Strangers cutting a thumb and writing with it Male. In my dream, a group of men came into my house, at that point I could feel that their presence was evil. Then one of them cut my right thumb, took out some blood and used it as an ink in writing a whole lot of numbers on a plain white sheet. Finally, he told me that am number 5, but not just 5 but 55 and that I am what they are looking for. And they left. The evil men could be a subconscious projection of your unwillingness to accept the help and support offered by others because you feel there could be more damage than good if you allow them to step in or learn too much sensitive information about what you are going through. The reason they may think you need help could be due to the fact that you take on too much, for example, getting involved in multiple projects or volunteering for extra work. This can be seen in the written numbers you observed. The last part concerning the numbers 5 and 55 predicts getting involved in conflicts unnecessarily because of this situation. It would be better to let your guard down and accept the help of others rather than suffering by yourself.
Trying to save children during a shootout There was chaos going on and then shootings began. i was trying to hide with my children who were young again, but I got shot in my stomach and I could feel and see the blood gushing out. My phone wouldn't work so I could phone an ambulance or taxi to get to the hospital and my son was trying to find a way to get me help and my other kids were frantic one minute and playing about the next. I felt calm even though I knew I would die if I didn't get help in time and I held a pillow over my stomach. Dreaming of your own children is often thought to be a warning from your subconscious to pay more attention to the well-being of your immediate family members. This seems to be emphasized by the fact that your children appeared young again and, as a result, would need more care and support than if they were older. The shooting and chaos suggest that the reason for this warning has to do with some frivolous, careless behavior you have recently engaged in. Because you have been focusing on yourself and what you want, others may be suffering. Being shot in the stomach may point toward losing money, further indicating that some of your habits may be limiting the resources available for your children or other family members. To avoid further complications that may ensue, you should focus on being generous and look after those who may need more care and attention than yourself.
Killing a friend during a gladiator fight In my dream I was in a boat traveling, there were armed men who captured me and other men. We went to Patmos Island and were forced to fight in a gladiator pit using swords. I befriended a giant man. We were paired against each other, I was with another man and he had someone on his team. We fought. I out-moved my friend and killed him with my sword. He said "Put these flowers above my fireplace at home". They were white flowers. I cried like a baby with him dead and I went back to the lock room. The gladiator arena in your dream alludes to a big confrontation in reality where you would have to fight for survival. There could be enemies in your midst trying to take you down or discredit you. In particular, the giant man probably represents influential or respected opponents, personalities who have more power or hold higher positions than you. This is a tricky situation especially if the people in question are your direct supervisors. On the other hand, it could also be a personal issue, such as an insecurity that has been holding you back all these years. Only with sheer power and ambition would you be able to overcome your own weakness, as symbolized by the sword you used to kill the giant.
Forced to breathe through a sink drain An older Korean woman commands me, as punishment and as a totalitarian, that I must put my mouth up to drain opening in the sink to breathe in only the filth from the sink. Dreaming about being punished means you are feeling guilty or ashamed about something you did in wake life. You may have committed an offence which you have come to regret or simply acted rudely without thinking. The dirt or filth from the sink symbolizes your insatiable appetite, perhaps indicating that you have a hard time appreciating your loved ones or that you take your blessings for granted. While it is important to be grateful and appreciative, you should take it easy sometimes and give yourself some slack for little mistakes here and there.
An enemy cooking in a dark room An enemy was cooking in a dark room of an apartment next to me. The dark room in your dream represents your fears and worries over uncertain outcomes. There may be some projects or upcoming events and you are afraid that complications would occur, especially with tasks you are working on. In relation to that, the image of your enemy cooking in this dark room suggests a bit of paranoia on your part. Perhaps you think your adversaries or competitors are devising a plan to damage your credibility or jeopardize your overall goals. However, it is possible that the point of your vision is to highlight your overactive imagination in order to show you how you can become your own worst enemy. By focusing on what others are doing, you may end up becoming distracted and sabotaging your own progress.
