Someone getting assaulted and raped I had a very vivid dream, in which I saw a woman trying to burn the house. The lady who was sleeping next to me sees her and I'm telling her not to scream. And later that lady comes and removes the panty of another lady sleeping and stuffs green chilly in her vagina! And the poor lady's mouth is tied up with a cloth and she is crying for help! Dreaming about an act of violence, assault or rape directed at someone or watching someone suffer as it happens while you dream means that this person (if you know who the person was in your dream) is about to be injured or hurt, her house may be in danger of being burglarized and she may be needing your help and support after it happens. If you do not know who the person in your dreams was, this could indicate that it is about to happen to someone you may know.
German soldiers entering the house (I am female) I dreamt I was a young Jewish man hiding in a French Resistance Safehouse. I was tipped off the Germans were coming to get me so I packed my bag with some clothes and hid, ready to run. The Germans arrived by the truckfull with guns and barking dogs. When they banged on the door I woke up. Dreaming about seeing military people, such as soldiers or troops, entering your house could foretell forthcoming favorable changes. That is, you could be about to experience some positive life changes. Alternatively, you could soon benefit from a chance lucky circumstance or encounter. You also mentioned a vision of barking dogs. This could indicate that you would most likely be unable to get the most out of this fortunate change or circumstance. This incapability could result from your current busy schedule or reluctance and resistance to change. That is, there could be some self-created obstacles preventing you from moving forward and from changing for the better.
Being raped in public I m a girl, I saw a dream. It was like this, I was raped by unknown person in public. After that I scared and wake up. A dream in which you see yourself being raped must be considered as a forewarning. It may indicate that you could be experiencing, or be about to experience certain trials and tribulations. These hazardous circumstances might influence other people's attitude towards you. It also portends a sort of symbolic violation. Namely, you may be forsaken, ignored or disrespected by someone who is close to you or of whom you might know otherwise. This could happen under the watchful eyes of others.That is, some unexpected situation may have the consequence of leading others to estrange themselves from you, reject you or fail to support you when you most need their assistance.
A faceless guy with a gun There is a guy putting gun behind me. I did not see his face. To envision yourself being a victim of a murder in a dream could be a warning. You should be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. Moreover, the attacker was a man without a face. This could symbolize envy and pretense potentially coming from anyone close to you. This individual could be preparing to strike. Alternatively, this dream is telling you to be watchful of your own actions or behavior. You might make the wrong move and ruin your image or reputation. An alternative interpretation suggests that you might be currently under a state of fear. You would not be quite aware of its source, i.e., of what was causing you such anxiety. Hence, you subconsciously projected this fear by seeing an unidentifiable face in this dream.
Being arrested and then helped I was caught by police. Some of the transgender came there helped me and beat police officers and one among them threw money on me. Dreaming about being arrested by police when you felt as if you were innocent means you will be victorious over someone who is trying to compete with or overpower you. If you knew you were guilty of a crime in this dream, it means you are entering a period of hardship and suffering in your life which might have serious consequences. Being helped by a transgendered person in this situation can be interpreted as support or help coming from someone (male or female) when you might be experiencing a lot of pressure from a person who is superior to you (such as your employer, landlord etc.). The vision of money being thrown at you is a symbol of your kind and generous nature and your ability to reciprocate when help is offered to you.
Someone in a mask trying to kill There is someone (a man) standing at the end of my bed with a mask in they are trying to kill me. I then wake up. To envision yourself being a victim of a murder in a dream could be a warning to be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. This dream is also telling you to be watchful of your own actions or behavior that can ruin your image or reputation. A masked man symbolizes envy and pretense coming from someone close to you (as the notion of this man standing close to your bed implies).
Being stabbed and boyfriend is not helping In my dream I was being attacked. I had a boyfriend in my dream too. When I got stabbed in my lower back he didn't do anything and just got up and walked away. Dreaming about being a victim of a murder is a sign that you should be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set up for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. This dream is also telling you to be watchful of actions or behavior that can ruin your image or reputation. The vision of your boyfriend not being able or not willing to offer help in this situation can be a projection of distrust or insincerity present in your current relationship with this person.
Trying to escape from a gunman My 2nd daughter, myself and a man were trapped in a building used for science experiments, by a man who said he was going to shoot me in front of my daughter. I kept looking for ways to escape but knew we wouldn't get far because there were cameras watching our every move. Dreaming about yourself being a target of a murderer and unable to escape could be a warning to be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. This dream is also telling you to be watchful of your own actions or behavior that can lead to losing respect or trust of your daughter. Cameras watching your every move inside the building in this same dream could be an indication that you suspect or recently discovered that your actions became known or revealed to someone whom you do not really trust to possess this kind of information or knowledge which could be used against you.
