Deceased husband in a black and white dream The dream was in black and white. My recently deceased husband was holding what appeared to be a child while going to board a boat. He told me he couldn't go yet because he had to wait for his niece or nephew. Dreaming in black and white means you need to analyze a problem objectively, instead of relying on your emotions. Emotions can cloud your judgment and obscure the answers to your questions. Although black and white can also signify depression. Both could be true in your case because the presence of your deceased husband means you are still mourning and have not yet made peace with his passing. Because of dwelling in the past, you are overlooking fresh opportunities to be happy and fulfilled. You are in fact allowing the ghost of your husband to rob you of a fresh start as symbolized by the child he held in his arms.
A deceased friend alive and playing with a child Female. I had a dream of being at a deceased friend's house, however he was alive. He did not speak to me, but he was playing with my child, riding scooters, wrestling, etc. Dreaming that your deceased friend is alive in the dream world can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon be on the receiving end of some very good news. You would learn something that would make you very happy and excited, perhaps something that would even change your life. Seeing your friend play with your child could shed a little more light on the type of good news you would get, as playing with children in the realm of dreams is often associated with setting and achieving goals. It is possible that a recent benchmark you set for yourself would be accomplished with ease or that one of your great ambitions would be realized much sooner than you expected.
Deceased father blessing Had a dream of my deceased father approving of my boyfriend, reminding me how I knew him. Approval from a deceased parent can oftentimes be wish fulfillment. As part of the process of moving forward and making peace with your past, your subconscious conjured your deceased father in your dream to reassure that you are making the right choices and following the right path. This could also reveal contentment overall, but specifically, you feel safe and secure in your current relationship.
Meeting with deceased in-laws I dreamed of my deceased mother in law, and father in law. I saw both of them, they looked just like I remember them. There were other people in the background. I sensed that maybe my mother in law's sister had died. As I was walking toward her, my father in law was there. We hugged each other, and he said to me "My son really loves you". I answered back "I know". It was so sweet, as they were both very good people, and I miss them both. Thank you. Seeing your deceased parents-in-law just as your remember them in the dream world represents the ups and downs that are a part of life. In particular, your father-in-law is the manifestation of the hard times that require perseverance and strength, such as when your spouse disappoints you or when times are difficult for you. On the other hand, your mother-in-law can be interpreted as a message of hope, predicting happy times and events that would bring you great joy and satisfaction. In a sense, their being together in the dream world is similar to the idea of yin and yang. There is a balance to all things, and hard times must also be followed by periods of goodness. This is also reflected in the message you received from your father-in-law, as you have a loving family member who would support you in the difficult periods and rejoice with you when all is well. Perhaps this vision is a reminder to rely on him and maybe show gratitude for his everyday presence in your life.
Parents' funeral I keep dreaming about when I enter the church and begin to walk down the aisle at my parents funeral. And they are deceased and I did attend both funerals. Dreams centering around the image of being at the funeral for your parents should not be taken lightly. This vision could be a sign that you may soon encounter great hardships and discomfort, particularly in relation to your family. Just as you suffered sadness and hurt at your parents' funerals in reality, so does this vision predict more troubles befalling your immediate family members. It would be wise to check in with family members whom you are not in daily contact with to make sure they are in good shape both physically and emotionally.
Deceased mother staring back My dream was about my mother who died recently. I hugged her corpse but to my surprise her eyes were bit open staring at me. I tried to close them but they would not. The eyes as the windows to the soul is a saying with significant dream associations. In your case, the recent passing of your mother has stirred up your thirst for truth. Specifically, the circumstances behind her death which may be vague or perhaps even suspicious are the questions keeping you up at night, and subsequently causing disturbances in your dream world. This can also be your mind telling you to open your own eyes and accept the truth that is right in front of you. Living in denial would not help you live a good and meaningful life.
Deceased cousin giving a steak I dreamt my cousin who died recently who is giving me a steak that was wrapped with black and white and I was standing on the sand with bare feet. The steak represents your instincts in this dream scenario. As such, receiving a steak wrapped in black and white points to your desire to uncover the truth behind your cousin's death. You need to temper your instincts with objectivity if you really want to get to the bottom of it. Your instinct could get you in trouble if you do not have enough facts to back it up. Meanwhile, the image of you being barefoot on the sand alludes to frailty and fallibility. This death has made you realize how fleeting and fragile life can be, so perhaps this has inspired you to live your life in the best possible way.
A deceased daughter of the same age I am a 39 year old female, I lost my 18-year old daughter in a wreck last year 2 weeks before her senior year of high school and she had reached out to a community about her faith in God. I dreamt I was sitting in a car looking at myself or her as she would have been at 39. I remember asking her age and conversations but do not remember the talk. I have had a strong feeling about this dream but the longer it passes I forget it more each day. In the dream world, conversations with those who have already passed take on special significance, and their meaning is closely tied to the life and story of the dreamer. In this case, you envisioned your dearly departed daughter who passed on last year. Talking to her in your vision is first and foremost a reflection of your feelings of loss. You have been robbed of the opportunity to see her grow into adulthood and lead her own life, which is partially why you saw yourself and how she would have looked when she was older. Furthermore, the conversation itself points toward developments in your own life, as things must go on even if she is not here. This dream is, in essence, a reminder that it is fine to consider the possibilities that were lost, but not to lose yourself in what ifs. Moving forward, even when it is difficult, is very important at this time for you.
