Army entering the house and assaulting everyone in the room Dream of soldiers they where 4 came in our place they beat everybody there badly hard I was there but they didn't touch me I was carrying a baby and trying to play DVD. Dreams about soldiers or military personnel entering your house and when these dreams have negative connotation or contain scenes of violence indicate that attempts to get help from authorities or (social) agencies which you will have a need to contact because of some personal issues or problems might not be successful or will not be resolved in your favor. The notion that you were not affected by this visit also means that you will be solely responsible for solving possible issues or conflicts which may occur in your life, to the point of doing it on your own.
Teachers mad and shooting randomly I dreamed that I was in a school and was running away from some teachers who looked like frustrated, upset or confused while trying to shoot at random people including myself. Dreaming about being present at a random shooting could be a warning about possible careless actions you may be subjected to by others who do not realize the negative consequences of their behavior. This dream can also express your fear or hesitance towards something which needs to be taken care of or done by you in order to change your life for better, in the context of your dream - this could be related to school or self-improvement activities.
Hitting another person and he does not feel pain I am hitting someone and he doesn't feel any matter how hard I hit. Dreaming about hitting someone is a sign of unexpected news you are about to receive. It can also signify your fear towards the person you were hitting in your dream who in reality may behave aggressively towards you. Seeing this person not feeling any pain in this dream means that the root cause of your fear or antipathy in relation to this person may never be identified. Try to assess your feelings as to why you are so averse towards this individual.
A man washing his hands in a bowl The lady was eating and the guy washed his hands in the bowl that the lady was busy eating in. When asked why he did that he got angry. This vision of someone washing his hands in a bowl could be a reflection of some indecent acts or inappropriate behavior directed at someone you know and which you may have become a witness of. You may have an emotional dilemma related to this occurrence, but you feel reluctant or even threatened, certainly not willing, to share this information with others or come up with proper resolution. The symbol of a lady in this dream could point out that the person involved in this situation is your close female friend or acquaintance.
Someone obsessed and killing him I dream about a guy who is so obsessed with me. He attempt to hurt me and my friends and then we killed him. What does that mean? It's so weird! Dreaming about a stalker or someone who is obsessed with you is a subconscious reflection of your current life situation when you are exposed to or given too much attention or scrutiny from a person or a group of people. Based on the second part of your dream description, this is most likely the attention or attitude you are not comfortable with. Killing this person in your dream signifies your determination and readiness to do something about this situation before it escalates and gets out of control.
Fighting with a friend In my dream, my old friend who I no longer talk to showed up at my house and started shouting at me. I started shouting at her back as she was the one in the wrong. I said something but smacked myself afterwards. Having a dream about quarreling or having a fight with someone you know closely, such as a friend or a family member is a reflection of your aggressive attitude toward this person and your desire to provoke or humiliate this person, including by some indirect ways or actions. If you felt in your dream that the conflict with this person was a wrongdoing on your part or you felt bad about this confrontation afterwards, you might have doubts and second thoughts about continuing down this conflicting path with this person.
Not ready for a show, connection to school and random shooting A strip club and I was upset because I didn't have time to do my makeup before my first dance and I was wearing my glasses. Customers were really nice to me about it, but I was embarrassed. Work looked nothing like it typically does and had three floors. there were some kids from my high school thereā€¦ went back to the dressing room which resembled a classroom. All of the sudden gunshots rang out and friend and I hid inside a little closet. voice over the loudspeaker that the shooting was over but that three people had been injured but not killed. All of these people from my high school then came. Being on stage often represents how you present yourself to others and how you are seen and judged by others. Being embarrassed because you were not ready for your performance could reflect your inability to gain other people's respect or trust. This inability could result from your tendency to minimize your potential in front of others. Dreaming about being embarrassed for not being able to perform could also translate your fear of failure. You fear to disappoint yourself, rather than those around you. You feel like an inapt kid whenever the possibility of failure poses itself. Being present at a random shooting is a warning. Other people may act carelessly towards you. They could be unaware of the negative impact of their actions. Although their menacing behavior is not a constant in your daily life, such behavior could make you feel so fearful that you would want to hide in a closet. This part of the dream could also reinforce the meaning of the initial part when you regard other people's watchful eyes as (at least sometimes) menacing. Rather than resuming with your social activities (such as dancing) in front of understanding eyes, as with the first part of the dream, you could feel the desire to hide from others and repress your social activities whenever you expect people to be less sympathetic. These are two possible follow-ups for a real or imaginary under-performance (being censured and not being censured; accepting imperfect outcomes or denying possibly imperfect outcomes). This dream can also express your fear or hesitation towards something which you need to do for your life to improve. This action could be related to school or your need for self-improvement.
Abusive relationship with a controlling boyfriend A dream where am involve in an abusive relationships.The controlling and drunk boyfriend. And the boyfriend is unknown. This dream about envisioning yourself being in an abusive relationship with someone you do not actually know could represent subconscious fears. You may be afraid of starting, pursuing, or committing yourself to a more serious relationship with someone who has recently offered you such an opportunity. This could refer to the establishment of a new friendship or a romantic affair. Also, being confronted or having to deal with a drunk person in a dream could represent a warning to be cautious, maintain focus and be prepared to face some serious unfavorable circumstance that may be coming into your life and would be difficult to deal with and overcome. Finally, dreaming of controlling and abusive relations may also stand for a subconscious reflection of being so extremely desired or wanted by someone that it hurts.