A girl killing people, scenes of violence in a lock-down building I'm in jail with my friend Ryan for speeding, with us is a girl who says she didn't kill her brother, she kills the officer, and escapes and has me follow her, she goes off and starts killing a school filled with people for a locked-in homecoming dance. I try to find a way out for my friends when the girl isn't looking, while still acting like a crazy person when she is. the only person i end up killing is my ex-boyfriend. very detailed. VERY bloody, gore..I remember everything, the way I thought, outfits, facial features, etc.. Overall, the dream is very detailed. This suggests that you are a very introspective or reflective, and psychologically mature. Dreaming about yourself being a target of a killer and witnessing scenes of violence could be a warning. You should be careful not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. Alternatively, this dream expresses you subconscious revengeful and murderous impetus. That is, you may be angry about something or someone. As a consequence, you could end up losing your temper and doing something you would regret in the future. Such attitude or action would cost you the respect or trust of significant people in your life. This interpretation is based upon the understanding that, in your dream, a part of your inner self was being played by you; and another was being played by your friend. This interpretation is reinforced by the final ex-boyfriend killing act. Finally, the vision of your boyfriend being murdered could be an indication that you might suspect or have recently discovered that someone, who was at least once in your past very important to you, has been speaking behind your back and gossiping with people who are close to you. The disclosed information could eventually be used against you and put in jeopardy your significant relationships.
A neighbor appearing as if he has been stabbed In my dream I stood in my kitchen when my next door neighbor randomly appeared in my front garden wearing a McDonald's uniform covered in blood as if he had been stabbed. This vision could contain a premonition of a looming dangerous situation or indecent act. The McDonald's uniform worn by your neighbor speaks of your uncertainty about the causes that led to such situation or about the external or general factors which could contribute to its occurrence. It is unlikely that you would be being a victim of this incident yourself. Instead, this upcoming event would most probably involve witnessing something bad happening to another person or people. The kitchen, as a symbol, could reveal that this event or incident could happen close to where you live. Alternatively, it could be an event domestic in its nature, i.e. domestic violence, spousal abuse, etc.
Being a police officer and witnessing daughter-in-law being in bed with a stranger I was a police officer and called to a complaint. Upon arrival other police officers were just sitting in police cars. I and partner went into residence and arrested the strong man of the house. Upon further entering residence I saw my real life daughter-in-law spread eagle naked on a bed and sleeping with another man other than my son in real life. Upon leaving residence other police officers left me behind and I had to walk back up to police station. Firstly, you saw yourself serving as a police officer and being part of the police force. This could suggest that you might currently have an opinion, point of view or suggestion you want to express or make known to others. However, your peers left you behind in this dream. You might soon end up acting alone, failing to have the support of others or be outwardly criticized by those around you. These would be some possible consequences of trying to share your views or opinions. Thus, you should perhaps carefully weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision to proceed with expressing your views to others. You could also be facing a decision which might drastically change the course of your life as well as the life of someone close to you. For example, you may start acting forcefully and unjustly towards others in order to get your point across. Secondly, seeing your close family member naked in the same dream might also signify that this person could be about to be exposed to some health issue. In particular, they may become sick or go through a process of prolonged illness which could eventually seriously affect their well-being. Being left behind by other police officers in this dream reinforces potentially ominous outcomes you might soon be subjected to.
An old female teacher with a student who stole her money An old female teacher came to me and told that her student (boy) has stolen her money of Rs.30,000 from her bag and ran away. Dreaming about an old teacher at the school signifies that you are very accepting and open to new opportunities and able to take on new projects with ease. But these opportunities may become unattainable with the way you approach and handle them and because of the image you project of yourself onto others who may be involved or compete with you. Be mindful of small details and things which may seem unimportant because they will play a big role in the overall success of what you are trying to accomplish.
Police contacting and confronting about the murder of a woman I dream that police officer called my name. Then showed me the newspapers with the contents of murdered woman then beside is my name. They also showed me a paper with a two thumbs that had fingerprints. In this dream you were convinced that you were somehow connected to the murder of the woman in question. This could be indicative of your guilt and remorse about your own actions and behavior which could have caused a person in your waking life to go through a period of humiliation and suffering. Perhaps, at some point in time you have acted inappropriately towards someone whom you know closely or who just happened to be there. The symbolic vision of fingerprints shown to you is also a reflection of your fear that you could either be criticized by others for your wrongful actions, or your sincere hope that you would never repeat this mistake if a similar situation occurs in the future.
Murder of a famous abolitionist I had a dream being a witness to the murder of Beecher. This vision of witnessing or attempting to murder the person who is known as an abolitionist reveals your complacency, inability to break free from or your willingness to continue being dependent on a person or people who are self-conscious and who may be exerting a lot of power and control over you. This could be only explained by the fact that your life is greatly influenced by what this person or these people are telling you to do and these principles seem to you as the only and the most sensible way to live by. Alternatively, your very livelihood and material well-being is tightly connected to associating with and obeying these people. However, subconsciously, you are looking for possible ways to free yourself from this dependency.
Being kidnapped but treated nicely by the kidnapper I was doing something in my dream fun then I feel asleep in my dream and woke up in Italy and some guy kidnapped me and took my phone and said I could not leave. And so I stayed and he took care of me and was so nice and I asked him "Why did you kidnap me?" and he said I looked like I was in pain and he wanted to save me. This dream vision of being kidnapped by some stranger and realizing you have been taken somewhere far away could be a reflection of a failed attempt to use an opportunity or a chance. You could have recently tried to succeed at something important to you or gain some material benefit, but it did not come through. You could be exhibiting unusual behavior or treat others in a way that is not characteristic of you since this happened. You tend to subconsciously blame someone else for the lost opportunity and time you spent pursuing it, therefore, you are substituting your own regret and disappointment by envisioning an unfamiliar man who kidnapped you, but who still feels sympathetic and shows kindness to you.
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