Deceased grandmother trying to protect family members from fire My grandmother died recently and her brother had a dream that him and all his other sisters were surrounded by fire and my dead grandmother was trying to put it out and telling them all to stay away to avoid burning themselves. Dreaming of someone who has recently departed this life is often interpreted as a sign that that person is trying to communicate with you for some reason. The first image in this dream is a fire, a symbol which can have both a positive or a negative meaning depending on the circumstances. Because of your grandmother's insistence to stay away from the fire in the dream, it seems to point to a negative meaning. Therefore, your grandmother may be warning you to be more careful and cautious. It would be wise to be on the look out for danger, especially in regard to potential household accidents.
Deceased father at the unlocked house I was surprised when I found the house that used to belong to my parents not locked and the key was hanging. When I locked it, my father who passed on in April 2015 jumped and asked what is wrong. I was so happy to see he is still alive. When I tried to hug him he disappeared. Envisioning your recently deceased father in a dream predicts suddenly receiving unexpected news. This situation is made clearer by his confusion, which indicates that whatever you learn or hear is extremely unusual or coincidental. Seeing your father then vanish into thin air indicates forgetting to do something important, though it may or may not be related to the information you receive.
A deceased child not wanting to be dead I saw a child in a white coffin whose dead body was brought to my home by a boy who is my classmate. He kept that body just in front of me. Suddenly the dead child hold my hand and said "I don't want to go" and I replied to that child in anger that you have to. Seeing a child who has passed away, particularly one in a coffin, indicates a child close to you becoming seriously ill or getting in an accident in the near future. The image of the child suddenly waking up and wanting to stay with you may represent recent situations in which you have blown off or avoided hanging out with people close to you, especially family members and relatives who you have spent a lot of time with in the past. The anger you feel may reflect current feelings of wanting to be free of familial obligations. However, this dream seems to be a warning that ignoring your past in favor of your present is likely to cause feelings of regret in the future, particularly if some tragedy occurs.
Smelling perfume on mother's grave I dreamt of smelling odd perfume on my mother's grave who passed away about a year ago. Dreaming about smelling perfume means that your life has recently undergone some significant changes or personal transformations. Based on the context of this dream, this happened because of your mother's passing. Your subconscious mind is reflecting the image of her burial site because you perceive this place and this event as a turning point in your life.
Deceased friend wanting to have a family together I am so needing advice right now. I lost a dear friend in a car accident recently and cannot get past how guilty I feel and have been an emotional wreck. 13 years ago he said he loved me and he truly did, but I did not feel the same way. We last spoke in 2012 and he was happy with his life and had moved on. Why do I feel like I am being punished... When he passed, a gust of wind came from nowhere, it was a sign. I have dreamt of him 3 times, and the last one has upset me... He came and picked me and my children up and moved me to live with his mother, I felt so uncomfortable.. Please help me I am confused. Unfortunately, we do not provide spiritual guidance or psychic advice, but having a recurring dream where you envision this person wanting to live with you, but you felt uncomfortable with this idea, is a sign that you are hesitant if not fearful to have new encounters of romantic nature in your life for the fear that this new person could inadvertently or intentionally negatively affect your life or change its course for the worse. These feelings are most likely the result of the unfortunate events you are describing, so subconsciously you want to prevent them from happening again.
Recently deceased grandmother attacking My deceased grandma who recently passed, we just buried her five days ago and I dreamt she jumped on me aggressively and every time I got away she would jump on me again. This vision can have two meanings depending on your relationship with your grandmother. If you had a close, loving relationship with her, this vision suggests that she is trying to send you a very strong message. This message is likely related to some goal you have been pursuing. She has seen the outcome and is trying to prevent you from reaching it because the end result is likely not what you expect it will be. She is trying to protect you from disappointment. On the other hand, if you were not close or if you did not see her before she passed away, it may represent some subconscious guilt on your part for not taking care of her and spending time with her while she was still alive.
In a car crash with deceased grandmother I was with my grandmother in a car. I was driving and we crashed into a river. I remember saying "I love you" to her as we were about to hit the water. My grandmother has passed away. The symbolic vision of losing control of the car and driving into a river with your deceased grandmother could be a subconscious representation of a problem or issue you have been facing lately inside your family. You could be struggling to resolve it, but unsure which direction you need to take. Not being helped or saved by anyone in the dream could be suggestive of being left alone while trying to take steps needed to improve the situation affecting your life. Perhaps you are even looking for some external help or advice, as the image of your deceased grandmother implies.