Ex-husband stealing possessions My ex-husband came to my house with my friends and stole all my furniture and car. Dreaming about your ex-husband visiting you, alongside other people, could reveal the presence of some unresolved issues or problems with him. These problems would need to be addressed and resolved. For example, you may feel that you are worthless (the furniture) and stuck in his absence (the car). Alternatively, you could currently be concerned about your safety. These security issues could be re-emerging because you are worried about protecting your life, and not necessarily in regards to material things or possessions. It also feels as if your past is coming back to haunt you and there is no one to protect you. Even your friends joined the enemy side. The presence of your friends on your ex-husband's side could be indicative of their involvement or participation in your relationship. They might act as the linking piece between you two, for example by disclosing or sharing new information about his recent actions or behavior to you, which could make you worried and concerned about your own life.
Being humiliated by a teacher and hiding in the washroom stalls In my dream, my literature teacher humiliated me with the rest of my class to a point where I broke down. Later on, my friend went and brought the deputy head to the toilets as I had locked myself in a cubicle and refused to come out. This dream could be an indication of learning about something disappointing and which might make you feel less determined in pursuing projects you are currently intending to complete. It could be related to your studies or life outside the school. The vision of washroom stalls implies the need to re-consider the group of people you are currently having as friends or people who you think could be helpful in achieving your goals or aspirations. The newly acquired friends or acquaintances could improve your chances of succeeding.
People dressed in black trying to attack and no police available I'm in the driveway down the road which has a metal building. I was looking for my dogs and they stay down the road at this house(trailer or shop). I was calling my dogs to get into the car with my son. Then I saw 4 guys dressed all in black coming straight toward me, I was trying to get back into the car before they came where I was, and I asked my son to call the police and he said he couldn't because someone had it. They were there right beside me surrounding the car and not saying a word and no faces that I could see. They were forcing me not to get into the car, and then I woke up. Becoming a victim of some kind of an assault in a dream could be a warning. You presently should be very watchful of your enemies, adversaries, competitors or people who simply dislike you. They could be trying to interfere with your current plans, activities or wishes. The attackers seemed to be faceless. This could be a sign of their feeling of envy and pretense. The attackers did not actually exert any physical violence. Yet, they scared you and forced you into your car, alongside your son. This could suggest that this individual or individuals could about to strike. Alternatively, they could be forcing you to move, for example, into a different house or job, or change your ideas and perspectives about something. These changes could affect your loved ones who are symbolized in your dream by your dogs and your son. You also tried to call the police for help, but you were unable to reach them. This could reveal that no support or help can be offered to you during these difficult times. Alternatively, it could also mean that no one might be available or interested in helping you. For example, you dogs failed to show up in this dream. This reinforces the latter interpretation. Overall, this dream vision translates a fearful and frightened state. You are most likely not quite aware of its source or what could be causing you such anxiety, hence, you subconsciously projected this fear or possible threat to your well-being onto multiple faceless attackers.
Others trying to kill at a party So it started out as a party and then a group of people were trying to kill me. This dream could indicate your subconscious fear of or preoccupation with being influenced by people for something you have done or as a result of the way you have conducted yourself either recently or in the past. You could be anticipating that people around you in your waking life are going to go after you or degrade and humiliate you in some way. This would not necessarily be a physical attack or confrontation. The dream is therefore advising to carefully assess whom you deal with on everyday basis in reality.The symbol of attending a party is also an indication of your current position in life when you could be receiving a lot of unnecessary attention from people you really do not want to associate with.
Friends hitting I see in my dreams that some of my friends hit me. This dream vision of your friends hitting you could be symbolic of a surprise or unexpected news soon to be shared with you. This piece of information could be positive or negative in its nature, but it would surely make you jump out of your seat. If you felt in this dream as if the hitting was an act of aggression or hate in relation to you, you could expect having a confrontation or conflict with one of your close friends or several friends at the same time.
Fighting with people and animals I got into a fist fight with two guys and won. Walked back home, on the way I had to evade a horse trying to kick me, so I jumped in a tree horse kicked tree down and it splintered I landed on my feet. The horse ran away I ran towards my house. Then a friend was walking with me and we heard deep growls from behind us. An huge dog was sprinting toward us. We got in the house and I grabbed a gun went out back to look through the gate dog was trying to get at me and my friend we were going to go back in the house and didn't see my dog. Big dog had mine in its mouth I shot it twice. Then another showed. Overall, your dream visions about being attacked by animals (the horse and the dog) could be a manifestation of the period In your life when you are going through a lot of conflicts and confrontations with people you have to deal with on a daily basis, such as family members, relatives or coworkers. Being kicked by a horse in a dream signifies having to face enemies or adversaries and being defeated, which could in turn negatively affect your future relationships with other people. Dreams about a dog attacking you viciously symbolizes other people's reactions to your behavior and actions. They either do not understand your motivations and reasoning, or try to protect themselves from your influence which they perceive to be dangerous or threatening. You could also be trying to build new relationships or find new friends, but because of your way of approaching people they seem to distance themselves because they tend to question your real intentions.
Daughter kidnapped by men and saving her from drowning In my dream my 6-year old daughter was kidnapped. As I was running in an unknown town I seen the guys who took her. They advised that she was sold. As I ran around looking for her, I found her at the bottom of a pool not dead, but close. I dove in the pool, brought her out and went running with her. I woke up in a panic. What does this mean? Dreams about your daughter being kidnapped or taken from you often indicate some secret or undisclosed information you have yet to share with her. This may be due to concern that she is too young to understand, or it may be fear that telling her could cause some ill effect. The men seen within the dream vision may symbolize this not yet shared information being about someone close to her, possibly her father, another family member, or even yourself. However, being able to save your daughter at the end of the dream and escaping from that place together may represent a subconscious yearning to tell her the truth and become more transparent, possibly leading to a better relationship in the future.
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