Bikers and police So I'm with a group of people having a drink and having a chat and smoke. When the cops come to question us about a break in by a group of bikers. Because we had bikes. They leave and so do my friends, the bikers group comes and breaks into the neighbor's house. And I call police. They accuse me of doing it until the bikers cross the highway in front of us. Being accused of breaking into a private property usually reflects the dreamer's guilt. You may have committed an offence that you now regret, and your mind is playing up your fear of being found out through this vision. On the other hand, witnessing the break-in at your neighbor's house portends an upcoming conflict with someone close to you. Perhaps you are often misunderstood because of your laid-back lifestyle and happy-go-lucky attitude. A loved one may accuse you of being irresponsible and unreliable, even though you have actually been looking out for them all the while.
Hands cut off because of lying I had a dream that my father cut my hands off because he believed I had lied to him. In my dream I knew I had not lied but he punished me by cutting my hands off. Being accused of lying in the dream world actually conveys the opposite interpretation in reality. It means that you are likely dealing with a deceitful personality in your social circle or even within your family. This individual is probably turning the tables and making you look bad in the eyes of your parents, particularly your father. Furthermore, cutting off your hands as a punishment alludes to the damaged bond between you and your father due to this massive misunderstanding. In order to patch things up with him, you may need to convince him that you are innocent of any perceived wrongdoing.
Being urinated on I see that I go to meet my friends and one of my friends is urinating on all of us, but very rare, hiding but suddenly I see some drops on my hands and I try to run but I fall down. Now one of my friends is also urinating. And my head is under his urine, I try to save my hair, but it is already wet with his urine and now intentionally he does people on my knee, and I start my car, all of them are stopping me, but I leave that place. Dreaming that others are urinating on you likely alludes to your low self-esteem. Maybe within your social circle, you tend to be the sounding board of the group, quietly listening to their woes and endless rants. Unfortunately, your passive personality could be prone to abuse. Some of your friends may take advantage of your submissive nature by forcing you to do things you would not otherwise commit. Hence, the latter part of the dream where you drive away is your subconscious encouraging you to muster the courage needed to speak up and assert yourself. You would soon find your voice and gain the confidence to be more outspoken.
Unable to cross a narrow bridge because of someone I was crossing a high narrow bridge above water, as I got to the middle, a man appeared from the other side and attempted to cross, but the bridge wasn't wide enough for us both and we struggled as the man tried to throw me over. I was very scared. A dream wherein you find yourself trying to cross a bridge but being unable to do so because of the presence of someone else, indicates the difficult time you would face in your romantic relationship. If you are already involved with someone, it could portend obstacles in your love life. If it is a case when your new liaison is on the verge of becoming someone permanent in your life, you might be disappointed in this person. Perhaps some of their habits cause you a great deal of intolerance. The notion that you saw someone trying to throw you off the bridge could point towards an individual who could make things harder for you and your lover, so remain alert and try to protect your relationship from their influence.
Being threatened with weapons at work I dreamed that I was at work and a lady told my boss "It's time". She seemed calm while I did not. Another woman walked in with a gun but didn't shoot. My boss gave me a note that I put on my clothes. We then proceeded to the elevator. I got off while they did not and then the tribulation began. Everyone was for themselves and saving their own. I was trying to save everyone in the room when I thought to look at the letter. All it said was "Basement". I fled to the basement, the "safe zone" where my dad had died. The sense of dread in your dream could be a reflection of your real-life fears and anxieties. For instance, the woman with the gun illustrates your bleak worldview and a pessimistic attitude. Perhaps recent tragedies reported in the media or personal problems may have brought on this grim perspective, however you still want to preserve a positive impression of the world. The source of the tribulation in your dream is unclear, but it could mean that you are bracing yourself for a conflict at work. Perhaps you are up for a promotion and some colleagues vying for the same position are being very competitive. To block out the stressful environment, you may tend to retreat inside your head, represented by the basement in the dream. Introspection may be your reprieve during tumultuous times, not only to escape from reality, but also to gain insights about the best way to tackle your problems.
