Living a normal life with deceased fiance In my dreams, my deceased fiance and I are together as normal. We never discuss her passing, we are still working together, living everyday life, talking, joking, solving problems, it's like we're in a different place, but nothing has changed, I love it and sometimes wish I wouldn't wake up. Seeing your deceased fiance in a vision is a positive sign predicting you are soon to receive some pleasant, uplifting news. Because you were envisioning your life as being somewhat different (in a new place or trying new things), it suggests you may receive an opportunity that brings about a fresh start, such as a new job or a transfer to a different city. This could be a chance to grow and allow yourself some time and space to heal.
Driving with deceased family members I was driving with my late mother, late brother-in-law and late friend (all Scorpios). My late brother-in-law was driving very recklessly. I cannot remember the details of my dream, but it was just odd that I am the only one still alive and that we were all Scorpios. Driving together with specific people is often a sign that you are about to go through some event involving or concerning these people. Because they have all passed away, it seems that their influence, possibly a common personality trait given your shared horoscope sign, could affect your reaction to a life event you are about to experience. While there is no indication of this reaction being either positive or negative, it might be a good idea to assess your feelings before acting hastily in regards to any surprising or unexpected news.
Reuniting with deceased husband in a winter park In my dream I was was outside, it was cold, but the sun was shining so bright. I was just walking it what looked to be a park, but there was snow everywhere and I saw one couple there. I walked up behind a person, he had a RED shirt on. He turned around and it was my late husband. I immediately grab him and hold him close, we both held on so tight. I could feel him hugging me back! We began to cry and I woke up. What does this mean? Dreaming about a snow-covered scene on a bright, sunny day is indicative of an upcoming social gathering which you are either expected to host or attend. You may be unwilling to do so, most likely because of unresolved feelings or the lingering sadness of your late husband's passing. Seeing your husband in this vision may also indicate that your behavior at social functions may need to be examined more closely, depending on whom you are dealing with. This is supported by the red color of his shirt which indicates you tend to act on your emotions rather than taking time to consider the most logical course of action. Taking a few minutes to compose yourself may help you avoid saying or doing something you may later regret.
Deceased grandmother prophesying pregnancy My deceased grandmother, but I'm not sure which one because I don't remember her face, hugged me from the back and put her hands on my stomach and told me I was pregnant. I didn't want anyone to know, so after she told me, I closed the door to where everyone was. While it is unclear whether you are pregnant in real life or not, dreaming about being pregnant suggests an unhappy relationship with your boyfriend, husband, or significant other. This is also supported by the image of the closed door, which indicates a number of challenging or exhausting situations being present in your life. However, feeling the embrace of your departed grandmother is a sign that you always have a safe place to return to, whether that is your birth home, a friend's apartment, or a special place that only you know.
Deceased grandfather appearing as another living person My grandfather passed away a little over a year ago and I have had 3 dreams prior to this one with him in it. I had a dream where my father and grandmother (his wife) were sitting next to me at a restaurant. There was a huge line for the restroom and in this line was an older man. He turned around and smirked at me and it was a grandfather. After that I desperately tried to show my dad and grandma, but he turned away quick. After they looked away he would face me and start laughing. This went on for a while until I woke up. This vision represents being toyed with in wake life, just as the man in your dream is taunting you while your father and grandmother are not looking. You may not know who exactly is pulling the strings, but someone is messing with your life and trying to make you upset by getting in your way or ruining things that are important to you. However, the image of your grandmother specifically points toward having a safe place to go when all else seems lost. It may be wise to spend some time there to recuperate and figure out how to deal with your troubles.
Deceased mother appearing in other people's dreams Mom died two months ago. Two people who knew her called me and told me they dreamed they were driving in a car with her and she as younger and laughing and joyful. Both dreamed about mom within one week of one another - essentially the same dream. One dream they were driving to get me, in the other I was driving but mom said "Step on it". When these people dreamed about driving together with you and your deceased mother, it is indicative that you are about to go through some event involving or concerning these people. Because the central figure in these visions was your mother who recently passed away, it seems that there is great deal of her influence, even though she is no longer around, leading up to this important life event you are about to experience. While there is no indication of this circumstance being positive or negative, it might be a good idea to be careful about your choices or decisions you make to avoid acting hastily in regards to any surprising or unexpected news. This is especially relevant, considering they envisioned your mother doing the same in one of their dreams.
A deceased friend bleeding heavily Hanging out with an old friend who have been dead for years. My friend walked through a door and when he got outside in front of the door it seemed like he coughed and staggered, then blood came out of him through his mouth and maybe nose. Dark rich clotty-looking blood. It was all over the door and everywhere. I saw from a glass window from inside. It scared me. I woke up. Loss of blood in a dream vision, even under these strange circumstances, is most commonly associated with the loss of money or material assets in wake life. However, because you were watching this take place from behind a window, it is more likely that you are going to be a witness to the financial downfall of someone close to you, as represented in the form of your departed friend. This vision gives no indication whether you can or should help, but you may want to exercise caution in your own financial decisions before getting involved in anyone else's problems.
