidance and spiritual enlightenment. Are there aspects of your dead classmate's personality which stand out? Or maybe there is a lesson to be learned following her death. No matter what the case may be, this individual could hold the answer to whatever you may be going through.
Being visited by a deceased parent and long-gone pets Hello, my dream was about my three deceased pets who have been dead for 15yrs, and my mom who is bedridden was in my dream, my three fur babies came to visit, but only one greeted me with joy and happiness, while the other just ran to my mom's bed, and the youngest just sat down and stared at me. Suddenly I realized that I didn't have much time with them and this made me so sad, that I woke up crying. What does this mean? Thank you. Dreaming about the furry members of your family who have already passed away is likely the manifestation of some memory or recollection you were recently reminded of, and whether it was subconscious or not is not important. You may have seen a picture from your past, or saw a similar looking pet when out and about, which could have sparked this memory within you. The presence of your mother and the fact that your three pets divided evenly between you could suggest a balance in your relationships, particularly among family members.
In a house with deceased folks and noticing it is rotten I dreamed that I was with my deceased parents in our old home and it was fine on the outside, but was rotting on the inside. Dreams about deceased relatives reflect grief and longing. You could be missing your parents or seeking their guidance during a crucial period. Perhaps you are still grieving their death which is why they manifested in the dream world. The juxtaposition of the solid exterior and the crumbling interior represents your emotional state. Outwardly you may putting on a brave face whilst inside you are breaking down. This may be your subconscious showing you the effect of your parents departure to your well-being, whether you are aware of it or not. This vision shows that acceptance is crucial in the process of moving forward during difficult times.
Calling on dead parents and feeling uncomfortable I was 13 when my mom passed away. I am now 47. I can still see and picture my mom in her casket. I would like to know why this is going on with me. I have been seeing and picturing this for some years now. I would say close to 7 years now and this is the 1st time I have spoken about it. I also some times would catch myself when I am in my pool and look to the heavens and say "Mom, daddy, can you hear me? Can you see me??". I don't want to tell my family and friends about this because they may think I have flipped... Recurring dreams speak of unresolved issues. To see dead relatives in a dream usually alludes to grief and longing. However, in your case, since your mother's passing already occurred in the distant past, perhaps there are triggers in the waking world which bring up memories of the past. The image of her deceased self in the casket could represent her lingering influence in your decisions and personal beliefs. Perhaps you are latching on to the lessons you have learned while she was alive. Could you be following her footsteps? Or are you committing the same mistakes she has made in the past? These are some of the questions you may have to answer for yourself to understand this recurring aspect of your dreams.
Interacting with the deceased family members A brother of mine recently passed. Another brother who passed long ago was seen holding a baby and smiling while our dead parents looked on. Then he said that our father who had recently passed found the fish pot now. You, meaning me, need to go and find the thread bag. What could this mean? When I was younger, I repeatedly saw my grandfather showing me where to go look and dig for a fortune on land he left for my dad. His wife, my grandmother, loved me very very much. Seeing a brother who has passed away in a dream vision is indicative of troubles or disturbances occurring in wake life. These are completely outside of your control, although if you could find your way through this challenge, you may be all the better for it. This can be seen in the image of the baby your brother was holding and in the presence of your parents, symbols which suggest a need to search for a path that leads out of this predicament and a need to go to others for help in your time of hardship. The bag of threads, then, could be the manifestation of upcoming opportunities that could appear when you are in the clear.
Offering a pack of cigarettes to mother who died of cancer My mom died 7 months ago of lung cancer. So I had this dream that she came back to us and I gave her a pack of cigarettes, she looked okay and wanted the cigarettes that I gave her. P.S. I am sick with flu signs at the moment, but I was worried that it could be something worse. So after stressing about it a lot, I had this dream. Offering cigarettes to your deceased mother in a dream suggests passing on your burden to her. Perhaps you have been stressed out and exhausted, aggravated by grief, and you just want a break to rest and recover. If, however, you are a smoker, then the dream could allude to your dependence on cigarettes. On the other hand, this could just be a projection of your apprehension due to your current health condition. You may need to focus on getting better and healthier to avoid anxiety-ridden dream visions.
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