Someone trying to attack with an axe I felt like I was on a public bus and then I was on the street in my suburban area. Then a light-skin woman wanted to attack me with an axe, so I ran. Then her brother too helped her to attack me. Somehow, I got the axe from her and shove it under the drain. The axe went further into the drain. I could see the drain, it was very clean and clear. The public bus in your dream reflects your personal journey in reality. The fact that it was traveling in an area familiar to you could represent your nostalgic feelings toward this place or your contentment living there. In both cases, the woman who tries to attack you with an axe could point toward an upcoming event which greatly disrupts your community or, more specifically, causes you to dislike living there. This could be a change in the social or political climate, but it could also be a general decline in the standard of living. The clean drain at the end of your dream may portend difficulty getting out of this situation due to money problems. If you do not have any money set aside, it may be wise to do so in case an emergency situation arises.
People vandalizing the house Woke up to people wrapping my house and throwing eggs, only to find out they were government agents trying to take me away. I got into a standoff and they finally took me away. Only to find out it was a dream inside my dream, I then walked to the kitchen to find a strange man trying to convince me to leave with him, when I suddenly woke up in real life. The first vision about finding out that your house has been pelted with eggs, represents the attacks of your enemies against you. Specifically, this symbol is associated with rumors and false information being spread about you by those who dislike you or are jealous of your success. The second part of of this vision, being in the kitchen and asked to leave, could have two different interpretations. Kitchens are often associated with worry or anxiety in waking life, so it could be your subconscious trying to get you to forget about these things which you cannot control. On the other hand, it may also be a warning to get out while you can and put as much distance between you and your aggressors as possible.
Arguing with an old friend Hi, what does it mean when you have a dream that you are disagreeing with an old friend in an argument? We haven't spoken in 3 months. Arguing with an old friend or a childhood friend in the dream world is often a reflection of inner turmoil. Perhaps the significance of your friend in your reality has something to do with the issues you are grappling with. For instance, old friends can symbolize past mistakes or old issues that are resurfacing. You may need to delve into your past to learn a valuable lesson which you can use to resolve current problems or concerns. Alternatively, your present perspective and worldview could be in conflict with your upbringing or previous beliefs.
A person set on fire Hi, I am a female. I had a terrible dream I don't remember everything, all I remember is that two people were on my porch and I opened the door and set one of them on fire with a lighter and I closed the door, locked it and looked through the window on the door and watched the person burn alive, but my house and nothing else didn't catch on fire, just the person was. I don't know who the person was, I don't remember seeing a face. I got depressed about going to jail afterwards. Crazy dream. A house in the dream world represents the dreamer's personality as well as social connections. As such, having intruders on your home's premises suggests there is instability in one of your relationships. A secret or some surprising information about someone close to you may come to light, which would inevitably affect your dynamic. For instance, setting fire to this intruder may reflect your tendency to lash out or have an emotional outburst due to disagreements or differences in opinion. Consequently, finding yourself in jail predicts a negative turn of events as a result of your careless actions. You could end up severing ties with loved ones or keeping yourself isolated because of pride or self-loathing.
Conflicts during a concert While waiting for the performance to start my girlfriend is upset with me and talking to her ex-boyfriend when everyone is kidnapped by the stage crew. I end up rescuing my friends by killing the stage crew with my sword and the female singer at the concert tries to get me to join her by seducing me and turning into a clone of my girlfriend. I kill the singer and my girlfriend leaves me for her ex. Kidnapping scenarios in the dream world, especially those involving loved ones, can oftentimes indicate barriers in your relations with those individuals. Perhaps you have recently been having trouble communicating clearly with your partner or you are inadequately acknowledging her needs and personal issues. This tendency to undermine or neglect your partner could make the both of you drift apart. In addition, the presence of her ex-boyfriend may refer to her general past. This may be a source of your insecurity about the stability of your bond. Maybe you feel that even your best efforts to reach out and get to know her better end up being futile because she is still burdened by previous experiences or relationships. As such, trust and an open communication may be the message your subconscious is sending you in this dream scenario.
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