Murdered son appearing in his younger years My son was murdered in a hotel, shot in the head, passed away there days later, still unsolved, all my dreams of him are good ones from when he was younger up till he became 30. Apart from the memories and recollections in your dreams you have been experiencing as a result of this tremendous loss, which your subconsciousness is projecting onto you while you dream to compensate the grief and lack of closure, the positive aspects of these dreams could be pointing to the uncertainty you may have in regards to his untimely departure. You could be blaming yourself for not giving enough attention and care when he was younger, or you may think that some aspects of the relationship between you and him have led to him taking unnecessary risks and becoming susceptible to danger. The positive recollections from the past in this case are your deepest regrets that somehow you could have prevented this tragedy from happening.
Deceased father by the fire in a field I had a dream of my father who died when I was six. In my dream we were in an open field. My father was sitting in front of the fire. In my dream he said "The great spirit in the sky walks with you". I was unable to speak. The thing is, my father looked exactly like me right now. I woke up in a cold sweat. Seeing your deceased father in your dreams suggests there is some unfinished business you have yet to complete, likely related to his life or passing. Because you were so young at the time of his death, you may not have been fully aware of the situation at the time, but now that you are older, it seems his spirit may be returning to you to remind you of this time. The connection is made stronger by the fact that your face and his face shared a striking resemblance, even though that may not be the case in real life. This means that you may be seeing aspects of him in yourself or that others are recognizing the similarities between you and your father more and more prompting you to act on his behalf.
Deceased grandmother washing a car My deceased grandmother was washing a black car in my dreams, but the black car was mine. Having a black car in your possession can be interpreted as a sign that misfortune could be headed your way in the near future. However, the fact that your deceased grandmother was washing it could indicate finding a proper resolution to the situation, as dreaming about your deceased grandmother is often considered a good portent, a sign that there is a safe place for you amidst all the difficulties that you may face in life.
Being in purgatory and meeting with a deceased uncle I had a dream that I was in a purgatory (like the film), then right In the middle of everything my uncle appeared (my uncle passed away about 3 years ago). He was hugging me really tight and it felt so real then he just went again and the purge carried on. Exchanging hugs with a deceased relative is not a very positive vision in terms of dream symbolism. Together with the rest of the imagery present in this dream, it could be a warning about an upcoming illness or deteriorating emotional well-being which may require a considerable amount of time to deal with and get through. Most likely, these circumstances could be attributed to being rejected by someone or some people, undermined self-esteem or anticipated breakup with someone special in your waking life.
Deceased boyfriend going to the cemetery with a candle I dreamed of my beloved boyfriend who recently died because of a cardiac arrest. He was riding a bike talking to me. I ask him why is he carrying a black candle? He said he is going to the cemetery to light them. I ask him why is he not going to the cemetery recently. He said no, just for today, he is going to the cemetery later. Talking with a loved one who has recently passed away in your dreams could point to a subconscious feeling of depression in your everyday life. Your behavior while interacting with other people might be a good indicator of this inner state. The black candle in the dream further symbolizes how the loss of someone close to you is affecting your waking life, even if you yourself haven't noticed it yet. In this case, you shouldn't be afraid to open up to friends or family about what you are really going through.
Deceased aunt helping to get ready for a wedding I had a dream, my aunt who passed away almost 2 years ago, was there in a white shirt, helping me get ready for my wedding day. I am not engaged or getting married anytime soon, but she was there clear as could be, helping me do my hair. Interacting with a relative who has passed away is usually a warning to use wisdom and be logical when making an important choice regarding the goals you are trying to achieve at the moment. Coincidentally, dreaming of your own wedding portends a situation arising in the near future that could force you to make a life-altering decision, one that could have long-term ramifications. Heed what the dream is trying to tell you and be sure that you know how to handle what is to happen, have all the information analyzed in detail before committing to making an important choice.
Being told of owing money by deceased relatives I saw my late father in a dream advising to ensure that I pay all the money owed to my aunt (also dead), because she is complaining. In the dream I agreed to pay my late aunt, but in real life I do not remember owing her any money before she died. What does this mean? Interestingly enough, seeing your departed father in a dream vision is often associated with unfinished business. In this case, he is even telling you what you need to do though it may not be exactly what it seems on the surface. Borrowing money symbolically represents the expectations and hopes others have for you, so while you may not owe your aunt cash, there might be a project or goal she hoped you would work on that would fulfill her expectations.
Deceased husband having an outside affair My dream was about my late husband married to my cousin's fiance, we were still married but in a dream he had disappeared for days and I found a ring in his jeans pocket. That's when I discovered he had a secret affair, but was still trying to hide it from me. Seeing your deceased husband having an affair symbolizes poor social behavior on your part as well as unfulfilled desires or goals that you have yet to achieve. Coming across a ring is symbolic of an unending circle, a circle of events and problems which may still be remaining unsolved or taken care of. You might need to take a step back and see if you are making people around you uncomfortable with your behavior. Re-examine the ways you go around in trying to accomplish your goals.
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