Taking a relative to the hospital, but unable to save him I had a dream whereby my uncle (who is dead) was with us talking. After talking he left to go and bathe when he went to take a bath he wanted to look at something over the wall and his hand got cut from his body. I and my mom rushed him to the hospital, the first hospital couldn't take him, so we had to take him to the second one. We waited for several minutes, no taxi showed up. Finally I left to go. I got to my friends' place and my mom called and said he has passed away. I went home and it turned into an argument between his children and his siblings for not showing up. Dreams containing images of injured hand or hands signify existing or upcoming misunderstandings and arguments. There could be an altercation with someone close to you, particularly someone you are dating or a spouse. The result of this misunderstanding could begin with a small quarrel, but might result in break-up, separation or even divorce with this significant other. Loss of a hand could also be a sign of being taken advantage of or being double-crossed by someone you deal with on a regular basis. Re-living the death of an already deceased relative in a dream serves as a subconscious warning to be careful about your actions or behavior, which may provoke even more disastrous outcomes. This prediction is also supported by the last scenes of your relatives arguing within the dream you had.
A deceased relative dying again I watched a close already deceased family member die. Re-living the death of an already deceased relative in a dream serves as a subconscious warning to be careful about your actions or behavior towards other people, for they may provoke or serve as a catalyst to some unfavorable, if not disastrous outcomes. This prediction is magnified if the deceased person dying in this dream was perceived to be dying because of an accident or unnatural causes.
A dead person cleaning a fish tank A person who has already died, but in dream she is alive and jumping in a water tank to make it clean. Cleaning a fish or water tank in a dream vision suggests you are about to fall under the spell of some romantic partner. This person is likely to greatly influence you, but in a negative way. Your other relationships, such as with your family and friends, may suffer because of your involvement with this person. Seeing someone who has already died come back to life is a warning which means you should think very carefully about the decisions you make and rely on your past experience and knowledge to make a good decision. Acting wisely could help you to avoid becoming the puppet in this relationship and save your connection with those you love.
A deceased relative with an unborn baby Dead relative holding unborn baby. A dead relative in a dream vision suggests you have recently been stressing out over situations in your daily life, such as traffic, bills, or work. These little things are beginning to add up, making you feel exhausted and possibly at wits' end. This is further supported by the image of the unborn baby which indicates that your relationships are either the cause or a contributing factor to your sadness. Specifically, an unborn child points toward a significant other, partner, or spouse who is causing a disturbance within your life. You may need to take a step back and communicate what is really wrong with this person or take some time to rest and relax by yourself to relieve the fatigue.
Deceased people sharing food among themselves I dreamt for the first time of a deceased friend of my late father presenting 3 packets of pastry balls filled with meat inside, but some of the balls were burnt, to my late mother. It involved the delivery to our old childhood apartment address which is no longer in existence and has always been at the same address. Seeing someone you know who has already passed predicts receiving some unexpected, exciting news in the near future. Because this person is connected to your late parents, it may be related to some changes that are occurring in your life at the moment, be it a new job, a new city, or a new relationship. The food presented to you suggests that this is a positive change that could, if fully explored, greatly expand your opportunities in the future. The image of your previous home, however, indicates you might be comfortable where you are and may be unwilling to try something different. You should consider if the risk of change is worth the possible benefits of starting new and, if it is, make the best of this situation.
Someone attacking already deceased dad I dream about my deceased father, in the dream someone was trying to break his neck, and they did and all I did was hugged him. Dreaming about your deceased father indicates there is some unfinished task that the two of you started when he was alive. This dream begins as a reminder of this project or goal that has yet to be accomplished, suggesting either your father or your subconscious perception wish for it to be fulfilled. Additionally, seeing someone break his neck but not doing anything to intervene might represent some ambivalence on your part to this task. Perhaps it was something that he was more interested in than you. In this case, finishing the job could lead to some deeper understanding of his feelings and possibly give you some closure or peace of mind about the situation.
A dead woman coming to assault I am a female. A man told me he dreamed that a dead woman came to my house and gave me some beating and I was screaming out to him "You don't see the woman beating me up?" Dreaming of being visited by dead people, as envisioned in a dream by someone else, means that this person is preoccupied with worries in regards to you forgetting about their issues, helping them solve some problems or simply reaching out to them when they need you. It could be trivial and unimportant to you, but this man seems to think you could be giving much more than you presently do as far as your mutual relationship is concerned.
Deceased grandfather and surrounding nature My dream consisted of my deceased grandfather clearing off some land that I am in the process of purchasing. Then on the hill there was a tree where his white pickup truck was sitting and water began to flow from the tree... A soothing steady flow. It was so peaceful but confusing because he is deceased for many years and I haven't even closed on the land yet. Seeing your grandfather who passed away in a dream vision should be seen as a comforting sign which represents always having a safe, comforting place to return to even in the midst of a stressful situation. This may be directly related to the land you are trying to purchase, especially if you have had troubles with financing or other types of approval. This is further supported by the symbol of soothing water flowing forth from the tree, which suggests you are about to receive some long-awaited happy news.
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