A vandalized baby's grave Someone's baby grave is vandalized and I myself and the mother of the child confronted who we led to believe did it. A desecrated or vandalized grave denotes humility. While this can be seen as a positive trait, it also has its downside. For instance, crooked people could take advantage of you by taking credit for your work or undermining you so they can bolster their own image. Since the desecrated grave belongs to a child, it means you also have a tendency to be naive. This innocence combined with your down-to-earth personality makes you an easy target. The confrontation at the end is telling you to be more assertive. You can be humble without being a pushover.
Explaining buying a new car to dead father Dreamed we were at a seminar and my dad suddenly appeared and helped me carry my things to my new car. My dad doesn't know he is dead and my mom doesn't want me to tell him. He asked why I bought a new car. I tried telling him what happened the morning he passed away and my mom stopped me. My dad turned around and walked away from us. I was his eldest daughter and he always helped me with my old car when he was still alive. Dreaming of your deceased dad means you are searching for advice and guidance he would normally provide while he was still alive. His presence may have also been triggered by a memory or encounter in reality which reminded you of him. The seminar itself reveals your quest to understand a new situation. This is probably the reason why your subconscious conjured your dad. You need help in navigating an unfamiliar environment or circumstance. Specifically, the new car can refer to a new job or opportunity. Your anxieties and uncertainty about the future make you search your past for lessons you can use or apply to your dilemma. Some of your dad's advice while he was still alive could be the key to resolving this issue.
Deceased grandfather and father My deceased grandfather came to me and told me my deceased father died like it happened a few days ago. He wanted me to tell my sisters and record their reactions on video. I hugged him and told him I loved him and he left. Dreaming of a deceased loved one depicts nostalgia and an unfinished business. Something in reality could have reminded you of your grandfather and father, so your subconscious placed them in your vision. Once you accept their passing, you can move forward with peace and clarity. Alternatively, this could mean you are looking for a male influence in your life to give you advice from a different perspective. Your mind is telling you to remember words of wisdom they may have shared while they were still alive.
Deceased mother and grandmother in hospital I arrived finally at this hospital I've never been to before, when I walk into the room that I was going to, I saw someone with their back to me with another person standing next to them facing the same way. When I started walking toward them they both turned around. It was my mom and my mom's mom (both are deceased 5yrs/7yrs) but they both had medical tape holding theirs eyes closed. Going to the hospital during a dream vision is normally considered a negative symbol predicting shocking and unpleasant news coming your way. This is juxtaposed with the image of your deceased mother and grandmother, who under normal circumstances would be considered happy symbols of love and support. However, in this vision their eyes are covered, suggesting a limited understanding of what is going on around you. In essence, this vision is warning for you not to let unhappiness and bad circumstances blind you from the fact that you have friends and family who would be willing to do anything for you as long as you ask for help.
A deceased aunt with a baby and baggage I dreamed my aunt who passed away 2 months ago with maybe a 5 months old baby, a very beautiful baby. I asked to carry her baby, she gave her to me, but that baby was heavy. Right after handing me the baby she took her baggage as if she was going on a trip and left the house. This dream vision predicts soon being blessed with an opportunity to increase your material wealth or improve some aspects of your current lifestyle. When you envision others giving a cute baby to you, it means in reality someone will offer you a chance to succeed. However, the presence of your deceased aunt means you also need some advice and guidance from more experienced and wiser people present in your life. So, the symbolism of her lifting up the baggage in the dream means once you receive this piece of advice or knowledge, you will be able to manage your life better and succeed more either on your own or together with your loved ones.
A deceased friend jumping in an empty pool A close friend that was murdered about a year ago dove off of a diving board, feet first into an empty swimming pool. He was alive in the dream and telling me to come on and dive in with him. He hit the concrete and I could tell his legs or back had broken upon impact (wasn't gruesome, bloody, etc.) This event replayed about 4-5 times and then I woke up immediately, sitting straight up. Watching your dearly departed friend jumping into an empty swimming pool represents the negative change that has occurred in your life since his passing. You probably have been missing him, and the lack of his company is surely a loss you are still feeling. His invitation for you to join is not related to you following the same fate. Instead, it suggests that, with the one-year anniversary of his passing in your mind, now is a good time to make positive transformations in your life to honor his memory. You may try to give up some bad habits during this time or partake in courses or acquire some habits that improve certain aspects of your day to day existence, like exercise, healthy-eating or daily gratitude.
Deceased father coming back alive My father died 4 years ago. I have a recurring dream where he is with us in our family home, because he had dug himself out of his grave. In the dream he is alive, but also not. And we have to keep it secret that he's "alive". The dreams are never scary. They are almost comforting. At the same time, I carry shame that he's alive after I told everyone he died. I am also worried (in my dream) about whether authorities will want the life insurance back. In the dream, he is always almost going to die. Having a recurring dream in which you see your deceased father as being alive or coming back to life predicts upcoming periods of positive energy and good luck. During this time you would be able to rest and relax, regaining your strength and rejuvenating your spirit. Upon seeing this vision, you should use your time wisely to push forward with your goals and improve your career skill set. Your concern about others learning he is still alive may reflect a lack of confidence, meaning that you perhaps see the opportunities available but wonder if you are truly able to succeed or worthy of moving up in the world. Seeing this dream multiple times, however, should alleviate your worries and inspire you with confidence in yourself.
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