Wearing a yellow swimsuit I dreamt that my husband and I were both wearing yellow flannel swimsuits. A 1-piece for me and shorts for him. Also, my body was in perfect shape. A yellow swimsuit means there is a joyful gathering happening soon. There could be a reunion, wedding or even a party you will attend which you will thoroughly enjoy as you catch up with close friends and family or reconnect with long-lost people in your life. In addition, a fit body is a reflection of your self-worth and self-esteem. You feel good about yourself and where you are in your life, including your marriage and personal achievements. Enjoy your successes and share your blessings as you embrace another happy chapter of your life.
Receiving clothes from a deceased friend I am a female. I dreamed I was in a cabin with other people, and a mutual friend brought me clothes in a suitcase that had been left to me by my friend who passed away. I tried on dresses and shoes. They seemed to fit. I didn't feel negative in the dream, it's like she was trying to give her old clothes to me just being nice. The cabin was leaking and other people were getting their items together to leave, just as I was. The leaking cabin refers to an upcoming trip or vacation. Although you wish this would be a perfect getaway, there will be some hiccups. Instead of spending a stretch of period relaxing and recovering, you will encounter little annoyances and distractions. You could lose money, get scrapes and scratches, or you could even miss your flight. And while you will emerge not totally rejuvenated, this will become one of your go-to stories to tell during gatherings and reunions. Meanwhile, those clothes from your deceased friend reveal your changing perspective. You want to become more adventurous and take more risks. This may even be the reason for booking the trip. In this phase of your life, you will place yourself in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations which will help you get to know yourself better and become a more responsible adult.
Closet full of new coats It's my sister's dream. She dreamed in her closet she had brand new fur coats, all different colors, white, blue, etc. A closet full of brand new, high-quality fur coats is a highly auspicious symbol in the dream realm, and your sister should be on the lookout for good things coming her way. She would soon find herself at the center of a large number of interesting and potentially profitable projects, though this does not necessarily mean that they would be related to money. For example, your sister may get to work with someone famous or well-respected in her field, giving her the chance to learn from the best of the best and be intellectually enriched.
Shoes lost by someone Returning someone’s lost shoes. Envisioning yourself locating someone's once lost shoes means you will soon be helping someone with repairing their once-broken relationship with a person or people they deeply care about. Perhaps this period will signify a more solidified friendship or relationship between the two of you as well.
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